2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Trojan Horse in the Battle for Earth

   In the current quantum age of asymmetric warfare
  against full-spectrum 5D Aquarian enlightenment,
 there are many types of Trojan Horses 'invading'
 as 'gifts' within the gates of our hearts and minds
 in our all-connected social network communities.

  From the mass deception of 'Democracy for Ukraine!'
- blaming Russia for US proxy war provocations -
   to the mass perception of 'Safe & Effective Vaccines'
- the hijacking of science with mass fear porn -

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them
that they have been fooled.”
~ Mark Twain

Have a chuckle and wise up folks!

Sept 10, 2022 / Full Moon in Pisces

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The Great Awakening - a High State of enlightened perception
 is the end of the Deep State of nefarious Big Media deception.
As 5D Conscience Integrates
Mass Illusion Disintegrates
In the meantime. 
"Their time is short and wrath is great."
 See through the veil - 'Trojan Horses' - before it's too late.   


Behind the great delusion and grand deception
- called the 'Great Reset' -
 is the same
Corporatocracy agenda to own and
  control physical and human resources on Earth;
same old Nazi New World Order of collusion at
the top between corporations and government.

"One of the things that the left and right have in common
 is an awareness that our government has essentially
been co-opted by corporate power."
~ Glen Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

YEP - They Lied To Us
July 28, 2022 / Robert W Malone MD, MS
  The CDC colluded with Big Tech and Big Pharma
to prevent COVID "vaccine" informed consent.

It took me many years to figure out that the 9-11 event
 was a Big Bold Lie… and that the "war against terror"
 was actually a war of terror against the Constitution.    

 The ongoing battle is a shadow war between a criminal
government and a constitutional government... or you 
might say a global battle for control between criminal  
'black hats' (Deep State) and 'white hats' (High State).

  This Battle for the Earth has entered our domain
   through a form of 'Trojan Horse' that masks as a
     benevolent gift to humanity. It utilizes mainstream
 'BS' (Belief System) in science and technology
  - for the health and advancement of humanity -
 while enslaving and depopulating the masses.

  Those who read this newsletter occasionally
   - or perused
the archives over seven years -
 are well aware of
principalities of darkness
that invert, subvert and pervert the sacred
  virtues of Aquarian Freedom & Opportunity;
Quantum Age of enlightened
for all 'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Meme of the Week

   Our Aquarian divine destiny is challenged
 by an enemy that few have understood.
    This is the war in 'heaven' (space) and on
 Earth that was prophesied for this time.

As the Aquarian Frequency Shift surges,
the 'Energy Veil' (E-Veil) purges.

Reality Report: The Global Crisis

August 29, 2022 / Tucker Carlson
Things are falling apart very quickly."

With Hillary, the problem was with the 'deplorables'.
With Biden, it's more than half the voting public!
Only severe mental illness would condemn
those people who don't vote for you.


Exceptional Revelations from the
Front Lines - the Battle for Earth
Sept 5, 2022 / Health Ranger Report

For example, here's a concise explanation of
what the World Economic Forum is planning;
The Big Picture of Global Economic Reset to
'Central Bank Digital Currencies' (CBDC's):   

August 28, 2022 / Coin Bureau
This is a good one to share with family and friends.
(Spare them the heavy ‘Battle for Earth’ stuff.)

Outrageous Satire - Reality Therapy?
Conversing with one’s idiot mini-me.

Sept 8, 2022 / AwakenWithJP


Sept 9, 2022 / Jordon B Peterson
2.5 million views in 2 days!

“If only they knew!”
The Queen’s Royally Satanic Family
Sept 9, 2022 / David Icke


Sept 6, 2022 / Tulsi Gabbard
Not a word from politicians or Big Media
    about the struggles of hardworking people.

     Such revelations are coming out fast and furious.
   But many if not most people are suffering from   
 information overload, cognitive dissonance and
'future shock' - the inability to process new info
of an in-depth nature, i.e. 'paradigm paralysis'  
(discernment burnout - stinking thinking, etc.).

