2015 Shift News


Urgent Alert for September

 Three Perspectives - Same 'Warning'
This is a collective warning because our world
has arrived at a collective 'initiation' to initiate
our global instant-everywhere and interactive
  Internet capabilities for upgrading conscience
 of the Family of Mankind in our ‘global village’.

Global Village ~ Global Initiation
1- Fundamentalist Christians / 'Judgment Time';
   Reaping what we have sown collectively.
    Good and/or bad results for Shemitah;
    2- Scientific Perspective / 'Cosmic Fire Inbound';
  Surge in the Source Field of our Galaxy.
  'Awakening' via Nonlinear Perception.
3- Cultural Creatives in Love / 'Heart Source';
  co-Creation with Universal-Natural Law.
 Spiritual practicality of self-correcting,
self-governing and self-healing self-
 elevation for interactive 'salvation'.

Prepare Your Perception for Ultimate Connection
Beyond Mass Illusion and Self Deception
By Christos Lightweaver
  This trinity of perspectives focuses attention on three
different views of what’s coming to global civilization
 in September - a predictive if not prophetic overview
'heads up'
regarding big challenges and opportunities ahead.

Three good reasons to remember September:
There is truth in each of these perspectives,
each with their own weakness as seen
from the other two perspectives.
But that doesn't make them all wrong.
They ALL refer to the same event
via respective perspectives.

 I share some highlights from these truths.
Feel free to share your own insights at:

1- Fundamentalist Christians / 'Judgment Time'

September signs of the times represent the ancient Judeo-Christian history of SHEMITAH, and if you haven't seen the videos at that link, you have no idea what many fundamentalist Christians believe in their heart of hearts.
If you know your bible stories, think Jonah at Nineveh. Jonah was a reluctant prophet. He preached repentance anyway. But then the horrible things he warned about didn't happen, because the people actually stopped their self-destructive "BS" (Belief Systems). Jonah was 'wrong' because his prophecy was heeded.
September SHEMITAH is judgment time which could be bad or could be good or could be both bad and good... depending on how intently global civilization turns-around from self-destructive behavior. True prophecy is a warning - a choice.
Here's the new August video by the same author of the video at SHEMITAH.

The meaning of 'safety' and 'salvation' is ‘Yashua’ (Jesus)
 as found in the will of divine love of the Creator through
co-Creation with all that
IS REAL - the ancient-original
meaning of
ISRAEL for gathering of all ‘tribes’ of our
collective Conscience according to the 'Great Law'
of Shemitah.

See also the prophecy of ‘Divine Fire’ for this time
by Bulgarian spiritual master, Peter Deunov:

The Earth Will Be Swept By Extraordinary
 Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity


2- Scientific Perspective / 'Cosmic Fire Inbound'

Dr. Kathy Forti: I once had a media and communications professor ask a packed auditorium of journalism students the interesting question: ‘What is the singular factor that affects all of humanity? A factor that can start or stop wars? That can raise up civilizations or destroy them?’ Not one student could come up with the right, yet so obvious, answer: Space Weather.” Article HERE.

Understand the surge in the Energy Field of our Solar System
as more light floods the Earth with ‘cosmic rays’.

According to Dr. Simon Atkins, the CEO of Advanced Forecasting Corporation (AFC), Earth's energy shift is accelerating through the 3rd-4th week of September with serious portents for Earth changes as well as a major shift in human consciousness as corroborates Shemitah.

May 9, 2015 / 6 min.
Dr. Simon Atkins has been an expert on 
  planetary risk management for 26 years.

REALIZE (real eyes) why global humanity is now
awakening' with Nonlinear Perception as a
frequency shift; initiating consciousness
multi-dimensional realms.

Click on image above for article link.

See also:
Understanding the shift of Earth’s Schumann Resonance
and what that means for shift in human consciousness.

The 2015 Frequency Shift
with Dr. Simon Adkins


  Mass awakening is a two-edged sword that cuts both ways.
Mass illusion and self-delusion is naturally challenged, and
 pure intent for up-wising and uprising is naturally liberated.


3- Cultural Creatives in Love / 'Heart Source'

Cultural Creatives are the most proactive people in culture who are ultimately involved with social enlightenment through social networking in ways that culture social conscience in our ubiquitous social networks.
These are those who conceive, believe and achieve those ways and means to involve and evolve our individual and collective conscience with universal rights in the public sphere…utilizing ‘Source Code’ as heart coherence for congruence with universal law framing the fractal order of the holographic universe with the language of light-as-consciousness in the brain field ‘holodeck’ between your ears.
Through co-Creation with the first principles of G.O.D.~Source’, cultural creatives define and refine ‘spiritual practicality’ as self-correcting, self-governing and self-healing self-elevation for interactive 'salvation'.
This ‘salvation’ corroborates the pure intent of the ‘Will of God’ at the heart of Shemitah. It’s the same ‘salvation’ of the ‘pure in heart’ who will see God during frequency shift to Nonlinear Perception.
This dimensional shift is the harbinger of Effective Sensory Perception which is the end of the world of lockstep left-brain, linear-logical ‘letter of the law’ as we have known it. The Spirit of the 'Great Law' ordains the 'Great Purification' of human thought and feeling along more enlightened lines of universal .

Harmonizing the Field of Collective Conscience

Global humanity has arrived at a time of extraordinary challenges and opportunity. It will be a challenge for those who don’t prepare. It will be more of an opportunity for those who prepare spiritually, mentally and physically.
In the short-term, there may be major disruptions to the economy and all our social and political institutions, but perhaps, not so much.
The good news is that mankind has free will so anything is possible. With the frequency shift and mass ‘upwising’ in our collective conscience, the highest and best use of our gifts, talents and resources could be coordinated with -centric TeLeComm that creates homeostasis and healing with upgraded social conscience in our global social networks.
Mark my words, global humanity is going through a quantum shift in galactic energies that are akin to ‘Cosmic Fire’ that is channeling the intelligence of Universe on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.
The ‘Quickening’ or ‘Reckoning’ or ‘Judgment’ or whatever you want to call this ‘Big Shift’ is all in divine order for this long-prophesied time… initiating the Aquarian Dispensation with the ‘Great Purification’ of consciousness and our world-at-large.

So Keep the Faith – See the Good and Make it So.

Shift Happens!
~ Christos
PS: A new crop circle was reported on August 13th
    with 'cosmic codes' depicting frequency shift.

Notice the squiggly lines coming out from the center which represents cosmic rays emanating from the Great Central Sun of our Galaxy. Earth is in the third spiral arm of the Milky Way as depicted at Galactic Vision. As above – the 3rd eye “pyra-mid” (fire in the middle) – so below with the descent of ‘cosmic vision’ with frequencies of the Creator for co-Creation on Earth as in Cosmos.

Cosmic ‘eye magic’ indeed with
nonlinear perception!

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good.”

Cosmic light carries the intelligence of Creator that morphs our DNA
and the matrix of matter with the Spirit that matters for
Cosmic Love on Earth as in Cosmos-at-large.

Full Spectrum TeLeComm
 for our conscious evolution


See response from readers of this article HERE.
And for 'preppers'... may your Conscience be your guide.

None of us know what will happen, but aside from pure chance or luck, 
those who are prepared are those with the best promise of thrival. 
Prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically for come what may.

Stock up on food reserves for savings, health and security.