2022 Great Turn-Around Series

It’s that time of year. A time for good cheer.
Beyond all the messages that traumatize
and monetize are those that ring clear.


The Christ Mass Spirit Up-Rising

  It may sound trite that all our trials and
tribulations were foreordained for this
 time of Revelations… but our future is
 not ‘etched in stone’. Mankind still has
   free will to overcome or succumb to the
sinister dark-side of divisive dystopia.

A Golden Age Is Inbound Folks!

Our future is more glorious than most
can even imagine.

So Keep the Faith – See the Good
And Make it So!

Dec 10, 2022 / Heartcom Network

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Since the Full Moon Compendium was published
on Wednesday, I’ve added four videos and
more infographics and article links
who shared them.

A lot of BIG EVENTS this last week
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We are ALL waking up together
Some waking more than others

This is the prelude to today’s newsletter.

The Enormity of What Is Coming
Will Shock the Entire World
So Prepare Mentally to
Mitigate Shock!”

This red pill of ‘reality therapy’ may be
hard to swallow, but it sure beats
blue pill ‘paradigm paralysis’
and victim dictum that is
Stuck In Negativity’.

There are major developments behind
    the scenes that are NOT being reported
  in lamestream media. That’s changing
    with major Internet exposures requiring
  the propaganda press to respond with
    more dis-info or accusations of dis-info.

 This is ‘Info-War’ for hearts and minds;
 fearless faith versus faithless fear and
 Whole Truth versus the Orwellian Lie.

When a man who is honestly mistaken
hears the truth,
he will either cease being mistaken,
or cease being honest.”

~ Currency of Conscience    

This is the ‘test that’s best’ for global
 Evolution Revolution Revelations.

  The Full Moon compendium focused on
    the systemic problem with corrupt media
   programming us with the Grand Illusion
  to invert-subvert the Great Awakening.

"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those
who falsely believe they are free.
The truth has been kept from
the depth of their minds
  by masters who rule
 them with lies.
They feed them on falsehoods till
looks like right in their eyes."

~ Johann Goethe


F L A S H B A C K:
   Corbett Report 2010

From 2010: This week on The Corbett Report we try to break out of the box by exposing the government/PR/media nexus for what it is. For decades, scientifically-crafted techniques have been employed to shape our ideas and perceptions. Today billions of dollars are spent each year trying to get you to think, act, talk and dress in proscribed ways...and it is as successful as ever. 

D i s i n f o r m a t i o n  N a t i o n
For example, the following article is censored in
lamestream media for rather obvious reasons:

Int'l Blood Bank for the Unvaccinated
has been Formed with Members
from at Least 16 countries
Dec 1, 2022 / The Gateway Pundit
Demand for "Pure Blood" Skyrockets 


The battleground is consensus of the swarm... and your mind:
Welcome to Fifth Generation (Information) Warfare
12-12-2022 / Robert W Malone MD, MS

Congratulations. As we approach 2023, you are now completing and have survived the third year of the largest, most globally coordinated psychological warfare operation in the history of mankind. During this period, on a daily basis, you have experienced the US Government and many western nations deploying highly refined, military-grade fifth generation warfare technologies against their own citizens. For those who have avoided the jabs which are neither safe nor effective, you deserve a medal for your ability to see through the fog of information warfare. Those, like me, who trusted the FDA and took the initial jabs only to suffer the adverse effects of same, perhaps a purple heart for being wounded in battle. For the millions of battlefield dead, the excess mortality documented by Ed Dowd and so many others, a moment of silent mourning is in order. ~ Dr. Malone

Trapped in a Reality Show Directed by Psychopaths
Dec 2, 2022 / TheBurningPlatform.com

EXCERPT: Since March 2020 we have been trapped in a dystopian reality show based on lies, deception, and fake narratives about a weaponized virus created in a lab funded by Anthony Fauci and utilized to further the totalitarian Great Reset agenda of Schwab, Gates and their ilk, while maximizing the profits of Pfizer, TV networks and filling the pockets of politicians, shills, and apparatchiks willing to sellout the people of our country for thirty pieces of silver.


Note to all Heartcom Communicants:
Freely Given – Freely Share

Pay it forward – pass it on – network freely
and graciously contribute to Christ Mass
Awakening over global holiday.


Claim the Victory of Christ Mass Up-Rising;
The Whole Truth that is increasingly
making the Big Lie obsolete.

Celebrate the Global rEVOLUTION Process:
The 2022 Great Turn-Around.

 And for those initiates who appreciate
  a deep dive into high level revelations,
check out this alarming information in
the ‘BELIEVE IT OR NOT’ category:


Dec 6, 2022 / SG ANON
   This shocking truth – for some of you –
 may be considered ‘far out’ as when
the COVID scam and false flag hoax
  was first reported almost 3 years ago;

  COVID’ was a pre-planned operation,
  and the code acronym for the psy-op:
Certificate Of Vaccination I.D.

   Got that folks! It was never about a virus.
   That was just the terror tactic cover story
    to compel subservience to digital tyranny
    with a digital I.D., digital passports, and a
      digital currency for a global digital control
   system of surveillance and tracking with
   the nefarious
‘Social Credit System’ that
    Big Tech pioneered in
Communist China.


  Must Watch Trailer and Documentary:
  2022 / DebunkProductions.com


I have been reporting on this for years
while sharing the emerging blueprint
for a global Aquarian Golden Age
with systemic ‘
TLC’ solutions:

The Aquarian Mandate Revisited

   Mankind has free will so anything is possible.
This is the first principle of true Sovereignty
under ‘
Universal-Cosmic Law of the Angles
  (sacred geometry for
mind congruence), and
Universal Language of Angels of
(Aquarian frequencies of
heart coherence).

Universal Sovereignty is our divine destiny
of, by and for global representation of all
‘US’ as All-connected global Netizens;

United Sovereigns of Earth.


This is a bare-bones synopsis of the Aquarian
Prime Directive Mandate:
 More ‘Light’ –
Universal Light Language;
   More ‘Love’ –
Universal Heart Coherence
    of, by & for Global Mind Congruence;
  More Light-Love-in-actionHoly Spirit;
   More Social Conscience via TeLeComm-
Unity in Diversity – REAL Communities
of the
Holy Spirit of -in-action
- Global TeLeComm and TeLeCare -
Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.

And in the larger scheme of unveiled
Merry Christ Mass Conscience!

We’re not quite there yet folks, but the
Christmas Angels are giving us a
glimpse of Spirit that matters
for the Great Awakening
of hearts and minds
with birthing of

Forging the Foundation of Aquarian
with Mass Mediation Modalities for Raising
Net Reality Standards for Global Netizens.

Look to SEE… Know to BE
Geometric Ordered Divinity;   

Pure Geometry Thoughtforms
  (G.O.D.~ Constitution),
   for Effective Sensory Perception
   via interactive TeLeCommunion:
TeLeComm for TeLeCommunity,
TeLeConscienceTeLeCare and
TeLeCommerce economy.

Full Spectrum 5D 'TLC' Enlightenment:
First Principles of the Aquarian Mandate;
Upgrading Five Core Netizen Freedoms;
Networking for Net Worth of Net Reality;
Universal Interface / Global Community;
Creative Ascension Process: CAPstone: 

Exceptional Inspirational Video:

Dec 7, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
    David Christopher Lewis gives a discourse on the daily
striving to be an instrument of God's blessings to life
     through gifts of the Holy Spirit as brings us crystal clear
  consciousness to gradually become a temple of God.


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