2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

The Last Frontier – Inner Space 

A compendium of articles and videos
exploring the last frontier:
 The Inner Realm of Transformative Alchemy

Navigating the vast uncharted realm
of quantum oneness; the unified
'Source Field' and 'Inner Net'
(the brain field holodeck)
between your ears!
Intro to the Sphere Being Alliance.

 We are in the universe
and the universal
“kingdom of heaven”
is within us.


 The global instant-everywhere and interactive
 Internet is an externalization of the Inner Net,
    also known as the Source Field or just Source.

Quantum science has explored ‘The Field’,
and a new Quantum Reality is emerging.  

The revolution in higher consciousness
that we’ve all been waiting for is now
refining and combining our
individual and collective gifts and
  talents with a meritocracy model
 for our evolutionary ascent with
   full spectrum common sense:
   The public SPHERE of freedom
 for the Family of Mankind in a
GLOBAL village of Internet- 
cooperative communications
culturing the common sense
of ‘US’:
United Sovereigns of Earth.

The spherical consciousness that is
truly spiritual is now emerging with
a holistic
and holographic meme
represented in the circle~‘O’;
the archetype of, by & for
the Law of One as the
Spirit that matters.

 Note that there are five circles of
various sizes and ‘framing’ with
 pure geometry LOVE language:

 Consider that the nonlinear sphere
 has no beginning and has no end.
It is all-connectedwell-rounded
in the infinite-eternal here & now:

Spherical consciousness represents
BEING, as in BE IN God,
or ‘Source’, Spirit of Love, etc.

The Sphere Being Alliance is actually
a cosmic alliance of spiritual beings
from across the universe, which is
so vast that humans rarely if ever
wrap their head around universe
without cosmic consciousness.

If you haven’t ever heard of the
 Sphere Being Alliance, you can
be assured it’s because of the
intent of Deep State interests
that would prefer to keep us
in the dark – nothing to see
that might 'snap us out if it'
(the Grand Illusion).

I know this is a stretch for those
who are barely aware of the
Secret Space Program,
but check this out… 

Intro to the Sphere Being Alliance:

 And for another one in the

 category, check this out:

Is Fake Science and Fake News Killing us?

September 2, 2019 / Zack Harris
9 minute proof that government poisons you
with fluoride
. More on fluoride HERE.

Feature Article on the Last Frontier:

An exploration of Inner Space

This exceptional video is also at


May 15, 2019 / BuddhaAtTheGasPump
Interview with Michael Pollan and Chris Bache;
“Ordinary” Spirituality Awakening People

Mass Ascension Portents:

  Ascension Currents are Surging;
Systemic Ignorance is Purging;
TeLeComm is Emerging:
   Prospects Encouraging.

Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Yard by yard it’s hard.


 There are levels and degrees of
full spectrum enlightenment as
is achieved - little by little - with
conscientious common sense.

At the highest level, you know
 everything is in divine order
 with a pure geometry frame of
 reference for the fractal order
of the holographic universe.
Whatever you want to know
at this level, you just know;
Effective Sense Perception. 

We are in the universe and
the ‘Source Field’ is in us. 

   At a parallel level – but with a
  different spectral attainment,
the higher mental body can
 visualize the highest concept
  of ‘cosmic law’ (divine order)
 as first principles of
   for organizing all information
   IN FORMATION (geometry).

  Law of the Angles of 'G.O.D.';
Geometric Ordered Divinity

 At this same level – but with a more
  empathic spectral attainment – “EQ”
(Emotional Intelligence), the higher
emotional body resonates with the
   frequency of
heart coherence as the
  gold standard for mind congruence.

Language of the Angels of ;
heart of 5D 'G.O.D.~'
(kind men among mankind)

as full-spectrum intelligence
will naturally neutralize negativity
that censors truth-telling and
the champions of truth.

A Warning from Julian Assange:
“All of us are in danger.”

Sept 3, 2019 /
RT News Network
John Pilger delivers warning from Julian Assange

Let’s get real folks. How about some love for
authentic truth-tellers who represent us!  

   All of our social, political and economic problems
     are resolved with the cooperative paradigm for our
   personal and planetary win/win. All the insanity in
humanity we now see is a purging of pathology in
       the dark-side Deep State that can no longer sustain
  false-flags, fake news and power elite corruption
in the face of surging enlightenment worldwide.

“If the shadows appear to be getting darker,
it’s because the light that casts them is
getting brighter.”
 ~ Daniel Pinchbeck

The global crisis now:

The Diabolical Divide-to-Conquer Dialectic
Of Pathological Bi-Polar Political Parties

The Political Parties Are An Illusion Designed To
"Relegate The Governed To The Level Of Cattle"


Is it true that this is the ‘darkness’ now purging
 with the light of enlightenment now surging?

   Are you aware that it is often darkest before the
  dawn of mass enlightenment REVELATIONS?

Would you agree that the more you ‘awaken’
the less you desire 'in-the-box' mass illusion?

Being well rounded with global sensibilities is a challenge
in a world of linear, left-brain, ‘letter of the law’ limitations.

So what does an enlightened upgrade of
global TeLeComm look like?

The 2019 Heartware Launch
and Genesis Project

Codes for Global TeLeComm

  Pure intention~  focusing attention~
love’s retention~ for ascension~
     in the
I Am Sphere of full comprehension.

 So step into the Circle of WholEness with
full spectrum Inner
Net enlightenment by
  assembling components to the
- Creative Ascent Process -
as the 'Currency of Conscience' for the

This Conscience Currency
is dedicated to the
 One Eye


Full Spectrum TeLeComm

with all your heart, mind and strength,
and our global Netizen neighbors as thy Self.

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~ Christopher