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Aquarian Unbound

Featured in this Newsletter:
 * Integrity Lost and Regained;
 * Full Spectrum Truth-Telling;
* Frequencies and ‘Chakras’.

Up-Wising è Up-Rising

The Creative Ascent Process
Rebooting Global Civility
With a Unified Field of

Common Sense.


Jan 3, 2023 / Heartcom Network

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Gautama Buddha 


Integrity Lost and Regained
Dec 29, 2022 / Robert Malone
 For those who reject a World Economic Forum-managed
fascist totalitarian global state, and are committed to 1st
   principles defined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights,
    the challenge is defining the positive future we want to see.

Note from CR: Highly recommended in context of
Global TeLeCare and The Heartware Project

 The whole world is waking up to realize that
 the whole world is waking up - Revelations.
As we become more aware of 
HOW we are 
 conscious - the language of consciousness
 with our instant-everywhere and interactive
  Net reality - time and space become relative
   to how we conceive, believe and achieve the
      relations of relevance and ultimate reverence;
     the holy whole;
how everything is connected;
  from heart coherence - Language of Angels
to mind congruence - Law of the Angles of

   The Family of Mankind in a Global Village.
 'We the People' of, by and for 'US' as
The United Sovereigns of Earth.


Heaven knows: the higher the concept of
- in form and frequency - as -
in-action -
the greater the results with the spirit that matters  
for local and global
unity-in-diversity; community   
through interactive global
The next phase of the computer/Internet revolution
Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics -
at the heart of mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

Two Possible Futures for Humanity
Nov 11, 2022 / Robert W Malone MD, MS
 "Is the dark WEF globalist transhuman dystopia inevitable?"
 Or will we conceive and achieve humane 'singularity' with what
  unites us - conscientious common sense - not what divides us.

Open and Free via Decentralized Sovereignty
or Closed and Slave via Centralized Tyranny

Jan 3, 2023 / Corbett Report
Media surrounds us. We live our lives in it and through it.
We structure our lives around it. But it wasn't always this
way. So how did we get here? And where is the media    
technology that increasingly governs our lives taking us?
This is the story of The Media Matrix.
FULL TRANSCRIPT: https://www.corbettreport.com/media/

Elon Musk slams CISA censorship network
as 'propaganda platform

Dec 28, 2022 /

This DHS-backed censorship network used 120 analysts to   

censor millions of social media posts on elections and Covid.

Collapsing Conspiracy Cover-Ups?
Dec 25, 2022 / RON UNZ
 Our government has still never released all of its official records
 on the death of President John F. Kennedy, but after almost six
decades that monumental cover-up may finally be collapsing.  

Collapsing the Big Lie with the Whole Truth

Truth of a full-spectrum enlightened nature
is a multi-dimensional perceptual process
from upper brain to lower ‘reptilian’ brain,
    from linear left brain to nonlinear right brain,
   and frontal foresight to rear-brain hindsight.

Two Videos – Understanding Frequency
(vertical dimension: upper to lower brain field)
Above and Below the Heart Chakra
This 1st video resonates with the upper chakras;
see if you can refrain from laughing with joy
at these 'signs of the times':

This 2nd video resonates with the lower chakras:
see if you can refrain from righteous indignation
if not moral outrage:


 This music video begins with shocking images of
neurological disorders following vaccinations,
which is NOT reported by pharmacidal media.
   Realize (real eyes), that Pfizer and Big Pharma have
   history going back to Operation Paperclip when Nazi
    virologists and half of Hitler's flight capital (gold) were
  brought to the US for rise of the 4th Reich via Merck
     Pharma who seeded polio vaccines with cancer retro-
 viruses, taking cancer from a relatively rare disease
to one in three getting it now - documented
   These inflation-free pharma stocks continue to make
  a killing as Wall Street thrives and Main Street dies.
  And Congress critters were ‘paid off well’ (K-Street)
    for granting Big Pharma immunity from harm liability,
 so there’s no brakes on the pharmacidal holocaust
 that creates and treats disease - a pill for every ill -
and a life-time of pills for all the toxic side-effects. 

Fire the Pharmacidal Psychopaths!
They won't see the light until they feel the fire.

