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May 30, 2022 / Memorial Day
New Moon in Gemini

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Awaken with JP - Memorial Day Redux
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You can't make this stuff up!
In the name of 'Health Care'...
A Great Awakening Feature Video On THE CRISIS:
"It's time that we draw a line in the sand and say...     
'We the People will not stand for the domestic  
  and international terrorism that is being done
  in the name of health'.
~Excerpt from video:

May 26, 2022 / NeedtoKnow.news
EXCERPTS... re: the on-going plandemic:
     "If you think this is an issue that has anything to do with a virus spreading in a pandemic, you are delusional. This is a premeditated crime. They announced the crime in 2015, and conveniently, the Government of Canada entered into an agreement with the distribution of the lethal agent in 2015...
     "The fact of the matter is, this is premeditated global terrorism. This is premeditated domestic terrorism and this is premeditated racketeering...
     "This is not a public health situation, this is not even a science situation. And while I appreciate the public health people and the scientists who love to talk about the nuance of this, it is like commenting on the merits of firearms at a shooting...
     "This is a case of murder. It is not a case of disease, it is not a case of pandemic, this is a case of murder and the people currently doing delivery of the agent of that murder are, in fact, people who wear lab coats. If they wore anything else, if they wore hoodies, if they wore anything else, we'd call them 'murderers'. Right now, we call them 'doctors'...
     "What we need to be doing is focusing all of our efforts single-handedly and directly on the criminal prosecution of terrorists who have now aided and abetted in the murder of millions.
     "And just to put a fine point on this thing: Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, in addition to being the architect of the spike protein weaponized to destroy humanity
also holds patent interest in the invention of Remdesivir, which was known in its clinical trials in the early 2000s to be lethal when used in patients for a number of other pathogens.
     "And willfully and knowingly distributing an agent that is, in fact known to be harmful and fatal to humans is Premeditated Murder. "
(11 minute video at link above.)
Remdesivir has now been approved by the FDA
 in children and babies as young as 28 days old,
weighing as little as 6 pounds. The remdesivir 
manufacturer, Gilead, performed its clinical drug
 trial using only 53 children; three of them died.

Remdesivir 'Disastrous' as COVID Treatment,
But Government Pays Hospitals to Use It

May 5, 2022 / Dr. Joseph Mercola
 Remdesivir, the primary COVID-19 drug approved for use
 in U.S. hospitals, routinely causes severe organ damage
and, often, death, but U.S. government pays hospitals a
 20% upcharge - plus an additional bonus - for using the
 'remdesivir protocol'.

Pfizer's "Secret" Report on the Covid Vaccine.
Video with Great Info-Charts Showing Clearly
The 'Vaccine' Should Be Immediately Withdrawn!
May 26, 2022 / GlobalResearch.ca
This video interview with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
  pertains to the Confidential Pfizer Report released as
part of a Freedom of Information (FOI) procedure...  
revealing clearly that this is 'global pharmacide'.      
Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide
May 29, 2022 / substack.com
Dr Naomi Wolf on the Pfizer "Confidential Report"
It's true: They know they are killing the babies.

Note from CR: How much proof do we need folks?
For two years, I've been reporting data analysis  
from official CDC reports revealing MILLIONS  
  dying from pharmacide - death by Big Pharma
   who planned the Plandemic in alliance with
the W.H.O. - World Health Organization -

funded by Bill Gates, Big Pharma and
 Big Tech purveyors of 'Big Brother'
(global surveillance industry).

Now these 'dark-side' (Deep State) plutocrats  
 are plotting their final war on humanity as was
evident at their conclave at Davos this week.  

REALIZE (real eyes)... that all it takes for us to

STOP IT - their abject terror and tyranny -
   is for enough good people to wake up, wise up
    and rise up to demand accountability for those
     who are betraying humanity via abject treason.

   The politics and economics of health care
 are far more complex than true science.
      Drug industry profits lead the Fortune 500.
   As public health dies, Wall Street thrives.

Big Pharma and the 4th Reich Unmasked
2007 / Heartcom Network
EXCERPT: It is well documented by health researcher Dr. Len Horowitz in his best seller, EMERGING VIRUSES, that half of Hitler's 'flight capital' (gold) went into Merck Pharmaceutical -- the stealth center of Rocky's pharmaceutical cartel -- for rise of the 4th Reich in America.  In that book, Dr. Horowitz -- with a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University -- reveals how Rocky and his power elite cronies brought over and employed thousands of top Nazi scientists after WWII (Project Paperclip).  This included Hitler's V-2 rocket scientist Wernher von Braun  -- who became a director at NASA -- as well as Hitler's geneticists who had created thousands of retroviruses BEFORE being employed in U.S. military biowar laboratories.
     In the 1960's, Merck seeded polio vaccines with cancer retroviruses when baby boomers were children. Those vaccines were contaminated with a
monkey virus, SV40, that resisted deactivation by the formaldehyde additive. Rare cancer has since become common - a $200 billion/year industry funding the '4th Reich' (Deep State).
     AIDS was likewise created in U.S. biowar labs and seeded into Merck hepatitis B vaccines in the U.S. and for stealth depopulation in Africa.
[Note from CR: Search 'Dr. Horowitz - emerging viruses' while you can. He is being disappeared or discredited on the Internet because his truth-telling doesn't fit the official narrative that 'bat soup' caused Covid and 'monkey meat' caused Monkeypox.]
"Over the past two decades the pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious benefit,
this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress, the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession itself."
~Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor in Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine

May 26, 2022 / Corbett Report
This week on the New World Next Week: Kissinger warns
Ukraine must give Russia territory; the monkeypox script
unfolds exactly like the coronavirus script; and the digital
 ID agenda rolls out in country after country after country.

