9 Good Reasons for Expectation and
  Anticipation of Liberation for the
United Sovereigns of Earth

The 9 most inspiring megatrends for the
‘Family of Man’ in our ‘Global Village’

9 Good Reasons
by Christopher Rudy
UltraMedics Services

Dear FAMILY: friends, dream-weavers, oath-keepers, light-workers and
 all sincere devotees on
the sacred path of our conscious evolution
known as 'the ascension'. The 2012 launch is now bearing fruit.

The 2013 drama of global evolution promises a personal
and planetary up-wising and uprising whereby a new
“Common Sense” (
Unity Conscience) will finally
move beyond “
SIN” (Stuck In Negativity)
towards a more positive proactive
vision of virtue and valor for
the victory of freedom
and opportunity
for ALL of

The Unified State of US
Universal Solidarity -
United Sovereigns

Consider 9 major megatrends shaping
global freedom and opportunity in 2013.

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