September 15, 2015 / Heartcom Network

Global Enlightenment Timeline Acceleration

 We’re seeing a shift in frequencies of Earth and consciousness,
 a global shift reset of the world’s currencies and financial order,
    a systemic shift to instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality,
     a profound shift from Internet cyberspace to InnerNet innerspace,
   and an unprecedented shift to global freedom and opportunity to
   raise the standard of civility, health and prosperity for all of “
United Sovereigns of Earth.
The last time this happened was the 2000 year rise of
‘mythical’ Atlantis 14,000 years ago as explained at:
Galactic Vision

 The MegaShift Megatrends Converging Now

The quickening of conscientious common sense in
  the collective awareness of global humanity is now
accelerating towards fulfillment of Earth’s destiny.

   A new unity in our diversity may be disruptive to the
  divisive devolutionary powers that were, but global
    powershift naturally neutralizes the stinking thinking
of paradigm paralysis that is ‘
Stuck In Negativity’.

 Something BIG is about to happen to Earth that is
 much different from what you may have imagined
yet far better than what you may have hoped for.

by Christopher L. Rudy

The Wave X Frequency Shift Update

'Wave X’ science regarding the frequency shift is going mainstream. Sunday evening I saw a CBS News clip acknowledging Dr. Simon Atkins whose decades-long research on space weather is now getting a lot of recognition with evidence of a surge of gamma rays flooding Earth with ‘cosmic fire’ through latter September.

“Our entire biological systems, the brain and the Earth itself,
work on the same frequencies.”
~ Nikola Tesla

The energy wave coming through our solar system is morphing the energy field of Earth, increasing the Schumann Resonance ‘heartbeat’ of Earth that has risen from its historical norm of “7.8 Hz” (left-brain Theta range) to “11.3 Hz.” (right-brain Alpha range), and Dr. Atkins sees this frequency going up to 13-14 Hz the end of September. He's predicting a consequent upward shift in mass consciousness because our brain waves adapt to match the corresponding Schumann Resonance.

As the ‘heartbeat’ of Earth increases, so does the ‘set point’ of human consciousness. That ‘-point’ of nonlinear ‘spherical’ Conscience is atONEment with ‘The Field of Unity Conscience’ in resonance with Earth’s heartbeat which is now rising to the higher Alpha wave range of those frequencies that ultimately represent hemispheric balance through heart coherence in both hemispheres of the Earth – East and West – setting the synchronous morphic matrix for coherent hearts and minds worldwide.

And how did our world’s most brilliant inventor of the last 100 years see the future so well? Did he have some kind of connection with the ‘Source’, ‘Creator’ or ‘mind of God’? Is the accelerated thinning of the veil of dense consciousness in September a ‘trigger event’ for our collective conscious evolutionary ascent in co-Creation with Creator-Source?

“Time is a persistent illusion that prevents everything
 from happening at once. It is not at all what it seems;
it does not flow in only one direction, and the future
exists simultaneously with the past.”
~ Albert Einstein

Now is the time ordained for mass awakening to the cosmic
Law of the Angles of G.O.D. (Geometric Ordered Divinity),
  and “
Language of the Angels of (heart coherence).

Global Enlightenment with Web 3.0

This ‘spark’ of global enlightenment is
  setting the matrix for an Aquarian Age
   of global freedom in universal .

Sometimes I watch CBS News to monitor the progress of ‘real news’ that the Internet forces the MSM to disclose so they don’t look too far behind Internet news that has already gone mainstream worldwide. For example, the weekly Cosmic Disclosure Series on the Internet shows what full disclosure will look like as the frequency shift goes mainstream.

The coming giant leap of human consciousness… “is to become
more loving, forgiving of ourselves and others, to stop the
wheel of karma, to focus daily on becoming more service
  to others, and to raise our consciousness, our vibration…
a difficult path to walk.”
~ Corey Goode, Sept. 8, 2015 on

Things are moving fast. Last year was the first year that most Americans got their news from independent sources on the Internet. This year, a week ago, Facebook announced a landmark event when they achieved one billion people who used their service in one day – out of 1.5 billion Facebook users and 3.2 billion people who have access to the Internet.

Out of 7+ billion people on Earth, that’s a billion Netizens networking for the Net worth of “NEWS” as a highly personalized process of connecting with good sources for truth and a more enlightened Net reality.

This is the power of Web 2.0 folks!

The Internet has evolved from the original network of computers (Web 1.0) to platforms for interactive social networks (Web 2.0) that have rapidly evolved with the power of wisdom with love for the truth about WHO we really are, WHAT is our purpose, WHERE we are going as a global civilization and HOW we’re going to get there.

