INSPIRATION:  Moving From World Crisis To Solstice Resurrection

March 17, 2005
by Christopher Rudy
I would think many list members are concerned with all the Ruby Alerts of serious "signs and warnings" in the news I've sent recently.  I'm sending this on Saint Patrick's day with great hope that you invoke the Spirit of this remarkable Saint as will overshadow enlightened Netizens who work to get rid of the fork-tongued snakes in the media and government like he did in Ireland.  With Spring solstice a few days away, there is an opportunity for the "one-two punch" on the sinister force whose time is short and wrath is great.  A good time for fervent prayer work through Easter in the Ruby Fire of intense LOVE-in-action.
There's been quite a jump in readership on the list - now approx. 45,000.  THANKS to those list members who are forwarding these posts -- as did one who said: "To join Christopher Rudy’s mailing list, which is free of charge, please click here. I recommend GeoNotes as the best news service available on the Internet."  (Thank YOU Matt; you ARE the "Foundation") 
I don't know if this "News with G.O.D.~LOVE Views" is the best news service available but it's the best I can do while working construction and washing windows.  I'd like to think that the original meaning of "gospel" -- literally "good news" -- is what I bring as an "informed choice" (alternative) to the bad news in the news.
Growth is good but list management has become an issue and I've reconfigured my list databases, so please let me know if you're getting redundant multiple posts or if you want on the limited "INSPIRE ONLY" list.  Or just hit the delete key to keep only those you want. 
I realize that the enlightened Netizens on this list are typically self-actualized cultural creatives who are self-determined with an inspired view of world affairs that takes responsibility by championing the truth of how bad things really are IN CONTEXT of how good they truly can be.  Worldwide LOVE is thereby not just an option -- it's a compelling choice of, by and for a VISION of timely VIRTUE when we make the VOW for the decisive VICTORY of kind men among mankind... whereby "The meek shall inherit the Earth". 
The power of LOVE springs eternal... especially at the Spring Equinox. It's the inheritance of the silent majority -- the meek -- who believe religiously in the resurrection of the living Spirit of divine LOVE at this time of year.  It's the TRUE PASSION of the living Christ who did NOT die a victim of everyone's "suffering sinner/saint syndrome" (the core split-personality message of "BS" (Belief Systems)... but was and IS the victory over sin, dis-ease and death.  The Spirit of Christ is alive and well.  He LIVES for our "self-elevation" (salvation) in the living-holy spirit of LOVE-in-action.  Mel Gibson take note.
So have at it! Make it so! Do what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do: "Feed My Sheep".  Network the "keys to the kingdom" -- true sovereignty in YOUR INHERITANCE of the "kingdom" (conscience) of COMMON SENSE within the common law, natural law, universal "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometry Of Divinity) that frames the constitution of the "Language of the Angels of LOVE"... at the heart of it.
The "New World" today is not unlike the "New World" that U.S. Founding Fathers were pioneering with the first working model of representative God Government.  The cause and core issue is still the positioning of those first principles that reflect and perfect Christic virtue at the heart of the "God governance" process.  An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their spiritual grounding "on Earth as in Heaven".
The big difference today is the instant-everywhere "global village" (Internet) reality that would raise the standard of "One Nation Under God" to "One World Under God".  And since the world of individuals can rise no higher than their concept of God, it's time to decode and assemble the G.O.D./L-O-V-E components to the CAPSTONE VISION that U.S. Founders gave us via the Great Seal of the United States
This "plan" -- looking down on the archetypal thoughtform of the pyramid with the capstone in the center -- is one of the most powerful thoughtforms seen in Hopi and Tibetan mandalas.  In mystical Christian traditions it is known as the "City Foursquare" and "New Jerusalem".  In the esoteric sciences of astrology and alchemy it refers to the fire, air, water and earth quadrants of one's "4 lower bodies"; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  Veterans of this list will by now realize I'm talking about the symbol for "E" in the "L-O-V-E Model"... the quintessential foundation of God-Love governance and conscientious common sense.
This is the foundation that U.S. Founder coded in the Great Seal via the natural laws and universal language of the ancient "wise men".  And it is what "fallen ones" in their Illuminatic, Satanic and Skull & Bones Orders have been inverting, subverting and perverting every since.

