2019 Global rEVOLUTION Series

You Are the Masterpiece
You've Waited For
 This is the time when all can shine.
This is no time to bitch and whine.
   I've always said it wouldn't be easy,
 and I've shown you I'm not sleazy.
 So give me a break, it's get'n late,
 and your mastery is easy-peezy...
It's like learning to use a smart phone.
It's easy once you know how.
But hard when you don't.

- The Lost Code and Hero Archetype;
 - The Greatest Power in the Universe;
 - The Master's Key to Wise Dominion;
 - The Holy Spirit of -in-action;
  - The Vision, Virtue, Valor and Victory.
June 3, 2019 / New Moon in Gemini


Mastery has joy and enthusiasm.

When you love people and have the desire
 to make a profound, positive impact upon
the world, then your mastery lives, and
your masterpiece becomes your life.

And so it is for initiates on the path of

 You know you are On the Path when
you experience such extraordinary
synchronicities that you KNOW
a Higher Power is at work on
Earth as in the Universe.

The higher your INsight re:
The Code, 
the better your OUTlook
with a High State of
(Law of One).

Look to SEE ~ Know to BE
eometric Ordered Divinity.

God has methods: 'Law of the Angles'
that frames the 'Language of Angels'.
(heart coherence).

 This is the 'Alpha to Omega' of the cosmic 'dance'
of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. 

  Affirmation - I Am - inspires confirmation - I Can.
 Determination - I Will - forges integration - I Do.
And hearts & minds are balanced & synergized
with spirit that matters for coherent congruence
in all 'dimensions' of universal

The Law of One - Circle of Wholeness
(in all glyphs);
The Law of Two-in-One for Co-Creation
(polarity, not duality);
The Law of Three-in-One - Holy 'Trinity'
The Law of Four-in-One - 'CAPstone' 
(Creative Ascent Process)

This Conscience Currency
for the Next Economy
is Dedicated to the
 'One Eye Love

Seize the Vision of
the 'High Ground'.

 Whether you know it - or like it - or not...
  you are in the universe and the universe
 ('kingdom of heaven' or 'source field') is
   within you - written in your inward parts.

"In the beginning, God geometrized."
~ Ancient Hermetic Wisdom

  Pure geometry thoughtforms
- The Code -
  provide a universal frame of
reference for personal and
global interaction with the
whole, holistic and holy
at the heart of a universal
for all sovereign
Netizens of Earth.

"In the end, we become what we geometrize."
~ Modern GeoNotes Wisdom
The blueprint for personal
and planetary ascension
  is simple abundance with
   5D in abundance.
A Golden Rule Standard Is Emerging.
General enlightenment is surging.
Positive timelines are merging.
Gross negativity is purging.
And the more information you have,

the greater is the need to get it all
The inner archetype of
  with a thousand faces"
  ~ Joseph Campbell

The real SuperHeroes remember
their soul contracts to fulfill their 
 highest and best service to Earth
  in the image of the 'G.O.D. Code'
   (Geometric Ordered Divinity), and
The Language of the Angels of 
'coherence - our better nature' 
(frequency-of- Code). 

  The manifestation of G.O.D.~
 in form & frequency, as in frequently,
is the process known universally as
"Christed energy is the name some have given the essence of the realm closest to Creator, where souls came into existence when Creator's infinite, eternal unconditional love was expressed as light. This light's vibrations, the ultimate power in all of Creation, is Creator/Creation itself, in which everything that exists throughout the cosmos has its beginning.
"...Christ is oneness with God. It matters not what you call the Supreme Being of this universe, there is no separation of souls from this Being or one from another. The powerful energy of Christ consciousness is throughout this universe."
~ Message from Matthew, May 29, 2019   

"Christhood IS what Christhood DOES."
~ The Ascended Forest Gumption

  The higher the pure intention of G.O.D.~
  with focused attention & retention for ascension,
the greater the results as an authentic cultural
a hero in your own right.

The initiation of the hero is always & all ways
a huge test of fearless faith in the ordained  
Power of Love Code.
  So it helps to AFFIRM one's FAITH as intention,
attention & retention of for ascension
 in the 5th dimension of holistic comprehension
     beyond reprehension; innocense as inner sense.

