2020s Global Co-Creation Series

Compendium of 11 Videos plus Articles

by Christopher Rudy
Host of BBS Radio's
 Cosmic Love Podcast

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from the Aquarian Master Saint Germain

"Since God is immeasurable love - Aquarius,
the measure of our love is 'upgrading'
- kind of like collective ascension -
to love God without measure."
~ Red Pill Update, 9-11-20
With the upcoming election forcing the issue
 of public discernment regarding what is truly
going on with GLOBAL RESET... keep the
faith that enough good people worldwide 
 will network the whole truth that naturally
neutralizes the Big Lie which has been
weaponized for public 'pharmacide'...
 the drug-pushing demise of a nation
for totalitarian technocracy that is 
heartless, godless and soulless.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
versus the real deal.

 Following is the most censored video
  in modern Internet history, but thanks
 to the networking of global Netizens,

more than a billion people have now
seen this blockbuster documentary.
 Click to watch:
August 18, 2020 / London Real
Going deep into what is really happening with mainstream media, Silicon Valley tech giants, big pharma and our health protection agencies, this new film finally connects the dots - the Deep State vested interests and totalitarian agenda behind the Coronavirus deception, lockdown and economic destruction.
Two WAKE UP videos of the month:
If you are Bible-believing religious, honoring the
 sacred intent of prophetic truth-telling, this video
  will definitely inspire the
spirit that matters now.
The Good News - Prophetic Truth

Sept 8, 2020 / Fr. Robert Altier
  Every unfettered soul has the conscientious response
  ability to share the prophetic good news in this video;
waking up to the
Big Lie and Whole Truth.

   Just imagine how many of the pure hearts who see this
   will be inspired to put nails in the Deep State's coffin...
  for resurrection of an Aquarian High State with unified
field social conscience in our global social networks;
the prophesied 2nd Coming as collective
conscientious common sense (5D TLC).

 Unity in diversity is the end of divisive dystopia for all
'US' - United Sovereigns of Earth.
For a more secular truth-telling, watch;
An animated film explanation
for easier digestion

August 27, 2020 / David Icke
A brilliant description of the Corona agenda.
Icke calls it the 'cult' or 'spider' but it's
better known as the Deep State
'cabal' or 'corporatocracy'.
See also:


Sept 11, 2020 / Computing Forever
This is a brilliant half hour summary of
the entire Covid-911 deception and
agenda for the GLOBAL RESET.
Highly recommended for those
with mature thinking skills.
Will GLOBAL RESET include
a social credit system?

China's Social Credit System is REAL
and part of the Deep State agenda
for totalitarian population control.
This is a six minute alert for
those who love truth more
than lamestream media:


August 25, 2020 / WhatsHerFace
The Australian government is already rolling out this technology in major cities without its citizens' knowledge, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before Australia goes full China and implements its own version of Social Credit. This is a technology we should all be wary of and watch closely, as what's happening in Australia may be a warning to the rest of the world.
China's Dystopian AI Development
Incorporates Population Control

August 31, 2020 / National Law Review
Anyone who thinks that AI learns by itself and is ethically neutral has bought the Technocrat lie. AI is just a computer algorithm programmed by humans to do what humans want it to do. Biases cannot be excluded. China's AI seeks to reduce global population and is being exported to other countries.
Under The Radar:
Internet Of Things Explodes In 2020

Sept 22, 2020 / Vxchange
 The IoT (Internet of Things) is a necessary component of
    Technocracy to monitor everything that happens in society.
   As devices interact and transmit results to Big Tech hubs,
AI is then applied to engineer social control; here's how.
Sweden's Senior Epidemiologist:
Wearing Face Masks Is "Very Dangerous"

August 24, 2020 / Summit News
The global practice of wearing face masks and social distancing
   is based on pseudo-science and thus a scam of epic proportions.
 The Technocrat agenda working against humanity is not focused
  on health of the population, but rather the social engineering of it.

 COVID Derangement Syndrome (CDS) on parade:
Sept 3, 2020 / NaturalNews.com
 Mainstream media warns you may die;
 alternative media tells you, that's a lie.
 Behold the rise of tribal fanaticism.
Quote of the month:
"The most deadly virus is not smallpox, Ebola, or Covid-19,
it is authoritarianism - even if it is wearing a white coat."
~ from Dr. Mercola's article titled:
'How Medical Technocracy Made the Plandemic Possible'

Lockdown Deaths Are Nine Times Higher
Than COVID-19 Numbers

Sept 23, 2020 / Mercola.com
    Studies in Great Britain and Europe show that unexplained
  deaths at home are now so high that they are nearly nine
times higher than recorded COVID-19 deaths - meaning

the lockdown has now become more deadly than the virus.

