2022 Great Turn-Around Series

Believe It or Not revelations
- a 'Mad Magazine' for adults -
with humor, truth and LOVE
 to bring light to dark places
 for upwising and uprising
  with ascension intention
for our conscientious

Breaking Headlines - Brace Yourself

Hold Fast – Heart Coherence
Mind Congruence

This is the POWER of LOVE-in-action.
 Brace yourself. You'll need it with some
of the revelations in this compendium.

Heart Coherence:
Take heart - keeping your head
while others are losing theirs.

It's been said that change is the only
  permanent condition, but in a world of
 accelerated change, a more constant
    standard of universal principles for our
    global co-creation is naturally welcome
    for bringing love and joy to the process
 of evolutionary ascension worldwide.

So Keep the Faith - See the Good


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 Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus and Mother Mary.

A simple way to understand the Big Picture
 of Aquarian shift with changing world order
  - the current worldwide contest of freedom -
  is to realize the Deep State is disintegrating
    and a 'High State' (
coherence) is integrating.
Heart coherence
is what centers and
mind congruence;
smart with a
Truth and freedom for personal and planetary
sovereignty requires
coherent congruence:
    Universal Language of the 'Angels of '
   (heart coherence) at the '-point' (heart of)

Universal Law of the 'Angles of G.O.D.'
    (Geometric Ordered Divinity).

Between the angels and angles
G.O.D.~ co-Creation
dwells the spirit that matters for
healing mass mental dis-ease.

Bring a sense of humor to understanding
Dr. Malone's infamous public diagnosis
"Mass Formation Psychosis"
 5 Things You Need to Know!

2-12-2022 / Awaken with JP
Great humor - Have a good laugh while you
steel your mind against mass psychosis
 that calls evil 'good'... and good 'evil'.

The veil is lifting with Aquarian frequencies
shifting to a more coherent prevailing
  a new global rEVOLUTION in
higher consciousness of, by
and for unity in our diversity;
United Sovereigns of Earth. 

  The heartless policies creating worldwide
  'Plague, War, Famine and Depopulation'
   (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse),
  are directed by egomaniacal billionaires
 whose love of power has eclipsed their
humanity - the ordained power of love.
Their sinister intent has been to create
   severe deprivation and faithless fear as
  gets along by going along with a covert
  psychology of subservience to tyranny.
   Their time is short and their fear is great,
   wanting you to be miserable as they are.
But Aquarius is rising, and the masses
are wising up - the 'Great Awakening'.

A wholly new economics of abundance
  is emerging with disclosure of advanced
 technologies which were suppressed to
 maintain the perverse 'value of scarcity'
  that keeps public health, awareness and
  activism scarce... for public CONTROL.

Two minute explanation of our
 system of scarcity economics.

March 30, 2022 / Catherine Austin

Be aware of Big Tech's agenda
       of TECHNOCRACY and

What You Need to Know About
Google Whistleblower Zach Vorhies Warns
That the Coming Technocracy is More
Dangerous Than Communism
March 31, 2022 / The Jeff Dornik Show
"Big Tech is actually more powerful than
even our own government...
"What’s coming is not communism and
   its not capitalism - its a technocracy."

EXCERPT: Here in the United States we have Constitutional rights that we believe are given to us by God, and the government can't take them away. So the government does a work-around and gets technology companies to take away our freedoms and Constitutional rights. This technocracy - rule by technocrats - is so dangerous because there are no rules. Privately owned Big Tech billionaires can essentially do whatever they want to govern us without actually being the government. This is unabashed tyranny and a coup happening like an insurrection against the Constitution with no checks and balances.


March 20, 2022 / Jonas Nilsson
This is a good intro for 'normies' who are just
   learning about the corporate elite who pull the
    political puppet strings. The video was created
by a Swede - translation into English - but   

  excellent content: highly recommended ~CR

This explains the psy-ops we're all currently experiencing. Witness the predator class - how we're being manipulated into a 1984 state of never ending panic, and how those who, two months ago couldn't point to Ukraine on a map, are suddenly flying blue and yellow flags and screaming for Russian blood. Mass psychosis formation.

If you watched the previous video, understanding
the corporatocracy agenda for global control
- without our core Constitutional principles -
you will not be surprised that banksters
are signaling their stealth takeover;

