Global TeLeCare Upgrade
(It’s come a long way in 9 years)


May 7, 2020 / UltraMedics Services

Nine years ago, long before the current global health crisis, I wrote HEALING THE CRISIS IN AMERICA at my Heartcom Network blog. Here's an excerpt that I've upgraded with a few edits:

The status quo health care system is bankrupt of conscience and bankrupts public health and conscience.  Any system that is organized upon economic incentives for disease treatment rather than disease prevention will naturally culture sickness rather than build health.
Such a system would have to culture stupidity - willful ignorance with a form of mind control sorcery - for people to be happy with such a sick disease-profiteering system that can only survive with a lack of conscience - it's unconscionable!
97.5% of the current disease care system that we call "health care" is under a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that has been co-opted by corporate America to indirectly cause disease (foodless, chemical-laced "food"), and then to treat disease with drugs for whatever ails you.  Both are huge profitable industries with giant paychecks for the corporate CEOs that keep this cash-cow going for the plutocrats behind Big Pharma and the drug-pushing corporate media.  Everyone knows that there is a revolving door between high-paying officers in the medical-industrial complex and the FDA boardrooms that are supposed to regulate corporate abuse of the system.  When will we learn?
There's no money for holistic preventive health care in the prevailing drug-based monopoly of allopathic medicine.   For almost a hundred years, natural healing modalities have been suppressed by Big Pharma and their drug-pushing on the American public.  Now we see the cost - the Republic is sick, big time.  Surprise, surprise.
And what's the GOOD NEWS for healing the sick health care system?  Public conscience and public confidence has had it with the old system. Understand what a healthy system will look like.  Consider how evolution of business will mirror the business of evolution that integrates holistic healing capabilities.
Comprehensive health care reform will honor the self-evident virtue of social conscience regarding the problem and the solution.


THE PROBLEM:  The drugs-per-symptom approach to medicine is just as bankrupt -- for health purposes -- as the privately owned "Fed" is bankrupt of Constitutional principle.  The only reason we don't have universal health care that serves the holistic health and well-being of Americans is because organized greed in giant corporations puts their power to profit above public service.  The prime example is the practice of vaccinating and treating the public with genetic-corrupting toxins which is making crap out of the DNA future of humanity.  It is virtually destroying the body as a chalice for full-spectrum conscience, and it is not sustainable. Insurance companies are just middlemen who take a huge "fraction of the action" with a gambling proposition whereby, "You're betting you're going to need it, they're betting you're not going to need it, and you pay them!".  But this gambling house always wins more than you do, or they'd be out of business. 


“Insurance, n. An ingenious modern game of chance,
in which the player [payer] is permitted to enjoy the
 comfortable conviction that  he is beating the man
who keeps [and owns] the table.”
~ The Devils’ Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce


THE SOLUTION:  The corrupt system must change and, if done right, it will make the existing system obsolete.  It will recognize biochemical and bioenergetic individuality; see "Holistic Health Care".  It will provide one universal system of holistic health with on-line databases on both a self-care and physician-care level that will provide informed choice services - you decide.  In both cases, the results-oriented database will self-perfect as it becomes self-evident what holistic combo of modalities and remedies have the best results.
On a physician-care level, health practitioners in any modality will have the option of being certified in the use of advanced holistic diagnostic equipment that makes it even more self-evident what will optimize health with a minimum of toxic or invasive procedures.  These new standards for the analysis, prevention and holistic treatment of disease will create a new "health assurance" industry that serves optimal health.
The monopoly of drug-pushing "community standard medicine" will end when the holistic-preventive model of universal health care is recognized as the far less expensive ounce of common sense solution worth a pound of toxic genetic-corrupting medicine.

Abundant public CONSCIENCE demands this conscientious common sense solution for public health.  No conscience, no reform.  There's no reason to cobble together a retrofit of the existing system unless there's a lack of conscience of those doing the cobbling.  Just as you can't bail out the toxic debt-ridden economy with more debts, you can't bail out the sick U.S. health care system by rearranging the deck chairs on this titanic fiasco that ranks lowest public health in the world of industrialized nations. Toxic drugs have toxic side-effects that compound the toxic sickening of the biological terrain of the whole body.  Something fundamental MUST CHANGE, and that is the fundamentals of social CONSCIENCE in our social networks. ###

If you have read Global TeLeCare,
consider these upgrades published
Feb 14 and May 5, 2020

 Excerpt from Feb 14:

Global TeLeCare:
Free, online, universal self care
 for building the immune system
to prevent and heal holistically.

