2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

Paradise Valley, Montana

Making a Movie In Paradise

Wiki-Rudy Bio

Over the last 11 years I've interviewed filmmakers and movie producers on my Cosmic Show. My interest has been the creation of a movie I've been scripting. It's about a 'Wild West Computer Camp' where young adults learn social media production skills while having a wild west experience... camping in the wilderness, white-water rafting, Western swing dance, etc.
A major part of this movie is a 'romance with dance' - Flirty DancingTM - with numerous dance metaphors for integrating left-brain technical skills with right-brain emotional intelligence. And there are some heart-tugging surprises plus visual special effects that make for good entertainment with an inspiring message.
Lots of dance scenes will be shot at local music venues such as the Music Ranch, Chico Hot Springs, Sage Resort, Pine Creek Lodge, Old Saloon Bandshell and Follow-Your-Nose BBQ. I've come to know the best dancers in the region who love to perform here.
There are also some exceptional local filmmakers I've come to know through the Paradise Valley Film Festival.  Clearly there's enough local talent for a professional production.
Personally, a little self-disclosure - where I'm coming from. I've never made a full-length movie, but for decades I freelanced as a photographer and videographer. This was my way of 'Painting with Light' that led to 'writing with light' in Natural Life News which I founded 19 years ago. You can see my latest Internet publishing at the '2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series'.
I also have experience with social media crowd-funding campaigns. Short excerpts from the movie - while in production - can create social media buzz that furthers funding for the production team. [Lot's of teasers that flirt with 'the dance' of life, light and cosmic love].
40 years ago I developed and managed a storefront food co-op and eatery in downtown Troy Ohio that earned a City Beautification Award. Several years earlier in Troy, I created a non-profit organization - Community Video - and managed a media campaign that succeeded to persuade Troy's City Council to choose the cable TV franchise with the best public access studios for citizen production of local programming.
So I had some experience as a 'community organizer' before I moved out here 30 years ago. And I truly believe this movie can provide a community event with lots of opportunity for Paradise Valley, much as Robert Redford's film '
A River Runs Through It' brought recognition for this area.
The difference is that the profits can stay in the local economy.
There's a way to produce this film as a cooperative venture with half of all profits going to content creators, directors, actors, editors and other contributors. The other half of profits can go towards development of 'Visionary Arts' - the wild west computer camp as depicted in Flirty Dancing (NOT the real name).
In other words, this movie features a story that 'dances around' social media production skills for a self-fulfilling prophecy that ends up funding actual computer camps with a wild west experience.
This can be a big win/win/win/win for movie viewers, content creators, on-going computer camps and the local economy.
Then we can say, "We did this 'dance' together!"
Wild West Computer Camp
From the on-line brochure at:
[this page as an intro for now]

     Held yearly in Paradise Valley Montana just
  north of the Yellowstone Park wilderness,
     our Wild West Computer Camp is attended
      by youth worldwide during July and August.
  In a better world, the leaders of tomorrow
    will be the young adults of today who have
   mastered state-of-the-arts communication
    tools & processes for culturing conscience
   in our global village of instant-everywhere
      and interactive social network communities.
   Mastery of social media tools is optimized
  in a daily curriculum that balances media
    lab with a variety of wild west experiences
    emphasizing body-mind-spirit co-creation.


The Place Where Dreams Are Born

Entering the Zone - the Creative Flow State

A High State of Heart Coherence
for a higher mental congruence
at the heart of the 'CAPstone'
- Creative Ascent Process -
and 5D Prime Directive.

Curriculum Includes:
 Understanding universal law language with
 heart coherence for emotional intelligence
  and mind congruence via sacred geometry
connection to divine order in the universe.

  maps self-assessment tools and
  media processes to navigate cyberspace
  with conscientious 'InnerNet' connection.
   Hiking into the wilderness with excursions
    to Pine Creek Falls, top of Emigrant Peak,
  overnight camping in the wilderness, etc.
code Light Language to master
   the video creation process (digital media)
   with the language of conscious evolution.

   White-water rafting - Yankee Jim Canyon,
   water yoga lessons at Chico Hot Springs,
     and fly-fishing lessons at the Sage Resort.
   bits cryptocurrency (blockchain),
    showing how the Currency of Conscience
       will 'underwrite' (evolve) the Next Economy.
    Western swing dance lessons at the Sage
   Resort, Music Ranch, Chico Hot Springs,
   Old Saloon Bandshell, Pine Creek Lodge
 and Wildflower BBQ; everyone will take
    turns shooting video as is edited in class.

       Natural food cooking classes with everyone
      taking their turn cooking for everyone else.
 Culturing servant leadership as a dance
of masculine and feminine energies in a
  communication process as involves and
  evolves our interactive unity-in-diversity.

Scholarships Available

     Our intent is to create a learning experience
for gifted individuals who want to master
 video-creation tools and processes while
   having an authentic wild west experience.

For More Information, Contact:
Christopher Rudy
Wild West Computer Camp
Box 1081
Emigrant MT, 59027