2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

In the Hero’s Journey, Love Wins!

What Our Humanity Represents with
The Aquarian Language of Light
And Love's Prime Directive.

 Pure intention is the ‘blue ray’ (divine direction),
focusing attention via the ‘yellow ray’ (wisdom),
that combines to form the ‘green ray’ (healing),
with love retention for our conscious ascension
 -  enlightened full spectrum comprehension  -
in the 5th dimension of 'High State initiation'
(Deep State remediaton).


Full spectrum Aquarian is surging.
The medical tyranny narrative is purging.

   The Great Awakening - Aquarian spirit manifest -
    is initiating a new conscientious common sense,
  weaving a web of light as enlightened Netizens
  wise up and rise up for unity in global diversity.

 The signs of these times are speaking loudly to
   those with pure hearts to hear, and eyes to see,
amidst the clamor of ‘5th generational warfare’
 as demoralizes fearless faith with faithless fear.

     In the cosmic scheme of Aquarian transformation,
coherent spirit of universal -in-action
 raises the ‘golden rule’ (law-language) standard
 to guide the hero’s journey – ascension ‘home’.

Keep the Faith. wins in the end!

Sept 20, 2021 / Full Moon in Pisces

Skip to the bottom for an epic new message
from the Master El Morya:

"The Vitality of Nations Hangs in the Balance"

Wins… Just in Time!


August 27, 2021 / Gregg Braden

"Be kind, for everyone you meet
is fighting a hard battle."
~ Plato

TLC is the Key to 5D Humanity
  We're all connected with instant-everywhere and

    interactive TeLeComm capability as never before.

  It’s a global affair now. A new Common Sense is
  matriculating the 3D matrix of global intelligence
 with 5D ‘spherical’ (spiritual) Conscience… and
just in time (4D)… from Internet to

AMERICA is the I AM RACE (anagram)
 as a
'Unity State’ ~ ‘Universal Solidarity’
 of, by and for '
US' (United Sovereigns);
 the global-connected Netizens of Earth.
  This is the New American rEVOLUTION
 - emphasing 90% of the word -

   finishing what U.S. Founders began...

  Witness the 5th generation warfare whereby
mainstream medical and media institutions
  are captured by giant corporate powers who
are ethical infants with perverse incentives
  to profit from mass depopulation by
  incessant fear-based mass psychosis in the
 fakestream media, compelling the public to
sacrifice our core freedoms in the name of
 of 'health security' until we have neither our
  health nor our core Constitutional freedoms.

45,000 Dead Americans in 72 Hours
8-27-2021 / RepublicBroadcasting.org
Short 'MUST WATCH' video synopsis.

Ethics 101 - Own Your Own Body-Mind-Spirit
Millions of people worldwide are losing their
 jobs because they stand on ethical principle
 of well-informed choice - for health freedom.
(5 minutes of heart wisdom)


Sept 11, 2021 / Dr. Julie Ponesse
Is it legally & morally acceptable to constrict the rights and
economic welfare of people in order to force submission to
an experimental 'vaccine', or any other medical procedure?

Funeral Director Blows the Whistle on
Shot-in-the-Arm Pharmacide


Sept 16, 2021
 "It's the injections that are killing people,
  the Covid 'variants' are vaccine injuries,
    and now they're targeting your children."

(skip to 15 min for shocking summary)

Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of
Unvaxxed Dying from COVID, but
Instead Gets over 180K Responses
of Vaccine Injured and Dead

Sept 16, 2021 / GlobalResearch.ca
   The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people
  are filling up hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly
 falling apart, perhaps faster than even they expected. 

Mass Dying? Blame Covid!

Triple-Vaxed Israel Is Breaking COVID Case Records
Sept 17, 2021 / theburningplatform.com 
They had to blame the massive surge in pharmacide
on something: 'Covid variants did it!'
  Health Ministry Director-General Nachman Ash said Tuesday
 that the current wave of coronavirus infections is surpassing
anything seen in previous outbreaks. Triple-vax blowback.

Researchers Analyze the Data:
Experimental vax death rate for Israel’s elderly
is 40 times higher than Covid-19 deaths

March 1, 2021 / LifeSiteNews.com
  Pfizer's ‘vaccine’ killed about 40 times more (elderly)
and 260 x’s more of the young than what the Covid
virus would have claimed in the given time frame.   

