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The End of the World as We've Known It
 Can Be the Beginning of a Better World.
Debriefing in Three Parts with 7 Videos:
 1- The Great Awakening Has Gone Global;
2- Old Order 'Sick Normal' Disintegrating;
3- New Paradigm of Normal is Integrating.
    This is a process that will take years folks.
  Seize the vision now to claim the victory.
 Make the vow of virtue with great valor.
  Experience validation - a hero's journey.
  Read 'On The Path'. It really happened!

    The Power of LOVE in geometrized form
    and heart coherent function will naturally
     direct and perfect a TLC process that will
Make it So!
April 18, 2020
The Great Awakening Has Gone Global.   
This is the big EVENT of Revelations.

It has been called the battle of light and
good against dark-side evil powers.
"If the shadows appear to be getting darker,
it's because the light that casts them
  is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck
I hope everyone had a great Easter, connecting with family and friends on the phone or Internet. Christic love never gets old as the best antidote for mass fear and anxiety in the Family of Mankind. And Easter resurrection themes hopefully prick our conscience to remember the spirit that matters for evolutionary ascent.
To say that global civilization is going through systemic social, political and economic RESET may sound simplistic, yet may prove an understatement.
This is THE EVENT we've been waiting for. I've been calling it Aquarian Spring - the decade of the 2020s that initiates the Aquarian Age.
 It may be much different than imagined,
yet better than you had ever hoped for.
Behind the mass media cover story of the 'virus',
 huge organizational infrastructure developments
will be morphing the matrix of our 'global village'
of instant-everywhere & interactive TeLeComm;
an exquisite metaphor for unity consciousness. 
Free energy technology will be replacing Big Oil and the petro-dollar via blockchain currencies of exchange. Quantum healing technology will be replacing Big Pharma's domination of media, medicine and government policy. And quantum computers will be replacing knowledge tools as we have known them.
As quantum physics has revealed,
 our act of observing the universe   
   influences the universe we observe;
    our act of observation is co-creative.
They will be calling the Aquarian Age the Quantum Age.  And what is healthy in the quantum field will have greater sanctity as the holistic and holy spirit that matters on Earth as in Cosmos.
Quantum reality is the self-evident truth that the choice and responsibility are truly ours regarding how things turn out.
As quantum physics points out, the best way to predict a healthy public future is to
consciously co-create it with individual-collective collaboration and coordination of cooperative communication that cultures social conscience in our ubiquitous social network communities - the TeLeComm-TeLeCare model.
HOW we get there during Aquarian Spring is the HUGE elephant in the room that very few people notice is even here. It's as though the wool has been pulled over our
TLC vision.
But the veil is lifting. People ARE waking up, wising up and rising up THANKS to brilliant new videos like this one just published this week; 8 million views already. This one is a MUST WATCH for spiritual initiates who think for themselves:

April 10, 2020
 This '
Out Of The Shadows' documentary lifts the mask
 on how mainstream media and Hollywood manipulate
and control the masses by spreading propaganda in 

