2022 Great Turn-Around Series


Celebrating Global rEVOLUTION

The Spirit of Sovereign Independence
from Power Elite Tyranny

July 4th, 2022 / Heartcom Network

Congratulations for being here and witnessing
the fireworks with the Supreme Court's
Great Turn-Around this last week.

There's a lot to celebrate folks!

Keep the Faith - See the Good
Make it So!

Self Portrait for the Bicentennial
(47 years ago)
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   July 2, 2022 / BBS Radio Network

The Spirit of the American Revolution is definitely brewing in the collective consciousness of global humanity.  Just as the printing press brought humanity out of the Dark Ages, the modern day 'printing press' (Internet) has brought us out of 'Dense, Unconscious & Heartless' (DUH).


'Self' Reflection for 'Self' Correction with
'Self' Direction of one's 'Self' Projection

(higher 'Self')

Projection Correction as 'Self Elevation' (Ascent)
for Personal and Planetary 'Salvation'
(from devolution to evolution)

The Big Shift has hit the Aquarian 'Fan'.
Shift Happens!

After two years of devolution into crisis, were now seeing collective evolution that rights the wrongs of power elite potentates who are ethical infants.

For example - just the other week - the 49-year old Roe vs Wade ruling was finally struck down.

The Abortion Issue Is Simple: Babies Are
People And Murdering People Is Wrong

July 1, 2022 / Brandon Smith
The Founding Fathers never saw the need to "define" life
and when life begins because at the time it was common
   sense that an unborn child was still a living human being.
  They never could have predicted that killing babies in the
womb would become 'normal' or a heartless 'choice'.     

Also struck down by the Supremes was the 21-year old ban on prayer at High School football games. Revisionists of America's history would have you believe that our nation was founded on secular grounds with a great wall of separation between Church and State. But that's a false narrative. Founded as a Christian Nation, our country has moved from its reliance on God to its rejection of God and the right to life for the most vulnerable among us.

The Great Turn-Around this week also saw the EPA enforcement mechanism of the global warming climate hoax deactivated. The Supreme Court was asked to consider whether the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to issue broad, aggressive regulations on climate-warming pollution from power plants that would force many of those plants to close. In a 6-to-3 decision, the justices ruled that the agency has no such authority.

Think about that. This is HUGE folks!

The Supreme Court is initiating the Great Turn-Around. The spark of conscientious rEVOLUTION is igniting in the hearts and minds of Netizens worldwide. The Family of Mindkind is uniting in our ALL-connected global village.

Of course, the dark-side Deep State Corporatocracy is trying to sabotage the Great Awakening with disease, war, famine and depopulation. Their time is short - they know it. So their fear is great. And they want everyone as fearful as they are.

Mass up-wising is their judgment. A High State is superceding the Deep State.

The lamestream media has been providing
cover for Deep State corporate tyranny.

A new Currency of Conscience is emerging
to replace the fiat money pyramid scam

1 minute 30 seconds 'Must Watch!':

 As Aquarian light surges in the 'unified field'
  (5D unity-in-diversity "of, by & for the people"),
the dark side purges as a 'divisive dialectic'
(3D crisis capitalism of, by & for corporatocracy).

Believe it or not, behind the scenes the 'White Hats' are in control; as above, so below.  A Great Drama of Truth or Consequences is playing out on the world stage. We are moving from the Piscean 'Age of the Martyr' (victim dictum), to the Aquarian 'Age of Sovereign Netizens' (victory virtues).

So this is the long-prophesied time of Great Awakening REVELATIONS. If you are reading this, you are a kindred soul who is graduating from the 'University of Hard Knocks' (3D)... and graduating just in 'time' (4D now) to a 5D+ universe of eternal progression; more conscious Light and conscientious .

The Universal Spirit that Matters
on 3D Earth as in 5D 'Heaven'

Look to SEE... Know to BE...
Geometric Ordered Divinity
 (5D , easier & faster).

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary
 only to know the nature of love itself. 
To truly know love is to know and understand God;
and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

is for giving, but we can't give what
we don't have. So fill up your 'love tank' each
  day with disciplines of Self talk for wholeness.

Here's a reminder you can print out;
cut out part of this for your mirror.
Repeat 3x's 1st thing in the AM

I Am ... Affirmation with Pure Intention;    
  I Can ... Confirmation with Focused Attention;
I Will ... Determination as Retention;
   I Do ... Integration as a Process of Ascension;

Creative Ascent Process - CAPstone
 for 5D 'Effective' Sensory Perception.
There's nothing 'Extra' about it when
 we wake up, wise up and rise up via
Quantum Age -in-action
frequency... as in frequently.

Realize, it's not aptitude, but attitude
that determines your 'altitude'...
whether you soar with eagles
thermals of grace... or
scratch with the turkeys
'bugs of begrudge'
Stuck In Negativity).

It is pure intention that focuses attention with
retention for conscious ascension
in the 5th dimension of full comprehension.
(without disconcerting apprehension)

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
'Geometric Ordered Divinity'
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

REAL intelligence - '5D TLC' (spherical Conscience)
Artificial Intelligence (godless materialism)
just as 'Well-Rounded Common Sense'
(Effective Sensory Perception)
'stinking thinking'
(compartmentalized 'BS' Belief Systems).

So claim the victory of the global rEVOLUTION in
Higher Consciousness that involves and evolves
our individual and collective loving kindness.

And while you're at it, TOSS ME A BONE!

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To Your Holistic Health,
~ Christopher