2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

The Source Field and Quantum Quickening

5D Shift from Deep State to High State

- Comprehending the Cosmic Law of the Angles
   framed around
Heart Language of the Angels;
 - The concept of inner 'deep query and listening'
for culturing ‘
Effective Sensory Perception’;
 - Tuning in to a process of Quantum Quickening
for navigating the InnerNet via Revelations.

Wiki-Rudy Bio

The Field… the sole governing agent of
   each particle of matter.”
~ Albert Einstein

Sombrero Galaxy, similar to our own

    As I’ve documented profusely over the last decade,
   the technology for the InnerNet has evolved with a
 universal interactive interface from cyberspace to
'inner space'Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.

      This is the natural evolution of the computer/Internet
          revolution from hardware (IBM), software (Microsoft)
    and netware (Netscape) to heartware (Web 3.0).

 It's natural that a systemic shift in our Net reality
– from Internet to InnerNet –
   would seriously challenge the deeply entrenched
 ‘normalcy bias’ that resists change to new ways
of thinking and acting outside the ‘normal’ box. 

  Keep in mind that ‘normal’ is what a higher state
     calls ego – the little mind – as filters or otherwise
 constrains the big mind (collective conscience,
 akashic records, source field, G.O.D. zone, etc.).

 Ego is like everyone’s 3D comfort zone.
Beyond ego is 4-5D paradigm shift

"It is the ego that maintains the separation, 
the soul that knows better, and the 
divinity that calls us home."
Christine Page, M.D.

Practical visionaries, cultural creatives and servant leaders focus on solutions. Pure intention focuses attention to make you part of the solution - love retention for ascension - rather than filled with reprehension of the ego as part of the problem that wants to maintain its brand of ‘normalcy’.

Historical Advance to a New Normal

Back in 2014, for the first time, there were more people
getting their news online from open & interactive social
    media - like Twitter, Facebook, newsgroups, blogs, etc. -  

 than from the "closed" (one-way) and highly "controlled"
(scripted) corporate media interests of corporatocracy. 
A new normal for our ‘Net reality’ is maturing.
   A majority is now dealing with not only our new capability
  for enlightened conscience to prevail, but also the reality
  of massive manipulation of the mass media ‘mass mind’
to create and manage terror, war and disease for profit;
fear porn to manipulate human and global resources with
self-evident population-reduction intent in the process.

Net reality makes scripted fake news obsolete.
  True history is being revealed for the Family of Mankind 
thanks to our new instant-everywhere-interactive I-net
search-and-find capabilities, (also on the InnerNet).

The voice of conscientious common sense is emerging
 in support of the process of global conscious evolution 
that will most likely culture our individual and collective
consciousness with intent for enlightened conscience.
“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”
~ Chief Architect of the Constitution, James Madison


What all people have in common, for unity-in-diversity
  is more important than the divide-to-control perversity
 of power elite potentates plundering public prosperity
   while socializing public losses with systemic austerity.

The central bank cartel profits from debt creation
with financial control of the ‘corporatocracy’ that
  profits from their “golden rule” for the plutocracy;
that he who has the gold ($’s) makes the rules
 which make a mockery of what was democracy.

With the Source Field light surging
  the dark-side Deep State is purging,
   and a High State is now emerging as
   the judgment on 3D ego intelligence.

  Why is common sense uncommon? The most powerful
  special interests in the worldly world - corporatocracy -
have a vested interest in obfuscating the whole truth.

 And why is that? Quite simply, it would be the end of 
 the military-industrial complex for endless war profits.
  Plus end of the medical-industrial complex for pounds
  of treatment rather than ounces of holistic prevention.

There's no profit in peace and health for the complex
that makes a killing - literally - on war and disease.

  This is the biggest conspiracy of our time. The Big Lie
    has become so BIG and so bold and so often told that
 evil as an 'energy veil' obscures the 'Whole Truth' of
 the ordained High State Power of Love that naturally
   neutralizes the Deep State's inordinate love of power.

Deep Fakes of the Deep State:
The CIA's Mission Accomplished?

(If this video is censored by the Deep State,
  see also on
/ DTube / Minds.com)
August 27, 2019 / CorbettReport.com

Ex-CIA Director William Casey infamously observed that the agency will know its disinformation campaign is complete when everything the public believes is false. Well, rest easy, Bill! Now with deep fake technology, your perverse dream of everything being fake could become a nightmare... if we don't wake up from the grand illusion the Deep State has created.

Deep Fakes - Real Consequences


April 28, 2018 / ColdFusion

We now have a clear choice folks! 

Deep Fakes of the Deep State
New Normal as a High State.

That's why Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics
is an idea that is very timely for upgrade of
Five Core Internet Freedoms:
Culturing Net reality as social conscience
in global interactive social networks with:

  - Framing the inear 3D ego-matrix of thought
        with universal Light Language as evaluation
  criteria for a global interactive interface:

We are what we think, having become
 what we thought; so it behooves us to
      be conscious of HOW we are conscious

- Orienting the nonlinear spherical 5-D spirit of
     heart coherence as a real-time standard for
     culturing intuitive discernment that matters:
     We are what we believe, having become
     what we believed; so pay attention with
         pure intention for retention of coherence.

- Co-Creating with synergy in the 3-fold trinity
         of Power () and Wisdom () with Love ()
        ‘in time’ (4D) via interactive balance criteria:
We are what we think, feel & believe, having
      become what we thought, felt and believed;
       so balance the equation with co-creation.

- Integrating the multi-dimensional - -
         components to the four-sided CAPstone ()
    to activate the ‘Creative Ascent Process’.

We are what we DO, having become what
we DID; so have a check up from the
neck up for CAPstone ascension.

This Conscience Currency
is dedicated to the
 One Eye


"To understand the nature of God, it is necessary only to know
the nature of love itself.  To truly know love is to know and 
understand God; and to know God is to understand love."

~ Dr. David R. Hawkins, "
The Eye of the I" (pg. 88)

Full Spectrum
 Global TeLeCare,


From Dystopia to Enlightenment
Predictive Modeling for an Optimal Future

  WHAT?  Conscious Evolution Future Scenarios.
           Evolutionary Ascent is a CHOICE.
    WHO? The Family of Mankind in a Global Village.
            'US' as 'United Sovereigns of Earth'.
    HOW? Culturing Conscientious Common Sense.
         Web 3.0 Heartware CyberEthics.
   WHY?  It's Better to Know Better and Do Better.
       The 2019 Global rEVOLUTION.
WHEN? The Gift as 'the Present' is Best of All. 
           The Aquarian Mandate Manifests!

The Global Heartware Project
Culturing Universal Rights in the Public Sphere of
 instant-everywhere and interactive 'Net reality'.

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