their content. This is the 'war on truth' we face now.  
Personally, as a metaphysician, I've been suffering a little burn-out from tending this 'patient' - the collective consciousness yearning to breath free from unabashed fear porn in the fakestream media. This has created a lot of public dis-ease - an existential crisis - for billions of Netizens worldwide.
Mental distress from fear of the unknown narrows one's mind-set with the inability to process new information of an in-depth nature. That's the definition of both 'executive burnout' and 'paradigm paralysis'... also known as 'stinking thinking'.
This is what happens when discernment of a holistic nature - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical - gets fragmented, overspecialized and under-adaptable to heart coherence that centers and connects mind congruence amidst mass awakening disruptions of 'normal'.
I discussed this in my 'Easter 2020' compendium, but it's a much better read now - upgraded with numerous edits, infographics and videos since Easter. 
Did you see what Jesus had to say on Easter? That was one of the new videos added the next day. Those who know my publishing routine are aware that I typically incorporate upgrade feedback from readers - and trusted news sources - into new compendiums over several days, before putting them to 'bed' in the Internet's own version of the Akashic Records.
Hopefully, you had a good laugh with my Easter egghead selfie from 1976. I was a 'superhero' in my own mind - the hero's journey - long before I was the host of Cosmic . But I can still laugh at myself - like a court jester - while playing the cryptic messenger of sources of truth a lot wiser than myself.
I apologize for my awkward performance the first part of Saturday's Cosmic LOVE Show on the Eve of Easter. I was so exhausted prepping the Easter 2020 compendium that I took a 'power nap' 2 hours before the show; but instead of waking up 15 minutes later as usual, I was awakened by the studio calling to patch me in. Showtime! But a little groggy at first.
Easter 2020 ~ Global Resurrection
from inordinate fear to Aquarian love
Conditional Easter Quarantine Moritorium
April 1, 2020
The Big 'EVENT' - Mass Awakening:
A Free Home Study Course
April 4, 2020
We Are ALL Homeschoolers Now
April 7, 2020 / Full Moon in Libra

 Old Paradigm of Normal Is Disintegrating
The stock market has plunged further and
 faster than it did in the Great 1929 Crash.
   Trillions of dollars in wealth have vanished.
    Unemployment is skyrocketing nationwide.
    The stress of all this is causing FAR MORE
  DIS-EASE than the flu bug going around.
According to Benjamin Fulford on April 13th, "Planet Earth is in the middle of a Slave Revolt! We are living through times that will be written about thousands of years from now. We are witnessing the overthrow of an ancient control system involving murder, lies, and bribery. The inbred family group controlling this system of Babylonian debt slavery is called the Khazarian Mafia [Political Zionism], or more simply the Cabal. The epicenter of this revolt is the United States."
In the famous prophecies of Dannion Brinkley from
his book, 'Saved By The Light' (movie version),
one of the messages from the Masters is:
"The battle for the future of humanity
will be fought in health care".
 That prophecy always seemed obtuse to me
   until the global COVID-19 panic attack and
     lock down of Americans in their own homes.
Dr Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, and
Fake Pandemic Numbers as the
Economy Collapses:

April 16, 2020 / Bitchute video
5 million views in 4 days on YouTube
before they shut it down
   For a synopis of criminality involved,
  see this
powerful 4 minute video:
Medical Tyranny 2020

April 10, 2020
  Connect the dots - follow the money.
Boom! Fauci Sweating Bullets!
Trump Investigating his $3.7 Million
Obama Era Grant to Wuhan Lab!!!

April 18, 2020 / The Next News Network
This is a synopsis of part of the 48 min 'Truth Bomb' above.

Historically - TO DO NO HARM - you NEVER quarantine healthy people. That ALWAYS causes more harm to everyone.  
The difference now - that few seem to wrap their head around - is that this 'plandemic' was planned. It's a huge power-grab scam - a false flag psy-op cover story - with federal payoff to States of as much as $300,000 per person for each reported case of COVID-19! Read for yourself at this excellent article:
Follow The Money
By Chuck Baldwin
April 16, 2020
EXCERPT: In Florida, the State receives $132,000 for each reported case of corona. In Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana, the State receives over $300,000 for each reported case of corona. The difference in the amounts received is based on some weird government bureaucrat-created voodoo Medicare formula. The point is, hospitals are being financially rewarded for identifying people as contracting or dying from coronavirus - whether they actually contracted the virus or not.
By now, most thinking people realize that the numbers of people being infected and killed by the coronavirus - as told by front men for the Pharma-Media 'Complex' (Cabal) - are grossly exaggerated.
Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator said he received a 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus.
Hospitals are being PAID by Fed-Gov to FALSIFY THE NUMBERS!
The numbers are fraudulent. The fake news fear porn is excessive. And the global economic shutdown is a FAR WORSE DIS-EASE than the coronavirus.
Dr. Lorraine Day, MD, trauma surgeon:
"The coronavirus pandemic is a HOAX.
Never in the history of the world
have they quarantined well people."