For those who want to wrap your head around the
very real galactic battle on Earth as in Cosmos,
consider the untold story of 'Space Force'.

Trojan Horse in the Battle for Earth

You've probably heard that the Space Force is now the 6th branch of the military.  For 60 years, the 'Secret Space Program' (SSP) has been above top secret. But now the SSP is coming out of the closet just a little - limited disclosure.

The new Space Force is reorganizing and 'transitioning' (upgrading), U.S. Armed Forces in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. This process is integrating their respective contributions with an out-of-this-world perspective; the new 'front lines' of the military-industrial-security complex which has been covertly moving into space.

There are numerous reasons why lamestream media never discusses Space Force. The obvious one is they want to keep it secret. The more people know about the quantum science of clean 'free energy' tech - used to power Space Fleet - the more the public will demand the end of petrochemical pollution of the planet.

Western Rockefeller dominance of Big Oil is already downsizing with the Ukraine War and the Russian blockade of their oil pipelines to much of Europe. It is well known that the Rockefellers have suppressed public awareness of UFOs and their advanced power-generating technology for 60 years. JFK challenged this cover-up months before he was assassinated.

The Rockefellers were also co-founders of the privately own 'FED' central banking system. And bought out controlling interest in Big Media in the 70's. It's the only way they could get away with the 9-11 cover up. But I digress.

Another reason we don't have full disclosure of abundant free energy now is denial of the public's 'right to know' - well-informed choice - which is the hallmark of personal and planetary Sovereignty.

For example, the SSP utilizes numerous quantum healing technologies that would make pharmacidal drug pushing largely obsolete, causing disruption of the Rockefeller-dominated medical-industrial complex by 'harmonizing' (healing) dis-ease in the 'bio-energy' terrain of the body; the quantum terrain behind physical disease.

If the public knew that the public health care system had been weaponized to create and treat disease - to make a killing, literally and figuratively - would they go along like good sheeple? Or would they go after the wolves in sheep's clothing who pushed the great Trojan Horse 'gift' of experimental mRNA vaccines into the public commons?

'S.A.D.S.' (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)  
Explodes as Young and Healthy Adults Die
Sept 7, 2022 / Vaccine Impact
...Following COVID Vaccine Mandates

The medical-industrial complex is arguably even more profitable - and powerful - than the military-industrial complex. Six of the ten most profitable companies on Wall Street are Big Pharma companies. Quantum science for optimizing health is end game for disease profiteering that creates and manages disease at the expense of life, liberty and pursuit of global peace and happiness. 

This big event we now witness as conscious evolution revolution has long been known in the annals of history as REVELATIONS. It's now being called the 'Great Awakening'... Aquarian Frequency Shift... The Quantum Age... Unified Field Conscience in the image and likeness of G.O.D.~ ~Source, 'I Am' (We Are)...

K.IN.G.dom come...
(Keys to INnernet of G.O.D.)
Thy Will be done...
(wake up / wise up / rise up)
On Earth as in heaven.
(Unified Quantum Field)

We all know that things are getting crazy in the bizarro 3D world right now. I've been discussing - and cussing - this craziness for years, while trying to bring some balance with positive affirmations of Aquarian principles and processes for nurturing wholeness, healing, holiness and ascent out of this crazy mess.

On the 3D surface, the cause of 'crazy' amongst us appears to be the divisive dialectic of power elite potentates, the cabal, corporatocracy, Deep State, etc. who are ethical infants with a divide-to-control agenda that is the antithesis of our sovereign freedoms.

Make time to watch this new documentary to discover
how the Big Pharma 4th Reich 'Serpent Cult' has
'infected' (injected) half the world's population
for 'controlled demolition' of public health.

