Holistic Health Care Goes Global


The Great Awakening as Blessing and Curse


The choice for each and all is either
the curse of victim dictum or
 the overcoming blessing
of victory virtues.


As the pure intention for freedom’s opportunity goes global,
inordinate desire faces the fire of global judgment.
Better to know better and to choose wisely
for one’s evolutionary ascent and
blessing that is a curse on
all that is lacking a


"Conscience is what conscience does."
~ the Ascended Forest Gump


Christopher Rudy, Editor
GeoNotes News


Heaven knows that those self-serving interests which bank on endless war

- and toxic genetic-altering drugs pushed on you for whatever ails you -
would end up making the whole global system so sick, tired,
impoverished and powerless (to do much about it)…
 that it would inevitably become a survival issue
for the one Family of Man to return to a
Higher Power – Greater LOVE
as will restore holistic

First Principles of Global Holistic Healing for Our Collective Health:

1- That which prevents disease will also cure disease at therapeutic levels;


2- The higher the concept of Holistic Health Care, the greater the results;


3- The healing power of love is the power of the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action.


4- The more whole, holistic and wholly holographic the -in-action,
THE GREATER THE RESULTS (purging spiritual toxins).


5-  The more that resistance, resentment and revenge energies are purged,
the more that pure intention will focus attention
on our evolutionary ascension.


The profiteering from war, disease and destruction of Mother Earth...
the Wall Street metrics of economic health for our global village...
and the trashing of our environmental life-support systems,
is no longer sustainable for life on Earth.


Now is the time prophesied for a global

The counterproductive status quo "spin on things" (counterclockwise)
is no longer sustainable, but this too shall pass as global humanity
becomes centered and connected with a clockwise cycling of
holistic healing principles and processes that naturally represent
the prime directive of the spirit that matters for planetary reboot.

[review the big picture via "Galactic Shift" and "Dimensional Shift"]


It is times like this that we all must remember what is constant
in the cosmic scheme of things --  those eternal principles of a
self-correcting, self-governing "self elevation" (salvation) nature;
a "salve" as in ointment and blessed anointment of conscience.

Some see the way things are and are clueless, asking why?

Others are blessed with a vision of how good things can be,
getting past the past and simply asking why not?

if freedom and opportunity is to survive and thrive.


The bailout of the banks, by the banks and for the banksters
is like the current sick disease maintenance system that has
an agenda to vaccinate the masses with sick pathologies
which make a killing for those principalities of darkness
which have a global agenda to reduce population and
to lock down control over the spiritual, mental, physical
and financial resources of humanity.

Few are the servant leaders who have not sold out to the worldly perks
of power, prestige and profit at the expense of public life and liberty.
But this murderous gaming of the public by wolves in sheep’s clothing
is no longer sustainable; we’re now in the end game
 that will soon end one way or the other.

If current status quo institutions continue to get along by going along
with the same consciousness that has created all our problems,
it will naturally only compound those systemic problems.

Willful ignorance is the victim dictum of the poor in spirit
who see only the problem with the opportunity for
overcoming with victory virtues in our Net reality.


There is no time like the fully present opportunity before us
for systemic holistic healing of our social networks
with a LOVE-centric interactive interface for
culturing the healthy and holy spirit of
TeLeComm with
 instant-everywhere global

The choice for each and all is either
the curse of victim dictum or
 the overcoming blessing
of victory virtues.


Blessed are those who "feed my sheep" (servant leadership) with conscientious common sense;
a resurrection revelation for our evolutionary ascent with sovereign conscience
whereby ALL are sovereign "
KING" with the "Keys to the INternalization of God-love."

Claim the victory with a few tips -- the first principles of, by and for Global Wholeness



As simple as 1-2-3

1, Conceive it and 2, Believe it to 3, Achieve it – the Holy Whole.



1-     Conceive it:  The words "health", "whole", "holistic", "holographic" and "holy" are ALL derived from the same Anglo-Saxon root word "hal" that means "sound" or "whole".  Obviously, when we are of sound body and mind, the whole or otherwise holy spirit dwells within us.  Holistic healing is the process culturing a whole system of health care as a holy whole

“An Indivisible Whole”

“I could not be leading a religious life unless I identified myself with the whole of mankind, and that I could not do unless I took part in politics.  The whole gamut of man’s activities today constitutes
an indivisible whole.  You cannot divide social, economic, political and purely religious work into watertight compartments.”

– “Mahatma” (Great Soul) Gandhi

Modern quantum physics has made it self-evident that all sentient life on Earth is connected in a quantum relationship of terrestrial energy fields within celestial energy fields that – all together – geometrize the energy fabric of life support systems in our global village. This is what Western science calls the quantum field of energy which Eastern mysticism has long known as the “antahkarana” (web of consciousness). 

