2017 Big Shift Series

Note: the August 21 eclipse full shadow focuses on the U.S.

What to look for in a total solar eclipse
August 18, 2017 / EarthSky.org
The August 21 total eclipse will last several hours,
and there are many interesting things to look for.

From a strictly orthodox 3D perspective,
it's just a physical phenomena.

    If you are interested in a 4D perspective of
synchronicities with global transformation,
     and a 5D vision of how it naturally evolves,

August 19, 2017
The MetaPhysician

This is the 3rd and most important
 article of the week on this eclipse.

Part One HERE.
Part Two HERE.

For a multi-media show on this eclipse,
   listen to the Aug 18 Cosmic LOVE Show
  which you can pause while viewing any
 of the videos or reading linked articles.

Part Three:
U.S. Internet Infrastructure

In this article, I’m focusing on the
 most urgent problem and solution
 regarding global communications
  infrastructure that defines, refines
 and ‘shines’ real community with
conscientious common sense…
unity in our diversity
(E Pluribus Unum)
or not so much.

Let’s take it from the top.

 Believe it or not, it’s ALL in divine order.

The universe-at-large has rules
that will not be mocked.

 This is the 'larger scheme of things'
 in which human folly is eventually
eclipsed by a dark-side focus
 that jars the subconscious and
‘pricks’ one’s consciousness
of the 'dark' (unconscious)
 blocks to supraconscious
will of and for universal
 law-language code to
  the Prime Directive,
 and 'Do No Evil'.

Upgrading the Family of Mankind as kind men
Rise of Divine Feminine Energies -
with a process known as
Community Building’.

Those cultural creatives and lightworkers who have studied the science of success with community building may well be aware of the classic ‘bible’ of community building by Dr. Scott Peck: ‘A WORLD WAITING TO BE BORN – Civility Rediscovered’.

In that book - and in many online videos on this subject – you can see a common theme of the final stage of collective behavior before a ‘virtual community’ or ‘pseudo-community’ comes into REAL Community (United Sovereignty) that truly represents the gold standard for civility, wisdom and unabashed LOVE-in-action.

That final stage is typically
  power struggle and chaos.

The collective dark night of the soul.

The 'all is lost' point of dispair when
victim dictum sabotages
victory virtues.

This is true for any community organization whether a social network community or a political community network or an economic network community, or any global education or health care community on line.

Paradigm shift to REAL community is always disruptive to paradigm paralysis that is Stuck In Negativity – stinking thinking – which divides with deception rather than unites with truth and LOVE.

And definitely true for the U.S. community
with this ‘Great All-American Eclipse’.

Many Americans Are Descending Into Madness
August 16, 2017 / ZeroHedge.com
“Something appears to have snapped in our
collective consciousness,
and many who I
 used to respect (both sides of the political
 spectrum) are becoming disturbingly
 polarized and hysterical."

[fear that gets mad goes mad; no love - CR]

As explained in Eclipse - Part Two, much of this madness is being orchestrated by Deep State divide-to-rule special interests with a vested interest in creating and managing chaos to keep the public fighting among ourselves rather than united for victory of cooperative communication coordination with real-time, interactive, mass-to-mass TeLeComm – Unity Co-Creation with .

A ‘Unity State’ of, by and for ALL of ‘US
United Sovereigns of Earth

Many Americans can’t see a comprehensive whole systems solution because they don’t see the problem with systemic Deep State media inversion, subversion and perversion of spirituality with consumerism, materialism and love of things more than people.

 Heaven knows there is good in the world
and there is ‘evil’ as an ‘energy veil’ that
 separates our prevailing consciousness
 from the supraconscious unified field
universal order & divine harmony.

There is a serious problem with our Internet
infrastructure as is out of synch with those
five core Constitutional-Internet freedoms
 which upgrade Sovereign Rights globally.

