2022 Great Turn-Around Series

The 2022 Great Global Turn-Around from
Mass Psychosis to Mass Awakening

Jan 17, 2022 / Full Moon
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 "Enlighten the people generally,
   and tyranny and oppressions of
body and mind will vanish like
 evil spirits
at the dawn of day."
~ Thomas Jefferson

The Corona Crisis: Is the Tide Turning?
A Rapid General Awakening?
Jan 6, 2022 / GlobalResearch.ca
  Early indications are that the tide may be turning,
  that peak-covid tyranny may have been reached.
 Going into 2022 under these new apparent signs
  could mean a rapid general awakening, to a point
 of reaching a critical mass of people who start     
doubting the on-going billion-dollar propagated   
 narrative. That would be good. It’s never too late.

There's something much bigger going on here.

Jan 14, 2022 / Dr. Robert Malone

Bringing light to dark places

When the Whole Truth is hijacked in the name of
it's time to think for ourselves and figure out that
Big Media is lying to us, Big Pharma is killing us,
and Big Government is in collusion with Big Tech
and Big Banks for a global totalitarian takeover of
personal and planetary sovereignty.

    Fool us once, shame on you.
Fool us twice, same on us. 
 Keep fooling us incessantly,
   mass psychosis formation.

      Mass psychosis is also known as mob mentality,
 group think or herd mentality.  Before modern
civilization, we lived in herds.  And in order to
 survive in the herd, we conformed to the herd.

'MUST WATCH' Short Video of the Year
6 min video - with transcript:

Jan 12, 2022 / Greg Reese / InfoWars

If you didn't realize that Big Media was trying
to normalize mass psychosis, you haven't
been paying attention to Big Media, or
you are paying attention too much!


Food for thought for the truly thoughtful

The following segment has some
strong meat - not recommended
except for thoughtful ‘initiates’.

Initiates have survived the public
school system with intelligence.

Common sense may be uncommon
for lack of vision and mission in life,
  but that’s what gives servant leaders
their value in service to God in man
as raises mankind in the image and
likeness of G.O.D.~~Source
  or however you know ‘Higher Power’.

  Initiates think for themselves, having
high preference for sovereignty and
conscientious common sense with  
 Aquarian intent for our ascension of
 ‘Effective Sensory Perception’ (ESP),
  creating more easier & faster.


Coming Out of Oppression

Two Brilliant Doctors Discuss
Mass Covid-19 Psychosis
"What we can do to turn the tide."

Dec 10, 2021 / bitchute.com
Peter R. Breggin, MD and Peter A. McCullough, MD MPH
The entire pharmacidal plandemic BUSTED!

Coming Out of Oppression
  Snapping out of ‘paradigm paralysis’
  (stinking thinking / psychotic formation),
 getting a check up from the neck up
(a mental health ‘selfie’)
  while bursting the bubble of unreality.


Plandemic Postmortem - Full Debriefing
- Totalitarian takeover; it's not about health;
 - Controlled demolition of the economy;
  - Fear porn propaganda on steroids;
- Like a slow-motion train wreck;
  Mass formation psychosis:

Jan 12, 2022 / TheBurningPlatform.com
"Try to unlearn the obsessive fear of death
     (and the anxious quest for death avoidance)
     that pervades linear thinking in nearly every
 modern society...
"Cases are currently 200% higher than they were at the January 2021 peak when virtually no one was vaxxed. The contortions being employed by the Covidian Cultists to rationalize the complete and utter failure of these Big Pharma genetic concoctions is a lesson in how mass formation psychosis intersects with a corrupt Sick Industry Complex, government bureaucrats with a Napoleon complex, and totalitarian minded politicians living out their dreams of dictatorship power."

The 'Dense, Unconscious & Heartless' (DUH) Illuminati, Deep State, Cabal, effete elite, fallen ones, or whatever you want to call these moral reprobates, planned, conspired and created a contagious virus many years ago, and finally released it in 2020-2022. However, the Alliance of global Light-Servers and Ascended Masters are overseeing a takeover of this would-be disaster and are transforming it into a perfect opportunity to arrest the perpetrators and roll out the changes needed to liberate the Family of Mankind in our global village: US as United Sovereigns of Earth... joining the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets to contribute a High State of Universal for global freedom (TeLeComm), public health (TeLeCare), and prosperity (TeLeCommerce).

