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Rumors of Global Enlightenment

 The Front Lines of Ascension Times

 Whether you call it 'global metamorphosis',
'paradigm shift' or a more enlightened
'Net reality' thanks to the Internet,
systemic world transformation
- a holistic healing process -
  is whispering in our ear:

Rise and shine. Always be kind.
 Everyone you meet is fighting a
battle you know nothing about.

Greetings from under the hat
of the ‘Cosmic Cowboy’.

Things are moving so fast in 2016, that I decided to reinvent
myself to update and upgrade my ‘Cosmic LOVE” message
in solidarity with country folk with whom I love country swing dancing here in Montana, hat included:)

The ‘cosmic message’ I would ground as common sense for all country folk is that the ‘dance’ of each soul at this time is with the ‘Great Spirit of Joy and Jubilee’ that celebrates
wholEness and holistic healing now going mainstream in our global instant-everywhere & interactive social networks – our collective
Conscience as enlightened Net reality.

 Following are videos and articles from a new website:

Feb. 7, 2016 /

  A vast plan has been organized for many years
   to trigger a huge positive change on our planet.
      This will be the implementation of fair legal justice
 to put an end to the abuse of billions of people
and poisoning of Earth's life-support systems.
  The reason we've known about this in advance
is because information has been released by
 insiders to help us prepare. Here is some key
information of the plan and how you can help.
For article specifics, read HERE.


UFO Reality Going Mainstream
See for Your Self !

Leading UFO Contactee, James Gilliland,
Recently Interviewed On Main Stream TV.
Article HERE:
IN BRIEF: James had a recent February interview on the Weekend Today Show in Australia. He is a unique person, who seems to shun the fancy cloths for something more comfortable. He runs the ECETI Ranch at Mount Adams, Washington, which is famous for its nightly UFOs and orbs. Although the mountain sky is busy with UFOs, the aliens don't seem interested in direct contact, but have met him personally on a few occasions. Perhaps direct contact with humans today is forbidden for some reason. Anyway, I wish I had been to his live talk that he had for fans in Melbourne. Would have been cool to hear him in person, his thoughts, his experiences at the ranch.
~ Scott C. Waring /


Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 - Episode 6:
Inner Earth: The Library - Summary and
Analysis | Corey Goode & David Wilcock

This week is special in the annals of Corey Goode testimony, in that, hitherto unrevealed data is being released in relation to his trip to Inner Earth in September of this year. His report of that journey sent waves through the awakening community, and many have been waiting for part two. Although it has yet to be released, the following episode finally provides readers with some more of the story. 

The Library of this one particular Inner Earth group is vast and contains a huge number of literary works, some of which were ancient scrolls, tablets, and bound books. There were also modern works there as well, some of them so new that walking through the library could easily seem like one was perusing through a repository on the surface.

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Common Sense for Common Folk Worldwide

More than half the 7+ billion people on Earth are now
  connecting with a new social awareness of ourselves
with the new instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.
Common sense would say that our new global village
sensibilities require the Family of Mankind to wise up
as kind men and women who rise up to embrace the
Vision of Virtue and Valor for our common VICTORY
that highlights some uncommon wisdom regarding a
  new ‘common sense’ in global social networks that is
 up-wising and uprising in our individual and collective
 Conscience - Universal Rights in the Global Sphere -
   with more
heart coherence and thus mind congruence
    along more enlightened ‘lines’ framing the Constitution
of cosmic-universal as “
Law of the Angles of’
 G.O.D.” (Geometric Ordered Divinity) as represents
Language of the Angels of Love” (our better nature).

 Keep the Faith – is for giving.
Hold the Vision – Our Highest & Best.
Embrace the Virtue; Our Co-Creation.

   And Claim the Victory to
Make it So!

For Our Conscientious
Evolutionary Ascent,


Bottom Line - The Highest Good.

The New Currency for the Next Economy
Based on the Currency of Conscience

As general enlightenment surges in our global conscience
- as foreordained for this extraordinary time of shift -
now is the time for all enlightened Netizens to
wise up and rise up to claim the victory
of light and love in a '
Unity State'
as '
Universal Solidarity' with
United Sovereigns' of
 our global village;
All of '

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

Look to See-Know to Be
the Nature of '5-D TLC'
for 'TeLeCommunity'

“There is a tide in the affairs of men which,
taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is
bound in shallows and in miseries.”
~ William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

  It is pure intention – the will of, by and for
 G.O.D.~~Creator~Source 'I Am'
that focuses attention with the whole mind
full love retention for one's ascension
 in that rare dimension of comprehension
   beyond “dark-side” (dimwit) reprehension.

We have a CHOICE for 'Evolutionary Ascent'
  with enlightened
as law and language
at the heart of 'interactive mass