2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Full Moon in Scorpio:

April 26, 2021 / Wesak

It's the Full Moon in Scorpio today,
celebrated in the East as Wesak.

For Buddhists, Wesak celebrates the life of
 the Buddha much as the Christ in the West.
In the ageless wisdom, it is a potent time of
    blessing for those who tune into the collective
 Buddhic field of heart coherence worldwide.

 Heart coherence leads to mind congruence:
being 'mindful' with balanced
heart-mind wisdom.

 This is a good time for the Great Awakening
of many lightworkers in service to Aquarian
 intention for ascension in the 5th dimension
of universal at the heart of global 
evolution revolution revelations re: the Will
 of, by & for G.O.D.~~Source 'I Am';

 Collective 2nd Coming via Universal ‘Logos’
with the Law of the Angles of ‘G.O.D.’      
(Geometric Ordered Divinity)
and Language of the Angels of .  

The pure intent for VISION in this compendium
is not seldom the initiation of Revelations
re: 'THE EVENT' ~ Great Awakening,
Conscientious Common Sense,
Unified Field Conscience,
and Spirit matters
 as above, so

Saturday's Cosmic Show Podcast HERE
Skip to the bottom for Gautama Buddha's
2021 Wesak Address.

Hold fast to the Aquarian Vision of Virtue
 and Valor for Victory of Earth's Rebirth.

For healing East & West with a Vision that’s ‘best’
 for direction of wholeness and holistic healing...

It's not aptitude - it's attitude - that determines 'altitude';
whether we soar like eagles on thermals of grace
or scratch like turkeys on bugs of begrudge.
"The higher we soar, the smaller we appear

to those who cannot fly."
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Soar Above the Fray: Unite and Thrive!

March 16, 2021 / After Skool
Vandana Shiva (born Nov 5, 1952) is an Indian scholar, environmental activist, physicist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author. Based in Delhi, Shiva has written more than 20 books. Shiva founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Natural Resource Policy (RFSTN), an organization devoted to developing sustainable methods of agriculture, in 1982. She has traveled the world spreading a powerful message of oneness and interconnectedness.

With VISION - the TLC Conneion - the People Thrive.
Without VISION - the Tyranny Agenda - We Perish.

April 24, 2021 / CorbettReport.com
So what do the elitists have in store for humanity?
  You don't need a crystal ball, you just need to read
their writings and watch their propaganda videos.

Final Step in the Elite's Agenda for Tyranny
April 25, 2021 / Naomi Wolf / Dr. Mercola
"We are [now] at Step 10. I've been trying to warn people,
tirelessly, as much as I can, that we are at Step 10 and
 that once Step 10 locks in, there is no going back."
~ Naomi Wolf

April 22, 2021 / Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking with special guests including
Dr. Carrie Madej at 16:12 minutes.
Good synopsis at 31:25 minutes:
“This is NOT a vaccine… This is poison injected
   into the blood… There is nothing in any of these
shots that is designed to protect against virus
infection… Everything after that
[deception] is  
a complete and utter lie.”
~ Dr. Larry


April 21, 2021 / SixthSense
Microbiologist Says Vaccines will Decimate
the Population of the World

April 22, 2021
/ NeedToKnow.news
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, an American-trained microbiologist now living in Germany, says the Covid-19 pandemic is a fraud because it is based on case and death statistics that are 99% false. He also says that mRNA vaccines are, not only loaded with poisons, they alter the natural immune system in such a way that it will greatly overreact when the victims are exposed later to almost any pathogen including the common flu. They will be attacked by their own immune system, a process known as autoimmune disorder. These attacks are more deadly than the disease itself. Dr. Bhakdi begs people not to take the vaccine, especially if they already have taken a first shot. If they do, he says, it may add to a decimation of the world's population.

Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History
April 23, 2021 / USA Watchdog
Former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Fitts
contends CV19 and the vaccines to cure it are more    
about control than depopulation. Genocide of millions  
is merely a 'side-effect' of the tyranny takeover by the  
power elite psychopath perpetrators of the plandemic.

China Launches New App Allowing Citizens to Report
Others For Expressing 'Mistaken Opinions'

April 21, 2021 / NeedToKnow.news

Victim Dictum is the Nemesis of Victory Virtues
[laugh at the craziness to get past it]

April 24, 2021 / AwakenWithJP
How To Victimize Yourself

Chris Hedges:
The Unraveling of the American Empire

April 19, 2021 / consortiumnews.com
U.S. leadership has stumbled from one military
debacle to another, a trajectory mirroring the    
sad finales of other historical imperial powers.  

In Other News…
For fans of David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos,  
did you see his 3 hour livestream yesterday?
He cautions that the Deep State is desperate
and why – and how – they’re planning a fake
alien invasion to stop the Great Awakening...
   as warned by Werner von Braun, the founding
head of NASA, who said on his death bed:     
 “They are going to do a fake alien invasion”.

The best way to prevent a negative timeline
is to preempt their ‘surprise element’ and    
expose their nefarious intent in advance.    

18,000 people listened to this livestream.
Most of them were ‘cultural creatives’,
the 1-3% whose sphere of influence is
  the 20% who do 80% of the networking.

The false flag alien scare is thus BUSTED!

The Galactics are watching the Big Show.
This is Big Drama – the Sovereignty Dance
as Earth is initiated with the first principles
of universal law language for The Alliance
on Earth as in Heaven-Cosmos at large.  

The entire planet is going through
like the Prodigal Son’s return home
to forgiveness and celebration.

According to Wilcock, we’re now going through
the ‘dark night of the soul’ before ‘solar flash’
with solar upgrade to a 5D frequency field,
and ‘realignment’ of our solar system.

So buckle up. Turbulence ahead.

Hold fast to the Aquarian Ascension Process
for ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth.

 Seize the VISION of Aquarian Victory.

Think Galactic. Dance Local.

More Cosmic ...
Easier & Faster!

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC
with pure geometry thoughtforms
~ Constitution),
Effective Sensory Perception.

Advanced Initiates, Communicants and
will appreciate co-Creation
and holodeck codes
for Web 3.0 Heartware via
Light Language and

We’ve got to SEE ourselves whole.

Would Thou Be Made Whole?

Know Thy Self via TeLeComm
(United Sovereigns of Earth) 

Heal thy Self via TeLeCare

This 'Currency of Conscience'
for the
Next Economy is
dedicated to the
 One Eye...


  - PURE INTENTION - Affirmation of Faith
- via LOVE RETENTION - Determination
- for VISION'S ASCENSION - Integration

April 27, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org
   Gautama Buddha comes to address us on the Buddhist
festival of Wesak. He brings the peace of the eternal 
 Presence to us and teaches that Buddha nature is the
     essence of eternal joy in the light of God. Buddha nature
is our true nature - one with the All - as a self realized
Spirit. Gautama projects Buddha nature into our world
and as we express this, we may abide in the peace of
the All-Buddha, through meditation and stillness.         

See also from David on Wesak – a short clip from:
A Christic~Buddhic Wesak Vision of
One’s ‘Higher Conscious Bodies’

"This is a great bio-mimicry example of Natural Law
as the Law of Correspondence for understanding 
    the all-connected order of the
holographic universe."
~ Christos