2022 Great Turn-Around Series

For Your Summer Viewing Pleasure

The 2022 Great Turn-Around began with a trickle
 but is ending with a flood of Great Awakening.

This compendium is for initiates who appreciate
the creative ascent process of co-creation
via general global enlightenment and
 a High State of Universal .

  Take inventory of the videos and articles
 to appreciate the difference between

how bad things may appear to be,
 how good things can actually be,
and what type of custom multi-
 media show
you can ENJOY
 from this compendium for
a Greater Awakening.

All Ways ... Always,

July 28, 2022 / New Moon in Leo

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 Quantum Aquarian Age
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and a Message from Maitreya

The Great Author of our free-will Universe has
created an information-rich environment for
those who are good using search engines
whereby enlightened wisdom can thrive
with pure intent for conscious ascent.

Those awakening to Great Truth are aware
  that a new common sense unity-in-diversity
  is weaving the fabric of our 'High State' in a
 United State of 'US' - Universal Solidarity -
of, by and for United Sovereigns of Earth.

    Be aware of the Grand Illusion attempting
      to sabotage the Great Awakening:

Monkey Pox Fear Porn Roll-Out;
Big Media Shills for Big Pharma


 Either we snap out of mass psychosis
- the Big Lie of toxic drugs for health -
   or we continue to suffer ‘iatrogenocide’
(death by doctor).

  Biologically correct science has shown
that a toxic biological terrain from too
 much chemical-laced food, vaccines,
  and a sedentary lifestyle will cause all
    types of disease and death, blamed on
 invisible viruses as the bogus culprit.

In other words, the prior condition of
  millions of Americans is dis-ease and
depression of their immune system,
    treating the symptoms of disease with
      drugs that compound systemic toxicity.

Situation Update:
COVID Vaccines are Making People
Hyper Sensitive to Food Toxins

July 26, 2022 / Health Ranger Report
Due to taking toxic vaccines, a person's immune system
deteriorates to the extent that it no longer protects them 
  from the variety of chemical, biological and environmental
 insults that threaten health.

     That’s how the health care system has
   been weaponized for disease care
   to profit from creation and treatment
   of disease – not holistic prevention. 

      This inversion and perversion of ‘care’
      (for corporate profit not public health)
    is ‘suiciding’ subservient Americans
    as they line up for their ‘safe’ shots.

The Pivot from COVID to Global Control:
Bait and Switch

July 19, 2022 / Jon Rappoport

The 'fact checkers' (spin doctors)
go full out to discredit such open
 rejection of abject tyranny by the
'WEF' (World Economic Forum),
 and their pharmacidal agenda to
   reduce population - global control
the "safe and effective" way.

July 26, 2022 / AwakenWithJP
'Our Plan is More OBVIOUS Than Ever!'
News Update


"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic."
~ Arthur C. Clarke

July 25, 2022 / James Corbett

It's difficult for us to appreciate just how incredible it was for
     those who first witnessed communication from a distance with
     a disembodied electric ghost. In fact, it was almost impossible
        for people to understand this type of communication in anything
       but spiritual terms. Even the word 'medium' evokes the specter
  of contact with the otherworldly, unconventional spirit world. 


Normalcy bias - one's ego filters - as a 'normie'
naturally resists and resents change as
But in the larger scheme of conscious evolution,
change as a 'Creative Ascent Process' (CAP-
stone), is the only permanent condition.

For example, witness the global transformation from
old paradigm 'normies' to new paradigm initiates.

mRNA Platform Inventor Sifts Through the Lies
July 25, 2022 / Dr Mercola
With the passage of time, his wisdom and knowledge
are now being validated on a near-daily basis, again
showing that 'The Earth is NOT flat'
(vaccines NOT safe).

Dr. Malone: "Stop the Vaccines!"

July 16, 2022 / Dr. Robert Malone
"The vaccines are not working. They're driving it     
 [the COVID problem], even further, and the only    
    solution left, in my opinion, is to deploy widespread
        early treatment as soon as possible to shut this down,
   and we've got to stop the vaccine. Our group made
          that clear unambiguous statement. We're done! Do not
         vaccinate your children! There is no sense in this, and
       it is time to withdraw these vaccines, in our opinion."


1 in 30 American children have autism,
diagnoses up nearly 52% since 2017
July 6, 2022, ABC News

Much more at:


Debt Bomb and QFS Jubilee Imminent

  The prevailing economic system called
'Scarcity Economics' has succeeded
- like a self-fulfilling prophecy -
 to the point where we can all witness
  creation and management of scarcity
- the oxymoronic 'value of scarcity' -
    for the profit and control by a very few.

For example:

The global system of Big Banks serve debt    
   just as Big Pharma profits from poor health;    
   Big Oil profits from scarce energy alternatives;
   'Big Farma' (agribusiness) profits from famine;
and in collusion with all the above...
 'Big Government' (Deep State) profits from   
a scarcity of public freedom to resist their   
encroaching population reduction tyranny.  

what Quantum Abundance will look like!
As the old order paradigm of 'scarcity's value'
 disintegrates before our eyes, a new
system (economics of abundance) integrates
  spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.


Having fun yet?

