The 2022 Great Turn-Around Series

A World Waking Up to Aquarian Models
for Enlightenment and Healing

Beyond ‘Plague’ (Covid), ‘War’ (Ukraine),
‘Famine’ (Scarcity) and Devolution

April 1, 2022 / New Moon in Aries

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After two years of Covid fear-laced propaganda
telling us the vaccines are safe and effective,
there’s been a ‘Great Awakening’ worldwide
as to the need for our well-informed choice
which is the global Nuremberg Law based
 on the 2370 year old Hippocratic Oath of
“DO NO HARM” ~ Father of Medicine

This is the health sovereignty principle of
 ‘free will choice to own your own life’.

Six years ago, I hosted a seminar on Aquarian Age models of holistic health care where I introduced Global TeLeCare – flyer HERE. That was a hard sell back then because most people believed almost religiously that we had the best health care system in the world. In some ways we do.

But it has become apparent to awakened people worldwide that Big Pharma has taken modern medicine to an extreme level of profiteering by creating and treating disease – vax side-effects – betraying the pure non-profit CARE intention for disease prevention and love retention for conscious ascension in a higher dimension of enlightened comprehension -- the opportunity for optimal holistic health for all.

The Good News is that Global TeLeCare may now be an idea that has found it’s time. Realize that this is a model that could be rapidly brought into reality with state-of-the-arts information tools and processes for highly personalized self-care – health sovereignty - with well-informed choice regarding which modalities of health care are getting the best results for your unique blood-body type and symptom profile.

It’s not rocket science. It’s health science and computer science integrated with spiritual science – the TLC factor in TeLeCare.

The higher the concept of
well-informed choice for
holistic health self care
- the
heart of TeLeCare -

Let the ‘guru’ be empirical

The only reason you can’t go online and go through a portal on a website for your ‘genetic tribe’ – your blood and body type – and then see what different modalities of self care are working best for building health and preventing disease… is simply because the Big Pharma dominated medical monopoly censors any alternative to drugs for whatever ails you. They don’t exist. Just ask them.

The massive databases for the National Institute of Health are all ‘allopathic’ (drug-based) protocols, and subsidized by Big Pharma. There’s no money in prevention or management of disease with other comparative modalities of naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, or free online health remedies commonly available for colds or cancer. They don’t exist. Just ask them.

But I repeat myself… for emphasis. It’s a giant worldwide MONOPOLY… that is making a killing… on US – United Sovereigns of Earth.

 Thanks to the Great Awakening,
we now realize the
core problem
TLC solution for global health.
At least, some of us do!
(Pay it forward – Pass it on)


Global TeLeComm for our
General Enlightenment

The Great Awakening to the medical-industrial complex -- which appears committed to injecting us with vaccines and booster shots for life -- has people worldwide seeing through the military-industrial complex which has been profiteering on the creation and management of war for a CENTURY... since private banksters hijacked public currency.

Global TeLeComm is based on the premise that all our social, political and economic problems are at heart communication problems – how we come into unity for REAL community in our local and global social networks.

This requires a TeLeComm upgrade of the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet so it will represent people more directly – a state-of-the-arts update of our horse-and-buggy legislative system.

Such an Internet upgrade of core Constitutional freedoms in the Bill of Rights will involve and evolve our individual and collective consciousness with the ‘language of consciousness’ (light language). This is the universal heartware (app) interface for interactive mass-to-mass TeLeCommunity.

Culturing Social Conscience
In Global Social Network

I introduced an early model of Global TeLeComm to ten agencies of Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill in 1974 – almost 50 years ago.

This Aquarian model for online community building has matured over five decades, integrating Internet tech for ‘wisdom of the crowd’ capabilities – optimizing our freedoms of speech and assembly.

Blockchain technology can now provided secure representation of global Netizens in ways that culture social conscience with the whole-healthy-holy spirit of TLC-in-action at the heart of our ubiquitous social networks.

Or as the Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison, said so well: “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”

Conscientious Common Sense
 for community building in our
global social networks.

Thomas Paine sparked the American Revolution with his COMMON SENSE – the most successful political treatise in history. Perhaps COMMON SENSE II will finish what US Founders began for ALL of ‘US’ – United Sovereigns of Earth.

