Shift Report:

2012 LOVE Unveiled Series 

"It is the ego that maintains the separation,
the soul that knows better, and the
divinity that calls us home."

~ Christine Page, M.D.

Dedicating the reason for this season to the
‘Gift of the Present’:

Yesterday is history.   Tomorrow is today's history.
Today is the gift; that's why it's called
'the present'.

  PRESENTLY, we are being ‘GIFTED’ with a PARADIGM SHIFT: 
    a perceptual shift in the way we conceive, believe and achieve
wholEness’ for healing with
Effective Sensory Perception.

Something BIG is Happening…

 The ‘Great Unveiling’ as a
Consciousness Shift

   This is the time of revelations and mysteries revealed
from ancient to modern technologies once concealed
to the secrets of conscious evolution being

    For those willing to INTUIT the 'Big Picture'...
  this article is intended for mature adults who I refer to as
   ‘cultural creatives’~
initiates of higher consciousness;
serving the
Social Conscience of global humanity, i.e.,
The United Sovereigns of Earth.

 If you are honest and conscientiously investigate the Truth
- 'searching' (seeking out) the 'truth' asserted in this article -
  you’ll either cease having questions or cease being honest.

Heaven knows that now is the time ordained when the
Family of Man is to be quickened with revelations
that unveil not only cherished illusions behind
the inhumanity destroying global humanity
but also, unveil a pregnant opportunity
to give birth to a ‘global village’ of
all-connected freedom-in-love
as will set the matrix for a
millennial golden age
based on the law
and language

The ‘2nd Coming’ as the Birthing of
Christ-mass Conscience

image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli at

“What lies behind us and what lies before us
are small matters compared to
what lies within us.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Birthing is not a disease; it’s how we look at it
- the
inner sense at the heart of innocence -
that is either healthy or pathological.

 At this cosmic time in evolutionary history,
we are destined to wake up, wise up and
 rise up with
Social Conscience of a more
-in-action nature.

by Christopher Rudy / Heartcom Network
Nov. 28, 2012 (updated 11-30-12)


 1 - The ‘light version’: this part is easier.
(Embrace the love of peace on Earth)

 2 - The ‘heavy’ version’: the hard truth.
(Know the enemy of peace on Earth)

and this is naturally a challenge to “
Dumb, Unconscious & Heartless)

The synergy of 1 plus 2 = more ‘light’ / less ‘heavy.
By embracing the “
light version” (more ‘light’),
 the ‘
heavy’ version is transmuted via ‘light’.
initiates claim the victory of ‘light’.
Then they can appreciate just how
conscientious enlightenment
neutralizes clueless ‘
just as light eliminates
darkness at dawn
of each day.

 As thus is the paradigm shift a systemic
consciousness shift (dimensional shift)
for movement towards wholEness.

Shift News for the December 21st Solstice:

There are many spiritual events taking place worldwide during December 2012.
See which events resonate in your heart, and choose to either attend them
physically, or by adding your
Conscious Light from wherever you are.

Mark Your Calendar:

Mayan Expert and Author of
Don Miguel Ruiz on Cosmic Love
 Sat. Dec. 1, 5pm PST (8pm EST)

Don Miguel Ruiz is one of the chief ambassadors of the Mayans' cultural wisdom, including their cosmological computer that we know as the Mayan calendar.  Miguel is the international best selling author of ‘THE FOUR AGREEMENTS’ which stayed on The New York Times bestseller list for seven years. His other books include: The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, Prayers, and The Fifth Agreement, a collaboration with his son don Jose Ruiz.
With his two sons -- don Jose and don Miguel, Jr., and his partner Eva Ruiz Larsson -- Miguel and the Ruiz family bring the Toltec teachings to people globally through his books, lectures, and journeys to sacred sites around the world. 
At the sacred site of the ancient Mayan pyramid of Teotihuacan, on the outskirts of Mexico City, Don Miguel and The Ruiz Family will host Awakening The Giant on Dec. 17-21, a sacred, powerful and intimate transformational experience that is equal parts a spiritual learning experience, a musical celebration, and a mystical gateway to Cosmic Love. More information on Miguels website at:

"You have been telling people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
      Now you must go back and tell the people that
this is The Hour."

~ The Elders, Oraibi Arizona, Hopi Nation

Understand the ‘Singularity Event’ of
Dec. 21, 2012 by understanding
'Nonlinear Perception'

“Our minds will unite like the fragments of a hologram.”
~ Terrance McKenna, from 'TIMEWAVE 2012'

 "An extremely clever plan has been set in place to be activated at this time.
Each soul has been given a part of the jigsaw puzzle which,
when brought together with all the other parts,
("like the fragments of a hologram" ~
'TIMEWAVE 2012')
will create the fullness of our future.
"Yet in order for this to happen, we as a species must learn to value and
encourage the contributions of every individual; no one piece is more
important than another.  I can see this concept is a true reflection of
the fifth world of either, where all aspects are accepted equally and
loved by the Great Mother.