Sept 4, 2022 / COVENOM 19 "WORLD WAR"
  The global plandemic was the 1st step in their diabolical
Great Reset; a way for them to achieve their two main
   goals: controlling the population and population control.

(NOT recommended for nursing mothers,
intellectual idiots or moral wimps if they
are prone to cognitive anxiety disorder)

"If you aren't horrified yet, you haven't been
paying attention."
Robert W Malone MD, MS


“The more society can function normally during a pandemic,

the better the people will manage and survive.”

This policy was turned on its head into:

“The more society can be frightened, isolated, controlled,

and suppressed, the safer it will be from the virus.”

~ COVID-19 and the Global Predators (pp:12-13),

Lake Edge Press, Kindle Edition). 

Below the surface of this nefarious 'Trojan Horse' -- in the name of "Protecting Public Health" -- is an even more sinister population control agenda. Witness the on-going psychological warfare in Big Media whereby your mind is the targeted battle space and Internet social media is the battlefield.

Dive a little deeper into the 'cause and core' of collective crazy, and you find spiritual warfare between age-old principalities of darkness - the dark side of the Force -  and the Alliance of Lightservers. This is the REAL Star Wars.

Few are the stalwart souls who have investigated the Secret Space Program and the Galactic battle now going on between the AI transhumanist mind control collective 'BORG' and the 'The Earth Alliance' with the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.

  The godless AI Control Agenda
versus the unified field of, by 
and for an all-connected 'US'
(United Sovereigns of Earth).

Mentioned often in my news compendiums over the years, I've been reporting on Secret Space Program advances in technology for quantum 'free' energy, quantum healing, and quantum communications that COULD make the prevailing petrochemical fuels (Big Oil), petrochemical-synthetic drugs (Big Pharma) and monopoly communications (Big Media), OBSOLETE.

Aquarian Quantum Upgrade Coordinates
August 5, 2022 / Heartcom Network
"No problem can be solved by the same level of
consciousness that created it".

Rather than lose power and control over an ‘up-rising’ (ascent) in mass consciousness, the Deep State EMPIRE has doubled down full-throttle crazy… creating and managing war, disease, famine and death with the psychology of subservience to tyranny that compels us to submit to the AI transhumanist cyborg agenda of digital ID's, digital currency, and digital passports with a social credit system of totalitarian digital surveillance - track and trace - as has been pioneered by Big Tech in Communist China.


The covert nanoparticle AI 'replicator' invasion
- self-assimilating nanobots in the body -
with the great 'gift' - a Trojan Horse
promising health & longevity
while saying you will own
 nothing yet be happy.

The Artificial Intelligence/Control Agenda:
AI 'god' Command Agenda -  A CLOSED SYSTEM.
Lock-step, Linear Left-brain Dominance
- the AI god of the 'CCCC' -
(Centralized Collective Command & Control)
as transhuman slaves of the AI 'Borg'.

The Cosmic Intelligence Liberation Model:

Cosmic Intention - AN OPEN SYSTEM.
The Non-linear, Spherical Spirit of the Law
heart coherent 'Sovereignty'-
and decentralized 'Creative Ascent Process'
(CAPstone Conscience - 5D
from the 'inside-out' (
DNA frequency Shift)
with the
Power of - Heartware unleashed
  for Co-Operative
TeLeCommUNITY Co-Ordination.

The Soul of the Republic - United Sovereigns of Earth - is under constant fire by power elite puppets of the AI-transhuman cyborg agenda.  We are witnessing a controlled demolition of the global economy, global health care, free-open communication and democratic institutions worldwide.

At the deepest - and highest - level of global transformation is the 'Great Aquarian Reset'.  This is the DNA frequency Shift - from the inside-out - whereby the quintessential matrix of conscious reality is morphed by the unified field frequencies of Aquarius. This epigenetics influence compels humanity to wake up, wise up and rise up with an inspired G.O.D.- -Source 'I Am Presence' (prescience, pre-cognition, and 5D prevailing awareness).

