The 2017 ‘Big Shift’ Series

 On Dec. 13th 2016, I published the article,
Seven Characteristics of Mass Ascension
 which includes multiple embedded videos.
 This article provides ‘signs’ of those times.

Nine Signs of Ascending Times

1- Mass awakening due to unseen and largely unknown energies
Just as global communications now include fiber optics that channel laser light as a carrier wave embedded with thousands of video, audio and text messages, so it is that the quantum field of the universe is self regulating with carrier waves of ‘photonic light’ (gamma rays) that are embedded with the codes for Earth changes, DNA changes, and conscious evolution on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large. The codes are the cause-and-core genesis of global enlightenment at this time.
2- Quantum reality recognizes the ‘United State’ of Things
In the larger scheme of the Unified Source Field, the quantum universe ‘kingdom of heaven’ is within us. This is the instant-everywhere-interactive ‘InnerNet’ as the '
United State' of connection between every atomic nucleus ‘sun’ in every body part and the Great Central Sun of our galaxy. This ‘quantum entanglement’ governs the laws and language of Universal Sovereignty- the ‘gold standard’ for quantum reality. This is the golden ratio heart coherence factor for mind congruent discernment of Natural Law re: "G.O.D." (Geometric Ordered Divinity) – the fractal-geometric “order of the universe” (spiritual geometry) as governs quantum fields, brain waves and the destiny of humanity. The ‘cosmic timing’ of this ascent of the ‘Quantum Age’ is aligned with the deep space energies of ‘Aquarius’ – that sector of Cosmos that corresponds to the current galactic alignment of our solar system on the cusp of the next 2000+ year phase of the Precession of the Equinox.

Two minute computer animation of the 'Precession of the Equinox'
3- The rise and domination of the Internet for global news
Thanks to our new ‘Net reality’, billions of global Netizens are networking in social networks and by-passing fake news programming (propaganda) in the previously ‘mainstream’ corporate media. To the extent of paradigm shift that divests from the old paradigm of centralized, top-down, one-way media programming – and invests in the new paradigm of decentralized interactive communication – Net reality will mature rapidly with a web 3.0 platform for mass-to-mass interaction. Natural checks and balances with enlightened social conscience will culture homeostasis for healing adjustment to the accelerated rate of change in our global village of instant-everywhere and interactive Internet capabilities.

4- General enlightenment of social conscience in social networks.
There are now 1.8 billion active users of Facebook worldwide, and about 4 billion people worldwide are interacting in social networks. This recent phenomena is rapidly culturing consciousness of HOW we are conscious as a whole… with social conscience sacred as the whole truth. 

“Conscience is the most sacred of all property.” ~ James Madison, chief architect of the Constitution
As thus does social conscience represent collective discernment of truth in media. This includes perception of deception – the judgment on the Big Lie of fake news propagated by corrupt cabals of moneyed power whose time is short and corruption is acting out for control.
5- The business of evolution is redefining the evolution of business
With a businessman now the President of the United States, the whole world is watching how the business of global communications and commerce will define win/win cooperation between the U.S. and the world – or by default – the divisive win/lose conflict that isolates the U.S. to the extent that it resists the new paradigm of decentralized power shift with our five core 'Net reality' freedoms. Thanks to the Internet, the whole world now knows of the opportunity for upgrade of global business through the ordained business of evolution with systemic paradigm shift – The Business of Paradigms [video].
The current drama of our new Net reality paradigm explains much of the chaos in the media. Witness all the conflict creation through media programmed cognitive dissonance, distress, 'dis-ease' and dysfunction; classic paradigm paralysis known as "siege mentality" which gets very narrow-minded and contentious.
Two videos that help make sense of current media chaos and confusion are HERE and for a Steve Pieczenik update HERE.

6- The recycling of specific knowledge to empower general wisdom
The Information Age has rapidly matured with millions of independent ‘Netizen Journalists’ originating articles and videos for billions of global Netizens. The groundswell of knowledge power in the Net roots of humanity has liberated the same spark of ‘Common Sense’ that ignited the ‘freedom flame’ behind the American Revolution. But now it’s a global affair and EVOLUTION is 90% of the computer/Internet REVOLUTION that is fulfilling the intent of U.S. Founders for all of ‘US’ as United Sovereigns of Earth. This is the natural trajectory of the instant-everywhere and interactive Internet as matures with ‘cyberEthics’ mediating the instant-everywhere and interactive ‘InnerNet’.
"The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. We have it in our power to  begin the world over again."
Founding Father Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776
7- New ‘currency’ emerging to refine the ‘Next Global Economy’
Global economic reset is now in process behind the scenes, and many people are aware that Mainstreet America has been asset-stripped by Wall Street, so there is naturally much skepticism, fear and doubt that there will be more of the same. This is the challenge of deep-rooted paradigm paralysis that resists and resents paradigm shift opportunity when it is staring us in the face.
Much of the chaos witnessed in media is in fact divisive conflict between the new paradigm of cooperation and the old paradigm of ownership and control by Big Banks interlocked with Big Media and Big War interests of the military-security complex. Because of the Internet, Big Media can no longer sustain the false narrative of 9-11 and the terror for tyranny tactics since then. The ‘unreality bubbles’ are bursting with disruption of corruption that can no longer sustain the old paradigm.
The new paradigm of global Net reality is thus emerging to define and refine the 'gold standard' for global civility - the ‘Currency of Conscience’ that cultures paradigm shift to win/win co-creation of an optimal future for all of 'US' as 'United Sovereigns'.
This is why enlightened investors worldwide are divesting from old paradigm businesses and investing in new paradigm businesses.
8- Global holistic healing capabilities are going mainstream
The Internet has unveiled the cover-up of many cures for cancer as well as the cover-up by those profiting from the creation and treatment of cancer and virtually all diseases. Good information on the Internet has matured with the current capability to provide free online self-care service for the analysis, prevention and management of all disease.
Global holistic TeLeCare capability could be fulfilled for everyone in the world within one term of the Trump administration. This act of good will – true care – would upgrade universal health freedoms to own our own lives. And in the process, the United States can clearly show the world that Trump is making good on his promise to transition Obamacare with an exquisite paradigm shift to health sovereignty with 'well-informed choice' for healing the health care crisis in America and worldwide.
9- The rise of the ‘Divine Feminine’ as East meets West
The principle of the 'Divine Feminine' is the inclusive and nurturing aspect of outwardly patriarchal civilization. This is the intrinsic virtue of social conscience that is on the rise - as above, so below and left-hemisphere to right. It is the spirit of cooperative co-creation that nurtures what is best for all, socially, politically and economically. As thus has conscientious common sense in our social networks become the ‘currency’ that checks and balances those self-serving special interests that have a vested interest in profit and power without Constitutional principle.
This paradigm shift to cooperative communication coordination is matriculating the matrix of deeply entrenched patriarchal institutions that have been more interested in command-and-control ownership rather than a more enlightened understanding of 5-D Conscience (United Sovereignty) that raises the standard of service-to-others as the highest expression of the 'Divine Feminine'.

