2023 Mainstream Awakening Series

Reality Report:
 The Ukraine-Global Crisis


Host of Cosmic Show Podcast
15th year

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The dire situation with the dark-side Deep State machinations behind the entire Ukraine debacle has exposed the most egregious cesspool of money-laundering, child-trafficking and war profiteering in history. The worst corruption ever. No contest.

It’s all part of the Great Awakening process. It had to get this bad before people would snap out of their comfort zone with the mass psychosis formation that occurred over the last three years. 

Jan 23, 2023 / theburningplatform.com
Four things need to exist or need to be in place if you
 want a large-scale mass psychosis to go mainstream.
[It was a perfect storm of all four. ~CR]

Jan 25, 2023 / theburningplatform.com
In Part 1 of this article, I laid out the mass formation psychosis
theory postulated by Mattias Desmet's book -
The Psychology
  of Totalitarianism
- and how totalitarian minded politicians and 
  bureaucrats manipulated the masses, creating the covid crisis.

The 'virus' is not contagious!
Dr. Thomas Cowan

And for that miniscule risk, most of us lined up to
get injected with a toxic soup of chemicals that
whack the immune system and killed millions
but attributed to Covid, prior conditions, or
global warming, or too much whatever...
anything but the experimental vax 
pushed through via bogus tests
under false-flag 'emergency'. 

EXCERPT... from Part Two above:

Anyone with the gall to dispute the narrative with factual data, sound reasoning, and pointing out that the cure is worse than the disease, became an enemy of the state and subject to intolerant attacks, cancellation from society, and censorship on par with the worst totalitarian regimes in history. The physician’s principle of ‘Do No Harm’ was discarded for the almighty buck. The measures taken to defeat a relatively benign virus wreaked havoc upon the world economically, socially, and psychologically. 

Many people are oblivious to the full extent of corporate capture of government regulatory agencies – the fascistic corruption of Big Government agency 'regulators' being regulated by the corporatocracy of Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Food; Rockefeller, Gates, Blackrock, etc.

Enormous sums of money from these Big Brother stakeholders were used to market hysteria and rubber-stamp approval of mRNA vaccines that were authorized by the Food and Drug Administration on an emergency basis after only 10 months of testing. Vaccine trials usually take about 10 years. Safety science was aborted. Pharmacide profited.

“We are in an era of corporate fascism.”
~ Edward Dowd, ex-BlackRock manager

Video HERE
Jan 20, 2023 / Childen’sHealthDefense.org
Friday’s Roundtable with Edward Dowd
He nails it at 8 minutes.

The WEF's Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just
Global Fascism By Another Name

11-08-2022 / Alt-Market.us / Brandon Smith
 Despite the fact that leftists today often attack conservatives
   as "fascists" because of desire to protect national boundaries
 and western heritage, the truth is that all fascism is rooted in
leftist ideologies that compromise Constitutional principles.  

Few people realize how the systemic Deep State corruption banks on Corporate Law that puts stakeholders before the public when profits are stake. That profits-before-people corporatocracy has hijacked democracy and subverted our Constitutional Republic. 

  How World Governments Are Run by
 Multinational Companies

January 9, 2023 / GlobalResearch.ca
  Video and transcript explains the attempted totalitarian
 takeover of local and central governments around the
world by billionaires and bloodline families working    
through IT companies, and private intelligence firms. 

Mass awakening to this systemic subversion of the Republic REQUIRES the current CRISIS because there's no mainstreaming of the Aquarian High State unless and until enough good people come out of denial of the Deep State problem... Stuck In Negativity... paradigm paralysis... mass psychosis hypnosis, etc.

This is a morality issue. There's no security without purity... intention with love retention for conscious ascension into the fifth dimension of full-spectrum comprehension.

“How bad does it have to get before
we are willing to change?”


Jan 19, 2023 / PlandemicSeriesOfficial
Our Birthright

What was once “of, by and for the people” has become of, by and for power elite potentates who are ethical infants - also known as sociopaths or conscience-challenged psychopaths who became billionaires with their ‘Crisis Capitalism’ that profited from the pharmacidal false-flag ‘emergency’ they trumped-up with ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

The Plandemic instigators created the Cult of Covid - Covidism. Covidians were orchestrated into a frenzy of fear that the High Priests of Covid consecrated as the Bio-Security Paradigm that has emerged just as the Homeland Security Paradigm emerged after 9-11. Same domestic terror tactic that is now global with the plandemic. Same narrowing of perception - paradigm paralysis - with suspension of independent thinking skills. Same false-flag emergency powers to railroaded legislation prepared by corporatocracy lobbyists. It was all pre-planned.

Note how the Covidian 'priestcraft' - authoritarians and technocrat minions -  took advantage of the Revelations 'last days' meme... orchestrating global ride of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypsse: ‘plague’ (Covid), war (Ukraine), ‘famine’ (scarcity) and death (making a killing)… to consolidate their moneyed power for ‘population control’ (eugenics).