Of course that is the greatest fear of the power elite puppets of the AI-cyborg control agenda. That's why Deep State Big Media incessantly programs us with cognitive dissonance, divisive emotions, depressing news, and unabashed fear porn in mainstream media.

Most people are too confused, polarized, depressed and fearful to get a grip on the cosmic war for the heart, mind and soul of global humanity.

Many people have already given up autonomy and sovereignty to the social engineers of the AI-slave matrix... and don't even realize they have surrendered freedom for 'safe and effective' vaccines that include self-replicating nanoparticles with graphine and metals that are highly conductive and responsive to the AI-5G frequencies which ‘jam’ (override) the subtle 5D Aquarian Shift Frequencies at the heart of conscientious evolutionary ascent.

That severance from Source and the Prime Directive is beyond criminal. It’s ‘lights out’ for souls and their eternal progression.

Elon Warned Us About This - The Dangers Of AI
Sept 1, 2022 / YouTube.com
4 military AI robots killed 29 people in a Japanese lab.
This is the AI danger that Elon Musk warned us about.

This is the REAL war folks.

As Thomas Paine said, and Abraham Lincoln said, and common sense tells us today, WE CAN'T BE SLAVE AND FREE.

The greatest power that sovereign netizens have worldwide is the power to make a free will informed choice for owning our own lives, health and self-governance in ALL our social, political and economic institutions.

Freedom and opportunity to know better and do better may be censored in Big Media - to control the timeline and destiny of 'AMERICA' - an anagram for the 'I AM RACE' (global Alliance of Light). But there is no stopping the Aquarian Frequency Shift - and DNA upgrade - which is nurturing the computer/Internet revolution with more perceptual 'Light' and Aquarian ... easier and faster.

In the meantime, the Battle for Earth continues with exceptional reporting on the current invasion of the technocrat 'body snatchers' - those unelected 'experts' running the World Health Organization (WHO) in collusion with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

For example...
The Annual Summer WEF Meeting
Or How Blackrock Learned to Stop Worrying
 and Love the Chinese Communist Party

Sept 7, 2022 / Robert W Malone MD, MS

The Great Reset is a multi-pronged initiative to deindustrialize the developed world, transform the global food system by phasing out meat in favor of insects, develop a Chinese-style social credit score system, and tightly control people's movements, all in the name of fighting climate change and preserving democracy.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Netherlands have closely followed the United Nations and WEFs Great Reset agenda, specifically its proposal to reduce nitrogen emissions by limiting fertilizer, which has resulted in massive uprisings by farmers.
     Likewise, French President Emmanuel Macron declared the
end of abundance for citizens last month amid reports that soaring energy costs brought on by WEF-linked governments in response to Ukraine would drastically reduce peoples ability to heat their homes this winter.
     And remember, the country of Sri Lanka collapsed after its government forced the adoption of WEF policies reflected in its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) score, which is probably why the
WEF recently deleted its article bragging of a plan to transform Sri Lanka into a utopia by 2025.
     Realizing that people are wising up to its Great Reset agenda, the WEF convened a summit earlier this summer discuss how to
restore trust from the public.
     Despite the WEFs smears calling critics conspiracy theorists, the Great Reset's sinister agenda is thoroughly documented in Darth Schwabs own book titled,
COVID-19: The Great Reset.

      Article continued at: The Annual Summer WEF Meeting

Most readers of the 2022 Great Turn-Around are aware that many Western politicians were trained in Darth Schwab's WEF Global Leaders program. WEF endorses Chip Implants for humans. These 'Global Leaders' follow in lockstep with the AI-Transhuman agenda as explained by F. William Engdahl in his article HERE.

The Artificial Intelligence Control Agenda:

This is the 'battle in heaven' (our galaxy) between the godlless AI-cyborg drones and 'self-governing' (sovereign) conscious evolution.

