2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Global Transformation News
Beyond Mainstream Views
by a netizen journalist and
cognitive dissident

5D Veil Thinning - Aquarius Winning

The Mind of ‘G.O.D.’ Veil is Thinning
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)
And Aquarian is Winning
Common sense may appear to be uncommon,
 but One in G.O.D.- ‘Source’ (5D+)
still represents a majority of sovereigns.
And either we all agree to our unity
or most assuredly, we will all
lose our identity as the
United Sovereigns
of Earth at this
...The 2022 Great Turn-Around
    From Deep State Dystopia
To High State Utopia

Are ‘We the People’
(global public sphere-)
finally ready for
conscious rEVOLUTION

Who will get it - the Next Big Thing
in the computer/Internet revolution?

Some will. Some won’t. So what?

   “There’s nothing more valuable than
   a vision that has found it’s time.”

~ paraphrased throughout history

Owning the Vision – Claiming the Victory

There’s a new Common Sense emerging in the
 collective conscience of the Family of Mankind.

New media has a new message for ‘mediation’
of hearts and minds in an ALL-connected way.

 The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
  has created a unified field of Great Awakening.

General enlightenment with the ongoing global
computer-Internet revolution has matured with
 higher conscious revelations for upgrading our
 Effective Sensory Perception. There is nothing
extra about effective perception when we own
the VISION of, by and for ‘US’ as enlightened
souls having a spiritual experience on Earth;  
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Capstone Crop Circle

 That’s the ‘new normal’ we can aspire to.
   It has already occurred in the continuum.

 Many have already conceived it (
   believed it (
wising up to the whole truth),
   and achieved it (
Creative Ascent Process
of the CAPstone)

Call it the divine destiny of America
or the end of a dystopian world as
we have known it...

In the 2-D matrix, everyone once believed the Earth was flat. 
We now call that The Dark Age: old "BS" (Belief System).
3-D enlightenment gave us a round-global world view. 
A new 4-D Net reality with the Internet has virtually 
eliminated time and space. And a global village 
with 5-D capabilities is now emerging for the 
 Family of Mankind as a sovereign whole;
US as United Sovereigns of Earth.

 Co-Creation in the image and likeness of
GOD- Source - for ascension,
is a life-long learning process of
becoming mind congruent
heart coherence.

This co-Creation process defines & refines

as initiates Aquarian communities of
the holy spirit of -in-action
 with a universal interface for global
"inner action" (interaction) at the
heart of personal and planetary
conscious evolution revolution

for 'CAPstone' Conscience
 (Creative Ascent Process).

The whole world is waking up to the reality
how we can own our own lives as
sovereign Netizens of Earth.

It’s an amazing world now emerging.
We had Kingdoms run by Kings,
 and Empires run by Emperors.

Then we had the ‘Corporate World’
run by the ‘Corporatocracy’.

Now there is the long-prophesied ‘quickening’
as the rate of change accelerates with our
instant-everywhere and interactive
Internet capabilities as are
culturing global social

  Net reality has transcended time-
space to conceive, believe and
achieve relations of relevance
 and ultimate reverence for the
holy whole;
 everything is
and we are one.

The 1st Law of atONEment.

One for all and all for One
 whereby we thrive forever
  as we commune together.

The evolution of business is the business of evolution,
and throughout recorded history, the ‘currency’ of
evolving business on Earth continues to be the

Currency of Conscience.

“For millennia, mankind had wandered in the darkness…
but now, as had been prophesied,
there was a change coming.

After hurtling blindly through history,
 mankind has reached a crossroads.

 This moment had been predicted long ago,
prophesied by the ancient texts,
by the primeval calendars,
and even by the stars themselves.

The date was specific, its arrival imminent.

 It would be preceded by a brilliant explosion of knowledge…
a flash of clarity to illuminate the darkness
and give mankind a final chance to veer away
from the abyss and take the path of wisdom.”

Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol


“This is a Cosmic Moment in the evolution of this planet,
and all of us here on Earth at this time have been
preparing for lifetimes to assist in this vitally
    important facet of the unfolding Divine Plan.”
~ Patricia Cota-Robbles

   The power of mass goodwill of all United Sovereigns,
  the dynamic effect of instant-everywhere interaction,
   and the opportunity for well-informed public opinion
     as engages the greatest good of the greatest number, 
are beyond belief of the 99%, feared by the 1%, yet 
going mainstream in 2022  to neutralize fear of the 1%
  and optimize faith with good works among the 99%.
Very rarely has this dynamic power been employed.
(Gandhi and U.S. Founding Fathers come to mind.)

"The cause of America is in a great measure
 the cause of all mankind. We have it in our
 power to begin the world over again."
~ Tom Paine, Common Sense, 1776

“Humankind is standing precariously on the edge of its destiny.
It will either rise to a paradigm change or experience decline   

    and possible destruction.  This is an unavoidable confrontation.
The options will be presented and the choices will be made.”   
 ~ from Jesus Speaks… Love Without End by Glenda Green

The Great Author of our free-will Universe
 has created a choice-rich environment for
those who have the discernment to know
how our enlightened wisdom can thrive    
  given one’s pure intention to make it so!   


You are among a select Group of souls who won the lottery
to be here, on this planet, at this time!

The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the
     unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.
This is a time to remember.”
~ Dr. Christine Page,
Author of 2012 and the Galactic Center -

The Return of the Great Mother

It's time for a check up from the neck up folks!
Have a good laugh at depressing truth denial:

Sept 27, 2022 / AwakenWithJP

As for Transformational News
- beyond mainstream views -


Oct 1, 2022 / Truthstream Media

What If They Threw a Pandemic
And Nobody Came?