Witness Davos – previous newsletter HERE. The unelected rulers of the corporate world were all on parade…telling us to eat bugs and lock down during the next plandemic – Catastrophic Contagion – that they’ve already simulated with tabletop exercises and teams for deployment.

Jan 18, 2023 / AwakenWithJP
Are people really that stupid?!

Half of the global solution is a good definition of the problem, and the core opposition to systemic solution has become rather self-evident. Call it ‘mass hypnotic psychosis’ or ‘stinking thinking’ or ‘paradigm paralysis’ or ‘SIN’(Stuck In Negativity), or simply ‘DUH’ (Dense, Unconscious & Heartless).  

DUH is a form of mental illness that thinks it is OK because it’s nose isn’t running and it’s not in pain. As far as ‘DUH’ is concerned, everything is just ‘FINE’ (Fuc*d up, Insecure, Neurotic and Empty). It goes with the DUH territory.

So healing the plandemic's mass psychosis formation with a global rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness begins with united consensus of intention and attention for ascension of the High State: a G.O.D.--Source 'I Am' connection with the 5th dimension. Repeat 3x’s for comprehension; as the High State integrates, the Deep State disintegrates.


Keep in mind that our Aquarian destiny is global Freedom and Opportunity that fulfills the Revolution in ‘AMERICA’ (I AM RACE anagram) worldwide. 

This won’t happen overnight… except for those with ‘future memory’ (soul contract) to fully awaken others as themselves – the golden rule for raising one’s own frequency – of -in-action – to adjudicate our collective timeline by ‘raising the frequency’ (awakening) of others. 

"One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of 
 pure love and reverence for all of life
Hawkins Scale]
    will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 individuals
 who calibrate at the lower weakening levels." 
~ from the decade-long research with millions of tests
utilizing behavioral kinesiology, documented in
 - The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

by Dr. David R. Hawkins , M.D., PhD in Psychology

At a pure love level, self-actualized initiates KNOW that Earth’s divine destiny - in the larger scheme of conscious evolution revolution Revelations – is for ‘initiation’ (culturing) of the Aquarian Quantum Age.  

   The 3D ‘octave’ (matrix) is the base of the pyramid of Self and
 Civilization – about 80% of 8 billion people on Earth who are
preoccupied with survival - struggling to get by - or starving
spiritually, mentally and emotionally if not physically.

The middle part of that pyramid is about 20% of the global population who have more opportunity for personal growth and development of the higher 'Self' as they become more conscious of HOW they are conscious - in good Conscience - with Self-correcting, Self-governing Self-elevation of a salvation nature... also known as Self Realization.

“Conscience is…
the most sacred of all property.”

~ James Madison, 4th US President,
 chief architect of the Constitution 

The top part of that pyramid is ‘Self Actualized’ – beyond personal needs and wants, and into serving others. These servant leaders – also known as cultural creatives – are about 1-3% of global Netizens whose sphere of influence - via social networking - is the 20% who do 80% of networking on the Internet. These are those with enough 5D attainment to see through the divisive dialectic of Deep State dystopia, claiming the victory of High State utopia – the Aquarian Mandate. 

In the cosmic scheme of the space-time continuum, the future has already occurred. It’s just a matter of here-now TIME (4D) that transitions 3D ‘reality’ (ego-centric survival) to the self-actualized CAPstone of 5D ‘REALITY’ (I Am Prescience / Source / GOD- thrival).

Initiates on the path of conscientious evolutionary ascent are uplifted with this whole-healthy-holy intuitive KNOWING; Effective Sensory Perception.

In the meantime – according to quantum field astrology/psychology – it may be seven years before the Ukraine Crisis is fully resolved. That synchs with the long-term Pluto transits I was writing about years ago in the 2020s Aquarian Spring Prelude Series. To quote from the top of that home page:
Aquarian Spring is mass initiation with a decade-long process of culturing conscientious common sense with an enlightened social consciousness in our ubiquitous global social networks."  

The current global CRISIS was indeed foreordained for this time of 'Great Awakening' (Revelations). It’s an amazing time to be alive and witness the archetypal conflict resolution between the 3D Deep State and 5D High State – the dark side and light side of the force – as fearless faith in the Power of Love transcends and transmutes the faithless fear of victim dictum and paradigm paralysis.

Fear is the 'virus'.  is the 'cure'.

Over many years I’ve been developing a series of 33 lessons for initiating the ‘Creative Ascent Process’ (CAPstone) for Self-Actualization along more enlightened ‘lines’ () that frames the Constitution of a Universal Interface for global interaction; heartware -in-action.

The genesis of this Aquarian model for initiating unity in diversity for local and global community goes back almost half a century to a presentation I gave to ten agencies of Fed-Gov on Capitol Hill. See my photo and story of this 1974 event HERE.

As many of you know, I’ve been publishing the emerging blueprint coordinates for the Aquarian Age over the last 15 years while hosting my Cosmic Show/Podcast on BBS Radio.

