Global Co-Creation Series

Reality Report 5-5-2020
Plandemic Movie / Health Revival
If we do what we've always done,
 we will get what we always got.
We've got to be open to
  truth that sets us free.
 Open your mind and consider the
implications of the revelations in
  this unconventional reality report.
What does a parachute, an umbrella and your mind
They only work when they're open.
(Thanks to Teddy for this one.)
Being closed-minded is 'stinking thinking' that says
"My mind is made up, so don't confuse me
with facts, thank you very much."
This phenomena - common to religious zealots
and highly educated idiots - is also seen often
     in executive burnout and medical elite arrogance.
A modern name for the same thing is
'paradigm paralysis'.
The term 'paradigm' is a modern psychology
term that got lots of traction from videos on
'The Business of Paradigms' by Joel Barker.
(that link is a 2 minute MUST WATCH)
  One's paradigm is one's world view mindset.
And there has been plenty of research that
  validates the common sense understanding
 that mental stress narrows one's paradigm;
paradigm paralysis.
 That's when we become 'closed minded'
and do what we are told by the highest
    medical authority in the land, Tony Fauci,
  who virtually locked down the world and
  collapsed the global economy with such
 blatant deception that he is now 'toast'.

Here's why: The Plandemic Movie
Taken down off YouTube. Here on Bitchute

Article HERE
May 3, 2020 /

It's 26 minutes. Best summary of the scamdemic yet.
 Plandemic exposes the scientific & political elite who
run the scam and hijacked our global health system.
Watch it with an open mind.
Think about the ramifications.

Cultural creatives all around the world have been focusing on the problem of a global health crisis that has 'infected' our collective consciousness with inordinate fear that keeps us numb and dumb - ignoring or denying any simple, inexpensive and practical solution unless it is sanctioned by the high priests of medicine with their drug sacrements.
 The mind - once enlightened - will
never go back to stupid, and will
  prefer fearless faith in the face of
 faithless fear as is submissive to
totalitarian agendas of tyranny.  
The problem - well defined - leads to solution.
When we know better, we can do better.

Dr. Tenpenny: This is The Biggest Scam
Ever Perpetrated on The Human Race


May 3, 2020 /

In this explosive interview, Spiro Skouras
is joined by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.
The problem is paradigm paralysis - a corrupt self-serving disease care system - called 'health care' - that profits from the creation and treatment of disease with vaccines and drugs for whatever ails you.
Bill Gates says we can REDUCE the
world's population with vaccines,
but aren't vaccines supposed to

PREVENT disease and death?
May 1, 2020 /
Are we in the middle of a pandemic or

The solution is paradigm shift to a wholly new open system that provides personalized holistic self care for all online Netizens - Global TeLeCare.

Imagine what a new health care model
looks like - how it optimizes health.

The best and brightest holistic healers in the world have come up with a myriad of simple, inexpensive and nontoxic remedies for preventing and curing disease that have been suppressed by the medical-pharma complex for a century. But a new paradigm is emerging.
In the future, you will simply be able to go to the TeLeCare web site and go through the portal for your blood type as corresponds to your metabolic type and which foods are ideal for all people with this same biological individuality. There's a lot of well-documented research on this, but it has been suppressed by the corrupt drugs-per-symptom system of medicine we have now.

Your 'blood group' is your 'mastermind alliance' for wisdom of the crowd - sharing database results of what works best for any symptom profile. And how does that work?
Simply search the TeLeCare open source database with your generic symptom profile to see what corresponds in terms of those treatment processes or products that are getting the best results for a budget you can afford.

It's called, well-informed choice, also known as
As for 'wisdom of the crowd', registered members of your mastermind alliance 'blood group' can contribute to this global self-care community by sharing the results of whatever modality of care they choose. What works best thus becomes a self-evident truth that becomes more evident as more members share their results... whether that be dietary, lifestyle or allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, osteopathic, chiropractic or some eclectic combination of whatever.
This self care model of selfless non-profiteering SERVICE is free and open to everyone. So how does it pay the bills? It has a Yellow Pages of products and services from health professionals and suppliers that may be recommended in one's TeLeCare search. Like a hybrid of craigslist and ebay that specifically serves healthy results.
In the meantime, we have FDA Gestapo goons shutting down US health clinics that use Vitamin C for curing coronavirus. Is that because the Chinese have been getting good results doing that? Or is it because there's no money in natural non-toxic cures for the Big Pharma monopoly that just shut down the world economy?

FBI Raided Doctor's Clinic for Offering
Intravenous Vitamin-C Treatments

April 29, 2020 /
The FBI, wearing full protective gear, raided the
 Allure Medical Spa because it offered vitamin-C
  injections for non-toxic treatment of coronavirus.
    Vitamin-C is also known as the sunshine vitamin.
Like Vitamin-D - as is synthesized in the body
  from exposure to sunshine - they are both very
effective to keep your immune system strong.
   Yet California's Governor, in the back pocket of
 Big Pharma, outlawed access to the beaches
  even though sunlight UV is known to kill virus.
 What kind of mind control sorcery does this?
Drug-pushing medical monopoly is
paradigm paralysis.
Global holistic healing is a

paradigm shift.
Get ready for the
Conscious evolution revolution revelations

are upwising and uprising with the
Creative Ascent Process;
the hero's journey.
~ Christopher   

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