On-Going Resurrection and Ascent of the Soul


by Christos Lightweaver

Enlightened souls worldwide KNOW that suppressed holistic healing technologies could heal virtually ALL disease on Earth.  They KNOW that suppressed free energy technologies could provide clean power for our homes and transport vehicles. 

Thanks to the Internet, this has become the prevailing awareness and COMMON SENSE of global Netizens.  And that's just two examples.  Even more profound is the full implication of web 3.0 heartware as the interactive interface "heart" of mass-to-mass TeLeComm in our global social networks.  The vision alone of "evolving Net reality" -- the trendfitting of humanity to cosmic cycles with cosmic law frames of reference -- can be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy that upgrades the Constitution of core freedoms and the Abundant Life for all humanity. 


This is the "place" in the soul's perception of the infinite and eternal here and now
where the "Law of the Angles of G.O.D." (Geometrically Ordered Divinity)
meets the "Language of the Angels of 


In the cosmic scheme of things, it's all a matter of mind over matter and Higher Power (Holy Spirit) over mind. The abundant life with physical power (energy) requires a higher intelligence to use that power honorably.  Indeed, love of the Constitution ultimately honors the Constitution of Cosmic LOVE.  Abundant LOVE as a virtue must ultimately govern the abundant intelligence needed to check and balance special interests -- for profit and power -- in the public sphere. 


The mediating influence of the instant-everywhere-interactive Internet is the key player in the new "global village" reality.  The higher the standard of a LOVE-centric MEDIATOR, the greater the results as the Abundant Life for all humanity.  Indeed, co-CREATION in the image and likeness of universal LOVE has always been the "gold standard" for the abundant life.
There is a simple thought form (visualization) that connects all the dots in the Big Picture of the Big Shift of global civilization at this turning point of cosmic history.  It is a 3-D visualization of the
light of consciousness that squares with the circle of wholEness around the whole point of moral conscience -- the inner sense (innocence) of universal LOVE at the heart of higher intelligence.
This visualization is an actual blueprint of the brain's cognition process as a holographic frame of reference for the quantum-universal law of the angles (sacred geometry) and the language of the angels (our better nature). 
This blueprint thoughtform -- when understood -- can "lock and load" (outpicture) the
source code of
Cosmic LOVE for accelerated learning, growth and evolutionary ascent of the soul.  Once you become Conscious of HOW you are Conscious (C squared as in E-MC2), the light of consciousness makes time and space relative to your ability to navigate "inner space" with the Effective Sensory Perception (ESP) that squares the circle (frames non-linear reality) with the universal law language of LOVE.
Indeed, there's nothing extra about this ethical model of ESP for navigating inner space -- or cyberspace -- when you have it. 

PREFACE: The Squaring of the Circle

We are as God and might as well get good at it.
- from the preface of the Whole Earth Catalog

We are created in the image and likeness of the divine blueprint.  Consider the miracle of human genesis from a single fertilized cell to a virtual universe of atoms, each one being an entire solar system on the scale of our own (from that perspective). Are you aware that the comparative size and distance between the "suns" (nucleuses) of atoms is analogous to the size and distance between our Sun and other solar systems in our galaxy?  Consider the universe within your own body and what intelligence you maintain for the worlds within you.

Don't you realize that ye are Gods whose name is I AM
- Moses after talking to God on the mountain

If you think about this -- the truth of universal order and harmony mirrored in our atoms and cells -- you will realize a cosmic truth of the divine blueprint whereby as above, so below (as on the outer, so on the inner).  That blueprint is "cosmic law", and if the modern day equivalent of Moses were to bring "the Law" down from on high today, you can be sure it would frame universal law for global self-governance on all levels of "G.O.D. consciousness" (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).  It's about time, isn't it?


We are indeed in the universe and the universe is in us.



This is what Leonardo de Vinci was saying in his Man Squaring the Circle graphic of man as "the measure for the universe". That message was so heretical in Leonardo's day -- like his designs of flying machines hundreds of years before their invention -- that he coded this "human mirror" of cosmic law by writing the truth of it backwards using a mirror.  Rather than get persecuted for exalting man as a higher power than theocratic totalitarians of his day -- for example, the Indulgence Act whereby the "faithful" could get a ticket to heaven for the right price -- Leonardo was understandably discreet.

What the "de Vinci" code is really saying is that the body of man -- in it's configuration and geometrized perfection -- is in fact a biorergetic blueprint of the ancient wisdom whereby "the kingdom of heaven is within us".  In other words, man has CONSCIOUSNESS which is "the measure pf the universe".  And the higher one's awareness of the body as a "map of consciousness" of divine configuration -- a blueprint for cosmic law and order united by the "harmony of the sphere" (divine love) -- the greater one's reflection (mirroring) and perfection (modeling) in the image and likeness of Higher Power in your body and your world at large. 
This is the Higher Power that rules the universe of atoms, solar systems, cells, galaxies and organs galactic systems like the Milky Way in ones universe whether we call it God or not.  We can separate the science of this truth from the spiritual significance all we want, but it still rules ones universe.  Call it universal law or the language of higher intelligence, it still represents the Cosmic LOVE that spins all worlds and frames the order of the universe with an intelligence of extraordinary harmonics -- the music of the spheres.
This is the circle part in the Man Squaring the Circle.  Call it the spherical consciousness that is truly spiritual in a harmonic way.  This is the "heart" of intelligence that resonates with divine order in the energies of the universe.  We now know that everything is energy; we live in a quantum sea of vibrational actuality that we subjugate as reality.  And it is the frequencies of holy compassion the holy spirit of cosmic LOVE-in-action -- as in frequently -- that maintains the harmony of divine order between the physical and the spiritual.  This is where a healthy body meets holy spirit "on Earth as in Heaven".
This cosmic connection (universal law/language) uniting the infinite and eternal in the here and now is the squaring part of The Man Squaring the Circle.  Its how man measures the universe as the mediator between the worlds within and with all.  This is the universal law language of the measure of consciousness itself higher mind -- that reflects harmony and perfects order.  The higher the mentation (cognition) in this regard, the greater the results. 
Power of LOVE has always framed the universe with the intelligence of divine harmony.  The language of the angels of divine love the language of our better nature has always been in harmony with the law of the angles of G.O.D. (Geometrically Ordered Divinity).
It ain't rocket science:)  The miracle of life in all its wondrous expressions is a testament to the hand of the Creator and the synchronicity of events in the schoolroom of life.  There is indeed a method to the madness whereby the kind man (or woman) of G.O.D. sees G.O.D. (divine order) in all mankind, and fact, all creation including the co-CREATION process that outpictures the inner sense of universal LOVE. 
We are indeed created in the image and likeness of God or "G.O.D." -  whichever you prefer.  Call it the Higher Power that every soul is ultimately accountable to.  Co-CREATION indeed has responsibility that goes with this accountability. 
There are indeed consequences for war in the members of oneself and civilization-at-large.  Cancer is just one of many self-destructive examples. There are likewise consequences for
LOVE-centric self-governance for oneself and civilization-at-large.  Optimal health, peace and harmony come to mind.
Personally, I prefer the consequences of the latter.

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PRIME DIRECTIVE: On-Going Resurrection and Ascent of the Soul


By Christos Lightweaver

The Prime Directive of every soul is the same high regard for the self-determination of others as you would have them regard your own self-determination.  The higher the regard for self-determination -- the nexus of this equation -- the greater the freedom of self-determination for all souls.
This Prime Directive is the core of the Constitution (Cosmic LOVE).  This is why universal LOVE in frequency and form -- is the nexus interface (mediator) of, by and for the Prime Directive.  The higher the regard for this universal standard of mutual co-existence, the greater the results for self-determination of all souls to live and learn, evolve and ascend.  It's where the value of service-to-self meets the virtue of service-to-others; the golden rule whereby "what goes around, comes around".  It's the gold standard for each soul's evolutionary ascent whereby we "go to" where we're "coming from".
The soul loves this prime time opportunity to fulfill ones soul contract.  This "reality show' is the real thing -- the whole enchilada -- for acting out ones role on the Great Stage we each came to perform on.  This holideck platform for self-determination is unique because we all have free will to choose our roles in accordance to the core "script parameters" (LOVE coordinates) of the Prime Directive. 
Common sense would say that we are all ultimately accountable to the natural laws and language of universal LOVE.  The Great Law of the Great Spirit honors the prime directive of balance between a free will spirit and divine law and order.
Freedom without moral compass directing intelligence is just plain stupid -- downright immoral.  Intelligent morality is the intelligence of the heart that brings the holy compassion of soul integrity to the language of balance under the Great Law as the Prime Directive.
Just as law and order without freedom is tyranny, the spirit of free will -- without law and order -- is anarchy.  Intelligent morality knows the balance point where both the extremes of tyranny and anarchy are centered, balanced and otherwise neutralized by great love of the Great Law of Cosmic LOVE.
Free will wants to be free.  All souls want freedom to live, learn, evolve and ascend.  To deny that divine right to others is to deny it to oneself.  All honor begins with this golden rule of the Prime Directive.
This is why the Prime Directive honors free will from the highest perspective of universal LOVE.  It is why religious freedom to believe what you want as a free will choice -- is a divine right.  All other divine rights follow from this circle part of "The man squaring the circle".  Everyone's limited (linear) consciousness in their space-time here and now is ultimately accountable to immutable laws that are infinite and eternal.  This is the higher law of Higher Power that is operant to the extent we make it so.
This, of course, requires willful intent for the upward-mobile spirit of intelligent morality.  Ignore-ance of the Great Law is no excuse.  The golden rule doesn't work unless it is honored.
Every intelligent soul knows this.  If we have free will, we ultimately get what we ask for, accountable for our choices.  We shape our beliefs, thoughts, feeling and actions with habits and then those habits shape us.  If we don't create good habits with intelligent morality, bad habits result.  It is only the intelligence of morality that can break bad habits with conscious choice to do better when we know better.
This is common sense, yet uncommon in a world where short term profits for giant corporations fix their books, and fix our laws to represent corporate interests at the expense of the public's interest.  Whether were talking about the war profiteers who create terror war to serve Big Oil and military-industrial contractors or the disease profiteers who serve Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex... bad habits die hard.
If we do what we've always done via unthinking habit we get what we've always got.  The definition of insanity is to continue the bad habits destroying civilization while expecting different results.  Such self-destruction is the natural consequence when bad habits wag the dog (the dogs of war) that devour the fabric of civility.  Its not just immoral spiritually.  It is virtually insane from the perspective of intelligent morality. 
This is what happens when the greed of privatized corporate
banksters make a killing financing the creation and management of terror war, mass plagues, public disinformation and the consequent destruction of civilization.  Such insanity is the betrayal of common sense in the public sphere.  It doesn't want self-correction.  Its vision is pathologically myopic, wanting everyone as love-challenged as it is.
We can cuss and discuss this problem all we want, detailing the history of pathological parasites behind every major war, the man-made creation of new diseases like AIDS, false flag terror incidents like 9-11, etc.  But that wont break the spell of victim dictum and paradigm paralysis that gets along by going along with the collective downward spiral of bad habits.  Without vision -- a do-or-die commitment to good habits -- the people perish. 

Deeply entrenched bad habits require a Higher Power for self-correction than the consciousness that created them.  To allow service-to-self values of corporate powers to override public service is by nature unconstitutional if not outright treasonous.  When such treasonous treachery infiltrates and overpowers the pure intent for God-Love governance, it is conscientious common sense in all of us that suffers.  Indeed, the most powerful corporate interests in the world have a vested interest in keeping such common sense uncommon. .
Obviously, we cant legislate moral intelligence any more than Cosmic LOVE.  The best we can do is create an environment whereby the moral intelligence of Higher Power can thrive with the wisdom of LOVE.
Whatever our individual or collective bad habit is, it is NOT free to evolve and ascend unless and until it obeys a conscience of intelligent morality.  Good habits don't resurrect bad habits without such intelligence.
It is this intelligence of the soul that frequently evolves ones conscience along more enlightened lines which nurture, culture and otherwise frame the frequency of compassion in action.  Every child nurtured by a loving mother knows the value of this virtue.
It is the same for the soul of every family, tribe, community network and Net reality in the collective conscience of our global village.  It is the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action that cultures intelligent morality.  Connect and center our instant-everywhere-interactive Internet with a universal "InnerNet" interface for mass-to-mass LOVE-in-action, and global enlightenment results like the dawn of day following the dark night of the soul for all humanity.
This vision alone -- the process that will make it so -- is the catalyst for self-fulfilling prophecy.  Mankind will do better for everyone's benefit when it knows better.  At this point, the techniques and technologies for mass resurrection and healing of our planetary life support system are now available. 
This is what will define the Next Big Thing in the computer/Internet revolution.

Indeed, all souls are bound by this same Prime Directive of Cosmic LOVE whereby sovereignty of the soul embraces the first principles of genuine freedom.
The consequence for humility and honor via this cosmic common sense is simply more Cosmic LOVE of, by and for our individual and collective resurrection and ascent.  Whether we know it or like it or not there are consequences for what we ask for through our free will under the Prime Directive.
The higher the intelligent morality in this process in frequency and form -- the greater the results.  An individual or civilization can rise no higher than their concept of God is Love and is for-giving (love-in-action).
The business of evolution (ascent) of global humanity inadvertently involves and evolves the business of reinventing (resurrecting) ourselves in the image and likeness of (1) G.O.D. (divine order), (2) LOVE (divine harmony at the heart of divine order), and (3) HOLY SPIRIT (process of manifesting LOVE-in-action).  Indeed, were either busy being reborn with renewal in the spirit of resurrection and ascent or by default we are busy dying.

PRIME DIRECTIVE KEYNOTES:  The principle of the Divine Father as "law-giver" (Law of the angles of G.O.D.) honors the principle of the Divine Mother as "love-giver" (language of the angels of LOVE).  The conditions of Divine Law honors Divine Love unconditionally.  The "ogos" (ogic) of "eft-brain" (inear-) consciousness honors the "spherical-" (spiritual) consciousness of "intuitive" (right-brain) knowing that is "non-linear" ().  The "marriage" of these "masculine" () and "feminine" () principles with BALANCE in the "trinity principle () provides the triune integrity in all "four-square" () dimensions of one's soul, loving relationships and -- with NET reality -- civilization at large.  In other words, with of Divine Law in form and frequency -- as in frequently -- the conditions of law and order honors unconditional love at the heart of a direct connection with the Divine.  Indeed, the Abundant Life for all humanity naturally follows from the abundant conscience that is our divine destiny on the 2012 timeline.

With as the rule, LOVE rules!

As civilization evolves from the dead letter of lock-step law (graven images) to more enlightened frames of reference (inspired thoughtforms that represent the angels our better nature) we naturally adopt those non-linear processes that provide cultural DNA (holy spirit) as involves and evolves the intelligence of divine order and harmony the Creative Power of, by and for LOVE. 
This is the Power of LOVE that heals the sense of compartmentalized division from the spirit that matters -- emphasizing the resurrection and ascent of LOVE-centric processes that provide divine direction, perfection and natural selection (good choices) -- on earth as in heaven.
THE UNIVERSAL MEANING OF THE CROSS (+) represents the crucifixion of spirit in matter when the Lockstep Linear (in the box) Letter of the Logos (Law) is in excess (Lock-step BS) that killeth the Spirit of Divine Love at the heart of the Law of BEING (BE IN God).  Or as wise old Ben Franklin once said, Religion is a good thing, but too much is worse than none at all.  (corrupt Belief System as BS).
Witness the on-going crucifixion of the Prince of Peace by the BS of war profiteers who have infiltrated representative government that was created to represent the pure intent of, by and for Christian principles. 
When the golden rule/law language of the Great Spirit is inverted, perverted or otherwise subverted by those with no honor of the Prime Directive, we all bear the cross and suffer the sense of separation from the Great Spirit.  To be "double-crossed" speaks to this betrayal of Christ-like virtue. 
This is what happens when we cross-out (ignore) the principle and person of the Cosmic Christ as a Spirit that never dies.  The soul that separates from the Spirit that matters inevitably suffers.  We all get resurrected and ascend as center and connect with the Spirit that matters.
It's a universal phenomenon.  Any form, thought-form or behavior lacking the holy spirit of LOVE-in-action is virtually asking for self-sabotage in virtual crucifixion terms.  It is the Great Spirit which resurrects matter.  It is this Holy Spirit of LOVE-in-action -- in on-going resurrection mode -- that takes the soul off the cross on the path of evolutionary ascent.
Indeed, we are what we believe, having become what we believed -- the spiritual constructs of one's soul habit. The universal message of THE CROSS is to cross-reference the universal archetypes of wholeness or "wholEness" -- to be made whole.  The ultimate "frame of reference" for belief is to provide linear guidelines for the non-linear language of unconditional love; the LOVE Model.   But the letter of the law is not the spirit -- it's just a symbolic representation that -- with letters and words -- is twice removed from the nonlinear Spirit of Cosmic LOVE.


Like our Constitution for self-governance, the Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometrically Ordered Divinity) is only as whole or otherwise fulfilling as the living Spirit that references the Language of the Angels of LOVE (holy compassion).  It's the same for every individual as it is for an interactive process that will involve and evolve our Net reality.
THE UNIVERSAL SYMBOL OF THE RESURRECTION PROCESS ("O") represents the non-linear spherical (spiritual) consciousness that is out of the box (free) of lock-step linear BS (Belief Systems). To have no other gods before God simply means to cross-reference universal law language in our CONSCIENCE, or by default, we are double-crossed (on the inner and outer) for lack of reference to the angels of our better nature.  Either we embrace the law of BEING (G.O.D.-LOVE) or we defeat the purpose of evolutionary ascent in the grand scheme of the Prime Directive.
This moral sense of divine right -- the spirit of the soul that wants to be free -- defies depiction, prescription or conscription; it is beyond lock-step formulation or militaristic coercion.  It is a PROCESS that honors the Prime Directive.  All enlightened souls want to be free to evolve and ascend with this kind of liberated religious freedom whereby ALL freedoms of speech, assembly, press and to petition Higher Power (moral intelligence) are empowered.
Cosmic-universal LOVE is the master(s) key.  Discover for yourself how this Law of BEING is written in your inward parts and your higher conscience.  Extrapolate this discovery to the same holographic (holistic) implications for the
Net reality of, by and for all humanity.  Connect the dots what this will mean for holistic healing in all our social, political and economic institutions.
When you get the picture, it will be self-evident how LOVE heals all.  Its how we can all hang together the Family of Man in our global village (Circle of WholEness) rather than hang separately on the cross of separation and suffering. 
Raise the standard of universal Cosmic LOVE for a more enlightened order, and that's what we get -- a Great Habit that reshapes, reinvents and otherwise resurrects the Great Spirit that all enlightened prophets, wise men, visionaries and dreamers have always dreamed of.  As we shape that habit, it will shape us in the image and likeness of
Cosmic LOVE.
This is the spirit of RESURRECTION that takes Christ off the cross of suffering and the sinful sense of self-sabotage that results from the paradigm paralysis of corrupt Belief Systems.  This reinventing of our higher Self -- with a LOVE-centric mediator of Christ-like virtue -- is the process that leads to Higher Power (G.O.D.~LOVE conscience) in our individual and collective consciousness.
Do you want to see a revolution in Higher Power that emphasizes 90% of the word rEVOLUTION" and begins to utilize the 90% of our brains that is virtually untapped?  Common sense says this will happen the Abundant Life that follows from abundant LOVE -- when upward-mobile humanity takes heart and commits our spiritual, mental, physical and financial resources to the ultimate meaning of survival as the survival of ultimate meaning of
light and LOVE
So connect the dots to get the picture.  With VISION, the healing begins. It is the universal
language of light that metaphorically like modern day parable defines, refines, combines and shines MORE LIGHT (Higher Power) that reflects and perfects the moral intelligence of, by and for Cosmic LOVE.
This is the simple truth for holistic healing in the cosmic scheme of things.  It is the path to healing of our selves, families, tribes, social networks and our instant-everywhere-interactive participation in the Great Drama of evolutionary ascent for ones soul and civilization-at-large. 
Enlightened souls worldwide KNOW that suppressed
holistic healing technologies could heal virtually ALL disease on Earth.  They KNOW that suppressed virtually free energy technologies could provide clean power for our homes and transport vehicles.   What does it take to realize that an abundance of Cosmic LOVE Effective Sensory Perception -- at the heart of evolving Net reality -- will resurrect our global conscience and usher in the Abundant Life for all humanity?
There is a simple thought form (visualization) that connects all the dots in the Big Picture of the Big Shift of global civilization at this turning point of cosmic history.  It is a 3-D visualization of the
light of consciousness that squares with the circle of wholEness around the whole point of moral conscience the inner sense (innocence) of universal LOVE at the heart of intelligence.
This visualization is an actual blueprint of the brain as a holographic frame of reference for the quantum-universal law of the angles (sacred geometry) and the language of the angels (our better nature). 
This blueprint thoughtform  -- when understood -- can "lock and load" (outpicture) the source code of Cosmic LOVE for accelerated learning, growth and evolutionary ascent of the soul.  Once you become Conscious of HOW you are Conscious (C squared as in E-MC2), the light of consciousness makes time and space relative to your ability to navigate "inner space" with the Effective Sensory Perception (ESP) that squares the circle (frames non-linear reality) with the universal law language of LOVE.
Indeed, there's nothing extra about this ethical model of ESP for navigating innerspace -- or cyberspace -- when you have it. 
So unlock and download this 3-D thoughtform how the brain operates from top to bottom on a brightness scale from the "enlightened crown" (pineal gland) to "dim-wit r-complex" at the base (reptilian brain... just as the left and right brain correspond to linear and non-linear functions respectively.  Consider how the frontal lobes of the brain are more forward thinking just as the back of the brain drives into the future with eyes glued to the rear-view mirror. 
As you become more conscious of HOW you are conscious, you can direct your awareness through the master gland (3rd eye pituitary chakra) that self-regulates your vision and body processes as the centered and connected "nexus" (interface) for "multi-tasking" (multi-dimensional) awareness. 

This process of, by and for self-mastery -- the processes of consciousness at the quintessential foundation of self-governance -- is optimized by light languaging as explained at .  It is further geometrized by holographic LOVE languaging as depicted in a rudimentary form at .  An online real time version of that process for Net reality in cyberspace will greatly accelerate the checks and balances for G.O.D.-LOVE vision as explained at
When the frequency and form of harmony and divine order makes
LOVE the standard for interactive Net standards,
LOVE rules as The Measure of Man at the heart of the Prime Directive!


It's time that the Pendulum of the Ages" swings back into balance with the Divine Feminine principle so that "male practice" (malpractice on war steroids) can be put in check.
- Christos


 "It is only in the CREATION that all our ideas or conceptions or a word of God can unite.
The Creation speaketh a universal language... Do you want to know what God is?
Search not the book called the scripture, which any human hand might make,
but the scripture called the Creation."
-Thomas Paine, from THE AGE OF REASON