April 15, 2020 /
This is an enlightening Reality Report by a 50-year
veteran of the MEDICAL WARS with inside info

on WHY we are lied to, and WHO behind it.
Note: When Lorraine talks about 'Jews',
she is referring to Political Zionists.
Not all Jews are Zionists. ~CR
Here in Montana, lockdown continues and unemployment is SKYROCKETING while hospital beds are empty and two thirds of the counties in the state have only one or zero coronavirus patients.
If you don't see how the Big Media and Big Pharma are colluding with Big Government for domestic terror to push their agenda of medical tyranny... then you haven't been paying attention, or just don't want to 'go there'.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet was another messenger of the Masters who privately told some close friends that the most dangerous cult in America was the high priests of medicine with their drug sacrements.
Imagine that there is a brilliant scientist
- the guy who actually invented e-mail -
    who is running for Senate while exposing
      massive collusion of Deep State Fed-Gov
       agencies fronting for Big Pharma interests
     with trillions of dollars
of profit at stake.
    If you watch the April 4, 2020 video by
    Dr. Shiva, PhD HERE, you will get his
   brilliant story behind the 'scamdemic'
     that ignores the immune system while
 weakening it with drug side-effects.



 New Paradigm of Normal is Integrating.
  As Light Surges, Darkness Purges.
 Good actors will see this crisis as an
  extraordinary opportunity to reset this
  stumbling block into a stepping stone
    for global freedom and holistic healing
   via Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare.
Aquarian Spring will mature with a High State of TLC-in-action that transcends the Deep State's vested interest in power to PROFIT from disease - not PREVENT those profits by preventing disease. That conflict with TLC interest is pathological.
The sooner we reboot global civility with TeLeComm and TeLeCare, the sooner that Aquarian Spring goes mainstream with the Creative Ascent Process (CAPstone), for the VISION of Effective Sensory Perception via the 1st principles of Cosmic Law of the Angles and Language of the Angels.
You know - the Aquarian Mandate. More , easier and faster with an attitude of gratitude and affirmation with confirmation and determination for integration and consecration of our energies to the Great Spirit that says, I AM, I CAN, I WILL, and by the grace and Power of Love, DONE DEAL!  Fantastic and getting better, winning from the beginning with vision of virtue and valor for the victory of pure intention as focuses attention with love's retention for ascension in dimensions of 5D+ comprehension. Lift off and ascend!
This is the self-correcting, upward-mobile spirit that matters to get past the past broken record of doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.
   Good definition of the Global Reset PROBLEM
is the prelude to a Global Reset SOLUTION.

   Is it true that public health has been privatized
  by the State for profit and population control?
The Global Debt Crisis and the
Privatization of the State

April 17, 2020 /

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Has the Pandemic Been Used to Precipitate the
World into a Spiral of Mass Unemployment,
 Bankruptcy and Despair on Purpose?
Are you aware how this has socialized public dis-ease and desperation as the plan and intent of globalist social engineers?
What Happens When People Realize It?

[Watch this before it's taken down]

April 16, 2020 / World Alternative Media

Would you agree that quantum healing breakthroughs and Global TeLeCare could quickly provide free, online, universal self care for everyone on Earth?
Who wouldn't want that!  Who profits from disease and population reduction? Who funds the CDC, the World Health Organization, a mandatory vaccine agenda and a mandatory microchip implant?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated more than $21 million towards developing a vaccine technology that uses a tattoo-like mechanism which injects invisible nanoparticles under the skin that is now being tested in a vaccine against the virus that supposedly causes COVID-19.
Bill Gates is a business man. He's not a politician, not a doctor, not a virologist, nor an epidemiologist, not a scientist, and he's not even a populist. In fact, he's been on record for years talking about the need to reduce the global population through vaccine programs.
As a business man, Gates has done a great public relations job of presenting himself as a philanthropist, but his vaccine business has a deadly conflict of interest with philanthropy.
For over twenty years Bill Gates and his Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have been vaccinating children by the millions in remote areas of poor countries, mostly Africa and Asia. Most of their vaccination program had disastrous results, causing the very illness (polio, for example in India) and sterilizing young women (Kenya, with modified tetanus vaccines). Many of the children died. Many of the programs were carried out with the backing of the WHO and the UN Agency responsible for protecting children, UNICEF.