Set your ruby ray-guns to full power,
target the dark-side dastards,


The effete elite are culling the masses by plan and intent.

28% Of All Americans Know Someone Who Died
From mRNA Injections

Jan 3, 2023 / technocracy.news
 The wheels of the pharmacidal bus are coming off. The evidence of   
harm is all around and many people can see it, even if they are not  
openly saying it. Perhaps now they will. Accountability must follow.   

 Pfizer knew. Moderna knew. J&J knew. Fauci knew. The WHO knew.
In the meantime, the death shots must stop!

'Catastrophic Contagion':
Bill Gates' New Pandemic Simulation

Dec 13, 2022 / needtoknow.news
'Catastrophic Contagion': Bill Gates' New Pandemic
Simulation Features Virus Targeting Children.

UK Government Admits COVID Vaccinated
Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die...

Jan 03, 2023 / GlobalResearch.ca
 COVID vaccinated children are 4423% more likely to die
 of any cause & 13,633% more likely to die of COVID-19
   than unvaccinated children; immune system degraded.

Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide:
Dr. Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer Confidential Report
Jan 3, 2023 / GlobalResearch.ca
It's Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

Court Orders CDC to Release Data Showing
18 Million Vaccine Injuries in America
   More than 18 million people were injured so badly by
their first COVID shot from Pfizer or Moderna that  
    they had to go to the hospital. That's according to the
 CDC's own internal data, which a court just ordered
the federal agency to release to a watchdog group.
  According to a Harvard study, CDC's data may only
report about 1% of the actual injuries and deaths.  
    And since Big Pharma is the cash cow for Big Media,
the Big Lie of
"safe and effective" is perpetuated.

   The truth has now come out and all who took mRNA
  shots must strive to
rebuild their immune system
for necessary vital force to detox their bodies.

Dr. McCullough:
The COVID 'Vaccinated' Are A Health Threat
To The Unvaccinated

Dec 13, 2022 / Canada Health Alliance 
Dr. Peter McCullough explains how mRNA is spread
by people who received the COVID 'vaccines'
to other people who refused the jab.

7,500 Americans KILLED or DISABLED
Every Day After Vaccine Mandates


Dec 29, 2022 / naturalnews.com
 Cause Unknown? Or Unspeakable Truth?
Ed Dowds Pioneering Exploration of Sudden Deaths
After the Rollout of COVID Vaccines.

The Bivalent Booster Disaster
Dec 13, 2022  / Robert W Malone, MD, MS
When profits are first priority: humiliation of the CDC,
FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, and the Biden administration.

Get a Grip Folks. This is the Big Test of

The Dark Side Desperados Have Hit the Wall
of Aquarian Enlightenment, and Acting Out
With Abject Depravity, Murderous Intent,
and Deceptive Cognitive Dissonance
 that Calls Evil Good and Good Evil

  The Big Lie of endless war for peace and
 dis-ease profiteering called 'health care'
  has been so BIG and bold and so often
told that many of us have believed it to
our detriment... but this too shall pass.

For all who identify as a Friend of Liberty,
keep networking for the Net worth of
Net reality for Global Netizens.
Forward Freely!

Claim the Vision of Virtue & Valor
for the Victory of All 'US' as the

 United Sovereigns of Earth.

Sovereign Free in 2023!

Network freely.  is for giving.

Progress IS what pure intention DOES
from the 'top-down':
Spiritual => Mental => Emotional => Physical
and Financial - the 'Next Economy'

All Connected Coherence)
 Spiritual Above All.

Keep in mind: energy flows where attention goes.
It’s pure intention that focuses attention with
love retention for conscious ascension
in the 5th dimension of full spectrum
G.O.D.~~Source ‘I Am’

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity;   

Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
  (G.O.D.~ Constitution),
   for Effective Sensory Perception
   via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce economy.

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC' Enlightenment
with the whole-healthy-holy spirit of


Published Jan 2, 2023 / Hearts Center Community

  https://www.heartscenter.org - Beloved Gautama Buddha releases
heartform for the year 2023 through David Christopher Lewis.
Although this may be a difficult year for all, Sanat Kumara asked
Gautama Buddha to reassure us that there is hope for the vision
  of the ascended masters to manifest as we serve divine purpose.


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