2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

Processing modern day tribulations
with philosophic calm and
a sense of humor.

Tide is Turning that Floats all Boats!

Urgent Update for Spiritual Warriors
Oct 20, 2021 / Full Moon in Aries

 Keep Up the ‘Wake Up’.
Wise Up and Rise Up!

 If you scan the previous blog HERE, you know
 that global geopolitics have gone bonkers with
 some kind of giant ‘experiment’ to see who will
   be compelled to ‘follow orders’ (mandates) for
  masking and distancing and vaccine passports
   and digital currency with a totalitarian system of
  control – with ‘social credit’ – that Big Tech has
 test-marketed in collaboration with Red China,
  selling out our freedom for money and power…
if we don’t quickly wise up and rise up!

Emphasizing 90% of the Word
rEVOLUTION of, by and for
Conscious Evolution-Revolution Revelations

The pandemic was planned.

It’s a giant scam - a ‘Psy-Op’;
Psychological Operation;
a globalist-engineered
  social experiment.

   Mindless fear panic was planned on purpose.
 Masking, distancing and lockdowns were all
  obedience training; compliance conditioning.
 Mass vaccination was just the 1st objective.
Mass dying was planned; eugenics agenda.
 Inordinate power & greed drive the agenda.
Vax side-effects and hospitalization are very
  profitable for the medical-industrial complex.
 The jab injects a nanobot operating system,
  making us 'transhuman' (beyond civil rights);
  Remote-controlled people is a 2nd objective.
Digital passports lead to totalitarian control.
    Forced vaccination was always the end game.

 So that’s a synopsis of the systemic problem
 as compells lucid vision of a holistic solution
 that can shift our
‘bad feeling about things’
to vivid vision of ‘how good things can be’.

As the High State integrates Aquarian rules,
the Deep State disintegrates.
Skip to the bottom for a timely message
from Saint Germain and Portia.


At the Collective Evolution news site
you can read:
"We are literally in a war....
You, your children, and our families are
 in unprecedented times right now.
Never before have there been
such obvious threats to our
health, freedoms, and
well being.
You can feel it and we all can feel it.
Governments have declared war
on the unvaccinated.

BUT with any crisis there is opportunity...
that is always the bright side!
We can choose to get stuck in the intensity
of what's happening, or stand firm and
work towards solutions that make
 dysfunctional systems obsolete.
We have chosen the ladder and believe
now is the time to act wisely,
strategically, and quickly."


Or as the 'Great Soul' (Mahatma) Gandhi said
regarding India's successful revolution:

Big Media is Not Covering Worldwide Riots
Protesting Covid Mandates & Passports

(million+ views in 4 days)
Oct 13, 2021 / The Hill
The tyranny in Australia looks a lot like China. 
Europe is boiling over - millions are protesting
vaccine mandates and passports.    
  Fear has got a strong grip on most Americans.
 Authoritarianism has a foothold here because
 people want to believe that leaders represent
   us and really care about our health care, when
  plenty of evidence now indicates they do not. 

Dramatic Spikes In Deaths In 40 Countries
After Injections

Oct 7, 2021 / Joel Smalley


Oct 22, 2021 / Philosophers-stone.info

Mass Protests Erupt Across America
Oct 19, 2021 / NaturalNews.com
Rejecting tyrannical vaccine mandates.

5 minutes sums it up
Australian Student Has a Chilling Warning
for Every American
Oct 16, 2021 / Charlie Kirk
Excerpt at about 3 minutes:
“So what is the big difference between
Australia and America?
"It comes down to our mission statement.
In America it’s who’s the sovereign – the people.
In Australia, they do not believe that.
In America, we believe the States create
 the Federal Government;
FedGov does not create the States.
Australia is a centralized nation where
one size fits all… we’re going to tell you
what to do… mandatory edicts…
and you do not question it.
In America, we have liberty as a core value.
We have a trinity in our country.
There is a Christian Trinity of
God the Father, Jesus the Son
and the Holy Spirit.
And there’s an American trinity,
it’s on every coin:
Liberty, In God We Trust,
and ‘E Pluribus Unum’
(Out of Many, One);
We are One people, and the ruling class
is not better than the sovereign."

Schools Bribed to Mask Children
(7 minutes - well said!)

