2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

A High Concept of is
the Heart of Easter 2021
Aquarian Spring.

March 28, 2021 / Full Moon in Libra

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 Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus on
Divine Love - the Soul's Eternal Spring.

Raising the standard of living with
the golden rule-law language
at the heart of a universal
interfaith interface for
interactive loving

Pure geometry frames of reference
  for conceptualizing first principles of
 Aquarian unity, quantum reality and
Nature’s Universal Law ‘Language’
( Codes: atomic to galactic)
geometrizing a universal language
light as consciousness -
for the co-creation of mankind as    
kind men in relationship with the    
Language of the Angels of Love     
Law of the Angles of ‘G.O.D.’  
Geometric Ordered Divinity).

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern codes Wisdom

We are what we believe, think, feel and do
- geometrize in spirit, mind and body -
having become, by habit, what we
believed, thought, felt and did.

In the larger scheme of soul evolution…
  it is pure intention that focuses attention with
    retention (your co-creation interface)
for conscious ascension in a 5th dimension 
of full-spectrum comprehension.   

    Intention        Attention        Retention        Ascension      

Common sense of Cosmic
Aquarian Spring portents
may be uncommon,
but the higher the concept
 of universal law & order,
the more cosmic the

Seven Characteristics of Mass Ascension
(published a few years ago)

  In the larger scheme of eternal progression,
is the key… to prevent regression.

 Moving forward – an onward upward spiral
 is the Great Awakening – now going 'viral'.

 The Deep State distegrates as we wise up.
A High State integrates as we thus rise up.

 So keep the faith ~ is now winning.  
The end of Pisces is Aquarius beginning.    

Keep in mind; last year was the crucifixion.
 And Spring is Nature's time of resurrection.


Geometrized Cosmic Law
Frames Aquarian Order

'School of the Prophets'

Preface at:
Spring Equinox 2021

  For ‘KoF’ (Keepers of Frequency),
   who conceive, believe and achieve
Holy Spirit as
as in f
requently… in 4D TIME:
heart of 5D PROPHECY.

   Self assessment tools and processes
– to Know thy Self & Heal thy Self –
   with accelerated learning for
Four archetypal frames of reference
for one's perception of time, and for
tuning into your 'soul contract' with  
cosmic signs of these ascent times,
quantum astrologics, prophecy, etc.

Keep in mind the signs of the times*
 as a High State of integrates
 and the Deep State disintegrates:

* Jump-starting one's personal ascension;
Comprehending the 'CAPstone'     
(Creative Ascent Process).      


  * Upgrading Core Constitutional Freedoms;
Five Core Internet Freedoms.

 * Culturing Conscience in Social Networks;
Community IS what Heartware DOES.    

* Trend-fitting to Revelations of Aquarius;
2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude.

* Actualizing Global Holistic Healing Tools
and Processes via Global TeLeCare.

* Fast-tracking worldwide rEVOLUTION 
with Conscientious Common Sense.

* Organizing all information
  Information's ecology via interactive
heartware as 'recycles'
for wisdom of the 'quantum crowd'
 (unity field of concensus),
empowering 5D wisdom.

* Full spectrum comprehension of  
Timeless Aquarian archetypes
geometrizing first principles
universal law language
framing the order of the
holographic universe.

* 4D Constructs of Time
in the continuum of
5D .

The instant/everywhere, eternal/infinite,
enlightened ~ full spectrum,


"The bad news is time flies. The good news
is you're the pilot." 
~ Michael Altshuler

* ‘Flight Plan’ (Ascent) Coordinates: 

Abraham Lincoln and countless others have
uttered some variation of this quote:

“The best way to predict your future
is to create it.”

We shape the 'CAPstone' vision we want,
and then that Creative Ascent Process
helps navigate the ocean of vibratory
actuality that we subjugate as


Many are the keys to the KINGdom
- Keys to INner sense of God -
but few are the 'turnkey devotees'.
(aka 'prophets')


Look to SEE... Know to BE
Geometry Of Divinity.


The kind man of G.O.D. sees G.O.D.
in all mankind; G.O.D. is .

The 1st Principles of Cosmic-Universal
Language of the Angels of '
and Law of the Angles of 'G.O.D.'
(Geometric Ordered Divinity).

* Co-Operative Co-Creation Co-Ordination
with the Universal Interface:
A 3D=>5D+ interactive interface
for mass-to-mass

*Navigating the Last Frontier of
Inner Space… the InnerNet.

