2021 Aquarian Spring Prelude Series

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Crisis of Compassion in the Medical Field

Mainstreaming the Great Awakening

The Great Awakening of Unity in Diversity,
also known as the
Cocreation Ascent Process'

is lifting the veil on the 5D

by a messenger of ‘The Messenger’

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the Master Kuthumi

   Accelerated evolutionary ascent of global
  commences via Great Awakening of our
 individual and collective consciousness
with OPEN SYSTEMS of TeLeComm
 that upgrade
Five Core Net Freedoms
 for a unity field of ‘US’ global ‘Netizens'
United Sovereigns of Earth).

  As thus does Aquarian education of the heart
empower- wisdom- with love- of a
full-spectrum enlightened- nature.

As the Aquarian Light of Cosmic surges,
it naturally neutralizes (purges) mass psychosis
 (PTSD) as fear-based 'SIN' (Stuck In Negativity)
that disconnects from the healthy~holistic~holy
 '3-Fold Great Spirit' of fearless faith-empowered

This is a global 'Jonah at Nineveh' event folks!

Either we all hang together with love of the Truth, 
  or most assuredly, the divisive Deep State dialectic
will have us all 'hanging separately' (self isolating)
under lockdown, for our health & safety of course.

~ paraphrase of Ben Franklin quote

There's no healing the Covid Mass Psychosis
until we come out of denial of the 9-11 PTSD
  that gives up freedom for safety and normalcy
  until lack of freedom and safety is normalized.


Sept 8, 2021 / CorbettReport.com
 Everything you ever wanted to know about the
9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes!   

20 Years Of Government-Sponsored Tyranny:
Sept 10, 2021 / Rutherford.org
The Rise Of The Security-Industrial Complex
 From 9/11 To COVID-19

The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19


May 6, 2020 / Mikki Willis


How the Plandemic Illusion - like 9-11 -
is Fabricated and Sustained with Fear

Sept 8, 2021 / Jon Rappoport
 This article is based on my study and investigation of
so-called 'epidemics' over the past 30 years. Here,  
I'm laying out the pattern. It is virtually the same for 
 each fake epidemic. This is West Nile, SARS, Swine
Flu, Zika, writ large.
COVID is a fraud from top to 
bottom. From beginning to end
And of course the COVID vaccine is massively       
  destructive. I include this illustration to indicate there
are, indeed, ways of exposing professional liars, if  
  you change the venue on them, use common sense,
and stand outside their self-appointed temples of   
mystical pretense and observe what their lies look  
like when you boil them down to human terms.       


 Common sense is uncommon, and the most powerful
  special interests in the world have a vested interest in
keeping it that way. And since the 'Great Awakening'
  dissipates dystopian darkness, an attitude of gratitude
  honors the universal love of truth and truth of .

Sept 3, 2021 / Dr. Simone Gold
What if you were a frontline doctor who tried to warn
her country that we are all being lied to...
and that people don't have to die.

The Dangerous, Ineffective 'Vaccine'
by Dr. Simone Gold

Jan 26, 2021 / www.AFLDS.com
"Straight talk from a courageous soul" ~CR

August 2021 / Dr. Carrie Madej
Dr. Carrie clearly explains the power elite agenda
 with the new vaxx 'gene therapy' to tranform all of
humanity into AI programmable cyborgs by 2030.

 As we move into the new Aquarian Quantum Age,
the old medical paradigm based on the treatment
 of disease is resisting the new paradigm based on
  quantum energies of health for preventing disease.

It's time to embrace our quantum future with
the abundant frequency of heart coherence 
as in 'frequently'... for mental congruence: 

Continued at:
Our Five Core Constitutional Freedoms Updated:
Quantum Reset Upgrade - a Universal Interface
for Global Mass-to-Mass Interactive Net Reality



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Bonus for those who have read this far:

Sept 1, 2021 / HeartsCenter.org
The ascended master Kuthumi offers us the qualities of compassion,
  understanding and peace, saying that to have these divine virtues we
must first integrate honor and integrity with the higher Self through   
   righteous living. Kindness is a reflection of love, which helps to diffuse
 conflict. He speaks about the angelic beings and wondrous impact of
   their beautiful voices and the light of their being upon us. Experiencing
    the virtues is a sacred and holy time of communion with the divine. The
 resting place of the Holy Spirit is in the pauses between thoughts and
 experience which brings us into greater harmony with God. Healing is
     thus found in these moments, especially when attuned to God in nature.