 governance via technocracy as
exposed in following videos:  

~~~~~ ALERT ~~~~~
Brace Yourself;

 Surprise! Surprise!

The pivot to central bank digital currency 
for a technocratic social credit system.

April 7, 2022 / Corbett Report
Globalists spill the beans at the
World Government Summit:
“We are about to abandon the traditional
 system of money and accounting and
 introduce a new one.”
   Notice how the same crisis capitalists
 who create crisis and manage crisis
- for self-serving profit and control -
 are advancing their
'final solution'
- the digital control matrix -
 that centralizes global power in the
 hands of unelected plutocrats and
  their technocrats, bureaucrats and
  interlocked global corporatocracy,
 causing hemispheric polarity with
 an 'East-West Bipolar World'...
    until the Great Awakening kicks in
 with Aquarian mainstreaming of
   vision, virtue and valor for victory
 of the Family of Mankind in our
global village of 'all-connected'
   instant-everywhere & interactive
  US: United Sovereigns of Earth.


 Do you want the Deep State model of a
 centralized top-down privatized system
of, by and for the billionaire elite... or   
    a decentralized bottem-up open system
  of, by & for United Sovereigns of Earth
  via upgrade of 5 Core Net Freedoms?

"The issue today is the same as it has been
throughout all history, whether man
shall be allowed to govern himself
 or be ruled by a small elite."

~ Thomas Jefferson

What You Need to Know About
Transhumanist Agenda
March 16, 2022 / Dr. Mercola
  According to Klaus Schwab, founder & executive
  chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF),
  the goal of The Fourth Industrial Revolution is to
  change what it means to be human by merging
man and machine
. In short, while the term    
  'transhumanism' is not being used, that's where
the global cabal have been intently taking us. 

  Some whistleblowers say that the 'vaxx' injects
   nanoparticle replicators that hack our DNA and
makes us transhuman AI-cloud cyborgs - an
infiltration of the AI matrix 'body-snatchers'.  

  Others say that the power of love through
 heart coherence is a Higher Power that
will 'harmonize' (heal) DNA transceivers
- our connection with the Source Field -
  and neutralize dissident energies that are
   'devolutionary' (Stuck In Negativity - SIN).


Evidence of Self Assembling Nano Circuitry
in the Pfizer Vaccine
Jan 7, 2022 / Greg Reese
 In this jaw-dropping 4-minute video, Reese  
  puts together the work of many researchers 
  including Whitney Webb, Amazing Polly and
  La Quinta Columna.

Is this the 'Outer Limits' of the 'Twilight Zone'?
 Has the evil empire (Big Brother Tech) aligned
 with the AI dark side of the force? And if true, 
would pharmacidal Deep State media tell us?
Stay tuned. This could get interesting indeed.

  REMEMBER: this is all a big 'reality show' folks
 with millions of starships cloaked around Earth
 watching an entire planetary civilization evolve
  with instant-everywhere-interactive
   tools & processes for culturing unity in diversity;
The 'United Sovereigns' (US) of Earth - joining
the Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.

 Big Tech appears to have sold its soul for power
 and global control over the human and physical
resources of humanity. So this is spiritual war:  
Is Technofascism the Real Enemy?
Must watch 2 minute video of Dr. Malone
explaining why we've got to
 take back our country...

"... or your children are going to live
   - basically in a
technofascism -
        for the rest of there natural lives...
as serfs."

April 4, 2022 / The Vigilant Fox
"We need to 'out' these people. The term for
this is doxing. As far as I'm concerned
with these folks, doxing is good;
let's go get them."

Prayer warriors:
Lock and load your ruby rayguns,
target the deceivers, set to stun,
and have a blast:)
They need to be taken alive for
Nuremberg 2.0 trials.

The Elite Technocrats Behind
The Global Great Reset


The Emperor Without his Clothes

Transhuman advocate Klaus Schwab
looks like he is 'trans' him/her self...
strutting her/his stuff in beach gear.

Choosing Deep State Obedience
Over a High State of Bravery?


March 5, 2022 / Awaken with JP
Hacking your DNA, your free will
and sovereignty

Technocrat-In-Charge: Klaus Schwab's
'Great Narrative' For The Global Borg
2-13-2022 / technocracy.news
  You will own nothing but you won't be happy.
 Instead, you'll be assimilated into Dr. Evil's  
 version of 'The Borg', whereby jab injected  
  nanoparticles replicate and combine to hack
your DNA, connecting to an AI cloud to make
  you a 'docile servant' (transhuman cyborg)...
  remote controlled by technocratic minions of
non-elected plutocrats playing god over us.

Most of us thought it was just a
“safe and effective vaccine” .
Now we know it was NOT
about our health. ~CR)

Transhuman: Is Humanity 2.0
 The New 'Master Race'?

2-14-2022 / Dr Mercola
Over the next 2 years, I predict that historical and
modern research on transhumanism will reveal  
numerous comparisons between modern trans-
humanism and Hitler's Aryan "master race".     

       Note from CR:
Mercola's 3D timeline does not factor in
5D transformation via Aquarian Spring.


April 6, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
   Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus bless us with Aquarian
light and cosmic love as we progress on our spiritual
   path in the service of life on Earth. We are moving into
     the Aquarian Age through all we are doing in the Hearts
  Center for the nations of the world - together with one
    another and the ascended hosts. This service helps us
   to achieve our alchemies and the abundance required
 for our further sacred work. Through our sharing, the 
 alchemy of Venus descends to Earth in ruby light and
    joy to establish the Venusian way of life here. The Holy
    Spirit anoints us with cosmic fire from heavenly realms.

Mother Mary Assuages Our Concerns and Worries
through the Comfort of Her Immaculate Heart:

April 8, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
"Yes light and love are the alchemical keys
 provided unto you as initiates, to utilize
each day in your work and service."   

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
Geometric Ordered Divinity -
(G.O.D.~ Constitution),

Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 


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