This is the CAPSTONE VISION that has found it's time:

Grounded Spirituality -- Practical Spirituality

that spiritualizes THE FOUNDATION of the "pyra-mid"

with spiritual "fire in the middle" that resurrects


at the interactive interface heart of the

"InnerNet" as the worldwide "web of Light"

of personal civility and planetary civilization.

Humanity has been gumping through the dark night of the soul long enough.  Rarely does the worldly media inspire us with the TRUE PASSION of "divine gumption" that challenges worldly attachments to worldly things, thoughts and feelings. Stupid is what stupid does.  Enlightened is what enlightened does: Christic discernment that knows the difference between the love of power -- for ownership and control of Earth human and physical resources -- and the power of love that champions the spirit of "best for all" through co-OPERATIVE commUNIcaTIon co-ORDINATION via divine order and harmony at the heart of the interactive Internet TeLeCommUNIcaTIons that shape our conscience and comm-unity.
The revolution today is different in another way from the American Revolution.  Today the warfare is primarily "spiritual BS" (Belief Systems) that translates to ideological, informational and psychological "BS" conveyed through mainstream media special interests who have a vested interest in self-serving, win-lose, division and dis-ease of "us versus them" values.  That's why it's time to "lock and load" those thoughtforms and on-line InnerNet processes that define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine our God-given gifts and talents.

Call it the gathering of the tribes of all that IS~REAL in God-Love.

So make a STAND -- between your ears -- with INsight and OUTlook that underSTANDS the overVIEW-VISION without which the sheople perish.  We're winning from the beginning of a Golden Millenial Age of Light and LOVE to the extent we are the change we want to see in the world... and make the VOW to affirm, network and otherwise fulfill the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action
That's the interACTION needed in the "New World" (global village) of instant everywhere connection.  This interACTION is a centering and connection in our hearts and minds as will check and balance the spiritual toxins of victim dictum and "paradigm paralysis" (stinking thinking) that divides our sense of common virtue (COMMON SENSE).  In short, the best defense against endless stress and distress -- terror and tyranny based on fear without faith -- is a proactive commitment -- the VOW -- of, by and for a higher STANDARD of simple yet profound underSTANDING of "God over men" -- the true meaning of "G-overnment" -- based on "God is Love"... and is "for-giving".
It's that simple.  Nothing new under the Sun said Solomon the Wise.  It's for mature Sons and Daughters of a God of Love to receive your inheritance of Higher Power in Higher Conscience of Greater LOVE.  
OWN IT!  Take responsibility (ability to respond). It's your World - Your Life; TAKE COMMAND!  Care enough to share this with those you love.  BE the change that God's Love-in-you would co-create in YOUR world through the Law and Language of "BEING" (BE IN God-Love).

All Ways Victory When We LOVE Enough,


MetaPhysician, Holistic Healing Visionary

Mediator, Blueprint For A Golden Age

Ambassador, Galactic Federation


PS - This Affiliate list is free. It's a stretch for prevailing "BS" (Belief Systems) in the world.  Joining the personalized Initiate e-mail list ($33) provides stronger "meat" with more reference to Higher Power-Wisdom-Love in reference to Ascended Masters and highly evolved cosmic beings who monitor Earth's evolutions and intercede in direct proportion to our free-will intent for their intercession, inspiration and interaction in our world.  You get what you "pay for" in this regard.  Attention pays if you are intent on evolutionary ASCENT "out of the box" of the worldly media's mind control matrix that denies universal LOVE at the heart of global TeLeComm.  Greater FREEDOM (to know better) begets OPPORTUNITY (to do better).  This is the keynote for the Aquarian dispensation that is counterpoint to those principalities of darkness -- the "dark force" -- that denies the "light force" of universal LOVE "above and below".  Heaven knows that one must "Know thy Self" (one-in-G.O.D.~LOVE) before effectively dealing with "e-vil" as an "energy veil" behind separation and suffering.  Greater LOVE is what the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action does... for more "Light" in LOVE -- easier and faster -- as mankind moves from the "Internet" (the computer is the network) to the "InnerNet" (the network is conscious... with a heart).  So pay attention.  Attention pays when you "Go forth two by two"; get your $33 dollars back when you refer two people who also become "Initiates" -- initiating the WORLDWIDE LOVE FOUNDATION with their Vow to "make it so". -CR

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