Sept 25, 2021 / The Kick Them All Out Project
Carol Kerr addressed the Vandalia Illinois School Board 
asking them two questions. After explaining she had       
research with her that showed masks are dangerous,     
   she said through her research she decided to "follow the
and asked if the district was receiving money in
       exchange for having masking and protocols in place. As with
   everything else COVID-fraud related, all the usual corrupt
   government agencies are controlling it all through funding.


Cascade of Countries Withdraw
Extreme Covid Measures

Oct 18, 2021
/ The HighWire / Del Bigtree
Scotland, Ireland, Italy and France reject medical tyranny,
  while New Zealand drops its anti-science zero-Covid policy.

The 'boiling frog syndrome' is boiling over:

U.S. Health Officials Jumping Ship

Oct 18, 2021 / The HighWire / Del Bigtree
Senior members of our U.S. health regulatory agencies
  are now stepping down to avoid inevitable controversies
   surrounding failed vaccines and unnecessary lockdowns.

Taiwan Reports More Deaths from Vaccination
than from Covid

Oct 15, 2021 / needtoknow.news

Come, Let ‘US’ (United Sovereigns)
Reason Together

Remember all those 'false positives'?
Oct 16, 2021 / vinsuprynowicz.com
  Remember all those 'false positives'? Turns out the
 CDC has never isolated the COVID-19 virus. Their
own documents admit they've never even seen it.

Dr. David Martin:
Coronavirus Patents Prove COVID
Fraud and Illegal Dealings


Oct 2, 2021 / Dr. Joseph Mercola
The paper trail behind patents and government grants
developing the not-so-novel virus over decades, and

Study by Harvard Researcher Finds Countries with the
Lowest Covid-19 Vaccination Rates Have Fewer Cases
of Covid Than Fully Vaccinated Countries
Oct 19, 2021 / Brian Shilhavy
A new study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology
proves what "conspiracy theorists" have been saying all along:
The COVID shots cause symptoms leading to a COVID
diagnoses, rather than preventing COVID.

Oct 22, 2021 / The HighWire / Del Bigtree
More deaths from vaccination than from Covid


Keep In MindTruth and Just in Time!



"We are discreet sheep. We watch which way the
drove is going and then we follow the drove.”
~ Mark Twain

Insight: The Great New Normal Purge
Oct 20, 2021 / technocracy.news
 But it isn't just a purge of the unvaccinated. Anyone who
deviates from official ideology is being systematically    
demonized and persecuted. Those refusing to convert  
to the new official ideology are now being segregated,  
stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools,   
denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted.   

Millions have died from the shots
- Vaccine Death Report HERE -
and they are targeting kids now!


Medical Technocrats Rushing To
Vaccinate Young Children

Oct 20, 2021 / technocracy.news
The Technocrat's propaganda machine has shifted into
 high gear to praise the benefits of vaccinating children.
 Millions of parents will likely be deceived into believing
   the propaganda. Children are the least likely of any age
 group to have trouble with COVID, and available shots
are still given under '
Emergency Use Authorization'.    

What to Do - The Spirit that Matters Now:

The Power of is the Valor that
Sparks Aquarian Vision of Victory.


 The VISION 'alone' (all one) is the solution.
universal interface for global interaction 
will naturally culture unity-in-diversity in our 
ubiquitous social network communities. 

 Just say NO to the divisive, devolutionary   
Deep State dystopia agenda: 

 Psychopathic, pharmacidal, power elite
potentates over-leveraged themselves
for a huge fall via military tribunals and
  Nuremberg-like trials behind the scenes
   during the current fake news ‘blackout’...
in preparation for BIG REVELATIONS;
It will be ‘Biblical’!

Final Messages - Part 1: How the Mandates End
Oct 15, 2021 / ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net
StormCloudsGathering.com is now back with this video
about the October 15 date to globally implement
forced vaccination and vaccine passports.

Keep in mind - the past is prologue.
The future is what we make it.
And good guys win in
*** THE END ***

If you don’t have the right to control
your own body – your own health,
you are a slave – not sovereign.

Don’t sell out your health and freedom
for medical and police state tyranny.

Without ision of irtue and alor
for the ictory of global ,
the people perish.

This is etched in akasha – well established
in the annals of time as the 1st principles
of quantum science and the natural order
of the holographic universe; cosmic law;
the nature of cause and effect…
action ~ reaction,
stimulus ~ response,
we reap what we sow.

