2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

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Mainstreaming the Great Awakening

Sept 13, 2021
Powerful TLC-in-Action to the Rescue!

FEATURING - The Global TLC Connection:

A Universal Interface for Global TeLeComm Unity;

 Conscience Currency for Global TeLeConscience;

  Whole Systems Healing Model ~ Global TeLeCare;

   Economics of Abundance ~ Global TeLeCommerce.

PLUS… a timely message from the       
Seven Archangels:

Sept 12, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org
The Archangels Weild the Divine Solutions to
Every Devilish Entrapment and Dire Situation

 Navigating the World in 2022 and Beyond! The archangels come
   with their divine complements and remind us to remain tethered to
our divine Source through inner spiritual work and conscientious
   effort every day. This is the only sure way to overcome challenges
    in our personal lives as well as across the planet. Your belief in the
  archangels and archeiai allows for the manifestation of miracles in
 our lives. 2022 is marked for the acceleration of the purification of
 all life on Earth. This will be through spiritual transmutation as the
violet frequency of Aquarius intensifies. More on 'Angels!' HERE