Celebrating the End of
the Mayan Calendar

By Christos Lightweaver / Oct. 28, 2011

The ‘Second Coming’ in our
  collective hearts and minds.

In the modern mysteries of God, the ‘Source Field’ is known as the ‘CLOUD’,  the unified field of energy that science understands as the quantum field or ‘photonic field’ of highly charged 'plasma' that carries the intelligence of the universe as is ALL-connected through the ‘portal’ in the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy.  This 'portal' at the heart of the Great Central Sun has been called a 'black/white hole', a 'wormhole' or 'stargate' to other galactic star systems in the universe... and that all-connected intelligence radiates out to hundreds of billions of star systems aligned in the Galactic Plane. This is the intelligence of SOURCE in the CLOUD (quantum field) which is surging now because our solar system is now aligning with the Galactic Plane in its 25,800 year ‘Great Crossing’ (Precession of the Equinox) across the Source Field.

Galactic LIGHT  is Flooding the Earth
See: ‘Galactic Light’

“The 2000 year old Gnostic text, discovered in Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1945, reveals the cosmic understanding that the brilliant light plasma at the central core of our Galaxy is actually a sentient intelligence. Furthermore, these Gnostic texts tell us that the physical world we inhabit came into form as the intelligent expression of the plasma light, or ‘ETHER’, spiraling out from the Galactic Central Sun.” ~ excerpt from “Galactic Light

It’s time to understand what the Mayan Calendar really means by
“The End of Time As We Have Known It”.

  It’s time to comprehend ‘real time’ as makes ‘linear time’ obsolete in our
instant-everywhere and interactive global village of ‘Net reality’.

It’s time for all global ‘Netizens’ to embrace the power of love
as the 9th Wave of 'Universal Co-Creation' goes global
with the rEVOLUTION in Higher Consciousness.

New Time ~ New World


Co-Creating with a Higher Power
Now Surging in the Source Field

The Global rEVOLUTION  in Higher Conscience
Goes Mainstream in Response to the
Pure Intention of the 99% to
Answer the 'S.O.S.' to
Save Our Society.

    ~ ‘Linear' intent of 'Logic' in the 'Logos' (Law)
          to balance the imbalances of "limited 3-D"
        (selfish-materialistic values) by using the
Higher Power in our pure intention.

  ~ ‘Spherical’ fairness in our Global Village of
       ‘5-D’ (unselfish-spiritual) virtue whereby
     what goes around~
, comes around~
focus attention with pure intention.

     ~  ‘Trinity’ of “checks & balances” ( & ), in
                ‘4-D’ (real time), synergizing the best of both
                private Rights~
in the public Sphere~ for
~retention of attention with pure intention.

           ~ ‘Cosmic Cube’ of Cosmic  framing the
                  1st principles and processes of ‘Cosmic Law’
                     governing the quantum field, the Source Field,
                     and evolutionary ascent of global

Time to integrate these components to the “CAPstone”
Creative Ascent Process) for 'Convergence
with the ‘Source' of 'God-Love’ at the
heart of '
Universal Co-Creation'
and '
Cosmic Conscience':


As we focus attention with pure intention
and arrive at the goal of
love’s retention,
 we can all agree on the
path of ascension
   into realms of unity in a
higher dimension.

The Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age
is not a mystery when known.

Quite simply, it is heart coherence of the nature
described scientifically by Dan Winter, i.e.,
the frequency of holy compassion.

Many years ago scientists discovered that the most powerful
energy center in the body is the heart, which resonates its measurable frequencies in the brain.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”
~ Proverbs, 23:7

More recently, researchers affiliated with the HeartMath Institute discovered not only that heart coherence is a golden ratio algorithm of the heartbeat’s frequency, but also, that this frequency could be learned with biofeedback technology, very quickly and easily.