Monkeypox - More Fear-Porn Psycho-Babble?
3 minute shock report:
May 20, 2022 / Paul Joseph Watson
  The Nigerian CDC is urging its citizens to stop eating
 'bush meat' (monkeys and rats) in order to help stop
   the spread. Sounds like the 'bat soup' disinfo behind
    Covid's cause; same distraction from the real cause.

May 25, 2022 / Stew Peters Show
Covid was a manmade bioweapon, and was
intentionally released to make people sick
and scare them toward deadly shots.
Monkeypox is the cover story
 for harm caused by the jab.

Cancer Increases by Almost 2000%
as Jab Damages Immune Systems
May 30, 2022 / theNewAmerican.com
Dr. Betsy Eads and Dr. Ryan Cole Talk about
Aquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome-AIDS
- horrendous immune system side-effects -
 and horrific rise in cancer after the vaccine.
A lot of information about vaccine damage,
and how to strengthen the immune system.
(Remember SPX ~CR)
U.S. Buys Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines,
Which Were Already Made and Invoiced,
After Massachusetts Man Is Infected

May 19, 2022 / newsweek.com
The U.S. government has ordered millions of doses of a vaccine that protects against monkeypox. The news follows the first confirmed case in the states -- a man in Massachusetts -- following an outbreak in the U.K. The order amounts to a 119 million order for Jynneos vaccines, which are used for the prevention of both smallpox and monkeypox. It was announced by biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic, which makes the vaccine, on Wednesday. The order will convert bulk vaccines, which have already been made and invoiced under previous contracts with the U.S. government, into freeze-dried versions which have an improved shelf-life.

Megalomaniac Bill Gates is parroting and reinforcing the latest NTI simulation that is driving the Monkeypox mania: Shut down early, shut down often, shut down just in case... and with "no regrets".  Bill Gates is the largest funder of the W.H.O. (if you combine funding from his foundation and GAVI), and also intends to play a key part in this takeover.

Abject Treason... For Your Health!
Biden Plans to Hand US Sovereignty to UN as
MonkeyPox Set to Become the New Pandemic
May 23, 2022 / NeedToKnow.news
MonkeyPox is set to become the new pandemic
as Biden plans  to hand US sovereignty to the
UN World Health Organization - no joke!

 WHO Stealth Coup to Dictate Global
Health Agenda
of Bill Gates,
Big Pharma and Big Media

May 18, 2022 / F. William Engdahl

CV19 Virus & Vax About Control Not Health
- Dr. Michael Yeadon
May 26, 2022 / USA Watchdog
  Dr. Michael Yeadon was a chief scientist in drug discovery
 research and also a VP at Pfizer for 20 years. He's been   
  sounding the alarm about the Covid "lies" being told, and
  warning the new 'vaccines' are "neither safe or effective"

Eight different surveys all show the vaccines
are not "safe and effective" - not even close
May 23, 2022 / theburningplatform.com / Steve Kirsch
This is my most important article since I started writing on
Substack. It shows how anyone can prove to themselves
the whole truth with some common sense of the danger .


Another orchestrated health crisis in the works?
May 23, 2022 / PaulCraigRoberts.org
The corrupt public health officials in the Western world
- who are shills for Big Pharma as they share in profits
 for the drugs that they approve - are about to inflict on
humanity a worse catastrophe than the Covid vaccine.
Monkeypox: Technocracy's Next Wave Of
Crimes Against Humanity

May 23, 2022 / Activist Post - Patrick Wood
Indeed, there are a multitude of potentially criminal violations at national and international levels. But now, meet monkeypox! Our case is built from a forensic point of view examining the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in hindsight: its conspiratorial beginnings, etc.  

Escobar: Russia Rewrites The Art Of (Hybrid) War
May 26, 2022 / zerohedge.com
Hybrid War is now being fought predominantly in the
 economic/financial battleground, and the pain dial for
  the collective West is being ratcheted up on purpose.

Note from CR: Russia, China, India and the BRICS
  nations have transitioned to a gold & commodities
     backed currency standard as challenges the Empire
    status of the Federal Reserve fiat currency pyramid
    scam that is disintegrating while supposedly a new
 Quantum Financial System (QFS) is integrating.   
That's why the Deep State corporatocracy wants
  war on all fronts - social, political and economic -
   for the psychology of subservience to tyranny as
surrenders sovereignty for security
until we have neither.
Currently it appears like this is a war between
Deep State dark-side 'black hats'
  High State light-side 'white hats'.
that's the 3D Grand Illusion,
 disrupting 4D affirmation, confirmation and
 determination for integration of 5D VISION 
   in the 'CAPstone' (Creative Ascent Process)

 for a High Standard of 5D Conscious 'US'  
as United Sovereigns of Earth.

