2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

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Next Generation Media - Wisdom of the Crowd
Prayer Alert - Injection Bio-Apocalypse?
Unreported Danger - Pole Shift.
(Great Reboot, Solar Flash, etc.)

Are you swimming 'upstream'
to spawn a golden age vision

 of and for the next generation
 while everyone else seems to
'go with the flow bro' ?

April 11, 2021 / New Moon in Taurus

Personalized Multi-Media Shows For You:
The Next Generation Media For

Wisdom of the Crowd

You have a website to provide breaking news that
  you'll never see in the lamestream media, such as:
   *The Virus Terror Was 'Pre-Planned', (Plandemic);
  *Inflated Viral Death & Disappearing VAX Deaths;
 *Branding VAX Resistors as Domestic Terrorists;
   *Refusing the Jab's GMO Hybrid Transhumanism;
 *Great Awakening Exposing Tyrants and Heroes.


    You get to pick and choose which articles & videos
   speak to your pure intent to know the Whole Truth
    in the face of Big Lies that are so BIG and so bold
and so often told that most people believe them.

     Call it 'Deep State', 'corporate tyranny' or 4th Reich
     fascism, the collusion of Big Tech with Big Pharma,
    Big Media, Big Banks and Big Gov't has effectively
     throttled core Constitutional freedoms - in the name
    of our health and security - until we have neither!

 Multiply deaths by 100 due to intentional under-reporting,
 but that may be too conservative; they're karma dodging.
See shocking charts and graphs for historical context at:
The Deadly COVID-19 Vaccine Coverup
May 4, 2021 / VirginaStoner.com

BANNED.video - The Fauci-China Connection 

Anthony Fauci signed off on funding for the
Wuhan 'China virus' behind the plandemic.
    Skip to 5 min to see how Fauci is responsible
 and punishing all of us for his malfeasance.
Classic arch-deceiver guilt projection.
 This is only available on Banned.Video because Fox News  
refuses to post it on YouTube for fear of being penalized.   
   Usually, Fox News posts Tucker's entire show, including the
 opening monologue, however, when he called out Anthony
Fauci for letting the coronavirus pandemic happen, they   
decided not to post it. Infowars is filling in for their failure 
as a public service announcement.
4th Reich unmasked!  

Prayer Alert - Injected Bio-Apocalypse?

If you don't often pray to a Higher Power for divine intervention... you may soon want to pray - and prepare - regarding some very serious eventualies:
1- Either we stop the toxic jab and focus on building our immune systems - individually and collectively - or we are facing a bio-apocalypse as I've recently reported HERE, HERE and HERE. Scroll down to incisive videos, article summaries and infographics that speak to your conscience... soul discernment... common sense... like your life depends on it. It may.
2- The genetic mutation caused by these new 'gene therapies' is
transforming the DNA blueprint of what it means to be human. It's called transhumanism because it's mutating humans in bizarre harmful ways. For this transgression of Natural Law over the last 4 months, hundreds of thousands have DIED following the jab. Millions are suffering side-effects. And that's just in the U.S.! 
Europe and South America are getting hammered too.
Lockstep Big Media is censoring all news of this slow motion train wreck. The Pharmacidal 4th Reich has suspended core Constitutional freedoms to supposedly protect us from a virus they genetically engineered, a panic that they've orchestrated, and their 'final solution' with injection of the mRNA/nanoparticle 'gene therapy'.
World War III has 'arrived' in global humanity's biological terrain which has been weaponized with 'spike protein' contagion to self-destruct with a myriad of auto-immune diseases.
Are we supposed to forget that millions have died in Africa and India after vaccine campaigns by the World Health Organization and Bill Gates Foundation?
Did it have to get this bad before the preoccupied masses wake up and wise up to this existential threat to life on Earth? And will we rise up in time (4D) to survive and thrive with 5D Aquarian Light and ?

The Real Danger - Pole Shift
As explained in links above, genetic engineering
is corrupting the blueprint of life on Earth
- making crap out of our DNA -

with a bleak future if it continues,
like the pole shift that ended the
genetic engineering on Atlantis.
A 'Jonah at Nineveh' moment.

If we don't quickly stop this human experiment
with untested genetic-engineered injections...
1- A global plague of all manor of disease caused by
 neurological and vascular damage from the jab,
NOT some 'variant' from a phantom 'virus' that
has never been isolated by Koch's postulates.

2- The mercy of the Great Law whereby a 'pole shift'
  (search '
planet X images' for worldwide photos),
  does a planetary 'reboot' before a greater evil is
allowed to create an Orwellian hell on Earth.   
The Great Awakening has succeeded to the point
where enlightened souls can understand that...
1- Pray with pure intent for global holistic healing,  
for the judgment of all pharmacidal insanity,  
and for mitigation of damage to our DNA.     
2- Pay attention to
Signs of the Times as indicate  
     either the binding of rampant evil in high places
  or self-evident imminent signs of PX's arrival.
3- Be determined to retain frequencies of love and
   joy frequently, because the veil is thinning and
    these higher frequencies inspire uplift of others.
4- Claim the Victory of Vision, Virtue and Valor for 
Affirmation, Confirmation, Determination and
  Integration of the 'Creative Ascent Process'...
the 'CAPstone' as Common Sense VISION. 
 5- Network the Power of as Higher Power,
   bringing Christic light to dark places for healing
 division, dissonance, dis-ease and devolution.
All Ways ... Always,
PS: Saturday podcast on Cosmic - HERE
        is a summary of the three blogs linked above.

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