The best sci-fi representation of this battle is in the Star Trek shows on the 'Borg' (cyborg collective)... or the 10 year series, 'Stargate SG-1' (the latter years) on the AI replicators invading our galaxy; on the Hulu Channel.

Official Secret Space Program Alliance Briefings
SphereBeing Alliance
VIDEO...At 2:20 minutes

This video exposes the 'AI god' agenda to implant humans on Earth with their technology that subverts sovereignty for subservience to a new one-world transhumanist Belief System (BS) of rule by technocrats and their god of 'science'.

Consider how other worlds in our galaxy were taken over by the 'AI god' as their technology kept advancing quicker than their spirituality and eventually, the "powers that be" announced the release of amazing new technologies that would supposedly change civilizations for the better.

The promise of these life-changing technologies
turned out to be an AI Trojan Horse.

So now we have a large percentage of Earth's population injected with nanite replicators and nanotech additives in our food, medicines, and 'environment' (chemtrails, water, etc.). This saturation of the body with highly conductive graphine and nanometals transform the body into an antennae for satellite broadcast frequencies that morph the body's DNA transceivers. That morphing of the matrix of bioenergetic harmonics can disrupt our resonance with the Aquarian Source Field, 5D Conscience, etc.

This replicator technology - graphine, nanometals, spike proteins, etc. - are self-assimilating components that came together inside the body of its host when exposed to epigenetic distress frequencies in the body – negative emotions – and via 5G carrier waves that prompt the components to replicate into nanite machines.

Most people are not aware that these nanobot AI replicators and the cyborg collective feed off 'loosh' (negative energy), much like parasites in the body. They both feed off lower frequencies - like fear and anger - that depress the immune system. Like fungal, bacterial and viral parasites in the body, they only thrive in a toxic 'dis-ease' environment.

As people wake up and snap out of the hypnotic fear matrix that controls their thoughts and emotions, they starve the AI parasites that are 'Sustained In Negativity’ (SIN). Just as the frequencies of joy and love in the body cause biologic parasites to hybernate and die off, higher spiritual frequencies of the 'violet flame' ( -in-action) cause AI nanobots to deactivate and disintegrate.

This is when people learn how they have been deceived and interfered with spiritually. It's a good time to introduce them to the precepts of ONENESS and their true power with spiritual practices for a positive attitude and holistic healing. (See the inspiring video below).

Fearless faith in the natural order of the holographic universe -- the Law of the Angles and Language of the Angels -- is thus the catalyst for overcoming faithless fear that feeds the AI cyborg collective.

I cannot emphasize enough that there will be no outside savior coming to our rescue or aid until we step up to do our part. Stories of humanity's liberation by saviors may be comforting, but they prevent us from individual action to secure liberation on our terms.

Once we rise simultaneously and refuse to feed the AI-god cyborg collective with our pain and suffering, their influence will dissipate as they go into loosh withdrawals... like parasites in the body that don’t ‘replicate’ (reproduce) – and die off quickly – when the frequency in the bio-energy terrain is raised with heart coherence and mind congruence.

More on the history of quantum healing
in the quantum field of the body

At this point in history - the Aquarian 'Turn-Around' -
 global humanity will free itself from the AI 'god'
after learning the karmic lessons of its
enslavement... choosing never
to repeat those mistakes.

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
 Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
 for Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

... as our 3D paradigm paralysis   
goes through 'paradigm shift'
(Aquarian 5D Quantum Shift).

Recent Message from a Heavenly Perspective:

Sept 6, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
  Mother Mary brings light and divine love to nurture us and
shower us with the bounties of heaven. She invests light
   and greater bounty within the nation of Costa Rica and her
     people. Mother Mary also invests a new aspect of her heart
     within us - an understanding of mercy that is expanded and
   multiplied to bring greater peace to the world. This assists
 people to resolve their issues and move closer to God.   
She also empowers us further in our sacred missions.    

All Ways  ... Always,

~ Christopher    


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