If you have questions about the emerging state
of global economics, look and listen to the
following two videos, and review the
previous compendium segment:
'Quantum Financial System'
(Aquarian TeLeCommerce).

The U.S. Dollar is NOT Strong. It's a Lie;
China is On Track to Become the
Global Reserve Currency

July 26, 2022 / 
Stansberry Research

"The renminbi is the ascendent currency, the dollar is in decline," proclaims Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Management founder and CEO. The dollar has been the world's reserve currency for over 70 years, "but that's rapidly coming to an end," he tells our Daniela Cambone in part one of this interview. "We're in a recession right now," and the Fed has not acknowledged that.  Yusko concludes that China is the emerging contender to be the world's next global superpower, "and the next war will be fought with chips, not ships."
 00:00 Inflation in the 70s
 7:05 Where will the inflation go from here?
Inflation is a hoax
18:10 How much of this inflation is real?
21:22 The dollar is not strong
25:31 Chinese yuan on its way to becoming the global reserve currency
28:54 Will U.S. dollar continue to be the world's reserve currency?
34:53 Can the U.S. still be the global superpower with the dollar losing its reserve currency status?

Global Economy Spins Into Free Fall
That is 'Wiping Out' the Middle Class

July 25, 2022 / 
Greg Mannarino

"I would argue that we're way, way worse off than a recession here right now," warns Greg Mannarino, a financial strategist and founder of traderschoice.net. The yield curve is, "extremely inverted," at this point and, "the global economy is in free-fall, it's not going to stop," he exclaims to our Daniela Cambone. "The system demands that debt be created, every day by every mechanism possible," Mannarino explains, since the government intends to, "exert more economic control on people." He concludes that the Fed only has one tool in its arsenal, "and it's how they can manipulate the debt... that's it."
That bankrupt system is crashing via an orgy of government spending - debt creation - to empower megacorp special interests with a vested interest in their profit and population control.

00:00 The Fed's plan of raising the interest rate by 100 bps
4:25 Is inflation a hoax?
6:50 What is the Fed trying to achieve?
8:17 Where will the stock market go from here?
10:29 Have we begun a recession?
14:07 Debt-based economic model
17:34 How should investors protect themselves?
21:10 Why isn't gold or silver higher?
23:15 Precious metals manipulation
25:34 Cash vs. precious metals allocation
27:40 Greg's position on Bitcoin

Who Put the Banksters in Charge of the World?
July 30, 2022 / FRONTLINE
It's shaping up to be 2008 all over again, and with   
the same scoundrels wrecking the global economy
while promising to launch a 'new and improved'  
financial system.  But watch out - this one won't    
resemble anything you've ever seen. It looks like  
the greatest wealth and power grab in history.      
(until Quantum TeLeCommerce comes online ~CR)

From ‘Scarcity Economics’
  (poverty consciousness; victim dictum)
 To Abundance Economics
  (abundant conscience; victory virtues)

July 28, 2022 / AwakenWithJP


New Christos Quips:

1st principles of Cosmic Law
and the Cosmic Clock.

Five Lessons:

1st Lesson – Pure Intention
(Spiritual ‘Fire’ Quadrant)

We are what we BELIEVE,
becoming what we BELIEVED.

It’s better to believe nothing,
  and either know or not know.

When you know something is true,
no belief is required.

Belief is the enemy of knowledge.
Pure intention to know better
- Spirit that matters -
is the enemy of ‘BS’
 (Belief System).

2nd Lesson – Focused Attention
(Mental ‘Air’ Quadrant)

We are what we THINK,
 becoming what we THOUGHT.

Energy flows where attention goes.

What we think about we bring about.

Air feeds the fire just as surely as
pure intention focuses attention.

3rd Lesson – Love Retention
(Emotional ‘Water’ Quadrant)

We are what we FEEL,
becoming what we FELT.

Faithless fear is the inversion and
perversion of fearless faith.

Worrying is like praying for
what you DON'T want.

  Synergy in the co-creation ‘trinity’
intention, Attention & retention)
   manifests as ‘Spirit’ (fire-knowing)
 that ‘matters’ (thought & feeling)
    on Earth as in ‘Cosmos’ (heaven).

4th Lesson – Conscious Ascension
(Physical ‘Earth’ Quadrant)

We are what we DO,
becoming what we DID.

The truest form of love is how you behave
towards others, not what you believe,
think or feel about them.

The sequence of progressive integration
in the four quadrants as the ‘four sides’
of the pyramid of Self and Civilization
- spiritual, mental, emotional & physical -
assembles the archetypal components
to the ‘Creative Ascent Process’

5th Lesson – 5th Dimension
(CAPstone Conscience)

The holistic healthy holy whole
is greater than the sum of the
4 Directions for Self Correction:


More 'Christos Quips'


Message from Maitreya

July 31, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org

Beloved Maitreya teaches that it is within stillness that we
 feel the quintessences of God, both in ourselves and in all
  life. The understanding we receive as one created by God,
   brings to us a new height, depth and breadth of beingness.
  This allows us to know our Buddha nature again. Maitreya
  impresses aspects of our Buddha nature within as
 "in all its glory" is fulfilled in one's prevailing awareness.


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