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Global Vision Open To Paradigm Shift

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Solutions Toward A Thriving World

Foster Gamble gave this presentation at the recent
Architects of the New Paradigm' conference.

Feb. 5, 2016
"What’s missing from the so-called new paradigm that still
 has humanity on the brink of environmental collapse,
economic meltdown and a global police state?

1) ONENESS - All is Connected (atONEment);
BE LOVED (Interactive
TLC as in
  frequently) and TRANSCENDING into
The 5th Dimension;
  5) WIN/WIN Solutions (with
TLC Relations);
    6) Mastering COLLABORATION (Heartware);
      7) Empowering each one to fulfill their purpose
   (Universal Rights in the public sphere);
 8) Using our interconnectivity FOR GOOD.
( on Earth as in Cosmos)

Note that Foster Gamble, Creator of the Thrive Movement,
focuses here on the core solution of
wholeness as the
whole systems integrity that references archetypal
principles of the unified field, the universal law
language of the whole quantum universe.
See archetypes of TLC- below.


Five Solutions for a New World
Oct. 13, 2015 / Tim Bryant
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Global Enlightenment Dynamics:

The World As We Know It Has Changed and
There Is No Going Back To What We Were
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The Exponential Revelation of Truth
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Hang In There, Big Shifts

By James Gilliland

I have been observing consciousness shifts as of late on a grand scale. There has also been a lot of movement on the ground with the White Hats. It is like the Titanic is sinking, the rats are jumping ship and saving their own skin by testifying, giving depositions that will be the foundation for the dark hearts demise.
The hidden and nefarious deeds of the past are surfacing for all to see. The arrests will escalate all the way to the top. The collective pulse is saying how did this happen. How did this get so dark, so corrupt? Many are saying I no longer want to participate in this world.
There are those who are really feeling the collective consciousness and being overwhelmed by it. The collective consciousness is going through a major shift. Everything is coming up to be dealt with and those who are sensitive are finding it overwhelming.
The trick is to catch yourself and say, Not Mine. We also have to let go of all that which no longer serves us, humanity or the earth. Know there is a grander force pushing everything up to the surface and into the light.
Use what ever clearing techniques you have to clean up the personal and collective energies. Get out in Nature, take a walk with your shoes off and recalibrate with the Earth.
There are Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, spiritually and technologically advanced 'off-worlders' here to help in this process. The prophecies are being fulfilled. The beast is dying, consuming itself. No rock is being left unturned and all the iniquities are being shouted from the rooftops.
There is no more hiding. No more shoving everything under the rug, no more denial. Tyranny is coming to a close. The ignorant, self serving separation game is coming to an end. It is no longer frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. Where will you be in this process? Which side of the fence, the prophecy line are you on? Are you in service to humanity and the earth? Do you serve the beast?
These are questions that will have to be answered with brutal honesty and impeccable integrity. Lies and denials will not fair well in this process. It is a process that no man can stop, the forces are far beyond the grasp of the dark hearts who have in ignorance and arrogance overlooked an immutable law called Action/Reaction, Karma. Nothing has gone unseen.
Drop into the heart, clear yourself, get out of the mind and feel what is best for you. God is a feeling. The soul sits next to the heart, it is the connector to Source. Make your decisions from there. Get out of the monkey mind, the collective chaos.

Be well,
James Gilliland


Is Global 5-D TLC the Solution?

 Five Emerging Global TLC Solutions:
  Global holistic healing is taking a quantum leap in 2016, 
    and 5
TLC dimensions set the matrix of pure intention to 
   focus attention with love's retention for rapid ascension 
    in the quantum dimension of archetypal comprehension. 

TeLeCommunity: A ‘Unified Field
(pure ‘good will’ intention)

TeLeCommunications: Heartware
(focused congruent attention)

TeLeConscience: Conscious TLC
(love’s co-creation retention)

TeLeCare: Universal Self Care
(holistic healing in ascension)

TeLeCommerce: TLC Integrity
(5-D currency of comprehension)
A TLC Upgrade of Universal Rights
 for our all-connected global village.

As the Big Shift accelerates the rate of change to O-Point,
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we've known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to
Conscience with
full spectrum


Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
  and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

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