September Reckoning Series

 Global Energy Surge in September 

Highlighting ‘The Shadow’ In Advance

 To Dispel Mass Illusion

It’s important to realize what the
tells us about ourselves.”

 by Christopher L. Rudy

August 21, 2015


  Enlightenment is a path of spiritual growth
   and self-transcendent conscious evolution.

Sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn,
 including the dawn of the Aquarian Age.
The nightmare we see in the world with
 social, political and economic instability
  is coming to a head with the quickening
  of our collective consciousness due to a
   systemic frequency shift in the quantum
 field regulating Earth’s ‘heartbeat’ aka
 Schumann Resonance as corresponds
 to our human brain wave frequencies.


The quantum field of Earth and our consciousness is now being morphed in resonance with a surge in cosmic gamma ray energies peaking the latter part of September… as documented at Remember September (Part Two).

Gamma-ray bursts are not well understood by astronomers, but they realize that they are very important. Scientists now know that our RNA and DNA are shimmering, waveform configurations that are moment by moment being modified by light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, emotions, thoughtforms, and most profoundly, GAMMA-RAYS. 
The massive influx of gamma-rays we are receiving in late September, as explained below, have the power to recalibrated the etheric matrix of our genetic codes as well as the resonant frequencies of the Earth’s Schumann resonance that reflexes with human brain waves, explained
Quantum science is just beginning to understand how gamma rays activate DNA and spontaneous evolution in our consciousness, raising the frequency at an atomic and cellular level in resonance with the intelligent design of Cosmos for a more conscientious co-Creation with Creator-Source in ‘The Field’.

This surge of light tends to 'bring up' all unlike itself - the faithless fears that sabotage fearless faith. You can count on the mainstream media to maintain normalcy bias as long as possible, to prevent panic, but beware of the frenzy of fear porn doomsday stuff on the Internet regarding something BIG that is about to happen in the latter part of September.
This article on '
Light Surge' explains what is happening to cause a frequency shift in mass consciousness that is very different from what most of the Internet buzz is about .

General Enlightenment Surging in The Field

Enlightenment is the nurturing of one’s selfhood
for self-correcting self control on a path of
conscientious common sense of, by
and for your
good conscience,
the most sacred of core
the will of one

It is pure intention of the will of ‘Creator
– or however you know ‘
  that incorporates the language of light as
    the language of consciousness for optimal
    culturing of intelligence with a conscience.

Conscience is the awareness of HOW you are conscious, like a bio-feedback process that makes autonomic-unconscious body functions conscious for self-correcting, self control conscientiously. And what you want - your 'intent' or 'will' - sets your matrix of 'conscience' on the 'brightness scale' from egoic desires to heroic will of a more enlightened nature.

The science of bio-feedback is thus like a process of psyche-feedback as in meditation, or collectively with interactive global TeLeComm. Individually or collectively, the pure intent is to become more aware, conscious or otherwise enlightened with coherent intelligence in heaven’s quantum realm that we anthropomorphize as ‘Creator’.

There's more to ‘heaven’ than most humans
 conceive and believe… unless enlightened.

Last Sunday’s article: Readers Respond to ‘Remember September’
focused on an upcoming event that – thanks to the Internet – is now
getting massive attention – a collective awakening of global humanity to both the opportunity and challenges before us.

Perhaps you agree that something BIG is about to happen.

If you seriously study this as presented at ‘Remember September’,
you may come to the same conclusion, and I hope that’s a positive
one. Some see the problem with any opportunity and others see the opportunity with every problem.

One must 'see the good' to make it so!

So consider what ‘mass awakening’ could look like.

I don’t know when the big event will happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a spike in the Schumann Resonance of Earth with a consequent frequency shift in mass consciousness that is very different from all the fear mania on the Internet, including the following video that still provides some valuable insight on the shift to higher consciousness in latter September.

As Dr. Atkins explains in this video, the energy shift coming through our solar system - see Galactic Vision - is morphing the energy field of Earth, increasing the Schumann Resonance that has risen from it’s historical norm of “7.8 Hz” (left-brain Theta range) to “11.3 Hz.” (right-brain Alpha range), and Dr. Atkins sees this frequency going up to 13-14 the end of September, predicting a consequent upward shift in mass consciousness because our brain waves adapt to match corresponding Schumann Resonance.

For more on the brain wave correspondence, read this article:

Note that ‘ascension’ is as much the descent
of higher frequencies as it is the ascent
of consciousness to match higher
frequencies in the brain field.

