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Earth's Magnetic Field and the Shift in Consciousness
Jan 2017 / HumansAreFree.com

Flipping On the 'Light' Switch
Updated Feb 13, 2017

  Hold onto your hats folks!
The Big Shift is about to
 light us up like flipping a
 light switch in darkness. 
"There is hope in the darkness
   for all things will be made new."
~ Revelations 21: 5
This can be much different
from what you imagined
yet can be much better
than thought possible.

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For First Time in Recorded History,
Schumann Resonance is Jumping to 36+”

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DNA Begins as a Quantum Wave
and Not as a Molecule

Feb 2017 / HumansAreFree.com
The Human Body Emits, Communicates With,
and is Made from Light


Why Is Earth's Schumann Resonance Accelerating?
Dr. Kathy Forti / Trinfinity8.com


Many are called to The Path of evolutionary ascent,
but few are the CHOSEN who choose freely
with pure intention & focused attention
for conscientious ascension in
a unified field dimension
of comprehension
on Earth as in

(On Earth as in Heaven)

Our Milky Way Galaxy - Estimated 350+ Billion Suns

This deep space photo of another galaxy is like our own,
   showing the Great Central Sun radiating out to an aligned
photon belt: billions of star-suns. About 2/3 out from the
 center, our sun system cycles across the Galactic Plane
 in a sine wave while orbiting aound the galaxy in a cycle
 that takes hundreds of millions of years. Depiction here:

  A 2 minute computer-animated video of the
Great Crossing across the Galactic Plane
that intensifies the photonic light on Earth
 when we align with the source of that light.

The last time this happened was the 2000 year rise of ‘mythical’ Atlantis 14,000 years ago as explained at ‘Galactic Vision'.
Too often we only hear about the cataclysmic flood and fall of Atlantis which actually occurred thousands of years after its rise.

 The Converging MegaShift Megatrends

Few are those who clearly grasp the full meaning of the geopolitical shift in 2016 with BREXIT and Trump's election. But many can now see a clear pattern of public rejection of deception and corruption in the 'Deep State' of both the European Union and the United States. See the full movie on BREXIT here (2.6 million views).
The rate of change to enlightened Net reality has accelerated so rapidly, it's like a light switch has been flipped on!  The quickening of conscientious common sense in the collective awareness of global humanity is now accelerating towards fulfillment of Earth’s destiny.
But the eyes of many peoples haven't adjusted to the intensity of 'light'. It's like information overload in an old computer with an outmoded operating system.
Some people are waking up to sensory overload with fear and contempt for problems in the world that they never knew existed. It's like thinking your room was clean until you got a brighter light bulb and saw the dust on everything. The brighter the bulb, the sharper the shadows... outlining what was obscure before.
Other people are 'waking up' with not only the gift of discernment - seeing through fake news - but also with an intuitive knowing for creative learning and self-elevation as 'salvation' - evolutionary ascension.
This is a wonderful time to be alive - with front-row seats - as the curtain opens on the Big Show in 2017:)
~ Christopher

PS: With the recent conflagration of fake news, I thought I'd do a semi-satire article on Trump's transition team plans for the 1st 100 days... to see how well satire works to get people laughing at the lockstep disconnect from reality in the lamestream media.
Trump Team Takes Off
(1st 100 Days Agenda)

 We all know how Trump will say
 one thing, and then do another.
According to insider sources,

this is Trump's REAL agenda
1- Contracting with Chinese - matching funds for multi-trillion $ upgrade of US infrastructure.

2- Full production of clean 'free energy' technology for rapid deployment. See The Reality of Free Energy [2 min video], and Keshe Magrave Power Technology.

It's easy when you know quantum field science.

Published on May 18, 2016
13-Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired
Free Energy Device for Under $15

May 18, 2016 / WakingTimes.com

3- Contracting with Russians to help supply US markets with non-GMO grains until U.S. farming can get up to speed with organics. Russia has outlawed GMOs as has China and many other countries that don't want the U.S. model of a medical-industrial complex that makes a killing, literally, on cancer causing GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, chemtrails, petrochemical pollution, etc.

4- East-West collaboration developing free online 'Universal Self Care' - the sovereignty model for global holistic healing. This technology of advanced informatics could now provide highly personalized self care information for the analysis, prevention and management of all disease. This will begin reversing the perverse profit incentives of a 'disease care' system called 'public health care' in the U.S.

5- Global upgrade of our core Net reality freedoms: The 'Whole Truth' will naturally neutralize the 'Big Lie' (fake news) to the extent that global Net neutrality is optimized with an Internet upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms that define and refine Web 3.0 - a universal interface for culturing social conscience in our all-connected social networks.