Celebrating our rEVOLUTION
(90% of the word)
with a high standard of

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
'Geometric Ordered Divinity'
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 


Other News with Great Awakening Views:

Did Joe Biden actually say this in his
own peculiar demented way?


April 1, 2020 / TK News
Narrated by Jared Moore
Text originally published 3/30/2022
   And behind the scenes there's a
 powershift from top to bottom,
 from left to right, and 3D to 5D.

'Fools gold' (3D)
or the 'real thing' (5D)

'GCR' (Global Currency Reset) NEWS

New Global Gold Standard Emerges

Western Fiat-Paper Currency In Decline:
The privately owned Federal Reserve bank
 is not 'Federal' and has no gold 'Reserve'.
This giant debt-profiteering Ponzi scheme
   is collapsing like a slow-motion train wreck.

Behind the scenes, a new 'QFS' financial
  system is transitioning the world economy
   to a gold & commodities backed standard.

   Big Picture: watch Changing World Order
to comprehend trending historical cycles.

    Eastern Gold-backed Currency Is Rising:
   Deep State controlled corporate media is not
  reporting the global reset to a gold standard
    for Russia, China, India, Iran and many other
nations - about half the world's population.

Independent Media is Leaking Headlines:

Russian Sanctions Threaten
US Dollar's Reserve Status

March 3, 2022 /
  US seizes Russia's $630bn Reserves of USD.
  A message has been sent to all countries that
  they can't rely on stashes of $'s. This was the
 first time the global reserve currency was      
  weaponized against a major G20 economy.    

As Sanctions Bite, Russians Turn to Gold
3-29-2022 /
  As the ruble collapsed under the strain of
 economic sanctions, the Russian people
turned to gold to protect their wealth.     

It's Official! Russia Central bank Announces
Ruble Bound to Gold! 5000 Rubles per Gram
3-29-2022  / Hal Turner Radio Show
The Central Bank of Russia has officially announced,
as of March 28, 2022, the Russian Ruble currency is
 BOUND TO GOLD at 5,000 Rubles per gram of gold. 
Putin Signs Decree Ordering Gas Exports
To Be Halted If Buyers Don't Pay In Rubles
3-31-2022 / Zero Hedge
Looks like Putin wasn't bluffing.
The Petro Ruble Has Arrived.
Gold, Rubles and the Ripple Effect
3-29-2022 /
I don't think people realize what just happened
over the past few days, so I'll try to explain.
Meet The New, Resource-Based
Global Reserve Currency

April 2, 2022 / Pepe Escobar 
A new reality is being formed: the unipolar world
is irrevocably becoming a thing of the past:
 a multipolar one is taking shape.

 Money-world splits into two:
Is this the end of an era of
US $ as reserve currency?

April 2, 2022 /
The ante was upped.

Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe
Via Critical Pipeline

April 2, 2022 /
After European nations yesterday imported the
most gas from Russian sources in months...

 News from the Front Lines, and More on
Day 39 of Russia's Military Operation
April 2, 2022 / Stephen Lendman
On Saturday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov
 said restoration of Russian relations with EU
nations is only possible if the EU bloc
"sobers up from (US) bourbon."

Note from CR:
This is exceptional unvarnished
truth-telling but
the last lines should read:
  So ordinary people worldwide have woke up
  and are wising up; rising up with Vision of
Virtue and Valor as Vows for Victory
 of freedom and opportunity for all
United Sovereigns of Earth.
[...a -centric merit system with
  'TLC' (holy spirit) checks and balances
- empowering wisdom with -
    to upgrade five core Internet freedoms
      for accountable whole system integrity]

Intelligent relief from all the stupidity:
Jordon Peterson at His Best:
'Technique to end all your arguments'
"The overarching structure that unites us."
(Golden Rule for Conflict Management)

April 1, 2022 / Jordon Peterson
Dr. Peterson recently traveled to the UK for a series of lectures at the highly esteemed Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. This was the first of these lectures. After some remarks on Cambridge's beauty and rich history, Dr. Peterson examines the significance and history of clinical psychology. Drawing from the likes of Carl Rogers, Freud, Maslow, and Jung, this lecture investigates free speech, the value of structure, ways to approach mental illness, Jordan's clinical experience, active listening, relationships, and the golden rule for conflict management.

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