2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

March 20, 2021 / Spring Equinox

Synchronized Global Mediation
We are the media now.

The Aquarian-Quantum Age
Golden Rule for Mediation

Conscious Evolution Revolution
Global TeLeCommunity

CAPstone Consciousness
(Creative Ascent Process)

The 5th Element
(Etheric Fire)

5D InnerNet Reality
(Web of 'Light')

Quantum Field Reality
(Aquarian Field Spirit)

Holistic~Whol~Holy Spirit

High 'Touch' High Tech
Web 3.0 Heartware

Higher Violet Frequencies
blue + pink = violet
(power of love)

Sovereignty 'KINGdom'
 Keys to INternalization of G.O.D.
(Geometric Ordered Divinity /
  Frame of Reference)

Conscientious Common Sense
 Aquarian Unity-in-Diversity

E Pluribus Unum... Globally.

As a 'High State' of 'US' integrates
- United Sovereigns of Earth -
the Deep State disintegrates.

The ownership-and-control

(Deep State)
is getting
(High State).

The best way to predict this future
 is to create it - the Next Economy
with the Currency of Conscience
for value-added everything!

The Family of Mankind has arrived
in an instant-everywhere and
interactive global village.

Local is global now.

Enjoy the rEVOLUTION !

Welcome to Aquarius!

PS: Stay tuned for some astounding revelations
from 'Juan O Savin':