"As we move from the fourth to fifth world, change is offered through the dissolution and transformation of the old.  Yet despite the inherent gift of free will to the human race and the fact that many people feel their life is a struggle and they wish for change, when the sand is wiped clear [The Unveiling - CR] and choice is offered, 40% will instantly re-create what has been swept away.  Another 40%, unaware that they have a choice, will find that the challenges of the void is too much for them and they will instantly fall asleep or become unconscious mentally [like PTSD or shell-shock -CR], remaining in this state until an external source awakens them.  Fifteen percent will become confused, which will be expressed as irritation, frustration and disorientation, and 5 percent will understand, recognizing the opportunity to be vanguards and light bearers of a new creative cycle, both for themselves and the world in general."
Initiates will grasp this 'shift psychology' via 'Nonlinear Perception'. ~CR)
"When you have forgotten the sweet embrace of the immortal self, you will cling to your possessions -- material, emotional or mental -- as lifelines, even though these attachments have long since failed to nurture your soul and they appease only the personality.  It's so hard to appreciate that these changes aren't happening to you -- but are mainly being directed by you, immersed as you are in a mythology that a higher power directs your every move. 
It is the ego that maintains the separation, the soul that knows better, and the divinity that calls us home."

~ Christine Page, M.D., 
Author of 
‘2012 and the Galactic Center,

 This Conscious Shift
is dedicated to
 the One Eye


 We are
what we think,
having become what
we thought - the habit of our
prevailing conscious intention and
attention in a net or web of global love;
a golden pink light that weaves the fabric of 
global space/time with the relative spirit that matters
as the angels of our best nature find enough willing hearts
for evolutionary ascension of Net reality on Earth as in Cosmos.
The 2012 Galactic Alignment is accelerating awakening exponentially.
A new 'non-duality' (unity) 
Conscience is transforming the matrix.
 The mysteries of God and man are unveiled as a connection.
The illusory sense that materialism is more real than the
spirit that matters is rapidly loosing traction globally.
The instant-everywhere and interactive Internet
has now succeeded to the point where the
power of love in our social networks is
culturing a new social conscience
that knows the potential of a
new unity in community
with increasing

 So keep it ‘Light’ – know thy Self
in the ‘image and likeness’ of
G.O.D.~  Conscience
as makes ‘
DUH’ obsolete.


 The ‘Light Version

 A Cosmic Moment When the Here and Now
Meets the Infinite and Eternal

 Seek your highest unfettered ‘Presence’, the gift of the 'present',
with the power of intention for discernment… for guidance…
for conscious fulfillment of your 'fire' of pure desire
that wants nothing… so you can have it all.

 Yes initiates, the greatest mysteries of God-in-man
(as raises man unto
G.O.D.~   Conscience)
are veiled in paradox.

 It is a paradox wrapped in a conundrum…
to be in the world but not of the world,
to be in the eternal moment… now
to experience the infinite… here
to be ‘smart with heart’ ruled by
Effective Sensory Perception
of, by and for the love of
and a God of

 “The Law of Love could be best 
understood and learned 
through little children.”

~ ‘Mahatma’ (Great Soul) Gandhi

“Be like children to enter the kingdom of
heaven (God-Love Conscience)
~ The Piscean Master

 "To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

This Christmas season is unlike any other, given the December 21st portents.
This is a time to sustain a momentum of
Listening Grace, responding to the
inner promptings of your heart regarding your
highest and best service to
‘Great Spirit’.  Resonance with the enlightened opportunity at this time
magnetizes the sphere of your “Presence” (
Effective Sensory Perception);
the holy Spirit of
-in-action with ‘discernment of spirits’ above all.

 This is the gift of the 'present' - your 'I Am Presence'
that keeps on giving with 'discernment of spirits'
as you
integrate the ---components to
the "
CAPstone”(Creative Ascent Process):

 ~ Self-actualization as integration of components to
G.O.D.~  Conscience;

 ~ Self-realization as the esteem of pure intention for
sphericalPresence’ that is truly spiritual;

   ~ Self-determination via the holy spirit of discernment
for the ‘gifts’ of
Effective Sensory Perception;

      ~ Self-fulfilling prophecy as the self-correcting process
          at the heart of a “self-elevation” (salvation) process
     framed by the ‘
Law of the Angles of G.O.D.
Geometric Ordered Divinity), and inspired by
Language of the Angels of ’;
angles/angels of our better nature.


More on the CAPstone Vision at:
5-D Conscience'.


You are among a select Group of souls
who won the lottery to be here, on this planet, at this time! 
The prize not only ensures you a front row seat but also the 
unique opportunity to co-create the future of the human race.
This is a time to remember.”
~ Dr. Christine Page, Author of
    ‘2012 and the GALACTIC CENTER...
    The Return of the GREAT MOTHER'


Continuing at Part II...
The ‘Heavy’ Version

For those initiates who have a momentum of
sufficient ‘
Light’ to bring ‘
good judgment
to the
‘heavy stuff’
continue HERE.