 Compare this to Obamacare that
   designated 'Navigators' to help us
 navigate the health care options.
Those options are limited by the
allopathic 'community standard'
  of 'drugs-per-symptom medicine'
 (Big Pharma medical monopoly)
    plus those middlemen companies
Big Insurance protection racket)
   that want a fraction of the action.
   No one in drug-pushing Big Media
- 70% of their ad revenue -
  will tell you how corrupt all this is,
  why this sick system is killing us,
and what free-online, universal-
holistic health care will look like
 on a self-care level - 
 and 'others care' - 
The Whole System is the Solution:
Universal health care globally with
holistic healing standards for both
Self Care and UltraMedics Care.

UltraMedics Navigators are not mercenaries paid by the government to prescribe the narrow constraints of medical monopoly under the Affordable Care Act. For most people, the ACA is neither affordable nor cares for health freedom... just as the Patriot Act has eroded core sovereign rights... and the 'Federal Reserve Bank' is not federal and has no reserves.
UltraMedics Navigation champions Aquarian principles of personal and planetary sovereignty... to 'Do It Yourself' with free TeLeCare access to an interactive database system that learns from feedback - 'Wisdom of the Crowd' - to organize all of one's core health information IN FORMATION with self-evident pattern recognition - common patterns for 'common sense' self care; TLC-in-action.
UltraMedics Navigators are thus CONSULTANTS who help navigate the TeLeCare database from any modality's perspective - their comparative efficacy as a stand alone modality or in symbiotic synergy with other modalities. These consultants are contacted in the UltraMedics 'Green Pages' (like Yellow Pages), where a TeLeCare user can find a local or global product or service.
UltraMedics Navigators are certified TeLeCare facilitators who utilize more advanced search tools for navigating an interactive, self-correcting database as defines and refines holistic STANDARDS for the analysis, prevention and management of disease - utilizing the new capabilities of infomatics - automated information processes that show what modalities of holistic health care will most likely work for your unique health condition and budget - your choice.

This is what well-informed
Self Care will look like.

If you want to change the world,
start by improving your health
 and the health of your family.

 The higher the concept of global standards for
the analysis, prevention and management of
 all disease - the Global TeLeCare model -     
The UltraMedics Advantage:
Common Sense Holistic Care
  Creating Optimal Public Health
This is how the Aquarian Spring will upgrade
global public health with tools & processes
that organize all 
TeLeCare information
, with real care for
building optimal holistic health.
This is also how the coronovirus plague   
can best be countered - with an optimal  
 immune system - a holistic SOLUTION    
 that builds health, prevents illness and    
  reverses the disease process involved.    
  The Chinese are rapidly building hospitals
  to treat the mass contagion among them.
If common sense health freedom was   
    alive and well in American, we would be    
rapidly building the Global 
infrastructure for free online, universal  
self care that serves our optimal health.

Rapid deployment of this common sense
approach to global holistic healing will
ideally provide global translation
capabilities to assist Chinese
and all peoples of Earth.

"We the People"
(Family of Mankind)
now means all 'US'
United Sovereigns
of Earth.


TeLeCare excerpt from May 5, 2020:

The problem is paradigm paralysis - a corrupt self-serving disease care system - called 'health care' - that profits from the creation and treatment of disease with vaccines and drugs for whatever ails you.

The solution is paradigm shift to a wholly new open system that provides personalized holistic self care for all online Netizens - Global TeLeCare.
Imagine what a new health care model
looks like - how it optimizes health.


The best and brightest holistic healers in the world have come up with a myriad of simple, inexpensive and nontoxic remedies for preventing and curing disease that have been suppressed by the medical-pharma complex for a century. But a new paradigm is emerging.
In the future, you will simply be able to go to the TeLeCare web site and go through the portal for your blood type as corresponds to your metabolic type and which foods are ideal for all people with this same biological individuality. There's a lot of well-documented research on this, but it has been suppressed by the corrupt drugs-per-symptom system of medicine we have now.
Your 'blood group' is your 'mastermind alliance' for wisdom of the crowd - sharing database results of what works best for any symptom profile. And how does that work?
Simply search the TeLeCare open source database with your generic symptom profile to see what corresponds in terms of those treatment processes or products that are getting the best results for a budget you can afford.

It's called, well-informed choice, also known as

As for 'wisdom of the crowd', registered members of your mastermind alliance 'blood group' can contribute to this global self-care community by sharing the results of whatever modality of care they choose. What works best thus becomes a self-evident truth that becomes more evident as more members share their results... whether that be dietary, lifestyle or allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic or some eclectic combination of whatever.
This self care model of selfless non-profiteering SERVICE is free and open to everyone. So how does it pay the bills? It has Yellow Pages of products and services from health professionals and suppliers that may be recommended in one's TeLeCare search… like a hybrid of craigslist and ebay that specifically serves healthy results. ###