2022 Great Turn-Around Series

April 11, 2022
  Spiritual and Psych Warfare:
What We Can Do About it.

"In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a
 revolutionary act."
~ George Orwell

As during the American Revolution, only about 1-3% of global Netizens are actively involved in the online rEVOLUTION in higher consciousness. But that 1-3% has a sphere of influence with the 20% who do 80% of networking on the Internet.

This is the enlightened self interest that networks for the Net worth of Net reality with a more enlightened social conscience in our all-connected global social networks...

with mind-blowing revelations:
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Coherent Congruence

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   Saturday's Cosmic Show
  interviewing a messenger of the
Ascended Masters.

The 'initiates' who often read my weekly 'Reality Reports' are AWARE - and AWAKE - already.  They know we're in the 'End Times'. That’s end game for horrendous evil on planet Earth. And a time of greater tribulations ahead if more people don’t wake up, wise up and rise up.

Most good people know something is very wrong with global events, but can't wrap their head around the abject evil behind the Armageddon scenarios of Plague (Covid), War (Ukraine), Famine (food scarcity), and Death (depopulation agenda).

Good people keep the faith - see the good,
rather than focus on dark-side evil reality.

It's true - the kind man of God-Love SEES God-Love in all mankind. For sure, it's important that we hold the immaculate concept of victory over dark forces of death and hell on Earth.

But let's not be naive. Forewarned is fore-armed.

Watch the following VIDEO OF THE YEAR. It's that important. Just published yesterday. Mind-blowing revelations. Know the REAL enemy. Pray fervently for divine intercession. Network far and wide. Time to turn-around the downward spiral.

April 11, 2022 / Stew Peters / Dr. Ardis

  As you can see, this is serious.
  Spiritual warfare is in our face.
 This warfare programs public 
psychology - what to think -  
with 'FEAR'...
  False Evidence Appearing Real
via incessant fear-porn media
  that stimulates the 'R-complex'
(lower Reptilian brain),
   short-circuiting the upper brain
     and higher mental discernment.

Now's the time to 'out the enemy',
unveiling the 'energy veil' (e-veil)
that cloaks the great deception.

Calling all lightbearers, lightweavers,
lightservers and lightworkers...
Light and .

Lightbearers raise the vibration of Earth's evolutions with resurrection frequencies of peace, joy and the Holy Spirit of Love-in-action.

Lightweavers focus pure intention on universal law language as weaves the fabric of reality with 1st principles of 'Cosmic Law'.

Lightservers empower wisdom with -in-action as balances one's 3-fold flame in the name of the same Spirit that matters on Earth as in heaven-cosmos at large.

Lightworkers fulfill the 'Great Law' (Prime Directive) with pure intention focusing attention on love retention for conscious ascension in the 5th dimension of full-spectrum comprehension.

DO what the poor in Spirit
   are not able or willing to do:

1- Spiritual discernment
           Spirit that matters above all;
      Is it true, right and kind?

2- Mental 'adjudication'
       Higher mental judgment;
       Coherent Congruence.

 3- Physical -in-action
     Integration of vision, virtue
     and valor for the victory of
       worldwide resurrection with
        the Aquarian Spirit of global
       unity in diversity for all 'US'
        United Sovereigns of Earth.


 Charge up your 'ruby rayguns'.
Target the core evil-doers.
And have a blast!
 (Set to stun - take them alive
   for Nuremberg 2.0 trials)

 The sincere prayer of pure
  intention is not seldom the
    prelude of divine revelation
  and 'cosmic adjudication'.

  Know better to do better, or dimwit 'default'
   rules via '3D egoic pride' (willful ignorance)
   under influence by lamestream media 'BS'
   (Belief System), as programmed with fear,
  depressing the Spirit, telling us lie after lie
   that calls evil 'good' - "safe and effective" -
 but is evil and dangerous if not deadly.

So Keep the Faith - See the Good
with Aquarian Models for a
Global Golden Age:

April 9, 2022 / HeartsCenter.org
   Interviewing David Christopher Lewis, author and
   spiritual teacher.  David is the co-founder of the   
   Hearts Center community which has a very active
Internet platform, broadcasting free for all daily.
    David receives up-to-date, cutting-edge messages
    from the ascended masters for today's conditions
     and spiritual requirements. David and Christopher
  discuss the newest Hearts Center publication of 
 Mother Mary's Messages: Holiness, Healing and
   Hope for the New Age, plus many current issues.

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