Quantum physics has come a long way since Einstein penned those words. Quantum science is now emerging with quantum computing, quantum healing and quantum TeLeComm processes that involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience as the Family of Mankind in a global village.

You definitely won’t be hearing about this dynamic of mass upwising on Faux News or other megacorp media, at least not until they can no longer ignore the ‘waking up’ phenomena, discrediting it ‘Trump style’ with high sounding words that speak for the ‘shadow’ of collective consciousness.

The brighter the ‘awakening’ of
our collective consciousness
the darker the ‘shadow’ that
will be purged for all to see.

The Hubris and Horror of Donald Trump is a good example of the rise of the shadow in US consciousness, and the whole world is watching. Polls now show that Trump has the highest rating of Republican candidates for President by far. And yet he has gone on record saying We Have To Go In With Force And Take The Oil" From Iran and that Jesus was a socialist loser for feeding and healing the poor for free.

Ventura To Trump: You Can't Be A Benevolent Dictator
08-19-2015  /  Prison Planet
Ventura lays into immigration policy: "I don't want to live with
walls around my country like I live inside East Berlin."
"The problem with Trump and the quisling GOP has to do with the tenor of Trump's entire life as an unprincipled materialist, doing whatever it takes, giving money to whomever he has to, to serve his selfish interests, with no thought for the common good of our nation, and no commitment to it. The problem is his utter failure to speak to the moral purpose, not just of our immigration policy, but of our very existence as a nation." ~ Alan Keyes HERE

It’s important to realize what the
tells us about ourselves.

The shadow is the collective unconscious (Jung) that when made conscious is naturally neutralized by the light of consciousness. The brighter the light of consciousness – with full spectrum conscience – the more the ‘shadow’ is exposed with sharp contrast to get the picture of what it really is – the absence of atONEment with the nature of divine intelligence in the cosmic light that has been increasingly flooding the earth due to galactic alignment… now reaching a climax in late September with effects for years to come.

"Where love rules, there is no will to power.
And where power predominates, there love is lacking.
The one is the
shadow of the other."

~ Father of Modern Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung

There are those who characterize the coming event as a battle of light and darkness. Others see it as a turning point whereby the ordained light of coherent intelligence naturally checks and balances the inordinate love of power of self-serving special interests who have a vested interest in dark shadow agendas that resent, repress and depress the genesis of conscientious common sense ‘light’ in the public sphere.

Fear is the fodder of dark-side plotters who would make everyone as miserable as they are as the surge of mass awakening shines a bright light on their sinister agendas that resist and resent regeneration in spirit.

‘If the individual is not truly regenerated in spirit,
society cannot be either,
for society is the sum total of individuals
in need of redemption.’
~ Carl Jung  

This is a time when the theme of ‘redemption’ is like that of the archetypal ‘hero’s journey’. The true heroes in global civilization are awakening to their higher Conscience with a capital ‘C’ as in ‘see’ the highest and best use of gifts and talents the Creator has given them for co-Creation with enlightened self-interest in service to global humanity.

“But if you have nothing at all to create,
then perhaps you create yourself.”

~ Carl Jung

“This is a time for self-reflection”
[quote from 14 ½ minutes into this video]

This is a very detailed timeline of many September events
from the perspective of the Christian “prophecy industry’,
specifically on - or around - the date of
September 23rd.

This video equates ‘redemption’ with repentance – the turning away from unloving thoughts and feelings of one’s unconscious shadow that is stuck in negativity, The good counsel in this video is that this is a time to pray for discernment regarding one’s shadow to make it conscious, with the vow to serve the light , i.e., ‘repent’ with fearless faith in a Higher Power.

Those who become aware of the ‘shadow’ emerging in collective consciousness must beware of getting Stuck In Negativity with that awareness. In other words, beware of preoccupation with any "BS" (Belief System) that focuses on sin, disease and death rather than the light of life with of a universal and eternal nature that claims the victory over sin, disease and death.

True redemptive repentance turns around
the downward spiral of materialism with an
 upward spiral of general enlightenment that
ends the degenerate world as we knew it.

Doomsday calls to faith are increasingly counter-productive in a world where normalcy bias equates change with our worst fears coming upon us. Fear is the inversion, subversion and perversion of faith. Fearless faith is the absence of faithless fear. That's why perfect love casts out fear.

My point is that we don't get to faith through fear. Yes, we need a healthy respect for fire so we don’t get burnt, but inordinate fear is the fodder of fools who forsake the ordained light of faith in the power of love that is fearless.