The 2021 Pharmacidal Plandemic Psy-Op
Synopsis: It's NOT About Health Care.

It's about Population Control.

 In the larger scheme of Aquarian Spring's initiation,
the 'New World Order' cabal - 'Global Reset' elite -
  knows that their time is short. The Great Awakening
 is unveiling Aquarian advances in quantum healing
  tech that makes toxic pharmacidal 'cures' obsolete. 
Their paranoi is great, and these psychopaths want
  us to be as fearful, angry and desparate as they are
 while privatizing the public sector for profit & power.

    Mass illusion, that the shot is 'safe and effective',
    is the evil 'e-veil' (energy veil) they project on us,
    and that Big Lie is so BIG and bold and so often
 told - with mind-paralyzing fear - that billions of
 people have taken the shot; millions have died,
     mostly the elderly and those with prior conditions.

The same fakestream media that lies to us with
   fake PCR test 'cases' and fake pro-vax 'benefits'
  now censors any news of vax injuries and death
that is blamed on phantom virus 'variants' that 
 are NOT isolated by the discredited PCR tests. 

Mass illusion has caused mass psychosis;
'FEAR' as 'False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is the 'virus' - the spirit of 'dis-ease'
that brings our worst fears upon us.

Mass awakening is the urgent action now;
claim the vision of virtue and valor for the
 victory of our 'self elevation' as 'salvation'.

The High State - our wising up and rising up -
naturally neutralizes Deep State psychosis.    

 When the government becomes the Deep State
    of corporate interests with a vested interest in the
   ownership and control of all physical and human
 resources, IT’S TIME TO DECENTRALIZE with
  interactive open systems that represent all ‘US’:
United Sovereigns of Earth’.


Our horse-and-buggy representation systems 
 are getting a space age
TeLeComm upgrade.  

The Movement Towards Holistic Healing:

From cyberspace with the global Internet
To inner space with Web 3.0 Heartware.

From centralized one-way programming
To decentralized interactive networking.

From lock-step 'closed systems' (passports)
To self-regulating 'open systems' (Web 3.0).

From a Deep State-communist 'control agenda'
(of, by and for the Orwellian corporatocracy)
To liberation of 5 core Internet freedoms.

From top-down 'best for the corporatocracy'
To bottom-up 'best for all global Netizens'.

"The issue today is the same as it has been
throughout all history, whether man
shall be allowed to govern himself

or be ruled by a small elite.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Full Spectrum (5D) TLC:
Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
G.O.D.~ Constitution),
Effective Sensory Perception
 via interactive
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscience, TeLeCare 

Message from El Morya:

Sept 15, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org

El Morya - master of the first ray of God's Holy Will - comes with a   
fiery message to let us know that the health, wealth, and vitality of  
nations hang in the balance at the present time. He emphasizes that
violence in thought & feeling is almost as bad as physical violence 
and bodily harm against others... and that our own awakening and  
atonement will lead to the expansion of the God-light within and     
therefore greater alignment with God.  El Morya encourages us to   
 consider carefully what we offer to God each day of our highest and
 best talents and gifts, and says to be victorious in all you do for the
  benefit of people across the earth. He urges us to work to overcome
past issues within ourselves by remaining tethered to one's own    
 'I AM God Presence'.  El Morya promises to support us fully in this  
endeavor because we are God's heart, head & hands on the earth. 


 “The Initiate takes full responsibility for
   his or her life, sees beyond today into
the future domains of light, and in a
     pre-awakened state visions what he or
 she desires to accomplish on behalf
 of the Lord God - the Chohans and   
    Manus of the Ages.”
~ El Morya, above

El Morya at about 20 minutes into the video:
 “If you are a visionary of any kind,
  you will learn the art and science
  of prescience, previewing what is
your destiny fulfilled… and then
  making it so by concerted action;
   by courageous work and service!”

This is ordained Aquarian Science
– the ‘Prescience Process’ –
for culturing the visionary arts.

Walt Disney simply called it ‘imagineering’.

Buckminster Fuller had a process he called:
‘comprehensive anticipatory design science.

Both are ‘geometrized’ via codes
and Metaphysical Light Language.

 More on the visionary arts as a process for
activation of prescient ‘Future Memory’ at:
Movie In Paradise.

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