So think BIG - our Divine Destiny in the
Aquarian TLC Scheme of Things.

Light Code Activation for Lightservers

1- Spherical 'Sun' of the 'Quantum Field' Unveiled;
cosmic ray carrier waves of intelligence
from 'Source' (Galactic Central Sun).

2-  The Language of Light-as-Consciousness;
a universal language for the global
interaction of lightservers.

3- LOVE Codes Framing Conscious Light;
shaping the info-infrastructure
that then shapes US.

Individual             Collective          Co-Creation         Integration


   Linear            Nonlinear           Trinity            Four-in-One

Left-brain Logic + Right-brain Intuition + Coherence  =  Congruence      

Mentally        Spiritually        Emotionally       Physically

Note that the 'Law of ne' in the above graphics
has spherical- representation in all five 'dimensions'.

 Law of ONE ... atONEment 
 Centered and connected with Aquarian
  congruence & heart coherence.

Law of Two-in- ONE ... Polarity, not Duality
inear ogical eft-brain dominant congruence
 in harmony-balance with 'Spherical-' (Intuitive)  
right-brain dominant

Law of Three-in-ONE ... Synergy in the Trinity
Co-creative and balanced 3-fold frequency
that is greater - as a whole - than the
sum of the --  components.

Law of Four-in-ONE ...  'CAPstone' Integration
(Creative Ascent Process);
involving-evolving individual-collective
3D shift (-spatial intelligence),
 to 4D (-temporal intelligence),
and whole brain integration as
    5D Conscience in the 'Holodeck';
Conscience Currency
Dedicated to the
One Eye...

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
is self-evident to those who 
focus attention
within and with all via true 
Love's retention…
wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a 
Unity State; co-Creation's dimension...  Image88

Realize folks (real eyes),  that the whole world
is now experiencing what US Founders were
dealing with when abject tyranny attempted
to lock down the country under despotism.

When the 'Right-brain' finally kicks in...

Keep the peace  - relative calm
 in the 'eye of the hurricane'.

Each to their own 'Belief System' (BS).
Each is 100% correct for their free-will
 prevailing awareness. And noninterfere
with our free-will is the Prime Directive.

Those without a mind of their own are
highly susceptible and suggestible
to authoritarian mandate dictates.

Think about it folks. Look how people
lined up to get vaccine salvation from
 the fear of death trumped up in media.

Gandhi defeated the British Empire, but
couldn't stop pharmacidal vaccination. 

Above all, spritual CONSCIENCE is under attack.

Steiner warned about this 100 years ago:

Joe Rogan is now infamous for warning us
that mass hypnosis is really going on.
Here's a brilliant summary of the
issue in less than 5 min:

Jan 14, 2022 / Paul Joseph Watson

Cognitive dissonance - mass confusion -
is all part of the Orwellian playbook
for mass psychosis formation.

It's a riddle... a conundrum...
veiled in a paradox.

It's the sickos condemning the healthy
to be as miserable as they are.

"Threat to health services"?
Or is Djokovic a threat to the
pharmacidal profit model?
THAT is the question.

CDC Finally Admits the COVID PCR Test Is a Sham
Jan 14, 2022 / Mercola.com
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now
   admitting what experts have been telling us since the earliest
    days of the pandemic - you can't trust the PCR test to identify
active infection or measure contagiousness. Did they really
just figure this out now, nearly two years into the game?      

The orchestrated 'Crisis Capitalism' during this plandemic
has been extremely profitable for the global pharmacidal 
 players involved.  Billions of government dollars went to   
 PCR test kit owners. Guess who owns the new quick test 
replacing the PCR test? Big Media sure won't tell you.      
Can anyone scream foul - conflict of interest!

Guess who owns the new Covid test
going worldwide?
Soros and Gates!
Dec 21, 2021 / TheWatchTowers.org

The masked bandit has anxiety disorder.
'Corona' has become his alter ego.

Come, let us reason together...

  It's about psychosis formation folks - not your health.
It's conditioning you to 'follow orders' (mandates),
down the slippery slope into totalitarian tyranny.

And then we find out the tests are bogus!

If treason is the reason,
non dare call it treason. 

So Keep the Faith, Feel the Love,
and Increase the Dose!

~ Christopher

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
(G.O.D.~ Constitution),
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

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