This web of energy and consciousness is the fabric of Nature itself, and there are simple yet profound Natural Laws that govern the connection of energy fields within the nucleus of every atom (morphic energy), the genetics within every cell (morphogenetics), and the systemic resonance of whole body energies within the heart of every living creature on Earth. 

Each human body lives within the ocean of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as "reality".  All the atoms, cells and organs of your body are inadvertently connected to the same quantum field of energy geometrized in the life support systems for your heart, mind and soul evolution as a spiritual being having a human experience in dense 3-D space/time relativity.

This divine order of the universe as a holographic whole naturally follows
the first geometrized principles of fractal nature.

You can see the early 1974 framing of the pure geometry principles of
 governing morphic and morphogenetic fields within fields.  This pure geometry framework of universal laws governing energy manifestation has evolved with many applications since 1974, but the core constitution of these first principles does not change.  These geometric archetypes are the constitution of thoughtforms that represent the quintessential infrastructure of those ancient and modern maps of consciousness at the heart of conscious evolution.  This is the common sense of the common framework of the collective consciousness that modern psychology (Jung) has shown to be common to sacred ritual structures, inspired governmental constitutions, holistic healing models and the overall integration of the spirit that matters for self-correcting self-elevation of a salvation nature.


The Conscious-to-Conscience Movement

Model is thus a unified field model of, by and for evolutionary ascent of our consciousness, BEING and world-at-large.  As such, it is the law of correspondence between the microcosm and the macrocosm -- the body of man as corresponds to the body of Earth as a living BEING.


For example, consider how the Western Hemisphere of the Earth is like the “inear” (ogical) eft-brain of each individual – the  in the  Model.  The right hemisphere of the brain and the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth likewise corresponds (holographically) with the energies of the  in the  model -- the global consciousness that represents the public sphere in a "nonlinear" (decentralized) way. 


The “resonant” principle – how these  +  energies coordinates are combined and synergized () as in any good marriage () --  is the action principle whereby the holy spirit of -in-action creates the frequency of a holy whole -- the holographic holism for healing -- as in frequently.

Such unity-in-diversity is the spiritually holy, mentally holographic, emotionally holistic and physically healthy
) of divine order () and divine harmony () via LOVE-in-action ().


This is the nature of  as a frame of reference for
   holistic healing with the first principles of universal law language:


  Western science is like the inear ogical eft brain that represents the holographic infrastructure and
framework  for “cross-referencing” cognitive gifts and talents of, by and for each individual
       -- It’s strength in excess is a weakness whereas “smart with a heart” represents upward-mobile intelligence;
       -- It seeks knowledge power with the priceless currency of conscience that liberates the power of love;
       -- It may see the divine order of things -- the fractal nature of the universe as a holographic, holistic, holy whole,
           but it must connect the dots to conceive the Big Picture as a blueprint for the
healthy scheme of things;
       -- It has the capability to resonate with divine order as a harmonic whole, but it must take heart with faith in
           this marriage of spirit and matter with the spirit that matters;
       -- It is naturally catalyzed, crystallized or otherwise geometrized by a higher mental conceptual framework
           for “
G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) that represents all creation via the Law of the Angles ().


When this natural~universal framework for Net reality goes mainstream globally
with a holistic healing
holographic cyberethics infrastructure for culturing
global rEVOLUTION in our all-connected social networked consciousness,
the science of the soul naturally involves and evolves the soul of science
for holistic healing as personal and planetary evolutionary ascension.

 Oriental mysticism is like the nonlinear spherical “Right” brain that represents the wholly connected and
spiritually centered “point of reference” for optimizing one’s cognitive gifts and talents:
       -- It’s strength in excess is a weakness whereas “heart with smart” represents upward-mobile intelligence;
       -- It knows pure intention that pays attention to evolutionary ascension via the
well rounded power of love;
       -- It may see the holistic harmony of the spheres as the nuclear power of love at the heart of Creation,
          but it must center and connect with that frequency, as in frequently, to achieve that Higher Power;
       -- It has the capability to resonate with harmonic frequencies of divine order, but it must frame conscience
          with faith in this marriage of spirit and matter
with the spirit that matters;
       -- It is naturally harmonized, unified or otherwise optimized by a higher emotional intelligence of, by and for
           divine BEING that represents all creation via the Language of the Angles of
 (our better nature).  

With this centered-and-connected “We are
ne” perspective in our ALL-connected
 instant-everywhere-interactive global village that is accountable to a Higher Power,
the pure intention of, by and for holistic healing with
victory virtues will culture
a global rEVOLUTION in our all-connected social networked consciousness.
The science of the soul will thus involve and evolve the soul of science as will
give full attention to our personal and planetary evolutionary ascension.