Education of the heart with the Holy Spirit of Love-in-action’
is no longer an abstract theological concept.  It’s real, quantifiable in ‘real time’ (moment to moment), and opens the ‘door’ where Christ-like love dwells between one’s ears.

Think about that. A portal from 3-D ‘outer space’
 to 4-D ‘inner space’ (in time) with
real-time love
as leads to
5-D Conscience and beyond with the
  full range of '
Effective Sensory Perception' as the
Gifts of the Holy Spirit'.

For many people who are ‘stuck’ in 3-D reality as ‘materiality’,
this rather simply ‘heart-synch’ technology could upgrade their
Conscience with ‘spirituality’ in a very practical and tangible way that represents retention of the frequency of love in heart and mind. That could definitely change our world!

The end of the world as we have known it.J

Such technology, integrated with heartware, defines new standards (web 3.0), for culturing social Conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.

Upgrading heart and mind for a new time.

HeartMath Institute has shown that accelerated learning capabilities are increased dramatically when one is centered and connected with heart coherence. But they have barely scratched the surface of the full capabilities and implications of applications that will empower humanity globally.

The rEVOLUTION in Higher Conscience

When HeartSynch™ for heart coherence is combined with Heartware™ for ‘mind congruence’; there is a synergy that is far greater than the sum of the parts.  Heartware is to the “mind of G.O.D.” (Geometrically Ordered Divinity), as HeartSynch is to the “heart of ” (heart coherence).

The best of both worlds of G.O.D. +
creates a whol
whole (Holy Spirit),
just as the two frequencies of
blue and pink create
violet color.

The vision alone – how global humanity could upgrade our collective Conscience – could be the catalyst for a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It is well known that the highest frequency of color and consciousness is the violet flame and Holy Spirit

This is where the ‘Law of the Angles of G.O.D.’
Meets the
“Language of the Angels of

Mass-to-mass interactive TeLeComm with the heart of and mind of G.O.D. will naturally ‘reboot’ the collective Conscience of humanity with worthy standards for the coming millennial-Aquarian Golden Age of Freedom-in-Love.

Winning Heart and Minds
From the Beginning 

The ‘mediator’ for ‘God’~ ‘I Am That I Am’ ~ ‘All That Is Real’ has been known for 2000 years as the ‘Christ-like Love’ which highly resonates with ‘Source’ - now known as the ‘Source Field’ - that is surging with Galactic Alignment.

The “Light of God” (Source)
is the ‘Judgment’ on all
 that is less than ‘Light’.

This ‘judgment’ is a choice.  Each to their own choice between light and darkness, good or evil, eternal life or temporal dying to the Spirit that matters at this end/beginning of ‘time’.

It’s YOUR world – YOUR life;

 Some will liken the coming tribulations to ‘Star Wars’, and metaphorically it is true that the ‘Alliance’ of lightworkers, lightweavers and lightbearers on Earth are dealing with an “evil empire” (principalities of darkness) that have chosen the dark side of the force to invert, subvert and pervert the power of love(as will liberate us), for the love of power as would enslave us.

As goes one’s choices,
so goes the judgment.

 The heroes with a thousand faces will 'save their lives' by giving their lives for greater love in the larger scheme of soul evolution, serving the conscious evolution of humanity as will repopulate the Earth in Golden Ages to come.

Beyond ‘TIME’ as we have known it.

To get ahead and be winning from the beginning of freedom and opportunity, go to the light side now, and keep it light. The art of living is the act of loving more, easier and faster.

Join the Alliance and make it so.

The liberation of humanity -- the United Sovereigns of Earth – has already been accomplished in the continuum.  It’s Earth’s divine destiny. Hold this Vision, embrace its Virtue, commit with Valor…


The great sorting of souls, the wheat from the chaff, etc., may not have the outcomes we imagined, but for the pure in heart, they are often far better than we could have dreamed.

Pure intention will only take you where
Holy Spirit of Love-in-action
will protect and direct you.

All Ways … Always,

~ Christos



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