2017 'Big Shift' Series

9 Good Reasons for Ascension
with expectation of liberation for all of
'US' ~ United Sovereigns of Earth

Sept 3, 2017 / Heartcom.org


Debriefing on the cosmic connection
 between the all-American eclipse,
 superstorms, fires, and global
economic metamorphosis
with ascension codes
for a unity state of
heart coherent

Current Ascension Surge Debriefing

A new common sense of ‘global village’ sensibility is emerging, and the Family of Mankind is waking up, wising up and rising up with the ascension current surge in the Source Field.

The full dynamic of global Internet connection with instant-everywhere and interactive knowledge power has reached a critical mass of transformation for about 4 billion global Netizens. This has virtually eliminated time and space as we’ve known it.

The Family of Mankind has arrived at the cusp of the Aquarian ‘Quantum Age’ with an identity crisis analogous to a teenager who is not a child anymore but not a mature adult either. But quantum reality and our new ‘Net reality’ is quickening as social conscience matures in global social networks. 

Call it coincidence or cosmic synchronicity, the August ‘All-American Solar Eclipse’ was immediately followed by an unprecedented hurricane flood of the U.S. underbelly.

Note the amazing display of 'compassion in action'
after the flooding in Houston – how neighbors and
locals with boats sprung into action to help those
 who needed help; pure intent to serve all in need.

This is the spirit that matters
at the heart of Aquarian

The timing of Harvey's flood of water just happens to correspond to a flood of strong emotions in the ‘global mind’. Western left-brain dominance in excess – the linear-logical ‘patriarchal principle’ of win/lose competition for ownership and control – is being compelled to come into balance with nonlinear-holistic right-hemisphere virtues of win/win cooperation on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

 This ascent surge of Divine Feminine Energy
is the power (), of wisdom () with love ()
  - the 3-fold flame of the
Prime Directive ().

This is the Big Shift to holistic global BALANCE
- synergy in the power-wisdom-love trinity -
that is maturing with our
Net reality.

Global humanity will naturally mature and come-into-unity (community) with our new all-connected TeLeCommunication capabilities. Unity in the spirit of truth and TLC naturally neutralizes divisive deceptions that dumb us down.

Truth and a higher standard of universal only wants to be free and open at the heart of Global TeLeComm… the TLC solution to global dis-ease, dis-information and disparagement of the current opportunity for conscientious evolutionary ascension.

The Aquarian Mandate

Cultural creatives worldwide are linking the light of truth and love with a strong heart-mind 'quantum field' of conscientious common sense. The momentum of this pure intention for the common good - the 'Net worth' of the 'Common wealth' - is now surging in the Source Field, and naturally neutralizing the divide-to-conquer dialectic of Deep State diversion from High State intention, attention, retention and ascension of a 5th dimension comprehension.

A unified field of consciousness is rapidly matriculating the 3D matrix of ‘reality’ with the spirit that matters – an unprecedented flood of – that is surging and purging corruption and disruption by the unconstitutional Deep State corporatocracy whose time is short and chaos is great... as we can see with increasing distrust of corporate media which incessantly regurgitates divisive dissonance and fear porn.

This disruption of harmony in the morphic fields of Earth and the Global Mind is also burdening the elemental kingdom with the misqualified energies of human fear, anger and hatred. This is the "quantum" (all-connected) dynamic of 'karmic backlash' behind the U.S. hurricanes in the South and East and wildfires in the North and West.

Photos: As Hurricanes Slam the South, 
the Western US Is Literally on Fire

Sept 5, 2017 / TheAntiMedia.org

The quantum connection - a global situation

Billions of global Netizens are discovering the whole truth behind the downsizing of U.S. Deep State domination... even as a High State of global common sense integrates in our individual and collective conscience as a unified-holy whole.

In the Spirit of ‘Universal Rights- in the Global Sphere-, the Aquarian Mandate- of Freedom in has its own divine destiny with the whole-holy spirit of G.O.D.~ in action.

Claiming the victory in this regard
begins with a vision of virtue and
valor as a unified
prayer field for
our identification with all of ‘
United Sovereigns of Earth.

9 Inspiring Megatrends Uplifting the
Family of Man in our Global Village

For all of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth

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9 Good Reasons for Ascending Now

by Christos Lightweaver

Dear heart friends, dream-weavers, love-servers, light-workers and
conscientious devotees on the sacred path of evolutionary ascent:
The 2017 drama of global evolution promises a personal
and planetary up-wising and uprising whereby a new
“Common Sense” (
Unity Conscience) will finally
move beyond “
SIN” (Stuck INegativity)
towards a more positive proactive
vision of virtue and valor for
the victory of freedom
and opportunity
as united
 The Union State of US
Universal Solidarity - 
Unity Sense
United Sovereigns

Consider 9 major megatrends shaping
 global freedom and opportunity in 2017:

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9 Good Reason for Ascension

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