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July 13, 2022 / Full Moon in Capricorn

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Waking Up to the Sovereignty Issue
July 13, 2022 / KennyMueller.substack.com

Excerpt: It has now become common to read or view how people are waking up to the fact that foreign multinational organizations run by powerful corporate cartels are superimposing their own agendas over the sovereign interests of nations - democracies supposedly acting on behalf of their electorate.

Covid Injections Produced by the CCP
July 12, 2022 / ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net
Naomi Wolf explains how the Chinese Communist
Party has infiltrated - and hijacked - the American
public health system. Must watch 8 minute video.
Transcript of highlights included.

Shedding Light on Dark Forces.

The stage is set for global rEVOLUTION.

The Deep State is in damage control, trying to hide their treasonous acts. Did you just hear the shot heard around the world? See previous compendium HERE. 

The silent war is no longer silent. The war has now been brought out into the light and the white hats are winning from behind the scenes, aided by the frequency shift whereby the High State trumps the Deep State from the inside-out.

Dark-side Deep State Big Media propaganda has failed to tell the Western world that the Eastern world and 200+ BRICS nations have gone on a new currency standard - backed via gold & commodities - that is imploding the value of the U.S. dollar; the cause of inflation.

The US dollar is no longer the 'petro-dollar' (backed by Saudi oil), because the Saudi's are going with the BRICS gold standard along with Russia, India and China.

Saudis Double Russia Crude Imports
As It Prepares For BRICS Inclusion
July 15, 2022 / zerohedge.com
Saudi Arabia has a thirst for heavily discounted
Russian diesel and other fuel products banned
by many countries in the West.

The only thing backing the U.S. dollar now
is the trust and good will of enough
of us in fearless faith that as
the Aquarian veil thins,
big wins.

Conscience Currency
for the Next Economy).

Full disclosure is going mainstream.

Good and evil - the whole truth and the Big Lie - are being outed as never before. The shocking truth about the power elite's global depopulation agenda - HERE, HERE and HERE - came out this week. And a High State vision of virtue and valor for the victory of Aquarian 'self-elevating enlightenment' (ascension), is transcending the divisive downward spiral of dis-eased, depressed and dysfunctional 'dimmitude' (D.U.H. as in Dark, Unconscious & Heartless), that is 'Stuck In Negativity' (S.I.N).

 The Currency of Conscience for
Next Economy is Emerging.
  But We're in Chaos Phase Now.

The Orwellian bio-security complex is disintegrating
while new systemic metamorphosis is integrating.
Global civilization is rapidly 'shape-shifting'
(quantum paradigm shift, systems reset, etc.)
with morphing of our collective identity.

We’re no longer a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly.
And just like a teenager who is no longer a child
- but not yet a mature adult either -
there's a lot of acting out while figuring out
the balance of childlike innocence
with mature 'inner sense'
(Conscience Currency).

This is a sensitive-vulnerable 'time' (4D).
Shift Happens!

The most redeeming attribute of lightworkers is to see the good in everyone. But that strength 'in excess' (without discernment), can be blind to power elite psychopaths who milk the light of the masses with covert deception.

Victim dictum is challenging victory virtues.

Until mainstream humanity slips the surly bounds of 3D time and space, the sense of separation from 5D Presence limits one's moment-to-moment prevailing awareness as an upward-spiraling momentum just in 'time' (4D).

Prepare for some 'temporary' (4D) disruption.

Mainstream media will go down when the 'EBS' (Emergency Broadcast System) over-rides all channels to explain the ‘REBOOT’ (paradigm shift), to an integrated 'Quantum System' for communications, energy, healing and finance.

Quantum Shift is Imminent.

The Deep State will try everything to keep the public in ‘SIN’ (Stuck In Negativity), to maintain paradigm paralysis and stop the Aquarian Quantum Age from coming... but nothing will stop our Aquarian Destiny.

Quantum Unified Field Inspiration:
Christos Quips 


Spiritual evolution is not a popularity contest.
It’s more like a cosmic dance of karma & dharma.

It's not 'aptitude' (habit karma),
but 'attitude' (I Am dharma),
that determines 'altitude':
whether we soar with eagles on
ascending thermals of grace,

or scratch with the turkeys
 on bugs of begrudge.


Think galactic. Dance local.


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