The integration of these 'Nine Signs' is
the Big Shift to CAPstone Conscience
(Creative Ascent Process)

Understanding this systemic global paradigm shift is easy enough for an intelligent teenager if explained correctly. There is naturally a unity consciousness emerging in our global village with our new Net reality.
What we're witnessing on the global stage now is a resurgence of the same flame of freedom and opportunity that liberated the American colonies from tyranny. That was a HUGE paradigm shift as is global liberation from divisive dysfunction now.

The old world order is disintegrating with paradigm paralysis, and a wholly new paradigm shift is integrating with 'TLC' at the heart of a universal interface for interactive TeLeComm that cultures TeLeCommunity, TeLeConscience, TeLeCare and TeLeCommerce.
This Emerging Blueprint for a Golden Age is thus at core a community building process at all levels, locally and globally. Unity-in-diversity is the natural trajectory of our core Net reality freedoms that value cooperation more than conflict.
For those enlightened 'Community Builders' who comprehend The Business of Paradigms (video), and have studied the 'bible' of community building -- Dr. Scott Peck's 'A World Waiting to Be Reborn: Civility Rediscovered' -- you will appreciate the wisdom taught by both perspectives. That includes the long-proven reality that the last stage of paradigm shift into REAL community - for any social, political or economic community - is typically chaos and confusion. So we're getting close folks!

The Family of Mankind has arrived at the same point as other planetary civilizations who have evolved throughout Cosmos to join the alliance of sovereign planets under the 'Council of Worlds' governing this sector of the Universe. Earth has been largely quarantined from interaction until we get our act together - cessation of violent power abuse - with our own unique self-governing model so we can truly say, "We did it ourselves", without intervention telling us what to do.
This has everything to do with the 'Prime Directive' of non-interference in emerging global civilizations. We can be given 'hints' as to the cosmic scheme of things via crop circles and new disclosure of the 'Secret Space Program', but achieving unity consciousness of a 'full-spectrum' sovereignty nature does not come easy for a planet and a people at war with themselves.

Continued with
Earth’s Ascent Destiny at This Time


Geometry of the 'Prime Directive' for
Personal∞Planetary Ascension
with the ‘Four Directions’
to the
5-D ‘Capstone’
as a


~ Take it from the ‘Top’ ~  
 There’s no security without purity.
Pure intention of, by and for the will
G.O.D.~~'Source Field'
is fulfillment of the ‘Prime Directive’
TeLeComm~unity 'co-Creation’;
~ Expand from the ‘Right’ ~
 Eternal progression is a process.
The higher the concept of  
as divine right in the public sphere
KINGdom Conscience), the greater
 the global
TeLeConscience results;
~ Synergy in the ‘Trinity’ ~
   Cooperation optimizes co-Creation.
By defining, combining & refining the
  3-fold Power of Wisdom w/,
the upward-mobile nurturing of ‘TLC’
 optimizes 'Global
TeLeCare' healing;
~ Integral ‘wholEness’ ~
  Co-Creation for Enlightened Life:
The key to integrity in social network
  communities is integration of all the
   'prime time' -in-action keys:
cyberEthics for TeLeCommerce;

The TLC Co-Creation Model for
 Self-Determined Sovereignty

+ =x's 4 =


  In the larger scheme of eternal progression
  there's common law, patterns of perfection,
   and common language for inspired direction
   centering love within... so as we all enter in,
 we find a unity state with a clear mandate:

   either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

There are rules whereby 
Creator's intention

is self-evident to those who
focus attention

within and with all via true 
Love's retention

wising up to rise up; 

conscious ascension

United Sovereigns of Earth;
co-Creation's dimension

: I Am (Affirmation)
: I Can
: I Will (Determination)
: I Do (INtegration)

Full Spectrum TeLeComm

To  with all your strength, mind, heart and soul,
and your all-connected Netizen neighbors as thyself.


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~ 'Dr. Christopher'

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