The 2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Resurrection & Ascent ~ Self & Civilization

The Great Aquarian Awakening
And 2022 Turn-Around

 This world is an epic test for
 all souls of Conscience, and
   that test is reaching a climax.


A very unique drama is playing out on the global screen of life. To say that this is aTime of Revelations’ is an understatement.

There are 12 ‘keynotes’ – 12 frames of reference – for incrementally unveiling this ‘Revelations’ drama of changing world order. Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Yard by yard it’s hard.

The Big Picture of Aquarian transformation is definitely greater than the sum of these 12 perspectives of, by and for a revival and resurrection of the Great Spirit - the GREAT AWAKENING.

‘If the individual is not truly regenerated in spirit,
society cannot be either,
for society is the sum total of individuals
in need of redemption.’
~ Carl Jung, Father of Modern Psychology

Beyond the politically correct ‘woke’ narrative is conscientious evolutionary ascent of one’s awareness. Some call it a paradigm shift. Others refer to the Great Awakening as a ‘quantum shift’ ordimensional shift’.

So celebrate the Great Awakening by digesting the ‘food for thought’ in these 12 keynotes. Chew thoroughly. Enjoy the feast. Save room for 'dessert' (inspiration).

April 16, 2022 / Full Moon in Libra

Genesis of the Great Awakening

The genesis of this drama is accelerated
change in world order due to change
 in quantum field energies as are
‘morphing the matrix’ via an
       Aquarian Frequency Shift (1).

We were winning from the beginning of this genesis, which is facilitated through our new ‘Net reality’ – the  instant-everywhere-interactive Internet capabilities now defining a global village for the Family of Mankind.

That which unites us in a ‘High State’   
- ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth’ (2) -
  is now a much stronger influence than
    the divisive dialectic of the Deep State.

Those who read my weekly 'Reality Reports' at the ‘2022 Great Turn-Around Series’ (3) are well aware that planetary civilization is going through a systemic paradigm shift – THE GREAT AWAKENING – also known as the 'End Times' or ‘End Game’ as horrendous evils are eradicated on planet Earth.

This long prophesied battle of good and evil will likely result in a time of great tribulations unless mitigated by enough good people who wake up, wise up and rise up to 'hold the balance' for those who are 'poor in spirit'... during the speed bumps in the road ahead.

Good people keep the faith - see the good -
 and work to bring more light to dark places.

Most good people know something is very wrong with global events, but can't wrap their head around the abject evil behind the Armageddon scenarios of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (4) - Plague (Covid), War (Ukraine), Famine (food scarcity), and Death (the globalists' depopulation agenda).

It's true - the kind man of God-Love
SEES God-Love in all mankind.

Certainly, we must pray for victory over the dark forces infesting the Earth. But in addition to that, these serious global problems warrant serious faith in global solutions that represent Aquarian models of community – unity in diversity – with advanced communication tools and processes for mass-to-mass interaction as upgrades our ‘Five Core Internet Freedoms’ (5).

These models will update core Constitutional freedoms from horse-and-buggy representation capabilities to quantum age connectivity. That connection empowers wisdom of the 'crowd' (social conscience), with a high state of conscientious common sense.

This unified field of conscience is qualified by heart coherence. The quantum science of heart coherence was pioneered by Dan Winter and the Heartmath Institute. It is a universal standard - a golden ratio algorithm of the heart rhythm when in biomimicry resonance with the frequency of compassion. This is the great metric of pure intention and good will at the heart of social conscience.

A spiritual revival of global civility will naturally follow this mass coherence, aligning with the "angels of our better nature".

It is heart coherent pure intention that focuses attention with love retention for conscious ascension in the 5th dimension of full-spectrum comprehension. That's a mouthful. Chew it well:)

Recently I published an article on this at 'World Waking Up To Aquarian Solutions' (6). It shares my 50 year story developing 'Global TeLeComm' (7) and 'Global TeLeCare' (8).

You decide if this Aquarian model of global ‘T.L.C.’ is an idea that has found it’s time.

Keep in mind that Aquarius is pouring out the Great Spirit of Universal Law -Cosmic codes’ (9) with ‘Universal Light Language’ (10) - for global interaction that involves and evolves our individual and collective enlightenment. This is the unassailableAquarian Mandate (11):

 In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there’s common law, patterns of perfection,
   and common language for inspired direction
centering love within, so as we all enter in,
    we find a unity state with 
one clear mandate:
  either we optimize unity or we’re insensate

Big changes had to come folks.