 Holistic Healing is like the COMBINED SYNERGY of both (-linear + -nonlinear) principles and brain processes
that CO-CREATE a holy whole which is greater than the sum of the strengths (gifts and talents) of each and all:
       -- It’s strength (in balance) is the CO-CREATION power that liberates the highest and best use of our gifts and talents;
       -- It seeks a balance between conditional love and unconditional love with focused attention on pure intention;
       -- It knows the “holy trinity” as the “
throne” of  (three-in-one) with a balanced “3-fold flame” (balance of powers);

       -- It may be very creative with the optimal synergy of creative energy that comes from balanced homeostasis of energies,
           but it must realize that many people are stuck with imbalances, dis-ease and dysfunction as a sick status quo.

       -- It has the capability to holistically heal with a clear vision for culturing social conscience in our social networks,
          neutralizing the stinking thinking of paradigm paralysis (status quo) with a holistic approach to systemic healing.


With this natural law/language CO-CREATION of the , , and  principals in ,
a balanced 3-fold flame of
G.O.D.~  powers that be will thus culture
a global rEVOLUTION in our all-connected social networked consciousness.
The science of the soul will thus CO-CREATE with the soul of science as will
pay attention to our personal and planetary evolutionary ascension.


The four archetypal dimensions of self and civilization represent the four triune processes that culture “U.S.”
            (United Sovereigns) spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in our core social global institutions.
            These principles and processes are holistically holographic, representing the holy whole “
TLC” for healing:

    --  Self-government via G.O.D.~  Government as will culture TeLeComm-unity in our social networks with
TeLeComm infrastructure upgrades as will represent Higher Power at the heart of core Constitutional freedoms;

    --  Self-education via G.O.D.~  Media that represents TeLeConscience in our social network communities
            with Heartware™ cyberEthics at the heart of
TeLeComm infrastructure upgrades for education of the heart;

   --  Self-healing via holistic TeLeCare database standards for the analysis, prevention and treatment of dis-ease,
            restoring informed choice health freedoms with unprecedented knowledge power, wisdom and love in balance.

   --  SOVEREIGNTY, the greening of our core institutions. via holistic TeLeCommerce that wholly integrates  
            as will culture
TeLeComm-unity and TeLeConscience with TeLeCare to define a new Economics of Abundance.

With this holistic TLC e-valuation of the price of freedom with the ordained virtue of ,
the whol-
spirit of -in-action will organize all information IN FORMATION
along more enlightened lines that frame, harmonize or otherwise geometrize
 higher intelligence of Higher Power as a standard for holistic healing.

Action Plan for Optimization:



A unique frame of reference for organizing     
individual, indivisible (universal) RIGHTS  -

in a new "global village" (public) SPHERE -

for an upgrade of CHECKS & BALANCES  -
  that represents a higher standard of

2-  Believe it:  Sustainability for our global life support systems is based on the viability of first principles as the divine directive for intelligent life –  above all. The higher the concept of  in form and frequency – as in frequently – the greater the results for outpicturing the first principles of divine order – pure geometry – as a frame of reference for those holographic-holistic thoughtforms that define, refine, combine (synergize) and shine the whole or otherwise holy spirit of -in-action.


Freedom’s Action Plan for Optimization:



Heartware™ cyberethics as an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm:

·        Framing our TeLeConferencing processes that square with divine RIGHTS  -

·        Nurturing well-rounded TeLeConscience in one’s social network   SPHERE -

·        Culturing holistic TeLeCare databases for informed choice  CO-CREATION -

·        Integrating TeLeCommerce that centers, connects & frames~models  .



3- Achieve it:  The victory virtue that overcomes the lack of love  (victim dictum) is the abundant conscience that cultures the abundant life.  Abundant social conscience -- that honors core Constitutional freedoms – is the natural resolution and healing of the social dysfunction and dis-ease caused by a lack of honor and love of, by and for those Constitutional freedoms.


Freedom’s Action Plan for Optimization:




A holistic healing powershift that centers and connects the first principles of :

·        Framing the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. as our common universal RIGHTS  -

·        Nurturing the Language of the Angels of Love as our public heart SPHERE  -

·        Culturing social network healing models for personal/public CO-CREATION -

·        Integrating the holistic holographic blueprint that frames and models    .

"It is at all times necessary,
and more particularly so during the progress of a revolution

and until right ideas confirm themselves by habit,

that we frequently refresh our patriotism by reference to
First Principles".

- by Thomas Paine who sparked the American Revolution with
the most successful pamphlet in history whose name and
flame are the same



Blueprint For A Golden Age
Always and All Ways,




I Am,
One for All.
Holistic Visionary
Editor, GeoNotes News
Publisher, HEARTcom Network
Host, BBS Radio Show, Cosmic Love
Author, Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
Promoter, Global Upwising ~ Global Independence


"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and
love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time
they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."
 -- “Mahatma” (Great Soul) Gandhi





-- above all -- is for giving.

To love with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


Networking for the Net worth of Net reality that
cultures the Power of Love at the heart
the HEARTcom Network


"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin


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