2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude

Aquarius Initiates General Enlightenment


"If the shadows appear to be getting darker,
it's because the light that casts them
is getting brighter."
~ Daniel Pinchbeck     

This compendium is focused on
The Global Great Awakening.

Feb 7, 2021 / Heartcom Network

Skip to the bottom for an awakening boost
from the 'Great Spirit of Maximus'.

Take a deep breath. Center in your heart of hearts.
Pray for discernment and divine direction with
the holistic, healthy and holy spirit of
"Throughout history, every period of enlightenment has

   been accompanied by darkness, pushing in opposition.
   Such are the laws of nature and balance. And if we look
  at the darkness growing in the world today, we have to
realize that this means there is equal light growing."   
 ~ Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol

    If it wasn't for the dark dysfunction of Deep State dystopia,
we might take general public enlightenment for granted.
  That's the blessing - and challenge - of living in this crazy
    world at this time. The hero's journey will have challenges.
So Claim the Vision of Virtue and Valor
for Victory as General Enlightenment.

Aquarian enlightenment is a process.
Aquarian Spring:
Evolution Revolution Revelations
    A new social conscience is emerging in our global social
    networks. This New Common Sense is the Spirit of 'US':
United Sovereigns of Earth...
     the spirit that matters; unity in diversity; E Pluribus Unum.
  There is naturally opposition to worldwide enlightenment
     coming from 'dinosaur media' - the one-way programming
   of what to think - with no interactive process for culturing
   our individual & collective conscientious common sense;
That old paradigm of top-down, highly centralized
  mass mind programming has by now clearly failed
with Orwellian censorship and Big Tech tyranny.  
A dishonorable mention also goes to election rigging.

Feb 5, 2021 / Mike Lindell

The New Media is open systems of co-creation
- co-
Operative commUNITY Co-Ordination -
ordained by a universal interface
'We Are the Media' with
Global TeLeComm.

And consider the opposition from 'dinosaur medicine'.
Monopoly medicine of the medical-industrial complex
  has succeeded to the point where gross defects now
 obscure actual gains.  The history of 'iatrogenocide'  
(death by doctor) is exacerbated by the pharmacide
that creates disease with toxic vaccines - and then -
treats side effects with drugs for whatever ails you.  
Good Doctors Speak Out HERE.
Shocking Pharmacide HERE.
Doctors Slash COVID-19 Mortality Rate From 5.8%
TO 3/10ths of One Percent With Telemedicine...
Jan 7, 2021 / lewrockwell.com
Doctors Slash COVID Mortality Rate
 From 5.8% to 3/10ths of One Percent
 With Telemedicine, Home Treatment

The emerging telemedicine is an open system for  
  wisdom of the crowd whereby database analytics
   compare results from the full spectrum of modalities
  as corresponds to one's unique metabolic type and
  current symptom profile; providing a New Common
of results-based health assurance with free
online information for holistic analysis, prevention
and management of disease; telemedicine with    
Global TeLeCare. 
Also consider the opposition from 'dinosaur markets'
- like Wall Street - that are rigged front-to-back for  
 stripping equity from markets - one way or another -
   serving the
self-serving oxymoronic 'value of scarcity'
with an economics of scarcity

that creates and 'manages' (monopolizes) scarcity  
for the profit of super-rich monopolies that made a  
  killing - literally - with tyranical business lock-downs  
over a big 'nothingburger' - the false flag plandemic.

"Wall Street has stolen $100 trillion dollars from  
   Main Street with naked short selling over the last
50 years."
~Robert David Steele, 2 minute video:  

Feb 4, 2021 / Robert David Steele
CR: This is tough talk from a former CIA consultant who
        has led the charge on takedown of the Deep State.

     The New Market (global commerce) is an open system
      of unfettered
(good trade) with secure quantum
      blockchain-coded computers for peer-to-peer exchange
of value co-creation - 'good trade'; optimal win/win.

Global TeLeCommerce.

  As long-time readers of Heartcom updates are aware,
 I’ve been writing about developments of a new global
Quantum Financial System (QFS) for several years. 

   According to recent White Hat reports, on Feb 1, 2021
    the 'Global Currency Reset' (GCR) was completed and
   the old Cabal Fiat US Dollar (Central Banking System)
was no more.
"The Quantum Financial System (QFS) Computer
is now in full control of the US economy
and global financial system."

In the larger scheme of the Aquarian Dispensation
- as will become known as the 'Quantum Age' -
 there's a mighty surge of enlightenment emerging,
   and there's 'acting out' with the Deep State purging.

Be Aware, and Care to Share
General Enlightenment.

 ~Culturing ~Conscience for ~Co-Creation ~Competence

"The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is
     the consciousness that observes it. Living consciousness
somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of    
thing into something real."
~Lynne McTaggart,        
award-winning journalist and author of 7 books, including worldwide
bestsellers: The Power of Eight, The Field, Intention Experiment
and The Bond - all considered seminal books on quantum science.
Translated into some 30 languages.

"Conscience is the most sacred of all property."
~ James Madison, Fourth U.S. President and

Chief Architect of the Constitution

By the Grace of Global Conscious rEVOLUTION
- General Enlightenment for the Family of Mankind -
Mass Awakening as collective up-wising & uprising
will involve and evolve our individual and collective

The Currency of Conscience with
'The Foundation'.

WHO will 'Founders' be?
WHAT will that look like?
HOW we gonna do that?

The Conscious Co-Creation Process
As Sovereign Creators.

As we become more conscious of HOW we are conscious
with the universal law language for conscious 'BE IN G'
od~~Source~I Am -
the Great Awakening is personalized with the
'Creative Ascent Process' (CAP) for the
CAPstone of BEING:

Defining, Refining and 'Shining'
The TLC Conne

 Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
with pure geometry thoughtforms
 (G.O.D.~ Constitution),
Effective Sensory Perception
     as enlightened
  TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 


Feb 12, 2021 / The Hearts Center Community
Consider that we (all people) are Source Field 
extensions of
God experiencing CREATION...  
and as this co-Creation experience with God   
becomes greater each day, so God amplifies   
 the light of BEing within us and we are enabled
maximize our opportunities and alchemies. 



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