The new Space Force is a front for the 'SSP' (Secret Space Program) that since WWII - 75 years - has utilized advanced technology that makes fossil fuel tech obsolete; numerous free-energy technologies independent from the current power grid and energy monopoly.

Plus, advanced quantum healing tech utililized by the SSP makes obsolete the Big Pharma medical monopoly.

When we regain our independence in these areas of energy and health, we'll see the demise of the Deep State.

The Future is a Changing World Order

Personally, I’m acutely aware that the medical-industrial complex has hit the hard wall of consequences for a business model that profits from disease - killing millions worldwide with drugs and injections falsely claimed to be safe and effective.

This domestic genocide – democide - is abject tyranny with the collusion of Big Media, Big Pharma, and Big Tech with Big Government. It has created a mass psychosis with capitulation to corporatocracy – top down corporate power over people at the expense of democracy by and for the people.

If you are reading this, you’re an exception to the mass media mind control matrix. You prefer to have alternatives to the lockstep letter of the law – the ‘legal’ profiteering of the media-medical-marketing-military industrial complex.

It's ALL connected to either the inordinate love of power OR the ordained power of love... and wisdom to know the difference.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the shadow of the other."

~ Carl Gustav Jung

When Big Medicine puts profits before people – and markets itself through Big Media that serves those priorities – we see the abject desecration of health care for disease care that cares more for disease treatment, NOT disease prevention with optimal health that prevents pathological disease profiteering.

The current pharmacidal business model is a heartless conflict of interest that has inverted, subverted and perverted health care. It’s psychopathic, and killing us by plan and depopulation intent.

With dis-ease care as the profit model,
the medical-media complex resorts to
a marketing model based on
(False Evidence Appearing Real).

FEAR is the enemy of truth and love. It is fearless faith that neutralizes faithless False Evidence Appearing Real... the Grand Illusion at the expense of the Great Awakening.

Resurrection as The Awakening

Thriving beyond just surviving requires striving for the brightest future imaginable with all the suppressed technologies unleashed toward creation of an entirely new paradigm and system for culturing an abundance of conscientious common sense - unity in diversity - with evolutionary ascent of social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

"In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a
 revolutionary act."
~ George Orwell

As during the American Revolution, only about 1-3% of global Netizens are actively involved in the online rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness. But that 1-3% has a sphere of influence with the 20% who do 80% of networking on the Internet.

This is the enlightened self interest that networks for the Net worth of Net reality with a more enlightened social conscience in our all-connected global social networks. And this general enlightenment process is accelerating worldwide.

The last major hurdle to the Great Awakening – with global unity for our holistic healing – is public awareness of WHO is behind all the plague, war, scarcity and depopulation we see in the world today.

There's no healing the global dis-ease of divisive dystopia until we come out of mass denial of both the nefarious cause and divine solution.

Mature initiates who watch the documentary, ‘Exposing the Great Deception’ (12), will ‘realize’ (real eyes), the root cause of the global dis-ease that can now be cured and eradicated.

"Have nothing to do with fruitless deeds
of darkness, but rather expose them."

~ Ephesians 5:11


Feb 13, 2022 / Dinesh D'Souza

With widespread exposure of the evil doers behind the 'strong delusion' (Big Lie), lightbearers and lightsharers can now claim the victory of an enlightened path for ‘up-wising’ and uprising in the worldwide ‘web of light’ as we network for the net worth of ‘Net reality’ – all-connected peace, joy and love in our global social media networks.

"Man did not weave the web of life;
he is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
he does to himself." 

~ Chief Seattle


"The resurrection is a description of how the universe self-corrects, life always reasserting itself even when forces of death and darkness have temporarily prevailed. Like a tiny flower growing through cracks in broken cement, peace of mind emerging at last after periods of deep grief, or people continuing to fall in love despite the ravages of war, love always gets the final say. To lean on the resurrection is simply to recognize what's true; that if happiness hasn't arrived yet, then the story isn't over."
~ Marianne Williamson, The Alchemy of Easter

Footnotes – 12 keynotes:
1- Aquarian Frequency Shift
2- United Sovereigns of Earth

3- 2022 Great Turn-Around Series
Four Horseman of the Apocalypse
Five Core Internet Freedoms
World Waking Up To Aquarian Solutions
7- Global TeLeComm
8- Global TeLeCare
9- Cosmic codes
10- Universal Light Language
11- Aquarian Mandate
12- Exposing the Great Deception’