Gates is widely known as a self-professed eugenicist - a person who advocates, "improving", the genetic makeup of humans. The Nazis brought the whole notion into disfavor after executing all undesirables and promoting the Aryan Race during WWII.
But many people still believe in the concept, and one of those people appears to be Bill Gates. For example, Gates provided vaccines to Africa that had ingredients which caused mass sterilization. Gates is also 'credited', with a polio vaccine he brought to India that
paralyzed 490,000 children who received them.
There is growing suspicions that what happened in Africa and India were not just coincidence or bad luck.
Gates has committed billions of dollars to vaccine development worldwide, and he is pushing politicians to promote mandatory vaccines with a tracking system that plugs you into the
5G-AI matrix.
Since's Gates' Microsoft is the predominant computer code used by the military-security complex... you can see where this is going.
Artificial Intelligence - devoid of conscience -
is a 'DUH' attack on our global humanity;
Dense, Unconscious & Heartless.

April 16, 2020 / Nicholson1968
 This is the personal and collective war on
 the health and safety of global Netizens.
This is the AI agenda of transhumanism
with high tech subversion of soul intent.
   This is the Big Lie that is destroying public
    freedom in the name of safety and health.
     Or to paraphrase wise old Benjamin Franklin:
    "He who gives up health freedom for safety
     deserves neither health nor freedom."

How 5G alters blood cell permeability,

amplifying coronavirus fatalities

April 15, 2020 / Mike Adams /
Verizon will meet its target of bringing 5G service to 60 cities by year's end, even in markets that are in lockdown, and is boosting capacity in legacy 5G markets, the carrier's Heidi Hemmer says.
Apparently, irradiating the population
with 5G is an essential service
that we cannot do without.

If I was one of those conspiracy theory nut jobs, I might be so skeptical of this fear-mongering plandemic as to consider that part of the plan for ongoing domestic terror and 'stay at home' orders is to get 5G installed in hospitals, schools and other high-profile public spaces while there's no one around to witness it happening.

March 18, 2020 / StarsNotFar432
From an insane
'profits before people' perspective of the Cabal - the eugenics rationalization that values public control more than public health - this is a BIG win/win/win for Big Tech, Big Pharma and Orwellian Big Government.
5G is being pushed relentlessly with no prior health and environmental impact assessment, ignoring safe and reliable fibre connections, and without our informed consent.
Like vaccines, 5G radiation has NEVER been proven safe. No REAL science can deny the biological side-effects. No REAL justice can ignore that this is doing HARM to humans.