And much more at the
School of Prophets.

Coming to an enlightened
 holodeck near you!

  If you’ve read this far, surveying linked articles,
  you qualify as an ‘Initiate’. No charge for NOW.
   The price you pay is attention NOW… moment-
  to-moment… gathering momentum as a habit.

 Where you focus attention – your ‘worth ship’
is where your god or God is; your CHOICE.

So Pay Attention – Attention Pays
(Currency of Conscience).

On the Path of the Highest Truth
Sequel to
 On The Path of God and Country

    In a time of false flags, fake news and
psychological warfare between the
    Deep State of one-way programming
     and a High State of interactive truth…
    there’s nothing more valuable than a
      clear vision – Net Reality – shaped by
      the whole~healthy~holy truth via an
         open, independent, interactive Internet.

    Prophecy is predictive modeling as a
 form of truth-telling that challenges
pathological 'BS' (Belief Systems)...
  known as
'SIN' (Stuck In Negativity).


Attention thus pays with focused attention,
retention & conscious ascension
in the 5th dimension of full-spectrum

    The higher the concept of HeartwareTM,
   the greater the application of -in-action
  and greater the results as the ‘abundant life’
with shift to an economics of abundance.

is the Key – Spiritual Geometry:
Universal Law Language framing '5D'
(Prime Directive for Unity-in-Diversity)

 Global humanity is awakening with a new common sense
 of ourselves as a whole – a whole system – that together
represents our awakening to the evolutionary path as an
Alliance’ of all of ‘US’ – the United Sovereigns of Earth.

Co-creating a Unity State ~ 5D 'I Am' Presence
with Universal Solidarity for Earth's ascent via
The Alliance of alliances over the InnerNet.

The Alliance Champions the High State

 The greatest fear of the pathological Deep State
is that people would wise up to the
High State
 with fearless faith in the
Power of Love at heart
to claim the victory of virtue, valor and ‘smart’.

  The vision of, by & for a new system is the key.
 As the High State integrates we’ll have liberty.
  Heaven knows the
Source of all that IS REAL,
   and how
gathering the tribes is the new deal.

What that looks like – a global rEVOLUTION
is the best of all worlds, a universal solution.
We get what we ask for in the larger scheme
 of soul vision for victory via high Self esteem.

Note these two quotes by Buckminster Fuller.

I studied wth Bucky at the University of Pennsylvania in 1974,
lecturing at his month-long World Game Studies Workshop     
– full story HERE.
   And I’ve carried on Bucky’s pioneering work with whole systems
   design science while developing the Model and
Web 3.0 heartware over almost 5 decades.

Now it’s time for 'show and tell'...
what is.

~ Forest Gump [See also, best scene HERE]

   You don't have to be a perfect human being
to know what perfect is in form   
(information) and frequency (frequently)  
with interactive heartware TeLeComm     
(Web 3.0).

 Welcome social, political and economic
The Great Awakening to Aquarian
quantum 5D frequencies of
Unity Consciousness
- as in frequently -
(quantum cosmos-at-large).

   Full disclosure is going mainstream.
The SSP (Secret Space Program)
 is no longer 'secret'.  Space Force 
   is now the 5th branch of the military.
Space tech has come to Earth
from all over the Galaxy!


New clean-free energy technology
Big Dirty Oil obsolete;
New quantum energy healing tech
Big Toxic Pharma obsolete;
 New Quantum Financial System (QFS)
Big Corrupt Banksters obsolete.
New global
TeLeComm and TeLeCare 
makes Deep State tyranny obsolete... 
liberating Global TeLeConscience and
from institutionalized  
'paradigm paralysis', also known as     
status quo
'SIN' (Stuck In Negativity).  

Fearless faith natually neutralizes
faithless fear... so remember...

TLC is the master('s) key to divinity   
 with natural 'homeostasis' (balance)  

for wisdom of the quantum crowd

- individual~collective Conscience -
via full-spectrum interactive VISION.

  Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Make the Vow and Claim the Victory
of our Effective Sensory Perception.

Aquarian Resurrection of
5D Light and ,
Easier and Faster.

Earth's ascent will 'sing'
with Aquarian Spring.

Pay it forward,
~ Christopher  

PS: More on the School of Prophets HERE


March 25, 2021 / Hearts Center Community
heartscenter.org // Beloved Sanat Kumara and Lady
Master Venus come with Divine Love to bless us      
 and bestow on us a Spring Equinox of loveliness,      
great joy and new opportunities for all to embrace.