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Holistic Healing
at the Heart of the "Big Shift"

"Heaven knows there has always been divine harmony at the heart of
divine order that frames the universe and all creation.

"Harnessing that divinity -- in form and frequency --
is really the
heart of the matter that involves and
higher mind over matter...
heart of holistic healing."

The preliminary version of the following article was recently e-mailed to Montana's newly elected Governor Schweitzer in response to his request for ideas.  Montana State's slogan is "The Last Best Place".  Not just awe-inspiring nature but many freethinkers thrive here. 
The wild west spirit of the "new frontier" finds expression in the pioneering spirit that would explore the last frontier on Earth -- the "inner space" (InnerNet) at the heart of the Internet.  This is the purpose of the plan -- code name "Starship Ascent" -- to go where few souls have gone before... the vast untapped potential of personal and planetary evolution unto 4th and 5th dimensional conscience.

This plan is in process.  It always has been if you can read the timeline "codemap".  Call it the Blueprint For a Golden Age or Worldwide LOVE Foundation.  Different metaphoric positioning of the same thing -- modern day "parable" with parallels to the respective cognitive strengths of:

  • ("L") left-brain "linear thinking" via DIVINE ORDER... the "logos" logic of higher mental reasoning of the "mind of G.O.D." that "thinks" along the "lines" of LOVE.
  • ("O") right brain "nonlinear thinking" via DIVINE HARMONY... the "spherical" spiritual intuitional reasoning based on what "feels" like the spirit of LOVE "between the lines". (Not what you say but how you say it, etc.)

You know - the "men from Mars and woman from Venus" thing... but taken BEYOND outer physical sexual differentiation.  Much of the DNA of our generation has been sexually "cross-wired" or otherwise corrupted by toxic genetic poisons in the food chain... not to mention the "mental poisons" of degenerate values programmed by the mainstream media... but I digress.

The point is, there's a way to catch and ride the wave of cycles of technological change "in harmony with" (trendfitting) the techniques of conscious evolution.  When a civilization becomes overspecialized, compart
mentalized or otherwise disconnected from the heart of "whole systems" harmony with the universal laws of the holographic "holi" (whol-e / holy)  universe... that civilization looses civility by becoming "under-adaptable" (as in paradigm paralysis) to the first principles of evolutionary ascent.  Personal and planetary "warring in the members" is a self-evident symptom of this "dis-ease".
Heaven knows there has always been divine harmony at the heart of the divine order that frames the universe and all creation.  Harnessing that divinity -- in form and frequency -- is really the heart of the matter that involves and evolves higher mind over matter... the heart of holistic healing.
Many on this list (approx. 37,000 now) have asked for a more congruent overview of that plan --  the "Big Picture" (LOVE Model) solution -- for the "Big Shift" in process on Earth right now.  The time and cycles are ripe for this insight and outlook for understanding the overview. 
Personally, I like the "stargate" metaphor -- the portal through which Netizens are teleported to other worlds beyond one's prevailing reality.  Given the right coordinates, we go through the "stargate" to the world we choose.  In fact, we each have our own "stargate".  In part, it is the bioenergetic "astro-logic" coordinates imprinted in our DNA as the stellar energies from the 12 constellations - focused in your mother's womb by her 12 lower vertebrae -- imprinting your nine month cellular evolution from a single fertilized cell with a unique "astro-logic" time clock.  The kingdom of heaven is indeed "within you".

The three wise men were no dummies - they found the Christ through astrology.  One's astrology is inextricably linked to their psychology as a "stargate" frame of reference for reality -- the world each of us creates.  That "reality" is the way we each uniquely see the world through our stargate coordinates -- the "filters" on our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and physically expressed habits thereof.  Advanced "Astro-logic" is just one of 7 keynote coordinates taught at the "Messenger" and "A.D.E.P.T." levels of this BLUEPRINT series.

Heaven knows that there is a way to culture, condition or otherwise "frame" higher conscience centered in holy compassion.  The holistic-universal "Law of the Angels" (Geometry Of Divinity) frames a "holi" context for the meaning of the holographic "Language of the Angels" (LOVE Model).  It always has actually.  "Nothing new under the Sun" said Solomon the Wise.

Your role as an enlightened Netizen is requested.  It's your life -- YOUR WORLD -- and you are responsible to the extent this gives you response ability.  The best way to predict the future is to create it.  You have the power to change YOUR WORLD in personal and planetary ways.  Heaven knows that you can make a difference if not THE difference.  And it's not aptitude but your "Feed My Sheep" attitude that determines your "altitude" -- whether you soar with the "eagles" (enlightened Netizens) or "scratch with the turkeys" (paradigm paralysis of "sheople-think").

I need help with this and would like you to join me as a "cybernaut" to go with me where few good souls have gone before -- the portal from cyberspace to the inner space of higher dimensions of BEING (BE IN God).  This is not for the feint of heart or those stuck in lock-step BS (Belief Systems) that deny how the mysteries of God-in-man can raise mankind as kind men... unto a higher G.O.D.~LOVE conscience in form and frequency.

The bottom line is your resolve to "make it so".  May you be winning from the beginning of 2005 with this definitive vision of quintessential virtue and your determined vow to claim the victory of personal and planetary ASCENT.

Great LOVE of, by and for Great Souls is For~Giving.  Enlightened Netizens will network the Vision... because they understand the Virtue and are responsible.  They "Make the Vow" with determination to do what the poor in spirit are not able or willing to do.  This is how they own or otherwise "Claim" the Victory of personal ascent that contributes to planetary ascent. 

Why do this?  Because we go through our own "stargate" to the heaven or hell of our own creation.  It's the Great Law at the cause and core of "response ability".  Enlightened Netizens care.  They do what they can.  They can't think of anything better to do to learn, evolve and otherwise ascend.

Consider what you CAN DO.  There is spiritual work needed with "out of the box" (evolutionary ascent) rewards.  There is higher mental work needed with rewards of "enlightenment" (higher conscience).  There is physical work needed that anchors wholly spiritual and higher mental work with "holistic health" rewards of a healthy BODY as a better chalice for whole MIND and holy SPIRIT.

And there are financial rewards for all of this -- a "prosperity program"; a wholly New Economy based on ABUNDANCE of greater LOVE virtue rather than scarcity economics' oxymoronic self-sabotaging "value of scarcity". 

So do it for the new "currency".  Take "stock" in the e-valuation criteria for personal and planetary Net worth at the heart of a more harmonious "birthing" of a New Earth in a New World of Net-centric "global village" reality.

 It's your world.  Own It!  Own up to your response ability.
Free will in LOVE is what free will to LOVE does.
 Seize the Vision (L), Embrace the Virtue (O), Make the Vow (V) and Claim the Victory (E)


- Christos Lightweaver

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"Consciously or unconsciously, every one of us does render some service or other.
If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service
will steadily grow stronger and we will make not only our own happiness,
but that of the world at large."
- Mahatma Gandhi
"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! 
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

 - Goethe
"We have it in our power to
  begin the world over again."
 - Thomas Paine

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