2016 Ascension Series

Global Transformation and Ascension

Whether you call it the 'Big Shift' or
 Frequency Shift or Paradigm Shift,
this Quickening Common Sense
 is empowering our consciousness
 with 'Enlightenment' as Ascension.
Conceive it with intention.
Believe with full attention.
Achieve it; your retention
   of comprehension
  at the heart of ascension;
 a unified field dimension.

"Be Thou Made Whole!"

'Cosmic Cowboy'

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of Global Enlightenment

 The best way of predicting the future
has always been to 'co-Create' it...
on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

   That universal perspective for global
  co-Creation requires alignment with
  universal principles of common law;
a global 'Currency of Conscience'
   representing the Language of Light.

Since we can only be responsible
for local & global TeLeCommunity
  with response ability, the ability to
via interactive TeLeComm
   will naturally involve and evolve our
   individual and social Conscience in
  our all-connected social networks.

This Ascension Process is Self Evident when Known.
But like learning to use a computer, it can be hard until you know how, and then it's easy. Kids and the young-at-heart pick it up quickly. They adapt faster. Give them the tools to excel with enthusiasm for learning, and self-correcting, self-mastery with self-elevation capabilities become self-evident as a self-fulfilling prophecy. The higher 'Self' is engaged.
The higher one's concept of 'Self' as a mediator for soulful attunement to G.O.D.~~Creator~Source "I Am" (Higher Power)... the greater the results for self-correcting, self-governing co-Creation: self-elevation as salvation.
Just as clothes are an extension of the skin, and cars are an extension of the feet, so is TV an extension of the eyes and ears, and computers an extension of the global mind.
Likewise, is an extension of heart coherence, the frequency of 'wholEness' moment-to-moment (frequently) which centers and connects the "Language of the Angels" (TLC) with the 'Law of the Angles of G.O.D.' (Geometric Ordered Divinity) known as sacred geometry.
From ancient times, it has been known that: "In the beginning, God geometrized." ~ Hermetic Wisdom
In modern times, quantum science has revealed that the fractal geometric order of the holographic universe naturally governs the first principles of co-Creation with G.O.D.:
"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
GeoNotes News
The global mass movement we now see
  matriculating the matrix of our Net reality
 is towards integration of consciousness
 with the
divine mother language of 'TLC'
    at the heart of the divine father archetype
'law giver' in the image and likeness of
G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity).

2016 Ascension
is thus a natural function of universal-cosmic law as the "language of light" (consciousness) that is becoming conscious... for culturing Conscience of a more enlightened "unified field" (common sense) nature.
Such common sense may be uncommon in certain 'tribes' of lock-step, left-brain, letter-of-the-law dominance, but the spherical spirit of universal law is now going global with our new instant-everywhere and interactive 'TLC capabilities':
  The Global Healing Option For 2016

Previous articles on Global TeLeComm – here and here have shown the general enlightenment trends of conscious evolution with awakening of the 'global mind' worldwide in pace with the computer/Internet revolution.

Revelations in script from thousands of years ago provide an archaic rendition of the REAL THING now occurring in the hearts and minds of global humanity.

Who could have known that the Family of Mankind would be uniting as a global village of instant interactive TeLeComm?

Who could have foreseen the practical
healing applications of 5-D 

 A whole systems approach to wholEness 
with a more enlightened concept of ‘
TLC-qualified relationship with others.

 1) Healing Self-Governing Systems 
TeLeCommunity of hearts and minds for
     representing kind men among mankind;
the best government as Self government.

 2) Healing Self-Learning Systems 
    TeLeConscience as social Conscience
       for lifelong learning with common sense;
the best education as Self education.

3) Healing our Self-Care Systems 
TeLeCare as universal online Self Care
      via free access to well-informed choice;
the best health care as global Self care.

   4) Healing our Economic Systems 
TeLeCommerce as the 'Next Economy'
Currency as Conscience to
 liberate clean free-energy technology;
power, wisdom and love as
   creates lasting value - good business.

   5) Healing our InterMedia Systems 
TeLeCommunications with Heartware
        will involve & evolve ALL THE ABOVE;
       The best 
TeLeComm is Self-regulated.

These 5-D keys for global TLC begin with 1, 2 & 3 above. Healing the density of 3-D requires charity (TLC) above all.

This collective 'reboot' of social conscience in our new global social networks will care to network the Net worth of Net reality with systemic TLC of, by & for global Netizens.

Global economic 'reset' will likewise proceed rapidly with a new currency of TeLeConscience qualifying the 'Next Economy' with soon-to-be-disclosed 'prosperity funds' in the West, known as 'humanity funds' in Asia. More on this 'jubilee' event in an upcoming article.

This process will greatly accelerate with Heartware, an interactive interface for mass-to-mass TeLeComm.

In the meantime, there's nothing more valuable than a practical vision of TLC virtue and valor for the victory of global holistic healing: