Understanding Your Unique Language

by Christopher Rudy, Publisher
HEARTcom Network


The ideal communication process will have such sensitivity to each soul’s conscious languaging abilities
that the public will simply demand cyberEthics for culturing higher conscience and real community.
It’s as though the truth of universal love the WHOLE truth of LOVEmaps
(Geometrically Ordered Divinity "G.O.D." as the language of
as the spirit that matters
(heart coherence as the frequency of holy compassion)...
will not perish from the Earth, but instead will survive and thrive
 to establish the foundational base of
full-spectrum conscience
 in the image and likeness of divine order and purpose:


To with all your strength and all your mind and all your heart and all your soul,
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.


A self-mastery process framed by the first principles of the holographic universe.

Note: Conceptually framed with pure geometry "thought forms" (archetypes), and

        conceptually color coded with "light language" for full-spectrum meaning.

by Christopher Rudy

  Defining your strengths

Refining your intention

        Combining with conscience

      Shining with "soulutions"


    STRENGTHS  -- Affirming your inherent gifts & talents... 

INTENTION  -- Confirming what you want to do in time...  

    STRATEGIES -- Determining how to "use" (synergize)...  
power and wisdom with passion;

-- Integrating the trinities in 4-quads...  


Pay Attention to Intention for Ascension of "Soulutions";
How to Plan, Time and Coordinate your Integration of the
full-spectrum components to your centered and connected
CONSCIENCE of, by and for greater
in terms of:

Who You Are........

What You Want.....

How to Get It.........

When You Need It.

To know thy self is essential for a holistic heal thy Self.

"Know that there is within self all healing that may be accomplished for the body"
~ Edgar Cayce

It's the same for each individual's wholeness and conscious ascent
as it is for the evolutionary ascent of social conscience
 in our social network communities.



Define your core STRENGTHS:  Take inventory of your developed and undeveloped strengths -- WHO YOU ARE;
You can't work to your optimum until you know what you have to work with; give yourself a check up from the neck up.
Know thy self: what strengths you have -- or need to develop -- with our self-analysis "PSM" (Profile of Self-Mastery).

" is the "inear" (ogical eft brain) function that is defined by a good self-IMAGE - how you see yourself.
 The eft brain dominates VISUAL (pattern recognition) processes; "thinking" by way of "spatial reasoning"...
       to get the cognitive picture of those thought forms in
--- (Law of the Angles) that frame (geometrize) the
        mind of G.O.D. whereby you are what you think, having become what you thought.  In other words, frame your
vision along more enlightened "lines".   Look to SEE -- and Know to BE  -- "Geometrically Ordered Divinity".




Refine your pure INTENTION:   In a free-will universe, your "pointer of purpose"  is WHAT YOU WANT.
There's no security without purity of intention, getting what we
"ask for" either consciously or unconsciously.
 Optimize your free will with your definite major purpose - the first principle in the "Science of Success" (Napoleon Hill).
Note: "
" is the "Spherical" (nonlinear Right brain) function refined by good self-ESTEEM - how you feel about yourself.
Right brain dominates AUDIO (frequency recognition) processes: "thinking" via  "emotional intelligence".
      You are what you
feel , having become what you felt "E-motion" is "energy-in-motion" -- matters of the heart,

but in excess, one's nonlinear "intuitive knowing" can disconnect from higher mental frames of reference which
may "sound good" to the ears but does not "look good" or otherwise "compute"  from a more linear perspective.


Combine your mind and heart as ONE:  The synergy of "both worlds" (+ ) is greater than the sum of the parts.
This awareness of HOW you are conscious - the feedback loop
triangulating conscience -- is HOW you "GET IT".
The greater your awareness of strengths, balanced with pure intention, the more conscientious the results; "GOT IT".
The prime directive for conscious balance is to synergize might (strengths) with right  (pure intention) for  "GOOD"!
Note: "
" is the "BALANCED brain" function that  focuses attention with  pure intention  for self-DETERMINATION.  
Define your core strengths and refine your pure intention, to better combine/synergize them for "ASCENSION".
You are what you balance, having become what you balanced ;  Wisdom is the balance of conscience.
"too mental" (smart without heart) is as "out of balance", as being "too emotional" (heart without smart)

"Shine" your holistic PRESENCE: The integration of a balanced --conscience in all 4-D "pyramid sides".
PRESENCE of LOVE is greater than the sum of the --- components to the 5-D "capstone"~.
Integrate with "Soultions" The capstone key to "Soulutions" (integrity) is a balance of the "", "" and ""  keys in all
4-core "
" dimensions of one's life.  In an instant-everywhere-interactive Internet world, those "E"-dimensions translate to
the Net reality of "cyber
Ethics for E-governance (self-governance), E-learning (self-learning), E-care (self-care) and
-commerce (owning our own lives).  The bottom line of cyberEthics is a natural function of the "capstone" (Higher Power)
spherically integrates
components to self and civilization in a holistic, healthy or otherwise "whol-E" way.
Note:  Personal and planetary soulutions of, by and for self-governance, self-respect, self-correction and "self-healing"
            (of an ascending nature) requires the integrity of
Higher Power for the balance of powers .  There is no escaping this
          Net reality -- how our
global village is now ALL-connected through the response ability of (and responsibility for),
             the "cyber
Ethics" that define, refine, "combine" (synergize) and shine the light of Aquarian Love.


The more you are response able (know better), and are responsible (to do better)...
the easier is your natural co-Creation with your inner sense of
Higher Power.

      Always , All Ways...
   Organizing all information IN FORMATION
  in order to define, refine, combine and shine a new order
that reflects and perfects
a vision of virtue that vows for the victory of

Get the vision~... Embrace the virtue~... Make the vow~... Claim the victory~.

Consider how these dimensional constructs of the holographic universe geometrize
the 5-D components to the "
capstone conscience" (5th dimension) whereby
rules our virtually omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent soulutions
in our global village of everywhere-instant-interactive social conscience of an
enlightened nature.

See also, the multi-dimensional insight and outlook that understands the overview, at:
 "Cosmic Love" and the "Prime Directive" for "Rebooting the Web of Light".

You will receive our unique "Profile of Self Mastery" (PSM) when you take advantage of the Founders' Program.  Now you can objectify that which has always been subjective – your own determination of “wholEness” in terms of conscious self-assessment of your POWER, WISDOM and LOVE in all four quadrants of your prevailing CONSCIENCE.  Discover how this “know thyself” process empowers lightworkers as “-makers” with the currency of conscience at the heart of the Next Economy.  Experience how this self-assessment profile works to own your own life and create your own network of unprecedented "Net worth" at the heart of the Next Economy.  Network the Net worth of this "revelation revolution"  and get $33 dollars back for each two referrals who likewise join the Foundation.  Realize that your self-mastery -- and that of you network -- is the best investment you will ever make, co-Creating with for your full-spectrum conscience. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it."
- business guru, Peter Drucker

It’s your life – your world;



-- above all -- is for giving.

Networking for the Net worth of Net reality that
defines, refines, combines and shines the
vision, virtue and vow for the victory of
The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age

"Man can harness the winds, the waves and the tides,
but when he can harness the
power of love,
then for the second time in the history of the world,
man will have discovered fire."
~ Teihard de Chardin


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all "Rights" Well-Rounded