The Code

- Pure intention / the heart of LOVE;
- Focuses attention / mind of G.O.D;
- for synergy of the trinity in
- the 4-in-1 'portal' (5th dimension
      for conscientious common sense.
Holistic Characteristics of a
Global 5D Shift
From 'Linear 3D' () to 'Nonlinear 5D' ():
From patriarchal values of ownership and control
to matriarchal virtues of
cooperative caring;
From materialistic love of moneyed power
(as pits the powerful against the weak)
To the more spiritual 'Power of Love'
  whereby the meek inherit the Earth
   and conscientious rules.
From - the Synergy in the Trinity
     via Balanced Co-Creation:
  Win-Win transcends win-lose as
highly decentralized Net reality
eclipses the highly centralized
Big Media mass-programming.
To - Holistic Key to Integrity
(integration of keys);
a Creative Ascent Process
for 'CAPstone' Conscience
VISION / TeLeComm.

From dominance by eft-brain inear-ogical 
etter-of-the-aw legislative powers...
 To balance with right-brain nonlinear-intuitive
TeLeComm mediation;
 From Western dominant patriarchal policies
  that bullies the world with military terrorism, 
 To balance with Eastern hemisphere values
that are more holistic and social oriented.
From personalized holistic healing beginning
with free, online Global
   To public-social holistic healing beginning with
 a universal interface for Global
From Web 2.0 platforms of mass interaction for
 culturing our consciousness in social networks
(like Facebook and Linkedin),
 To Web 3.0 platforms for mass-to-mass ascent
    of interactive conscience in our social networks.
Ascension IS what conscious evolution DOES
in the larger scheme of eternal progression.

So Seize the Vision of Virtue and Valor for
the Victory as a Creative Ascent Process:

Assemble the Components to the
CAPstone to Know thy Self
in the image and likeness of
the High State of one's
higher Christ-like 'Self'...
And THEN know the 'enemy' as
 the Deep State 'not Self' (ego).

 As the veil thins and 5D Conscience wins,
 that which is good for one is good for all...
 and the best way to 'float all boats' higher
  is raise the standard of universal
'heartware' as an interactive interface for
 culturing conscience in our personal and
planetary social network communities...
with conscientious common sense.  

This is why I'm running for President of 'US'
as the United Sovereigns of Earth.
Someone had to do it:)
  And my platform for 'US' is simply more TLC:
1- Alpha Infrastructure: Global TeLeComm for
  upgrade of Five Core Internet Freedoms;
Omega Compassion: Global TeLeCare for
free online universal health care for all;
3- The synergy of
TeLeComm and TeLeCare
        will culture
TeLeConscience of a 5D nature;
TeLeCommerce with secure blockchains will
     define the Next Economy with cyberEthics.

Initiating the Genesis Project
[True Genesis - How heals all]

"There's nothing new under the sun" said Solomon the Wise;
just new ways of reframing (geometrizing) universal truths.
"As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be"
translates to different ways of knowing God for different
times within different cultures, different languages, etc.

As thus is the birth of a New Earth merely a
shift to mature unity in our diversity for the
Family of Mankind in our global village.

"Can one generation bind another
and all others in succession forever?
I think not.
The Creator has made the Earth
for the living, not the dead.
A generation may bind itself
as long as its majority continues in life;
when that has disappeared,
another majority is in place,
holding all the powers
their predecessors once held,
and may change their laws and institutions
to suit themselves.
Nothing then is unchangeable
but the inherent and inalienable
rights of man."

- Thomas Jefferson, 1781

Co-Creation is this process of
culturing common sense as
~ Private Rights
~ Public Sphere
~ Co-Operating
~ Synergisticly.

So BE the self mastery you want to SEE
with Geometric Ordered Divinity.
Conceive, Believe and Achieve
The Code
is the key to our self-correcting
self mastery with self-healing and
'self-elevation' (salvation) as
  a self-fulfilling prophecy.
So claim the victory of
to BE the Master's KEY for
more in your life.
Sovereignty IS what DOES.

Establishing the Aquarian

Full Spectrum


Supporting the 2019 rEVOLUTION
  with your/our holistic health:

 Advanced holistic modalities
 for personal/collective health