See the ‘good’ – the ‘cup half full’.

Faithless fear is clueless to fearless faith because it is by nature Stuck In Negativity. It doesn’t see how good things could be because it can only see bad things happening. It’s like unenlightened psychology that can identify the problem of ‘spectral autism’ but is clueless to the nature of full-spectrum conscience as could bless and heal civilization through a conscious evolution process that is surging with 'more light' throughout September.

Keep in mind the divine destiny of global civilization as a holistic, healthy-holy whole – the Family of Mankind as United Sovereigns of Earth.

SUMMARY: Frequency Shift Will Change Everything

Obviously, global humanity now has the opportunity to make a quantum leap of enlightenment with a free online system of global holistic healing and interactive global TeLeComm.

But the public won’t see the ‘light’
unless and until it feels the ‘heat’
 as accelerated 'frequency shift' in
 the field of collective Conscience.

You might say that the collective consciousness of global humanity is ‘heating up’ with the increasing Schumann Resonance that directly corresponds to the ‘set point’ in our brain wave holodeck.

If you truly understand what’s going on with this shift in brain wave frequencies to higher Alpha levels, you know that conscious evolution in global civilization has accelerated as we’ve witnessed with the computer-Internet revolution that now defines a global village in potential.

The surge of gamma rays is supposedly reaching a critical mass in September, and since we now know that higher Alpha brain waves are of a more ‘right brain’ heart coherent nature, it becomes self evident where this enlightenment shift is going... a 'Stairway to Enlightenment'.

“The collective consciousness of mankind is a composite of the spiritual intention of everyone.  So being the most kind, loving, forgiving person you can be is already lifting the overall level of consciousness, and, like the ocean, as it rises it lifts all the ships afloat.  So to be the most spiritually aligned person you can be is actually doing what you can for the planet and for humanity in general.”  ~ David Hawkins, M.D., PhD., author of “POWER VS. FORCE” – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior”, and “TRANSCENDING THE LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS – The Stairway to Enlightenment

As the ‘light’ of Creator-God-Source in ‘The Field
intensifies throughout September, be aware that
brighter light casts sharper shadows, and as the
  light of collective Conscience shines on dark-side
‘e-veil’ practices & policies, veiled by deception,
 higher energies of
heart coherence are required
to hold the balance as fears 'bob' to the surface
 like 'emotional corks' held under consciousness.

As the light of frequency shift peaks
through the latter days of September,
a quickening of collective conscience
highlights ‘The Shadow’ more clearly.

That explains the widespread fear of
change that is a nightmare for those
 who are
Stuck In Negativity and only
 see problems with every opportunity
  rather than opportunity via problems.

  Those who are truly enlightened may
agree that common sense for thrival
could naturally neutralize the matrix
  of faithless fear that resists & resents
fearless faith in the higher power of
co-Creation with higher Conscience
as the divine light of the ‘Creator’ or
however you know
G.O.D.~L O V E.

Perhaps it is mass enlightenment
 that is ordained for late September
whether we know it or like it or not.

Obviously, those who are stuck in
 negative thinking won’t embrace it.

Frequency shift naturally affects all of
US” (United Sovereigns of Earth).

 All sincere devotees on a path of enlightened
understand this dynamic - how the Creator is within
  their own
Conscience as a spark of the Creation,
igniting the life of love on Earth as in cosmos
as prelude to revelations of all gifts of the
Holy Spirit as inspired discernment that
focuses attention with
TLC retention
& ascension in a dimension where
the intention of cosmic

manifests via comprehension
as enlightened self interest
 for self healing-centering
with an atONEment
 as coCreation with
universal Rights
now honored
in our global

The energy veil is ‘thinning’ folks, and
we’re winning from the beginning if
we hold the vision of virtue and
valor for the victory of ‘light’
by waking up, wising up
and rising up with the
heart coherence of
 global ’.

Caring to Share
heart soulution


 Note: I'll be discussing shift portents on
     Cosmic LOVE Saturday with Dennis Korn
  who has taught college philosophy, and
     for 40 years has provided food reserves
 and thrival supplies for preparedness.
Dennis will be dispelling the myths of
fear-mongers about current supplies
 of food and prep items you may want
  if the economy is seriously disrupted.
 No one knows when that may occur,
but when it happens, then it will
 likely be too late to prepare.
  Listen to the replay at Cosmic LOVE.