Oct 1, 2022 / Robert Malone MD
Sending an SOS to the World

  As I've been reporting here all year,
the FDA and FBI are Deep State   
fronts for 'pharmacidal' (4th Reich)
take-over of health care freedoms.

The FBI Nazi State in America
8-28-2022 / Paul Craig Roberts

The inventor of mRNA tech is sounding the alarm.
Why isn't the headline news?


June 27, 2021 / WhatsHerFace


Only Adult Children Still Believe U.S. Propaganda
Oct 1, 2022 / lewrockwell.com
It should now be quite clear to any reasonable person
  that the Biden administration is hell-bent on destroying
Russia... and will even risk nuclear war in doing so.   

Biden Launches WWIII Under Cover of Hurricane Ian
Sept 30, 2022 / Kevin Barrett

Germany and EU Have Been Handed a Declaration of War
Oct 3, 2022 / Pepe Escobar
The sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 pipelines
has propelled 'Disaster Capitalism' to a whole new, toxic level.

"The primordial interest of the United States, over which for
  a century we fought war - the 1st, the 2nd and Cold Wars -
has been
the relationship between Germany and Russia,
because united there, they're the only force that could
threaten us. And to make sure that doesn't happen."

~ George Friedman, STRATFOR CEO at
    The Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs

Blinken Calls Sabotage Attacks on Nord Stream
Pipelines "A Tremendous Opportunity"

Oct 2, 2022 / ZeroHedge.com
Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a Friday press briefing
  that the damage and disruption to the pipelines are being seen in
Washington as
a "tremendous opportunity"... to disempower  
an alliance between Russia and Germany

The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine.
It's About Germany

 Feb 11, 2022 / Mike Whitney
Excerpt: "In a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for expensive US-made weapons and missile systems, and no need for NATO. There's also no need to transact energy deals in US Dollars or to stockpile US Treasuries to balance accounts. Transactions between business partners can be conducted in their own currencies which is bound to precipitate a sharp decline in the value of the dollar and a dramatic shift in economic power.
     "This is why the Biden administration opposes Nord Stream. It's not just a pipeline, it's a window into the future; a future in which Europe and Asia are drawn closer together into a massive free trade zone that increases their mutual power and prosperity while leaving the US on the outside looking in. Warmer relations between Germany and Russia signal an end to the 'unipolar' world order the US has overseen for the last 75 years.
     "A German-Russo alliance threatens to hasten the decline of the Superpower that is presently inching closer to the abyss. This is why Washington is determined to do everything it can to sabotage Nord Stream and keep Germany within its orbit. It's a matter of survival."
[survival for the military-industrial complex and Deep State Corporatocracy ~CR]

For those who want to dive deeper into the
ideology behind corporatism, fascism and
all major wars and world conflict for more
 than 100 years, see 'Political Zionism' and  
then watch the following video:

Feb 24, 2014 / Greg Felton
America is now fully controlled by Zionists.
WARNING: Extremely controversial
You know who is controlling you by
  who you are not allowed to criticize.
They Don't Call Israel The "Third Rail"
Of Politics For Nothing!

Oct 6, 2022 / Chuck Baldwin
   Everyone - and I mean everyone - in politics and the news
media knows that Israel is untouchable. That's assuming
 the politician or media personality wants to keep their job.
Everybody Asks:
Who Is Really Controlling Joe Biden?

Oct 7, 2022 / technocracy.news
  Since the Carter Administration in the 1970s, members of
   the Trilateral Commission have dominated every president
- both Democrat and Republican - to establish their self-
proclaimed goal of a
New International Economic Order.
Central Bank Digital Currencies are the
'Bullet Train'
to Digital Concentration Camps

Oct 5, 2022 / healthimpactnews.com
"If you can move every human into a digital concentration
camp, and empty their bank account any time you want,
  and tell them what they can and cannot spend money on,
you've got complete control."
 Great Turn-Around News...
Beyond Mainstream Views

Italy's New Prime Minister Has Conservatives Cheering

Sept 27, 2022 / bitchute.com
This video was recorded at the World Congress of Families.
Watch this firebrand of a speech from Giorgia Meloni.
She is the WEF's worst nightmare come true.


Keep singing and dancing folks!

"Dancing in the rain isn't something that
   most of us are born knowing how to do.
We learn it.  We learn it from others;
 we learn it from Life.
  The more we dance, the better we get at it."
  ~ BJ Gallagher

Keep in Mind – Just in Time

Your Lifeline with the Ascent Timeline

  Fully Conscious – I Am -
 Conscientious – I Can -
Determination – I Will -
Integration – I .

Keep the Faith – See the Good
Make it So!

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
 Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
 for Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

 "Let us have one plan, and let us go with that plan, and let us go    
with it big time. Let us do that. Let us not have little groups here
and little groups there, thinking they know what to do when you
have to have MasterMind consciousness that you are going to   
 transform not only a nation but a world. This is a global situation
     and nothing less, so you must think globally and you must realize...
This is a pivotal moment... There will never be a greater moment, 
a greater opportunity to solve the problems of Earth..."
~ Saint Germain, Jan. 1, 1997, via E. C. Prophet
 (as the Internet revolution went mainstream)

 "There is a tide in the affairs of men,    
which taken at the flood,
leads on to fortune;

 Omitted, all the voyage of their life is
bound in shallows and in miseries. 
  On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when
it serves, or lose our ventures."      

~ 'Shakespeare' (Sir Francis Bacon)

The current we must currently serve is the
Currency of Conscience.

Do we make the world a better place with
Currency of Conscience at the
   heart of the Next Economy?
Or do we fear being

Consider the Business of Evolution as
the Evolution of Business with the

Currency of Conscience.

To Your Health!

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