Vaccines are so dangerous that our corporate-bribed congress critters have actually passed laws to indemnify Big Pharma so they can't be sued for killing people with their vaccines. Indeed, the Big Pharma lobby is twice as big as the Big Oil and Military-Industrial lobbies combined. Six of the top ten most profitable Wall Street companies are Big Pharma companies... and joined at the hip with Big Media programmers of vaccines and drugs for whatever ails you.
Secret vaccine courts have been set up to pay damages.
Vaccines were declared unavoidably UNSAFE by the US Supreme Court in 2011. Nearly $4.3 billion dollars has been paid out by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (i.e.: Vaccine Court) to victims or their families for vaccine injuries and deaths.  Source:
The Vaccine Court was created following the passing of 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, whereby the US federal government absolved vaccine manufacturers of ALL liability arising from injury or death due to vaccination.  Since drug companies can't be sued if vaccines harm or kill someone in the US, this Vaccine Court was established to address the damages. 
It's called 'paying off the victims' with a non-disclosure agreement that hushes up the CONTINUED damage from vaccines that create myriad diseases worth trillions of dollars to Big Pharma pill pushers.
Do you see the conflict of interest here?
Vaccines and 5G are literally making a killing with Big Money at stake for Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the "Big Cabal" (corporatocracy).
The Nazi-style 'Big Lie' has become so BIG and so bold and so often told that many people believe what is repeated incessantly in fakestream media. This is the same mass mind-control technique used by Hitler. Plus we see that Soviet-style central planning has hijacked State sovereignty.
Do this 8 minute walkabout with James Corbett
to get a brilliant perspective on the EVENT
that no one is talking about:

April 16, 2020 /
There are a thousand hacking at the branches of this pandemic panic to one striking at the root. Join James Corbett on the streets of Japan as he strikes at the root of the pandemic problem that we are being presented with.

While the economy is being destroyed with far worse repercussions on public health than a virus, Montana Senator Steve Daines is pushing the Big Pharma agenda of 'preventing' coronavirus with vaccines which is INSANE as documented via  numerous videos and articles HERE. Someone tell me how much Big Pharma donated to Steve's re-election campaign.
We are headed for a 'Hunger Games' world if we don't turn things around. That's what the HOME LOCKDOWN event has shown people worldwide. The collective fear and anxiety is palpable to any sensitive soul.
Of course, global
TeLeComm and TeLeCare could turn things around very fast, but that may be a later chapter in Aquarian Spring. Our representatives won't see the light until they feel the heat of public outrage over more HARM from medical tyranny than from the flu that has fizzled out in 'fly-over' America.
In the meantime, Bill Gates should never be allowed within 2000 miles of a lab developing vaccinations of any kind.
Like his Nazi brethren, Gates has aligned with the Deep State of Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Tech and Big Government. If Trump is actually fighting this Cabal, he has his hands full. If Trump IS the Cabal - as some people think - then our prayers to a Higher Power should be even more fervent.
Is it true that there is an 'Alliance' of 'White Hats' globally who are now - behind the scenes - taking down the Cabal?
Are you aware that this is a 'Do-or-Die'  battle for the Republic and Alliance of alliances on the InterNetwork of social networks?
Would you agree that our best defense
is a good offense by exposing the
Big Lie of vaccine pharmacide
"for our health and safety".

Folks, six weeks ago I reported that this plandemic was a hoax. The fear was peaking then, along with fear's ugly step-sisters of anger and anxiety. I got a lot of backlash from this flu fear foe. But there's a lot more people waking up since then.
 Can you hear me now?
Do you see the hoax?
 Ready for some

With the moon passing over the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn alignment and then Mars over this last week, there's been a lot of intense energy in the ocean of quantum actuality that we filter and subjugate as 'reality'.
  And it's ALL in divine order.
Dis-ease is purging. Wholness is emerging.
The energies are lightening up this weekend with the Moon now in Pisces, conjuncting Neptune which is exalted in Pisces with a very deep and mystical energy of universal love. So enjoy the cosmic weather:)
BE the TLC you want to SEE.
Dare to
and Share.
All Ways , Always:)


The pure in heart will see 'G.O.D.'
- Geometric Ordered Divinity -
 framing the order of the universe
 via pure geometry thought-forms
     for full spectrum
  TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
  TeLeConscience, TeLeCare
      NEXT economy
- TeLeCommerce.

If we aren't investing our co-creation energies
 in ways for us to wake up, heal and evolve,
then what are we believing, thinking and
doing with our co-creation energies?

Supporting 2020's Global Co-Creation
  with full spectrum holistic health:

 UltraMedics Services
 Advanced holistic modalities
 for personal/collective health