Emergence of the 'Global Brain'
Foreseen 90 Years Ago

6- Peace initiatives in the Mideast will commence by eliminating those CIA and Mossad agencies behind 9-11 and the endless war profiteering. The United Nations recently vetoed Israeli expansionism in the Mideast, and all support of this endless war treachery will cease: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=65769

The American Republic Will Be Restored
- Video of CIA 'White Hat' Commander,
Dr. Steve Pieczenik:


Originated Jan 3, 2017

From scarcity's value (debt slavery) to abundant virtues of cooperative personal and planetary win/win. This natural evolution from the oxymoronic 'value of scarcity' to the virtue of abundance is the self-evident SHIFT compelled by the abandant truth, health, peace and prosperity promised by 1-6 above.

Half of the solution is a good
definition of the problem:

Published Jan 3, 2017

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Moving On…
Beyond Perception Deception

A new unity in our diversity may be disruptive to the divisive devolutionary powers that were, but global enlightenment will increasingly neutralize the perception deception and stinking thinking of paradigm paralysis that is ‘Stuck In Negativity’ (fear and doubt).

The rapid global transformation of Net reality for billions of global Netizens at this time is because the decentralized Internet is like a global 'mind field' - a 'gold mine' - if only we mind it with the gold standard for heart coherent mind congruence.
It is the currency of this 5-D Conscience that will define and refine the Next Economy as naturally prospers with abundant Conscience in the Global Mind and one's personal holodeck 'brain field' (conneion) between your ears.
This 5-D currency code for the heartware holodeck is the same codes in the carrier waves of photonic light now flooding the Earth with the lightning mind of G.O.D..

The G.O.D. Code - Geometric Ordered Divinity

The Universal Law of G.O.D.~ Source is not a mystery when known. The Law of the Angles has always framed the Language of the Angels as the twin-flame union of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun of each one's 'I Am Presence'.

This is the LAW OF THE ONE BEING - BE IN God - through affirmation, confirmation, determination and integration of the G.O.D.~ Codes.

It's ALL connected! This cosmic connection to cosmic law in form and frequency is connection to the 'kingdom of heaven' within us. We are in the universe and the universe is indeed within us - the quantum connection to ALL that IS REAL.

Gathering the tribes of IS REAL is thus a cosmic metaphor for connecting via 'KINGdom' Conscience whereby ALL are sovereign 'KING' with the Keys to INternalization of God, and...

'US' as United Sovereigns of Earth.


Which Reality Will Win?

The human race is nearing the finish line.
We arrived with mass up-wising just
in time!

The excitement is tangible. This shift in energies is palpable.
The Internet has liberated a surge of enlightenment in
social networks worldwide, exposing ‘dark power’
behind ‘dark money’ and ‘dark policies’ that
betray an enlightened representation of
inspired Vision - devoted to Virtue -
committed with Valor and Vow
for Victory via worldwide
with Heartware.

Full Spectrum Enlightenment with the
Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age


Conceive it and Believe it to Achieve it...
the Holy Spirit of -in-action
Violet Flame Wave of Freedom Sweeping the United States



Why many people want the whole truth
and other people prefer fake news:

For 2,000 years men and women have proclaimed the gospel.
Yet many today have virtually no idea what 'gospel' means.
Simply put, sharing the gospel is sharing the whole truth.
So what is the good news of the 'whole truth'?
The 3-D veil is thinning; enlightenment is winning.
Dimensional shift is accelerating - 'ascension'.
How can we be more effective in sharing it?
Network for the Net worth of our Net reality.
'Pay if forward'  - Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
Certainly the world could use more good news.
 Pure intention focuses attention with love retention
  for conscious ascension in a dimension of common
  sense comprehension to make it so! (Good News)
   In the appearances Jesus made to believers after his death,
his primary request of them remained the same, to go and
 "Proclaim the Gospel!"
 Call it 'enlightened self interest'.
  What goes around comes around.
Be an example of friendship with
 God through kindness with Love.
     Did Jesus expect that only his apostles would or could spread the
    gospel? Or is it erroneous to think that?  Is it true that each of us
   either has pure intention for Good News as the Whole Truth - or
     by default - we don't want 'full disclosure', preferring 'fake news'?
How To Change People with Good News

 Dec 22, 2016 / WayseerManifesto.com
Call it the 'Truth Force', or 'Love Force' or 'Soul Force'
or simply 'The Force', this is the power in you to
conjure the very best in other people.

The natural order of All That IS REAL has been called ‘The Way’, ‘The Truth’ and ‘The Light of Creation’… ‘The Eternal Power of Love’… ‘The Cosmic Law Framing Divine Order’… ‘Heart Coherence That Governs Mind Congruence’… ‘Pure Intention known as the Will of God’… ‘Divine Providence of the Prime Directive’… ‘The Path of Conscious Evolution'… ‘The Intention, Attention, Retention and Ascension of ’… ‘The Holy Spirit As -in-action’… ‘The Implicit Order’… ‘The TAO’… ‘Reverse Entropy’ (Syntropy)…  ‘Life Force’… but for now, all of these metaphors for the ‘Great Spirit’ can be simply known as ‘THE WAY’.

It's time for a serious check up from the neck up.
What do we all want?  The whole truth above all?
The higher the revelation, the greater 'THE WAY'.

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Keep the Faith, See the Good News,
and Make It So!

~ Christos Lightweaver



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~ CR