That’s the first principle – The Law of ne.
What goes around comes around with
whereby it’s ALL connected
via instant-everywhere
and interactive-

  It's ALL about the 'holographic whole' ()
ALL ONE and what follows our
nonlinear 'knowing'
with inear Two-in-ne 'reasoning' for 
co-creative Three-in-ne synergy --  
via archetypal Four-in-ne nature - -
framing universal-cosmic 'natural law'
with the nature of

 The Constitution of Natural Law is based on
heart coherence with congruence
  via pure geometry principles and processes
  framing Order in Our Holographic Universe
with a holistic understanding of the whole,
 healthy and otherwise holy spirit of
– the ‘
Language of the Angels
at the
heart of the ‘Law of the Angles’ of
G.O.D. is
Geometric Ordered Divinity).

"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only
to know the nature of love itself.  To truly know love
is to know and understand God; and to know God
is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

  By the grace of your timely support of the
Heartware Project - Ascent with Heart
 enough good people will hold the vision
  of cooperative co-creation
culturing TeLeComm
with a universal law language interface
for our interactive
-in-action in   
form and
frequency, as in frequently   
- moment to moment -
in the holographic ‘holodeck
(between your/our ears),
as is powered by the white fire core
heart of your heart
, and focused with the
"most powerful thoughtform in the universe,
and key to ascension of the planet."

As above / So below……..….. (1D)
From left brain to right……..... (2D)
Plus hindsight to foresight..…. (3D)
For the Cosmic Cube ‘in time’  (4D)
Co-Creating via the
CAPstone (5D)

(Creative Ascent Process)         
  As within ~ So with ALL.…..… (5D+)

United Sovereigns of Earth (US)
centered and connected ()
with a High State of ‘Vision
Effective Sensory Perception).

Same classic ‘God is Love’ at the heart of
‘salvation’ (self-elevation ascent),
taken to the next level of
G.O.D. is
for giving... by way of a
  mass-to-mass interactive interface
   - Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics -
empowers wisdom of the crowd
   with the whol- Spirit of interactive
Universal Law-Language-in-action.

So Keep the Faith - Wise Up / Rise Up!
See the
Good – All Ways and Always.
Network for a New Common Sense.
Cocreate Cooperative Net reality.
Knowing the Difference Between
a High State of
Deep State

Faith in 'What's Right' is the  
  heart of wisdom.

Conceive IT to Believe IT and Achieve IT
Innernet Technology), whereby our
pure intention focuses attention via
love retention for our ascension in
5th dimension of full spectrum

  'We the People' ('US' as United Sovereigns of Earth),
  are fulfilling our Aquarian destiny with an 'awakening'
as the turning away from dark-side dystopia, plus a
turning toward the whole, healthy and holy TRUTH.

With as the Golden Rule, rules!

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
self-evident to those who focus attention
within - as above - with
great love retention
up to rise up; conscious ascension… 
in a 
Unity State; co-Creation's dimension...  

Defining (), refining (), combining ()
and SHINING ()
a vision () of virtue (), and valor ()
for VICTORY ()
of our
network Net reality for Net worth at
heart of the Next Economy.

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution),
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

Saint Germain Alchemizes Aquarian Ascent
and Portia Tones a Blessing for Each of Us

Oct 20, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org

Master Saint Germain, hierarch of the seventh age of Aquarius,

   focuses our vision on high standards for personal and planetary
  transformation with the Aquarian model of enlightened freedom
   and divine love. He declares that the transcendence of the violet
      fire is ours to utilize when we choose to bring Aquarian principles
  and processes 
[interactive global TLC ~CR], into play on Earth. 
   Saint Germain comes to alchemize our desire with pure intent to
   co-create this new age in our consciousness and world-at-large.

 The ascended masters have been bringing the light of freedom,
joy and God-love into the earth. Initiates are involved in this    
     through one's own choice; invoking the sacred fire and making it
    reality through consecration to God-Love in heart, mind and will.

  Beloved Master Portia comes with Saint Germain and emanates
  a cosmic frequency that is unique for each of us. She tones this
uplifting spirit for alignment, assimilation and acceleration of   
one's highest and best love of God - the Aquarian God of Love.


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