I may have been ahead of my time the last 50 years, but the Internet has created a critical mass of general enlightenment. The veil is thinning and here-now TIME (4D) is moment-to-moment building momentum as personal and planetary rEVOLUTION… culturing conscientious common sense as a 5D unified field.

The Family of Humankind has arrived in a global village of instant-everywhere and interactive ‘Net Reality’ (connectivity) IN PRINCIPLE... and perhaps you agree that it’s time to link the light of the ‘Alliance’ (lightbearers, lightworkers, light servers, etc), IN PRACTICE… for those with enthusiastic vision - the 'Creative Ascent Process' (CAPstone).

Common sense would say that the more we assimilate the archetypal components to the CAPstone, the more we SEE archetypally; more light and , easier and faster:)

This is the pure intent of the 33 lessons for Keepers of Frequency. Each week you’ll get a lesson. Each lesson builds momentum with founding principles and processes for ascending the pyramid of Self and Civilization.

Let me know if you’re interested. Q & A provided after each lesson. It’s free for now – in Beta mode.

E-mail Heartcom@mcn.net with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line.

All Ways … Always,
~ Christos     

PS - First Lesson Orientation for Aspiring KoF:   
  * Bringing Down Divisive Walls in Our Mind;
atonement as atONEment.
 * General Enlightenment Wising-Rising Up;
The 2022 Great Turn-Around.
   * Quantum Leap - Hundredth Monkey Effect;
2023 Mainstream Awakening.
 * Unified Source Field - it's ALL Connected;
The Aquarian Quantum Age.
 * 33 KoF Lessons - Keepers of Frequency;
-in-action as in frequently;
'Creative Ascent Process'

Bottom Line – Signs of the Times
Some Humor plus Contrarian Views

Jan 24, 2023 / Awaken With JP 

"Who would have ever guessed that a 'vaccine'
- in the hands of a government -
would be responsible for more deaths than all
     the combined mass-shootings ever committed?"
~ Carl F. Worden

What Did Congress, The CDC, DOD And WHO Know
About The Depopulation Agenda By Eugenicists
 - Like Klaus Schwab And The WEF - Planned In
 Ops Like Lock Step And Crimson Contagion?

Jan 20, 2023 / allnewspipeline.com
House Judiciary Chairman, Jim Jordon (R-OH) is heading up
  a new subcommittee in the 118th Congress to investigate the
  weaponization of US government across numerous agencies.

Military Tribunal News

(not reported in lamestream media)

Trump Attends Hahn’s Execution
Jan 18, 2023 / realrawnews.com
   Former FDA Commissioner and convicted traitor Stephen K.
    Hahn took his last breath on Monday morning while standing
    atop gallows near Leeward Point Airfield at Guantanamo Bay.

Retired Top FBI Counterintelligence Agent
Who Led Trump-Russia Probe Is Arrested

01-23-2023 / conservativebrief.com
  The former senior FBI counterintelligence official who
 played a lead role in the Trump-Russia investigation
  has been arrested and charged over his own alleged
 ties to a sanctioned Russian oligarch. Poetic justice.

Biden Regime Announces former COVID-Czar
Jeff Zients as New Chief of Staff

01-24-2023 / The Gateway Pundit 
The official who pushed for forced vaccinations
is being set up for the big take down.

All US Regulatory Agencies Are Protection
Services and 'Racket' (Marketing) Agents...

01-25-2023 / paulcraigroberts.org
All US Regulatory Agencies Are Protection Services
 and Marketing Agents for the "Regulated" Industries.

 Rule by Pharma Profiteers and Pentagon War-Makers
Jan 25, 2023 / Stephen Lendman

The Scientific Facts Are In:
The Covid Virus and Pandemic are Man-Made...

01-25-2023 / paulcraigroberts.org
The Scientific Facts Are In: The Covid Virus and
Pandemic are Man-Made. The mRNA "vaccine"
is more deadly than the virus.


Ukraine Rocked By Corruption Scandal,
Wave Of Top Officials Resign:

01-25-2023 / www.zerohedge.com
Sports Cars, Mansions & Luxury Vacations
As the People of Ukraine Suffered

Ukraine: Is the Hammer About To Fall?
01-24-2023 / Mike Whitney

"Here's something you must understand.
We were not given any opportunity
 to act differently."
~ Vladimir Putin 

NATO the Greatest Threat to Civilization
01-27-2023 / theburningplatform.com
NATO is the problem. Russia, and its people,
have no desire to invade Europe.

A Bit of Good News
01-25-2023 / paulcraigroberts.org
Ekaterina Blinova Reports:
"Globalization has died and
     Davos 2023 was its funeral."

A new decentralized global
 initiation of unification with
a creative ascent process  
is emerging.

So Seize the Vision, Embrace the Virtue,
Vow with Valor and Claim the Victory for
All of 'US' - United Sovereigns of Earth.
~ CR   
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