Global Healing Series

The Global Healing Option For 2016

Feb. 8, 2016 / New Moon in Aquarius

by ‘The Cosmic Cowboy

A new 'Net reality' has emerged with the Internet.
4 1/2 billion global "Netizens' are now connecting
with the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet.

Let's Get Real - The World Situation Now.
The information superhighway has now bi-passed
the old paradigm of the left-brain, lock-step letter
 of the law that dulls the spirit of the ‘Law of One’.

Paradigm Shift: Consciousness Quickens

Our perception of reality is rapidly evolving as
 the new paradigm of Internet interactivity goes
mainstream with unleashed knowledge power.

 The Quantum Reality – Shaping the Future
Science of the 'unified field' has now revealed
all-connected instant-everywhere interactivity
  as defines co-creation via universal principles.

Mankind’s Free Will – Oneness Is Possible.
 Our vision of virtue and valor for the victory of
conscientious common sense unity among us
manifests that vision to the extent we want it.

We Have a Choice for More
Love, or Suffer.
 The higher the intention of 'universal good will',
the greater one's attention with
love retention
5 dimensions of comprehension/ascension.

Love Option Optimizes Our Self Healing.
A new consciousness in the Family of Mankind
is culturing a new Self realization of, by and for
the higher 'Self' as mediator for 'soul purpose'.

TLC Factor Whereby Heals All
 It is the 'frequency' of TLC - as in frequently -
 that defines, refines, combines and shines the
Power of Love for wholE-holy holistic healing.

Holy Spirit of -in-action
It is violet flame that combines blue and pink
for the
power of love with the wisdom to know
when to
thrust with power or cohere with love.

There’s no Security without 5-D TLC Purity.
The '5 Dimensions of TLC' at the heart of mass
awakening in 2016 is ordained by common law
as 'heart coherence' for our 'mind congruence'.

The Vision of Heartware Claims the Victory
The origination and evaluation of on-line content
 is simply upgraded with heartware cyberEthics
to involve and evolve our social Conscience.

 - An Interactive Interface for Mass-to-Mass TLC;
- Enabling 5-D
TLC Discernment for Consensus;
  - Culturing Social Conscience in Social Networks.

The Three Space Dimensions in 'Time' (4-D)
that leads to 5-D 'Holographic' Conscience
(light language e-valuation criteria dimensions)
 for optimizing
TLC with Heartware cyberEthics:
1) The vertical 'upright I' dimension that balances
  lower brain functions of instinctive habit with
  upper brain functions of higher Self-knowing.
    (1st 1-10 scale of
discernment of frequency)
    Discernment of ‘brightness’ as either uplifting
  via inspiration or “Stuck In Negativity” (SIN).

  2) The horizontal dimension of spectral perception
    balances left-brain linear mind with non-linear
      right-brain knowing of what is truly good for all.
     (2nd 1-10 scale of
full spectrum Conscience)
     Discernment of ‘color’ as spectral frequencies
      that correspond to ‘conscious color language’.

  3) The depth dimension as cognitive depth-of-field
      references co-creation of ‘brightness’ & ‘color’
        from forebrain ‘foresight’ to rear-brain hindsight.
         (3rd 1-10 scale:  +
co-creation- synergy)
     Discernment of 'depth' of a program's content
     at any one moment of interactive e-valuation.
In 4-D “time” (moment-to-moment),
 these 3 conscious dimensions are a
 CHOICE: a new volition paradigm of
 interactive mass-to-mass 'voting'.

 These 3 archetypal dimensions of ‘e-valuation’
  with 3 numbers in sequence (Heartware app)
will frame the 3-D brain holodeck ‘sphere’
with the first principles of universal law
as governs self-regulating systems
with self-healing homeostasis in
 all dimensions of Conscience.

The 5-D CAPstone VISION
Creative Ascent Process)

Practical Healing Applications of 5-D TLC

 A whole systems approach to wholEness
with a more enlightened concept of ‘Self’
in all-connected relationship with others.

 1) Healing Self-Governing Systems
TeLeCommunity of hearts and minds for
    representing kind men among mankind;
the best government as Self government.

 2) Healing Self-Learning Systems
    TeLeConscience as social Conscience
      for lifelong learning with common sense;
the best education as Self education.

3) Healing our Self-Care Systems
TeLeCare as universal online Self Care
      via free access to well-informed choice;
the best health care as global Self care.

   4) Healing our Economic Systems
TeLeCommerce with cyberEthics for
      integrating ‘Currency as Conscience’;
     the best business is ‘Self actualized’.

   5) Healing our InterMedia Systems
TeLeCommunications with Heartware
        will involve & evolve ALL THE ABOVE;
       The best
TeLeComm is Self-regulated.

 The Self-Evident TLC Solution:
 Universal Rights for Global Sovereignty.

The golden rule/law language for the
millennial Aquarian Dispensation
will center and connect ‘
as the standard for global
interaction in
that is
for giving.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
  and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

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