Now we are on the threshold of Web 3.0,
so remember September 2015 as that
Jubilee Time’ when humanity slips the
surly bounds of paradigm paralysis
and ‘get’s it’…
what global enlightenment looks like.

The current Web 2.0 capabilities of ‘one-to-mass’ will evolve to Web 3.0 capabilities for mass-to-mass TeLeComm. That means a hundred or million people can respond to an online video in real-time (live) or in replay… utilizing a universal interface with archetypal principles of Cultural DNA which organizes information IN FORMATION for “pattern recognition” (3-D mind congruence) within 3 dimensions of consciousness via 3 numbers in sequence at any one time on your desk-top, laptop or palm-top computer.

The “TLC” (Heartware) Vision

Those 3 numbers represent three 1-10 scales of an x-y-z coordinate axis that corresponds to light languagefrom upper brain to lower brain, left brain to right brain, and forebrain foresight to rear brain hindsight… creating a 3-D ‘dot’ in a field of dots that represent response within any 4-D time frame… objectifying collective consciousness in the way that truly “involves and evolves” (cultures) 5-D social Conscience within a social network.

As new videos are then created, highlighting
the context and meaning of consensus on a
subject within a social network community…
   a conscious evolution enlightenment process
   of co-Creation with
    coalesces the light of 5-D social Conscience.

As a biomimicry model of Natural Law, Web 3.0 heartware has two basic functions corresponding to both left-brain mind congruence for 3-D evaluation and right brain heart coherence for 4D response in time – whether congruent or coherent or not at the time of context response.

It will be enlightening to see how the conscious field of
"interaction" (response to videos) is qualified by the
heart coherence that governs mind congruence.

The third basic function of heartware is a synergy of the first two functions: inear eft-brain ogic and nonlinear~ right brain intuition. With the balance of 3-fold frequencies, the synergy of the co-Creation trinity~ is greater than the sum of the + parts, qualifying 4-D () 'syntropy' as leads to 5-DCAPstone Conscience” (Creative Ascent Process), which reverses ‘entropy’ effects of divisive dysfunction and devolution.

That reversal of entropy through syntropy
 is the global powershift... now awakening.

Hold this vision of, by & for golden age enlightenment at the heart of social Conscience for a millennial Aquarian Age in which education of the heart and rise of the divine feminine principle inspires the divine masculine to cherish and honor the Law and Language of Cosmic at the heart of global enlightenment, holistic healing and an economics of abundance.

You can go down the rabbit hole of inconvenient truth [short video]
 that unveils the energy veil (e-veil) that must be upgraded for good,
 or you can go up in frequencies of truth-in-love [
Aquarian Mandate]
that reveals an upward-mobile awakening spiral that’s going viral in
September 2015.  Forward freely – pay it forward – to make it so!


In the larger scheme of eternal progression
 there's common law, patterns of perfection,
 and common language for inspired direction
 centering love within... so as we all enter in,
   we find 
a unity state with one clear mandate:
 either we optimize unity or we're insensate.

There are rules whereby Creator's intention… 
is self-evident to those who 
focus attention 
within and with all via true 
Love's retention… 
wising up to rise up; 
conscious ascension… 
in a 
United State; co-Creation’s dimension... 

All “Rights” ( ) Well “Rounded” () & “Synergized” ()
for the healthy, holistic and otherwise “Holy Whole” ( )
 integrating “5 archetypal dimensions of universal-cosmic
To   with all your strength, mind, heart and soul...
and your Netizen neighbor in our global village as thyself.

For More Light with Universal Love,
Easier and Faster,

PS: And remember this September as a time of metamorphosis for the 
   Family of Mankind in a global village whose divine destiny is our
  transformation in coherent harmony with natural law and order.
   The beautiful ‘butterfly’ emerging has delicate wings for soaring.

I hiked up into the grizzly wilderness this last weekend
  to worth ship at the altar of ‘Natural Law’ and do some
 fishing with my Son Gabriel; another ‘Miracle Moment
   as inspired me with the etheric blueprint for this article.


Bottom Line Notable Quotable:

  “The collective consciousness of mankind is a composite of the spiritual intention of everyone. 
  So being the most kind, loving, forgiving person you can be is already lifting the overall level
   of consciousness, and, like the ocean, as it rises it lifts all the ships afloat.  So to be the most
spiritually aligned person you can be is actually doing what you can for the planet and for
humanity in general.”
  ~ David Hawkins, M.D., PhD, author of POWER vs. FORCE – The Hidden
  Determinants of Human Behavior”, and
The Stairway to Enlightenment


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