Pfizer Tells Federal Judge that Pfizer Owns
the Federal Government...
May 23, 2022 / paulcraigroberts.org
... and Is thereby Immune to Normal Contract Law
(Absolute power corrupts absolutely)

Government Unbound: Claims Right
of Access and Surveillance

on All Private Land

May 26, 2022 / AG Web
Is private land a federal playground? The government claims a phenomenally powerful right -- access and surveillance on every inch of privately held farmland, hunting ground, pasture, and recreational acre in the United States, without warrant or probable cause. 

Freedom Of Speech Needs "Recalibration"
- Aussie Commissioner Sparks Outrage At WEF
May 23, 2022 / zerohedge.com
 Australian eSafety commissioner Julie Inman raised some
 eyebrows on Monday, telling the World Economic Forum
that there needs to be a "recalibration" of free speech.
Smallpox Vaccine To Prevent Monkeypox Could
Cause Global Smallpox (Variola) Epidemics
May 23, 2022 / lewrockwell.com
 I warn, do not be that stupid; understand that they
 have damaged the immune systems of m(b)illions

    with COVID vaccines. The 'attack' has commenced.
     The war has begun, whacking our immune systems
   with help from
Deep State globalists of the 'ICCC'
International Capitalist-Communist Collusion).

CCP Issues 'National Mobilization Order'  
Instructing Switch to Wartime Operations
May 22, 2022 / Hal Turner
The China Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee

has issued a "National Mobilization Order" to switch
China from peacetime to wartime economy.

May 20, 2022 / Health Ranger Report
Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China's top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons, and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.
 LEAKED: China's Plan to Attack USA
 by November... JR Nyquist Interview
on Reason for Shanghai Lockdown 

May 26, 2022 / Man in America
What indicators do we see that the CCP is preparing for
land invasion of the USA sometime by the end of 2022?
 Are war machines - and a wartime economy - now being
 prepped for a last-ditch attack before they disintegrate?
Sobering signs of the times. Bumps in the road ahead.  

Merchant Marine re: Shipping Strangulation

May 25, 2022 / SouthernPrepper1
Add this to the two videos above and you can see
the prelude to WWIII. Wise up and get ready now.
Mark My Words... THIS is Coming in 2022:
It's Time to Sound the Alarm, and Prepare
05-29-2022 / Bright Insight
The good news is you're getting a heads-up,
and have time to prepare.
 The bad news is that it is actually happening,
ready or not.

Prophetic Vision As a Warning

Remember George Washington's Valley Forge
 Vision: Third Great Peril for America's future.
  The movie 'Red Dawn' was based on that peril.

   The Bible story of Jonah at Nineveh is a classic
  account of a prophetic warning averted despite
 the dire predictions of hell fire and brimstone.  

 What 'End Times Revelations' does it take
 before we wake up, wise up & rise up with
 a new common sense of "We the People":
   the Family of Mankind in a global village of
   instant-everywhere-interactive TeLeComm.

So we have a choice folks:
Big or Big War.
Be ready for an upgrade of the 60's mantra of
"Make Love - Not War"

A High State of Worldwide
 - Aquarian Frequency Shift -
is our destiny - United Sovereigns
sooner or later.

The First Principles of 'Cosmic Law'
(Natural Law, Quantum Law, etc.):
1- Language of ne - Spherical Realty;   
2- aw of Two in ne - Polarity Balance;
3- aw of Three in ne - Trinity Synergy;
 4- aw of Four in ne - Integration via
    the universal archetype of co-Creation:
  5- 5D Effective Sensory Perception as the  
    'CAPstone' (Creative Ascent Process).

Sovereignty IS what DOES with
 codes 'simplified' (geometrized):
- Private 'Right': inear aw ogic;   
- Public 'Sphere': nonlinear-holy Spirit;
- Trinity 'Synergy': + BALANCE;  
   - 'CAPstone': Creative Ascent Process
       3D=>5D uprising 'just in time' (4D).

In the larger scheme of eternal progression
there's common law, patterns of perfection,
  and common language for inspired direction
centering love within... so as we all enter in,
    we find a unity state with one clear mandate:
either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

So Keep the Faith ~ See the Good
And Make it So!

Full Spectrum '5D' TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
'Geometric Ordered Divinity'
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

Awaken with JP - Memorial Day Redux
(Remember what we're fighting for)

May 24, 2022 / AwakenWithJP
Grandfathers vs Their Woke Offspring

Sponsored by an Aquarian model of

holistic Self Care sovereignty for

 Advanced bioenergy modalities
for optimal holistic health

The most important whole superfood concentrate
        for a strong immune system - to handle stress -
  is SPX nutraceutical grade 'Royal Jelly'.
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