Three unspeakable facts about the alleged viral pandemic:
(1) The official story is a lie - a cover story for the failed 'disease care' system that cares for (profits from) disease creation and treatment - not holistic health and disease prevention. No one is reporting that Americans have the poorest health of modern countries because of toxic vaccines, drugs and chemo pushed from cradle to grave. Add the fear virus and it's killing us because of the prior condition of declining public health. Self isolation and 'self-suffocation' (masks) is self-sabotage that kills self-reliance and a good economy... in the name of 'saving us'.
(2) The percentage of normal false-positive errors in the tests is higher than the percentage of confirmed positive tests from humans, which means most if not all of the reported human positive tests could be false.
(3) Early results from covid-19 vaccine trials show 60% of those injected have adverse reactions, compared to less than 8% with adverse reactions from the infection the vaccines are supposed to protect against.
In other words, the treatment is far worse than the disease.
Mikovits/Heckenlively's Three Books Outline

Sept 22, 2020 / BolenReport.com
Three Books - No Prisoners
 Keep in mind: it had to get this bad before
 we stopped tolerating disease profiteering,
and also to conceive, believe or otherwise
appreciate the COMPLETE SUCCESS of 
 optimal public health via Global TeLeCare.
Bruce Lipton on a Fearless-Strong Immune System:

Pay attention to this. Attention pays
with healthy side-effects.
I See a Ray of Light
Sept 17, 2020 / ChuckBaldwinLive.com
It's becoming evident that the vaccine may be worse
than the disease. Here's why. 

A Global Uprising is Underway
Against Medical Dictatorship
Sept 17, 2020 / Dr. Mercola / Technocracy.news
This is a must-read article from a widely-respected medical expert.
Since Technocracy is a global movement, there is now a definable
global uprising of resistance occurring to end Deep State tyranny. 


Demise of the Deep State cabal, and
the end of the world as we know it.


5,031,010 views since March 5, 2019
The most transformative event in human history.

The Net is Mightier than the Sword

James Corbett / TEDx Talks

Brain Surgery Update and Future Memory

     Two weeks after surgery for a brain bleed
     caused by a concussion, I ain't dead yet!
    This near-death experience shocked me
and rebooted my consciousness with 
   unprecedented ‘future memory’ which
 is like a life review… but it’s a preview
 with an amazingly uplifting envisioning
  of one’s highest and best service to all.
It’s like a near death experience when
     not only your past life flashes before you,
 but also your optimal potential future…
    like your soul contract and divine destiny
  That’s more common than you may think.
  The book, Future Memory by P.M.H.      
 Atwater provides many case histories of
near death future memory experiences.
 I interviewed her on my Cosmic
Show seven years ago (HERE), and her
     book is still one of my often-go-to favorites. 
  In the continuum, there is no time and space.
The mind of universe is like a simulsensory  
  simulation via co-creation of ALL sentient life,
   weaving the conscientious fabric of One's Self
   in the human, angelic and elohimic kingdoms.
    But perhaps this all-connected InnerNet reality
   is more like a neural network of unified fields
within fields, linking the light of light workers 
  who serve personal and planetary co-creation
Physicist: The Entire Universe
Might Be A Neural Network
(personal/global holodeck ~CR)
Sept 13, 2020 / zerohedge.com 
It's not every day that we come across a paper
that attempts to redefine reality.


3-19, 2020 / Fifty8 Magazine
A Revolutionary Theory of Reality + Quantum Mechanics
+ The Paranormal Abilities of the Mind + The Brain and
Body as a Hologram + UFO Mythology + Ascension

See also: The Holographic Universe and
      Unified Field Coherence


Full version released online in 15 languages Sept 25, 2020

“The ability to tap the potential of THE FIELD
is what gives us the evolutionary edge that
our ancestors never had… the edge to
not only survive, but THRIVE.”
~ Greg Braden, THRIVE II trailer

See ‘THE UNIFIED FIELD’ (2:20) minutes,
unveiling the fundamental fabric of the
Holographic Universe that connects
and empowers us all with the
omnipresent omniscience
of cosmic .

Note from CR:
THRIVE II is a harbinger of
Aquarian Spring.
   They are laying the groundwork to understand
 that public co-creation of the global
- biomimicry of the
Holographic Universe -
 will involve and evolve conscious languaging
the language of light-as-consciousness -
for interactive mass-to-mass
  and the rEVOLUTION in consciousness that
  naturally co-creates global holistic
- free online personalized Self Care -
  for analysis, prevention and management of
  all disease via well-informed CHOICE for all
US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth. 

Some exceptional inspiration from
Aquarian Master Saint Germain:


Sept 19, 2020 / HeartsCenter.org
Saint Germain:
"I AM Aquarius Manifest as Light, Love and Joy."

Co-Creating the Aquarian

  The pure in heart will see 'G.O.D.'
- Geometric Ordered Divinity -
 framing the order of the universe
 via pure geometry thought-forms
  for full spectrum

 TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare


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