AI-Executed Censorship By Google
Is Creating Internet Ghettoes

How Google Used AI To Take Over The Internet
 / State of the Nation
Google Can Choose:
Profits or Policing Thought-crimes

The Internet COMMONS is being "hacked" (fragmented) by AI algorithms that disadvantage independent Internet news sites which challenge corruption in the Deep State corporatocracy.

The Google Manifesto (And What It Means)
August 11, 2017 / ZeroHedge.com

Google Is Committed To Suppression Of
Free Speech

August 8, 2017 / PaulCraigRoberts.org
This is an update to my earlier posting this morning HERE. The Google engineer, a Harvard Ph.D. - who raised questions about the non-fact-based ideological culture within the Google organization - has been identified and fired. 

James Damore:
"This Is Why I Was Fired By Google"


"Google is a particularly intense echo chamber... almost like a cult with its own leaders and saints, all believed to righteously uphold the sacred motto of 'Don't be evil'."

Intolerance At Google Exposes A Massive
Culture of Technocrats

By Tyler Durden on Aug 09, 2017

Technocrats at Google have finally exposed themselves as the cultural frauds that they are. Tolerance is un-tolerance. Diversity is un-diversity. You believe their way, or it's the highway for you. Conservative values and opinions will get you fired. Incidentally, last year Google quietly dropped its original motto, "Don't be evil".

A total eclipse of SANITY

August 19, 2017 / NaturalNews.com
America under the spell of mass hysteria
engineered by covert Deep State media;
the classic chaos => control dialectic

This is the big sovereignty problem folks!

As Google brings sophisticated Deep State censorship to the Internet COMMONS, the common sense of the whole truth is UNCOMMON.

If the public does not become aware of this betrayal of common sense unity in our diversity, we will all become victims of covert ideological intrique and treachery that is manipulating the minds of the masses who use Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media that was funded by Deep State investors in collusion with the CIA, FBI, NSA and a myriad of other alphabet soup agencies who have an agenda of surveillance to control the Deep State narrative.

You can read about that in the articles above to connect the dots and get the Big Picture of a serious problem that begs for a sovereignty solution.

A New Model for Holistic Upgrade of our
Global Social Network Communities

Five Core Internet Freedoms
for United Sovereigns of Earth

"You can never change things by fighting
      the existing reality. To change something,
       build a new model that makes the existing
model obsolete." 
~ Buckminster Fuller

Personally, I began writing about a new model last year - 'Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age' - and this year with 'The 2017 Big Shift'.

This is a 'thrival issue' for
 freedom and opportunity.

It is also a survival issue for small independent media bloggers like myself. As a one-man shop producer, director and creator of my own content, I've seen a dramatic drop in UltraMedics sales of my own products that sponsor my radio show and writings.

The only thing different is that Google and Facebook have targeted my web sites. I have plenty of evidence but no idea how to correct their attack on my message and livelihood.

So during the eclipse on Monday the 21st, I'll be painting a big house in Bozeman Montana to help pay the bills.

For Internet activists, I highly recommend that you network for the Net worth or our Net reality with interactive TLC - Global TeLeComm.

This TLC system is the solution;
The Heartware Project.

is Winning from the Beginning
of the Quantum Aquarian Age.

The Aquarian Mandate

High Tech without High Touch
(coherent )
is like eclipse of the Sun's light.


 Network this Problem => Solution ASAP: 

E-mail this page link to dear friends
who are conscientious activists
and will appreciate the urgency.

 Post the web address on Facebook
for this web page to register.
(See if response is blocked
as if it doesn't exist.)

Keep in mind that just one person
who cares to share this widely
can make a big difference
 so -
in-action will
link the light for
2017's Big Shift.

Full Spectrum Enlightenment
with the Language of Light as
a language of consciousness
framing Natural-Cosmic Law
(Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics)

Eclipse Shift Portents by
Patricia Cota-Robles:

Collective Christ Consciousness
of our I Am Presence "Sphere"
Unity State)

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  2017 shift dynamics with support of
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